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  1. Girard are pretty close to me you won’t find better people to deal with
  2. Sold my 8010 to a neighbor he’s looking for a 8-38 head for it 36 would be ok to hard to find one that there not asking more then what combine is worth anybody know of one around. Thanks
  3. Injectors could be junk valves should all be at .25
  4. You can use the felt retainers are the same the new one had a steel insert in it pop it out and put the felt in it works fine
  5. I don’t use a screen for cattle feed other wise it powders it to bad
  6. I would have bought it to lots of good parts there
  7. 2-3 k is a nice offer you’ll have 10-15 in parts to make it right
  8. They have really good brakes
  9. I’m in we can make it pull it but let’s take bets on what melts first
  10. My wife is a teacher I have my own insurance it’s way cheaper then getting on her plan just shop around
  11. Thesd5488

    K&M steps

    Last one I got for 150 needed glass and battery box was 150 needed steps door before that was 225 bare before that was a burnt one for 10 that had all hinges and handles I just ask every time I can
  12. Some stuff is supposed to be heavier like casting but other wise about the same you can buy a 8920 and make it work with a 8950 easy
  13. Yep just that otherwise works good
  14. I’ve got one like this only thing you might have to do is grind the belt smooth where you splice it
  15. Thesd5488

    K&M steps

    Takes a few hours to swap the door if you have all the parts it’s much easier to use a magnum door then to put the hinges in your 86-88 door
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