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  1. Grandpa used a d4 to pack with just saw a guy have a pair of d7 on a pill
  2. Main gear box doesn’t like good running 1206’s it melts them
  3. Just take numbers to a bearing supplier or parts store you can normally buy the same timken bearing for half
  4. Thesd5488

    Case 2594

    Call Keegan 605-569-1070. Think he is getting some of the parts made now
  5. Got yellow wheels from a 9530 deere on my magnum 275 and my my magnum 275 duals are onmy 1566
  6. The early ones ran way better
  7. Good o ring pick works ok to they can be a pain take your time where you located be glad to help if your close
  8. Spee dee is only way to go here cheap and good can set my clock by some drivers ups sucks two extra days
  9. I like the tandems I had 1206 on them works good doesn’t take huge tractor to pull had 13 behind 5488 that worked ok but traction was a issue
  10. I pull a 7.5 yard soil mover with a 6 yard Ashland behind it
  11. I know a guy with a hose machine if you get in a bind on weekends
  12. I had a 07 6.0 loved pickup good mileage until you pulled it once I stud the heads and egr delete it was ok till lost injector cost me a motor twice bought a 16 6.7 miss my 07 cab fit me better but never give up 6.7 great motor it’s cleaned up with a tow haul setting suppose to be about 500 hp 1000 ft lb mileage sucks when you pull
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