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  1. Turbo bolts on the pressure side the hose is bigger have to get that and the exhaust is a bell flange instead of flat like magnum I just use a new grinder wheel hold it on and flatten it and a die grinder to trim outside abit little easier to put on magnums that don’t have cast exhaust elbow
  2. S300 charger you’ll love it my 7150 made 285 with stock fuel and turbo always ran hot put s300 on it made 320 and stays way cooler
  3. We had one not a bad drill very high maintenance and had to plant high pop to get good stand never had to hang weights on it like they recommend tho
  4. I’ve had my share of problems I’d say 218 he had issues with pump or injectors
  5. Take third link cover off or pull rock shaft housing
  6. I can’t hear any leaks but when I turn around and planter starts it was dropping to 9in of vac going through field I could hold 15 but had to run 1100 pto rpm
  7. Cooler fan is set to run 100% of time these are all treated beans It just seems to get little worse each year It will tell me it’s at max flow that goes off as soon as I up rpm more
  8. You ever see the pto pumps get weak. If I run over 1000 rpm on pto I can make more vac I never run that many rpms don’t need the power thanks for your help
  9. 100’s last year had some beans over 72lbs per unit then barely make 12-13 vac
  10. Anybody else have issues I have a 16-30 pt pto pump and I can’t make vacuum for beans 15 is about it I put a new fan motor on local dealer said try that. But didn’t have any other ideas thanks
  11. I’ve had some Salian tires on grain trailer gave 1600 for 8 new ones 4 years ago trailer gets filled a lot been good tires so far
  12. They have special ends but I don’t have them to reuse thanks
  13. He made it didn’t cost much very simple I guess if you under stand them
  14. Looking for a place to find lines have injector lines but from tank to filters to pump is what I’m looking for thanks for any help dad will be happy
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