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  1. Never hurts to check to make sure there in spec but they’ll hold 500 easy
  2. Yes I normally take the aneroid valve off and just make a plate to cover hole but you can take to top of of it and trim little screw down as far as it will go. It is under that little two bolt smooth tower with the line from intercooler to it that will help it get going from bottom end. Then take four bolt cover off back off pump there’s a 10mm but in there close to bottom with a flat screw in it turn it in one turn should really wake it up . I started with that same turbo/ pump on my 5488 ran it maxed out made a nice field tractor just watch temps after to be safe
  3. It blew up or chucked its cookies
  4. Local shop used to put the roosa master on them
  5. I pull my 1206 duals in 18700 and 20700 weighs little over 16 out of field b pull low 3 ta back speed limit is 6 so can’t open it up till you get a load on it stock 370 pump and solar turbo just opened up
  6. Dot looks at semi pickup just another dumb farmer never had issue with pickup that’s why semi stays home
  7. Thesd5488

    TA problems

    I just put one in my pressures aren’t consistent 395 high side 450 low 10psi lube have Mcv off cleaned it again didn’t change much but tractor just had rear end brakes and trans rebuilt1566 it was ground to pieces in it
  8. I drive it the 3.6 was 39000lbs crossing S.D. on 90 ran 80mph all the way
  9. Mine takes power divider out from time to time when the thrust washer breaks you find a few pieces
  10. Don’t think I’ve ever seen 7 with a trailer on on interstate you gotta stop every hour for fuel it pulls great just drinks like a sailor
  11. My 6.7 power stroke only gets 12-13 around farm last long trip with trailer it got 3.6 I’ll take a big gas any day had a 514 I used to tow with all the time it wouldn’t go below 4 mpg and it would pull
  12. I pull 14700 in low 3 on 20.8r38 stock pump just opened up don’t need ta but low 3 is 6.9 mph
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