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  1. They are a pain not sure on the second one
  2. Thesd5488

    Blind nuts

    Elmer’s repair in Kansas is where I get them my brain finally started working
  3. Last new head I bought was 650 hard to reuse at that but yours will interchange
  4. One little screw turn them and they come apart my dealer told to not lube had to many issues getting dirty and sticky then
  5. Your clutches need cleaned I have 1200 16-30 my clutches are 8 years old I carry a can of brake cleaner just split them rinse them out and good to go
  6. Also stay away from reman motors
  7. It looses lube when the clutch is depressed
  8. Just blow down through it with torch
  9. Weld it up it will get your 10 acre done we’ve had them straightened before don’t think that was to bad
  10. Have to agree my chipped magnum 275 won’t run with a 5488
  11. Get filters anywhere else less then half the money
  12. Got a friend that still plants 38 only buy little nitrogen cleans yards for rest last year his beans beat me by 10 bu and no Fert rows don’t seem to matter water and fertilizer are the to biggest variation
  13. I just use all thread it’s cheap and can hang a lot of weights on it
  14. Take that off and just put a plate over it
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