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  1. I always wash my hands with it after a group of cattle but ain’t never been called normal
  2. I got skf in the planetarys on my 5488 on thing I could get at time rest was timken skf was only one that had 12 on hand I’ve tested them well there good bearings
  3. Sun shaft is the same for sure and the yoke it slides it to should be the same I have gotten the yoke and othe parts from a good truck shop it’s just all Dana spicer parts. I’ve used aftermarket sun shafts they seem fine
  4. Neighbor has a 560 with 301 turbo with m&w pyro on it but nothing factory
  5. Nope easy four bolts and slap new one on
  6. Looking for blue and white codes for 8730 ford thanks
  7. There’s good people out west go for it
  8. Pictures will help there are some really smart people on here that can help
  9. In the right soil yes. In the right year yes it like picking the best corn you’ll never really know
  10. Take sleeves out go to 3 7/8 m pistons works nice
  11. It is open on the right side it has a spot that it pull from back to around the turbo there is a piece of weather strip that seals it to the hood
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