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  1. I would suggest doing circut resistance tests on both the + side and - side of the circut . It is a pretty simple test .

    Take a volt meter  I prefer a digital one but an analog will work .

    Positive side :

    Place 1 lead on the output terminal of the alternator and the other directly to the + post of the battery . Start the tractor and check what the meter reads . It should not read more than .5 volts and preferably less than .5 volts . If it reads more than that that tells you that the electricity finds it easier to go thru your meter leads than thru the wire which indicates that there is high resistance in the output circut between your alternator and your battery . You have your sensing wire hooked up to the output stud on alternator which is fine but it is sesnsing the voltage drop due to circut resistance which kicks the alternator up to try to overcome it and the alternator will do what it needs to to try and charge the battery and will burn itself up in the process trying to accomplish this .

    To remedy this one has to check/clean all connections on the + side of the system .

    Negative Side :

    Put 1 voltmeter lead on the alternator and 1 on the - battery post and do the same process as on the + side of the circut.

    We all know the import electrical stuff now a days is basically junk but I find it hard to believe that there are 4 bad alternators and something is causing them to fail .

  2. If you have a 6 speed powershift :

    1st gear - C1 C2 C6

    2nd gear - C1 C2 C5

    3rd gear - C1 C3 C6

    4th gear - C1 C3 C5

    5th gear - C2 C3 C6

    6th gear - C2 C3 C6

    Reverse - C2 C4 C6

  3. Dont know if you have high blood pressure but some blood pressure medications can have a side effect and cause a cough . ACE Inhibitors are a common one that can cause this . They are medications that end in " pril " such as Lisinopril , Captopril  ect ...

  4. On the 06's keep in mind the engine oil pressure shares the same light as the mcv lube light . Either low engine oul pressure or the MCV lube pressure can turn the light on , unless it has been modified .

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  5. Had to say goodbye to an old friend / Family member . Our 14 year old black Lab . He had been getting multiple tumors showing up all over his body and had been losing weight . He started developing a bad cough and seemed short of breath with little exertion so we had to make a decision . What should be an easy decision due to his detoriating health is still a tough one to make . Took him to the Vet as there is no way I could have did it . He went peacfully .

    RIP Remington .... you were definately a one of kind .


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  6. 9 hours ago, IHhogfarmer said:

    I follow a FB page named Classic Country Music Stories. It talks about the background of songs that were at #1 on a date or just a huge hit. The story I read today was of this song, going #1 March 3rd, 1973.

    There is a radio station here that has a program called country classics every Sunday morning tell noon here . My favorite program . 96.9 KDLO FM .

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  7. 6 hours ago, Steve C. said:

    Joe did a ton of good music.  I think he's a decent guy, although probably partied a bit much back in the day.

    Have you heard some of his more recent stuff?  I can relate to the title song on this album - analog man.



    Yep I think he did party a bit to much as well but he did record some good songs . 

    I can relate to this song as well .  I enjoy listening to older Artist's music wether it be Rock or Country , I like varity in my listening pleasure .

  8. Helping the Son Inlaw doing late fall tillage with this wonderful weather in this area we have been having .

    Was going along in 7th gear when suddenly the powershift down shifted into 1st all on it own affair . The only gears there is is 1st Forward and 1st Reverse . No codes came up on the dash . It has the skip shift . Checked the fuses and found none blown . Shut off tractor and restsrted thinking it may reset something but to no avail .

    Been quite awhile since I have worked on these and one tends to forget the finer points that makes these tick .

    Any suggestions on where to go from here .

    The trans pressure gauge on the cab post remains at 260 psi .


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