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  1. Thesd5488

    MX200 problem

    Those head bolts stretch to
  2. Thesd5488

    1206 Solar turbo rebuild

    He’s getting parts made for them
  3. Thesd5488

    Some assembly required

    I like the three blocks they had some five when I did mine but wouldn’t dig them out they go up fast looks nice
  4. Thesd5488

    Cattech- what engine is this?

    Did the labor my self and it really pays to shop around the turbo was 1500 difference between high and low only cat parts were the new head and cam and I got lucky on them found a shop that guy backed out on them got it at cost
  5. Thesd5488

    Flagship combine vertical auger removal

    What tires you got my duals would not let it come down
  6. Thesd5488

    Magnum 275 chip

    I can’t find one that’s what I’m looking for most of my tractors are 50-100% over stock never had a issue only couple people run them
  7. Thesd5488

    Cattech- what engine is this?

    Didn’t 3406e new cat head new big turbo new tugboat injectors new 800hp boat cam rods balanced new seleeves and pistons cost about 9k also had ecm reworked
  8. It all depend on weight transfer when I pull road graders out we hook short pick three point out to lift front of grader then the 7150 will set down and pull sometimes I have to fill bucket with couple round bales or what there to keep front end down
  9. Thesd5488

    Magnum 275 chip

    Looking to wake up a 275 common rail Cummins was looking for bigger injectors but seems nobody has done that anybody have a good chip they like thanks
  10. Thesd5488

    Flagship combine vertical auger removal

    I took it out the top worked good had to replace to put auger so did both at same time
  11. Thesd5488

    IH 800 Cyclo no-till options?

    I had trash whippers on mine took them off just make sure the leading disc is sharp and it will plant in cement
  12. Thesd5488

    How hot should a DTI466 block be

    My 5488 won’t touch third green unless it’s 90 plus and it will dyno 360 plus
  13. Tractor is closer to 25000 I use a good 5/8 chain hook short and to top of quick hitch it it’s real bad I fill the load bucket to try and keep form looking at the sky
  14. Thesd5488

    Farmall H with loader lifting ability

    Neighbor has a h with old Stan hoist loader watched it lift a 3406e cat complete with clutch on it
  15. Thesd5488

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    They like fuel I can’t believe how much you can push through them