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  1. I think you are on to something here . With seals the guides are running too dry . I dont use the valve seals on my overhauls on turbocharged engines . The cylinders have air pressure in them on both the intake and exhaust strokes controlling excessive oil going past the guides . Never had an oil consumption problem by not putting in the seals . Just my 2 cents worth .
  2. Turn the ignition switch on and grab a test light and see if it lights up on the terminal of the coil that comes from your ignition switch to see if you have power comming from switch if you do than move the test light to the other terminal with wire going to distributor and crank engine over the light should blink while cranking indicating your points are doing thier job . If light does not blink and lights steady it indicates your points are dirty , not closing or not making a ground which is basically what points do is make or break a ground causing the magnetic field to collapse in the secondary windings inside the coil creating a spark . If all of this checks OK the problem is the coil or coil wire , rotor or distributor cap not delivering the spark out the spark plug wires . Make sure rotor is turning when cranking engine as well .
  3. Also check your TA spool linkage adjustment and make sure the spool in make the full travel when TA is shifted
  4. Sounds to me like you have a tooth out of the park lock gear in the range transmission . The noise will be more prominent in reverse . To investigate it you will have to remove the aux fuel tank if the teactor is equipped with with one , and remove the side cover on the range trans and you should be able to see the range gears and inspect
  5. I remember learning the PFC System not to long after they first came out . Yep " Pretty Fricken Confusing " is a pretty accurate term until one got to understand them .
  6. https://www.keloland.com/keloland-com-original/what-would-a-potential-big-dakota-look-like/ Scrolling through the local KELO news station articles and came across this .
  7. Once you get to Branson I liked the Titanic Museum when I and Wife went there a couple of years ago .
  8. I am day 11 after my second dose of the Moderna vaccine . As a Paramedic I chose to get the vaccine , I have taken care of a fair number of patients since this whole nightmare began with symptoms ranging from mild to life threatening . Luckily I was able to dodge personally meeting the acquaintance of " Mr / Mrs Rona " . I chose to get it as I have underlying cardiac risk factors myself and working in High Risk occupation. I do know of 2 persons that have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine but ..... in both csses they were also allergic to the regular Flu vaccine . After getting my 2nd dose I was intructed to not get anyother vaccine injections for 14 days such as for Shingles , Flu , Pneaumonia ect ... When I got my first dose I had very minor side effects which didnt show up until the next day sore spot at injection site and mild headache , only lasted a day and than went away . 2nd dose the next day sore arm , significant muscle and joint pain ( I have arthritis too ) , chills , extreme fatigue and mild headache. These lasted about a day too than dissappeared . It is my understanding that the vaccine wont protect 100% from getting the virus but if gotten a mild case of it . All in all I am glad I chose to get it , I feel the benefits out weigh the risks . Will I still use protection after getting vaccinated ....... absolutley , I certainly dont want to bring anything home to my Wife from work . This virus can survive awhile on certain surfaces including my work clothes . Getting vaccinated is a personal choice and I respect others choices too . Here are some informational material that the vaccination clinic sent home with me , maybe some will find it interesting , it does speak of some of the concerns other have talked about .


    Yep you are correct ....... I found that out the hard way once doing an overhaul . In a hurry and not paying attention to detail during assembly . They dont start worth a S**T if the pistons dont come to the top . Right overhaul kit per part # but wrong pistons in the kit . Got rhe honors of tearing it down again and installing correct pistons . Lesson learned !!
  10. I had the right to remain silent .... but I didnt have the ability
  11. I am in this first phase of getting vaccinated as a Paramedic . Scheduled to get my first dose of the Pfizer Monday morning .
  12. Here is the one my family owned and is still alive and well in Charles City , Iowa .
  13. I was thinking " Are the good times really over for good " by Merle Haggard
  14. Good to hear it went well !! The difference is truley amazing even right afterwards .
  15. Merle Haggard just popped in my mind for some reason ?
  16. I had mine removed 3 years ago at 53 . I was totally awake for the surgery they just numbed my eyes so I could not feel the surgery . I had 2 cataracts on my left eye and 1 on my right . Had lense implants . I wore glasses since 1st grade in school and didnt need them at all after surgery . The surgeon said I may need a cheap pair of Walmart reading glasses but as of yet I have no trouble reading and dont need them . I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and 20/25 in my left now . Got the glasses restriction removed from my drivers licence too . Good luck and hope all goes well with your surgery .
  17. Heck we may have crossed paths years ago at the IH Dealership I worked for in Hayti . Started working there at the tail end of Seppala Implement and than it transitioned to Hamlin Co Equipment with new owners after that .
  18. 36 years , almost 37 for me and my Mrs . We dated for 3 years prior to getting married . Were High School sweethearts .
  19. 37 years repairing IH and Farmall's . 31 years as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic , I did both at the same time . Started mechanicing in the early 80's at the local IH dealership until 1990 when they closed up and than purchssed the building and went into the repair buisness for myself . About 7 years ago I decided to only do the EMS fulltime and repair tractors on my days off from the Boo Boo Bus , mainly older smaller IH and Farmall's . Too many years of abusing the body when I was younger thinking I was invincible and not needing to use cherry pickers to lift and carry things led to arthritis and wearing of the joints . Still do some repairing ..... hard to let go totally keeping a wrench out of my hands as it has been such a big part of my life .
  20. I think this 12 year old young man will go far in his life too . Never heard of him before until now .
  21. Pete ... I was a little unsure of where he was at in the repair . I was thinking he had replaced the TA clutch and had it back together and it would only move on the low side and no change when moving the lever ahead to direct . I certainly may have understood wrong .
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