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  1. The 3lm will be your hold up if your doing lines injectors that’s not enough turbo
  2. Non have bearings on spiders that’s in the magnums the 5088 is a bit lighter in the diff but still way bigger then the 86 series
  3. Little did she know now you have a driver
  4. The company you keep makes me wonder
  5. I just feed in fence line or bale feeders I have been in your shoes I used a liquid feed product and poured on cornstalk bales made pretty good feed had cornstalk bales so it was cheap at the time
  6. I have their premium is 3/4 thick texture floor mat material took some time to get it to fit but does look good
  7. I’ve put tons of them in had good luck with fit and look
  8. You’ll be fine I’ve got them out there with serval Thousand hours on them owners wish they did it sooner
  9. We got a group yet built a 60-120 shed few years ago poured way to much cement and will go help when ever needed were still neighbors
  10. Thesd5488


    The few that get this far west they just shot them
  11. Your lucky it’s already been removed tractor will run forever now
  12. Lets just say the 856 is set at 150 and it’s the small one but yes 120-130 is about min if your gonna push vac
  13. 806 856 is what we use little over kill but it’s whats available
  14. I’ll ask dad he went said the 856 with 18000$ repair bill only brought 7500 he didn’t say who did the work but said nothing was done to tractor no big parts like brakes ta clutch motor work sounds like this guy got screwed by somebody
  15. Parts are getting harder to find for them
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