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    8950 Turbo

    I got one in shop I’ll try to look
  2. All it does is open when you have to much boost best you can do is wire it shut and unhook the line and plug it
  3. 8665 for pre 1971 model 91607 after that
  4. Thesd5488


    Your fine they will mix from what I’ve seen
  5. Thinking he’s correct it’s a cross bar on top one but been a bit since I was in one
  6. If you can get it down to 250 that’s less then most of stock ones around here but not sure on injectors my 1566 has 5/20 and .093 lines it’s been on disk and going on chisel plow this fall my thought build it and use it
  7. I have a small tube rotor in my combine before I swap it out has anybody ran them in soybeans and corn thanks for help
  8. Block is not treaded has nuts holding back plate should be a combine motor
  9. Hats off to you your stronger then me for being in that position, I’m glad that you never will let her be forgotten.
  10. Best thing you can do is remove it Local dealer even recommends that you do it
  11. Central plains Zub 712 546 5397
  12. Central plains. Zub can help he works on a lot of those pumps 712-546-5397
  13. Last tractor I had on dyno that was a field tractor picked up 27 horse by taking 3lm off and putting S2e on
  14. I’ve been able to get the S2e sold 3-4 of them this year I wouldn’t put a 3lm on
  15. It will make that easy none turbo
  16. Cast flywheels don’t need extra rpm
  17. I run a stock 12 pad clutch with .93 lines 5-20 injectors and pump set for 600cc clutch holds fine lightest it goes is 18700
  18. This would be a good one. The 3lm won’t move enough air there kinda a junk turbo the S2e will work for awhile but it will not take it forever either
  19. Wish I knew this dad got rid of a set away last year sleeved pistons rings all new
  20. Thanks it’s got oil on wrong side
  21. There’s one in the USA and they won’t sell it
  22. Cant get a new one if you need it got a Mxm120 that needs the accumulator but can’t get it
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