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  1. Thank you, found it now and see how it works. Thinking that it may have something to do with the planter not lifting real high. I will try the "recharge procedure" and see what happens.
  2. Picked up a, 7200 max emerge 12 row and it has this cylinder mounted under it.. Cant see that it has a use set up as it is now, but its too big and ugly to be for looks.
  3. I really think there are a ton of factors, I have a new HM126 Woodland mill it is my second mill and I love it very accurate and well built. But...I saw for fun and have all kinds of equipment to move logs. I have sawed a few 20"+ x 14' oaks on mine and its just not a one man job with the manual mill.. Shorter pine and what not is a breeze but a few logs a day is all a guy wants. If I was going to saw much more than the 40-50 logs I do a year I would spend the extra on a hydraulic mill. And probably a woodmiser, I have been around a few of them and they are great machines, for the mone
  4. Ive had mine for at least 6 years now, works like the day I got it. Wasn't cheap but it starts whatever you clamp it to. It is a Schumacher PSJ-3612 I think I paid about $400 for it and its worth every penny. When there's 6 dead tractors in front of that one that you just have to play with that day... it will start all the smaller tractors with no battery at all.
  5. "Takes him two hours to watch 60 minuets"
  6. Turned into an interesting topic, Amazing to see the different practices in different parts of the country, and hear the reasons why. Here our best fields are the ones that haven't had any tillage in 10+ years. We run corn/beans every other year no stalk chopping just Combine, planter, and sprayer.
  7. That little T-9 Lived in my barn the last 10 years, The right clutch compartment was full of mouse nest.. I cleaned it out and filled with diesel years ago and never got to working on it. Pretty clear its a low hour machine. Clean old crawler owned by honest and knowledgeable people. Hope that somebody has a need for it.
  8. We have several heated shacks out, This is the last one 8x12 all window.. We went to all insulated windows due to the constant fogging of the single panes. Cant beat them I spend 9 days all day hunting when its nice im out in the woods and in the shack when its nasty.
  9. We always had Honda's but they have a lot of catching up to do with UTV's. We have a toolcat..our 4th one, a great machine but not a UTV.(or skid loader) We are running Rangers all different models and love them. As with anything the more money the more you will enjoy. All depends on preference and if you have a good dealer close, because sooner or later they all cause problems.
  10. 11k and some change is as light as I've seen our 1456. 20.8's no cab and none of them other goodies. . I would just fill her up with fuel and rocks and go for the 16k class. Our "heavy grudge match" class was always 16k, always a good time. Good Luck
  11. No what your looking for but my recent experience with one that was so wore your couldn't use road gear! I just fixed another one up on a 986, I bought a $85.00 Boring head for the mill and cut the wish bone out to true up a nice bore and built a new pin. The upper hole in the axel was tight yet the bottom hole was egg shaped, a reamer would have been nice there... I didn't end up with the correct size reamer so I just took my time and opened it up with a barrel bit on a die grinder. Only took a couple hours once I had the stuff and its tighter than its been for 8k hours.. and the sh
  12. Have never done it correctly...Did few years back end up with a Chevy 3+3 like 1985 model with a 6.2, I had a 20 pounder on the center hump with a grill regulator. There was a definite power boost. (Sounded horrible if it wasn't under load) Always thought it needed more tho. Started using the LP to start the old girl and that was short lived as it kicked the starter into the dirt a few cold starts in...(glow plugs disconnected) Truck lasted us a good 2 weekend and a few good nights! I know this helps you in no way at all but..
  13. We pulled our first 8575 with a 5288 38'' duals, spun hoes in a few hills...and went for plenty of rides. I spun the 7150 out a couple times on the worst of them...stuff that had no business being farmed, Had to go up and down to keep the bailer on its wheels. If your comfortable on your hills with the rest of your equipment you will be fine.
  14. They make really nice deer stands.. Lots of room for old wood stove and wood pile, couple office chairs, card table.. Its hard to build a stand that the visibility will match.
  15. Seen this morning too cheap if someone is close and looking. Rockford CL - 966 cab $200
  16. Why waste your time typing something like this? Now I'm wasting my time...
  17. Green thing is All dads, proof that we should all be afraid of getting older. 40 years of no time for a green tractor or their owner and he trades the 340 on this... Says the price was rite.. Pic was this spring getting some wider shoes. Orange one is new a few weeks back seems ok so far, just one of them deals with that one too.
  18. I have had good luck cleaning up even "wobbled out" threads. I wouldn't put one of the "new" manifolds on unless I had to. Have had many that are just poor quality.
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