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  1. Cast flywheels don’t need extra rpm
  2. I run a stock 12 pad clutch with .93 lines 5-20 injectors and pump set for 600cc clutch holds fine lightest it goes is 18700
  3. This would be a good one. The 3lm won’t move enough air there kinda a junk turbo the S2e will work for awhile but it will not take it forever either
  4. As a parent never want to be in those shoes. Sending what prayers I can
  5. Wish I knew this dad got rid of a set away last year sleeved pistons rings all new
  6. I got the video but can’t get it to load I can send it to somebody if they wanna tru
  7. The winner was a tractor dad and I built years ago intercooled 466 custom cam S2e turbo the 1586 is one dad did couple years ago bone stock 16 year old neighbor kid bought it to start his farming career
  8. I’ve had reliance bite me more then once try to avoid it at all cost. I’ve started to try Riley tractor parts they won’t sell that stuff
  9. Never done it friends have turns out good each pizza is different from what they said
  10. Thanks it’s got oil on wrong side
  11. Iv sold a fair amount of them been good so far
  12. There’s one in the USA and they won’t sell it
  13. Cant get a new one if you need it got a Mxm120 that needs the accumulator but can’t get it
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