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  1. 5488 All-Wheel Drive Hand Pump

    They just bolt on find one with close specs might have to get lines made but shouldn’t be to hard
  2. Shifting Gears Questions

    Deere only had one synchro in it nothing to brag about if they ever built a motor the rest would never hold up
  3. 1566 rpm

    2965 no load
  4. IH 5088 horsepower

    Yes 16 total weights
  5. Who wants manuals?

    69 ford if nobody takes them thanks
  6. IH 5088 horsepower

    Uncles made 12000 hours on the first diff one owner tractor 175 ish hp 8 sets of wheel weights 18.4-42 rubber
  7. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    That might explain a few things
  8. magnum rear end on an 88 series

    Ya they will fit
  9. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Their using junk the cheapest they can find I had a set of pistons I’m sure the wirst pin was not bored straight the pin would float in either side of piston put it all the way in it round lock up
  10. US olympic gold medal winner my butt

    I’d agree with that
  11. Are these still used?

    Ever once in a while I’ll braze something
  12. Weight/rock boxes

    I got a 5488 in the shop with one on buddy just passed one up for 100$
  13. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    I’ve used rf engines after my last reliance kit was junk and didn’t make 3 hours all the parts from rf engines were maxi force or FM very helpful and knew there stuff they knew of reliance rod bolts stretching which is what I think happened to my last 436 it ate a rod bearing when I disassembled it all the other rods I could loosen with a ratchet
  14. quadtrack

    Some are row tracks now have narrow tracks for between rows
  15. Look here boys a very cheap IHC 5088 in Kansas

    I sold it twice first was no pay I couldn’t get anybody to even come look. I do have a customers 5488 in the shop he wants to sell 5100 hrs 18.4-42 Firestone’s 60-70% nice straight tractor but needs paint bad