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  1. Thinking it’s time for that it’s one of life’s lessons just kinda sucks. Neighbors have some of the ones that send it to your phone I’ll have to talk to them thanks
  2. Hole is dug Wells in Kansas named after him time will come
  3. So I had a really nice set of 56 series fenders in the shed for a some day. I don’t sell good fenders Anyway neighbor stopped needing a set he got his wife’s grandpas 806 to me that’s a place for them they went to shed and there gone they did leave the spacers My problem my camera is t that hood we all know who probably did it others have him on camera and won’t do anything because he’s a neighbor. What do you guys think
  4. Some 466 trucks had mechanical tachs had that cover on 1466 but wasn’t correct ratios
  5. Just bought Mitas 18.4r38 1190 bkt was 1140 Firestone was1690 both were r1w deep tread Firestone wasn’t but I like stones can’t afford to buy them
  6. I put a 966 set on 1566 got fine had to make top bar wider
  7. Did one complete moved condenser up front would only get cab down to 48 degrees on a 90 degree day
  8. I go it a 32 ft 496 hp and pull a 34ft dmi basket made it a fifth wheel hitch do can make tight turns works good you could pull another disc of hitch
  9. It’s hard in those situations but I’ve been there with family sorry to hear. God bless and best of luck going forward
  10. You can cap lines I’m thinking that’s for 1-6 not ranges reverse is not synchronized so I always bump low and go to reverse quick doesn’t grind then
  11. There is a simple solution for this and it will run for ever
  12. 3lm will lower exhaust temps S2e will bolt right on to both good turbos S2e if your gonna run 175 or more
  13. Depends on which trans labor is a big part but there not bad to do
  14. Put them all in only way to do it correctly
  15. I’ve cut lots of rear weights in half to put on inside of wheel the cut really easy and fast with a chop saw
  16. Don’t use reliance it’s all junk
  17. Just bought one hit 2 deer on my last trip bumper is cheap kill them all I don’t brake for them
  18. 2-7000 axles will work I like 2 12000 axles put depends on your pickup gvw it will scare you how often you haul 25-35000 load plus trailer and pickup
  19. Liberty enlist my favorite. Round up enlist good to last year side by side e3 was 8 bu better then dicamba
  20. Ya it’s not fun I’ve had a couple over the years to
  21. That’s the wrong color I can’t help you there I got a rb565
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