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  1. Ever had tractor on a dyno it should be around 300 pto
  2. I’d think you should be in mid 20s for boost if not low 30
  3. Drop rpm to about 2000 they run nice there never run wide open infield. Then put a turbo on it
  4. Yellow one is a friend otherwise first pickup and first car
  5. You can just unbolt the gear box and lift it up or you can take the shaft off under it that drives. The turtle
  6. Last one I did was a 275 had fluid in 6 tires 20 front weights 1500 rear it made over 10000 only took it apart because park was out tractor came from az did a 8320r last winter was fast to get trans out had just over 4000 hours local dealer told him that one did good cost about twice to do the Deere tho
  7. I’ve done both Deere and magnums the mag trans is almost 3 times the size of Deere’s much simpler to work on clutches are smaller but there’s a lot more of them
  8. Just a question I vaccinate my cattle to but I’ve had some that just haven’t worked or have a bad reaction to it. Would you keep using it knowing that it could kill some of your calves
  9. I like the left lane got couple friends out there I’m always just helping them farm so I’m just a local farmer then
  10. That scale is always open
  11. It’s like having a 4020 over a 806 you’ll never be happy
  12. On a good surface weighted correct the twd will pull same as mfd
  13. Yes this hood says 2300 door tag says 2375 thank u
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