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  1. I’ve had those pump make good pressure but not flow need to check gpm at outlets
  2. Good tractors ran one a little bit nice cab good trans will smoke a Deere and chase a magnum
  3. Suppose to calibrate them regularly and there should be a aggressiveness settingg to
  4. Built a 301 in a 460 with cam and ported head think all we had to do was back power valve out a bit ran great
  5. Got to do the forward clutch but can’t find any break downs Might have to go to dealer. Any ideas thanks
  6. Call Keegan at baah farm repair. 605569-1070
  7. Diff is pressure fed I think been awhile but it could have a steel line feeding it on left side
  8. 89 had more flow think like 3 gpm more the pump was spun faster on them I’ve heard of and seen a listing for a 41 gal pump for 88 series but can’t find any part numbers or info
  9. Yep it’s junk but not hard parts to find
  10. I always used 80-90 in ours ran them 2 gal over full. Big tractor parts will have anything you need for it
  11. Last 8930 I worked on made 260 with seals on the pump
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