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  1. Got a v8 and trying to find out what it is engine number is ZB70032U511546F thanks for any help
  2. Shorter motor weight was farther back
  3. 1468 was way lighter up front they needed more then the 1200lbs of weights
  4. Thinking you gotta flow it there is also a spec for so many turns of the wheel in a min once it’s locked all the way left or right other simple thing is put a gauge in the steering line see what pressure you make
  5. Muds no fun but they gotta be fed
  6. 1206 does couple dual pulls a year 18700and 20700 806 has big radiator big oil cooler and 279 switzer with 229 exhaust housing spins it pretty hard
  7. It’s there blends in with post behind it no curve just straight
  8. The 806 dads had since 76 the wide front m is 1950 one owner 1206 has 4400 hours now the other m used to grind all my feed till I got the 1350 mill
  9. I think we had a industrial air compressor wasn’t a fan of it first year went through two compressor and a motor was meant to run for extended time periods
  10. Dt 360 400 series will fit there’s enough room figured somebody would catch that one first
  11. Wish I could find more bought that pan when I was in high school
  12. 1586 in that shed 1206 another 1456 806 5488 in other shed I like my old 1456 it took some work but it’s been good to me
  13. Hard starting run same fuel system as 7.3 powerstroke but other wise I don’t know of any huge issues
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