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  1. And if I may add to this ...... Dont forget to put oil in the pump . I got in a hurry once and forgot to put oil in the pump reservoir ....... expensive mistake !!
  2. Only 60 miles from me , Wife and I will be there .
  3. Pretty sure the owner wont scrap it at least , but will sell it .
  4. It is a 4100 , depending on which way you take you wouldnt be all that far away from it .
  5. I can get some pictures for you if you would like . You very could be right on it being a 4156 .
  6. Yes it does make one weary and set one to thinking also . Thank God I have had a very supporting family through the years . Had my first heart attack at 50 , spent my 50th birthday ( 6 years ago ) in Sanford Heart hospital and have had 3 more stents since than , who knows maybe stress had something to do with it at that age . I guess I know what I should do but ...... pulling trigger and calling it quits is a darn hard thing to do . Sort of a confusing time in a person's life I guess . I have everything paid for so one would think it would be an easy decision .
  7. Been doing some thinking lately , been turning wrenches for 39 years , started at 17 right out of high school . Allways worked 2 jobs , mechanic at the local IH dealership untill 1990 than my own repair buisness since than as well as working EMS too . The mechanic end of things provided for my Wife and 3 kids , paid for thier college education and the normal day to day necessities and emergencies of raising a family . Years of long hours ,cement floors and abusing the body kind of starts to take a toll on the body , at 56 I dont consider myself old yet years wise but arthritis and worn out joints catches up to a person . Just a darn hard decision to make on something that has been such a major part of ones life !
  8. That actually is for sale . I dont own it but I do have a phone number I could give you for the owner if you are interested . It ran and drove about 6 or 7 years ago anctually that old 429 didnt sound to bad than . It is a 4166 I believe . There is a snowplow on it the picture doesnt show .
  9. Kind of what I was thinking too . Scrap price around here is currently $45 / ton .
  10. Farmall M parts tractor . Engine is stuck . I believe it is a 1951 going by the serial number of 268866 . Hate to see it go to scrap yard .
  11. Give DK Diesel in Waterown SD a call and talk to Harvey 605-886-2750 . I work on a few these engines a year and they seem to be able to rebuild thses pumps and have parts .
  12. Does it have a 2 point hitch ? Check to see if hitch is keeping the hyd system on high pressure by not cancelling in the raised position . Try to move the lever a bit to lower hitch and see if it quits staying on high pressure . I have seen the pinion gears in the control valve break teeth and come out of time .
  13. I and my Wife own and lived in the house my Grandpa built on the homestead until we moved to our current location in 2010 . 5 bedroom 2 story house with 4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs. My Uncle and 1 hired man died there . My Grandmother passed away in the local nursing home . My Grandmother was 83 years old at the time of her passing and had various medical problems one of which was poor circulation leading to the amputation of 1 leg . After we got married and moved to the homestead we got surprised that my I and my Wife were going to be new parents , our Daughter would have been the first Great Grandchild of my Grandmother, she was so excited and looked forward to her birth . My Grandmother passed away about 3 months before our Daughter was born and never got to see her . Going back about 30 years ( our oldest Daughter is 35 now ) , the Wife was in the kitchen , I was watching the news in the living room and our Daughter who 5 , at that time , was taking a bath in the bathroom . Suddenly we her her scream out , Wife and I went quickly in the bathroom to see what was up only to find our her in tears with an extremely scared look on her face . She did not want us to leave the bathroom without her . When we finally got her settled down she stated , in vivid detail , that there was an old woman sitting in a wheelchair with a dark blue scarf on her head , blue pastel dress and a dark blue sweater and this person had 1 leg . Fast forward some months after this incident I and the Wife and our Daughter were looking at photos in our wedding album , one of those photos was of my Grandmother, exactly as my Daughter descibed her during that evening in the bathroom . She never knew or had seen her Great Grandmother or the photo album before . Coincidence ? I think not !! I do truley believe it was real even I never witnessed anythin woth my own eyes . Our Daughter is 35 now and she still remembers this incident . I had never heard anything in the house as I worked 2 jobs and wasnt home much , the kids and Wife told me they would hear footsteps across the upstairs floor on occasion . Kids bedrooms were upstairs too and they would hear them during the night sometimes . I guess the family kind of got used to the noises after some time . Most likely relatives checking in on things I guess, never felt threatened or anything like that .
  14. By gosh ... by golly I learned me a new term " Dutch Oven " , never too old to learn new things . Seems to me a recipe of generous equal amounts of Budwiesee and pickled eggs would make a fine " Dutch Oven " dish with final product placed by the air intake of the CPAP machine so it could travel up the full face mask .
  15. Yes it did help with concentration . Be patient though it does take some time to start noticing results .
  16. I have been on CPAP for 2 years now . When I had my sleep study I would quit breathing 48 times an hour , my oxygen saturations were at 70 % and they estimated I would only get 20 minutes of restful sleep each night. I sufffered 2 heart attacks , my first one was at the age of 50 and my second one was at 52 before finally being diagnosed with sleep apnea . Sleep apnea is **** on all organs of your body . My Cardiologist figures I likely had it 15 years or so before being diagnosed with it . I adjusted quite well to CPAP, I have been without it a night since they eoke me up at my sleep study and put it on me to finish the night out . Prior to being diagnosed I would wake up just as tired as when I went to bed , wake up with headaches and go thru each day in what I describe as brain fog , hard to concentate . I would doze off mid conversation talking to my Wife , trust me she is not a boring Lady . I would wake up during the night as if I couldnt breathe or someone was choking me and having panic attacks . Since being on CPAP I am able to get a solid 8 hours of restful sleep a night It certainly is a life changer for me . My Wife also has sleep apnea and is on CPAP too , we call each other Mr and Mrs Darth Vader . So glad you are getting things checked out your heart , brain , kidneys and all other organs depend on it . Good Luck to you with your sleep study !!
  17. 1928 Victory 6 Dodge Brothers that my Grandfather bought new . Dont know if it was considered a muscle car or not back in the day but it has a flat head 6 cylinder engine and does a whopping 60 mph ?
  18. JD is also in the Aftermarket parts too , I believe they own controlling majority interest in A & I if I remember correctly , that would also boost thier sales .
  19. Agree totally Sandhiller . I have been guilty myself of cutting corners in the shop and have thought afterwards that was STUPID and than the " what ifs " start coming to mind . Under deadline pressures for things , mind preocupied with lifes everyday stressors , basically in hurry leads ro tragedies . I was there as EMS when our Lady Governor's Father lost his life in a grain bin accident . She was fairly young at the time . Being from a small rural community every knows every one , it was a sad day for sure .
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