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  1. That’s the wrong color I can’t help you there I got a rb565
  2. What Baler you got I got I might have one to trade
  3. Meters need to spin in there sweet rpm to work best
  4. Always ran high second pto with the cyclo couldn’t see difference if we slowed down
  5. Bk diesel has them in stock If you google s2e you will find some out there
  6. Sxe 257 fits with a little work great turbo
  7. Brian or Dennis Dennis is the owner
  8. 1086 has wet brakes 22 less cubes then 14 same axles
  9. 712-546-5397 they can hook u up I get all mine there
  10. I’ve worked on a 7220 that has 10000 plus hours on it bottom end is not been touched was turned up when new for a big planter then again for a bigger disc it will dyno 325 ish every time I’ve worked on it you can add a lot of power for what your doing
  11. I play some in the summer otherwise that is my planter tractor
  12. If pressure is all ok then might be in your valve they are a great trans but they will make you pull your hair out sometime
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