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  1. That is wonderful MTO , those rescued pet can be some of the most loyal pets a person can have in my opinion . Quite a few come from a life of abuse and neglect and all they want is to be loved and cared for . You are a fine gentleman sir .
  2. Pets are smart , the Labrador knows what had happened I believe , he is really clingly and mopey . He goes by the grave sniffs the ground and rests his paw on the dirt and than lays beside it for awhile .
  3. Totally agree , those vet visits can be tough . We had a Golden Retriever that lived to 19 years old . Got hip displasia really bad and was in pain constantly and also developed cancerious tumors and we had to have her put down , tough to watch but she didnt have much of a quality of life anymore , couldnt hardly get around anymore .
  4. Our 2 dogs a Dauchound ( 14 years old ) and a Labrador ( 9 years old ) we have had them since they were pups . Unfortunately just a few days ago my Wife accidently ran over the Dauschound and he is no longer with us , she was absolutely devastated . We gave him a proper burial in his favorite shady spot beneath a tree in our back yard . Rest easy Little Buddy
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