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  1. Had tbis sang at my Moms Funeral on this day in 1998 and again at my Dads funeral in April of 2008
  2. I know you got food human !! Give me some of that turkey burger you are having for dinner or else !!! Our spoiled arse Labrador after eating a bowl of dog food this morning and 6 of his favorite treats and still giving me the " Old Stink Eye " while I am having my dinner !!!
  3. As Waylon would say " Bob Wills is still the king "
  4. I bet most of us have known or know someone of this caliber he sings about !!
  5. I still have alot of the old singers on 8 track tapes and on 33 rpm vinyl record collection that my parents had . I remember listening to them on the old Sylvania console record player/8 track player and radio when I was a youngster
  6. Yes he was , but only after doing some research on his history a while back . I dont remember right off hand if he was pilot or a bombadere though .
  7. I like how old Box can do the train whistle purely with his own voice , I think Roy Acuff does it the same way if I remember right .
  8. Love that old C&W music , the music I grew up with . The local radio station , KDLO 96.9 FM runs a program called Classic Country on Sunday's from 8 to noon .
  9. I have a Mighty Mac that was made in the later 60s or early 70's . It has 1 T handle to control Fwd , Rev and turning by twisting the handle . The hydraulic levers for the arms and bucket were separate levers beside the seat . It also has the 2 cyl Onan engine and a 48 inch bucket . If I remember correctly thete is decal saying it was manufacured in Thief River Falls Minnesota .
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