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  1. Mince meat! Mmmm!!!
  2. I just don’t find any of these plows in my area. I don’t plow a lot of acres and was thinking I could make it work. I just don’t want to tear it up in the process. Not a lot of rocks in my area but I guess it only takes one.
  3. I am looking at a case ih 145 plow. Most I have seen don’t have any spring trip mechanism. Are they shear bolt protected? Which type is preferred or does it really matter
  4. KyIH

    Rollover plow

    I have located a Mf 570 4-18 in furrow and a Ford 4-16 on land. Any thoughts or experience with these plows? How about parts availability?
  5. Took the cover off and the o ring was blown out. One of the four bolts was broken off so maybe that was partly to blame. Got the bolt out and put it back together. No leak! I was expecting the worst. Thanks guys.
  6. Mine was off of a 8v71 and there were a lot of different configurations. Left hand, right hand and different inlets and outlets. Send off for a rebuild and you know what you have. If your core is bad that’s a different story.
  7. I sent mine off to be rebuilt. I can get you the name of the place if that would help. Pretty quick turnaround.
  8. The hydro 86 has developed a leak at the cover on the rear of the steering bolster. It started pouring out kind of suddenly. Can I fix this leak by removing the cover or do I need to drop the front axle?
  9. Welcome to the forum! Where are you located in Ky?
  10. I have used Kendall semi synthetic this past year with good results. No issues and not much more than conventional. I don’t know if it’s necessary, but not going to hurt anything.
  11. I hate it because it is only a couple years old, but it is not worth fixing if I have to buy any parts. I’m gonna take your advice and buy a propane heater next. When it was new I used kerosene but then switched to diesel which is what probably did it in.
  12. I have a master mh-80 radiant kerosene heater that will not work. It started and blew a big cloud of smoke. Now it just turns on, the fans run and the red light blinks. Anybody have any experience with these? It’s cold out here!
  13. Pleasant hill tractor parts in pleasureville Ky
  14. Good looking truck, is it yours?
  15. I totally understand. We’ll be waiting.
  16. How close are you to getting it finished? I would love to see some pics if you get the chance.
  17. Is the wood in the cab an issue? Are there any other areas to watch for on these models?
  18. I have always loved the look of this model truck. Does anyone have experience with them? Are they pretty solid or should I stay with the k or kb series?
  19. KyIH

    Rollover plow

    Was it an option on the 6342 to have spring trips? I have only seen pictures and there are no springs visible. Did some have a shear bolt or were they mounted solid?
  20. KyIH

    Rollover plow

    I have located a Oliver 6342, are they a decent plow or should I hold out for a 140 or 145?
  21. KyIH

    Rollover plow

    Ok, now the big question is where to find one and what do they sell for? Looks like most I see are out west. A few on tractor house from 3-7000.
  22. KyIH

    Rollover plow

    Thanks for the info and the video. I think I may have to keep my eye out for one. How many different configurations did they make? So about 30 hp per bottom? We’re there many made?
  23. Anyone have any experience with roll over plows. I like the idea but don’t know anybody that has used one. Did International make a rollover? How do they compare to a semi mount? Any thoughts?
  24. Thanks guys I appreciate your thoughts. I don’t have anything invested in this oil and was planning to use it as chain oil but I may use it in equipment that get oil changes through burning it😆 I still may send off a sample out of curiosity.
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