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  1. Give DK Diesel in Waterown SD a call and talk to Harvey 605-886-2750 . I work on a few these engines a year and they seem to be able to rebuild thses pumps and have parts .
  2. Does it have a 2 point hitch ? Check to see if hitch is keeping the hyd system on high pressure by not cancelling in the raised position . Try to move the lever a bit to lower hitch and see if it quits staying on high pressure . I have seen the pinion gears in the control valve break teeth and come out of time .
  3. I and my Wife own and lived in the house my Grandpa built on the homestead until we moved to our current location in 2010 . 5 bedroom 2 story house with 4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs. My Uncle and 1 hired man died there . My Grandmother passed away in the local nursing home . My Grandmother was 83 years old at the time of her passing and had various medical problems one of which was poor circulation leading to the amputation of 1 leg . After we got married and moved to the homestead we got surprised that my I and my Wife were going to be new parents , our Daughter would have been the first Great Grandchild of my Grandmother, she was so excited and looked forward to her birth . My Grandmother passed away about 3 months before our Daughter was born and never got to see her . Going back about 30 years ( our oldest Daughter is 35 now ) , the Wife was in the kitchen , I was watching the news in the living room and our Daughter who 5 , at that time , was taking a bath in the bathroom . Suddenly we her her scream out , Wife and I went quickly in the bathroom to see what was up only to find our her in tears with an extremely scared look on her face . She did not want us to leave the bathroom without her . When we finally got her settled down she stated , in vivid detail , that there was an old woman sitting in a wheelchair with a dark blue scarf on her head , blue pastel dress and a dark blue sweater and this person had 1 leg . Fast forward some months after this incident I and the Wife and our Daughter were looking at photos in our wedding album , one of those photos was of my Grandmother, exactly as my Daughter descibed her during that evening in the bathroom . She never knew or had seen her Great Grandmother or the photo album before . Coincidence ? I think not !! I do truley believe it was real even I never witnessed anythin woth my own eyes . Our Daughter is 35 now and she still remembers this incident . I had never heard anything in the house as I worked 2 jobs and wasnt home much , the kids and Wife told me they would hear footsteps across the upstairs floor on occasion . Kids bedrooms were upstairs too and they would hear them during the night sometimes . I guess the family kind of got used to the noises after some time . Most likely relatives checking in on things I guess, never felt threatened or anything like that .
  4. By gosh ... by golly I learned me a new term " Dutch Oven " , never too old to learn new things . Seems to me a recipe of generous equal amounts of Budwiesee and pickled eggs would make a fine " Dutch Oven " dish with final product placed by the air intake of the CPAP machine so it could travel up the full face mask .
  5. Yes it did help with concentration . Be patient though it does take some time to start noticing results .
  6. I have been on CPAP for 2 years now . When I had my sleep study I would quit breathing 48 times an hour , my oxygen saturations were at 70 % and they estimated I would only get 20 minutes of restful sleep each night. I sufffered 2 heart attacks , my first one was at the age of 50 and my second one was at 52 before finally being diagnosed with sleep apnea . Sleep apnea is **** on all organs of your body . My Cardiologist figures I likely had it 15 years or so before being diagnosed with it . I adjusted quite well to CPAP, I have been without it a night since they eoke me up at my sleep study and put it on me to finish the night out . Prior to being diagnosed I would wake up just as tired as when I went to bed , wake up with headaches and go thru each day in what I describe as brain fog , hard to concentate . I would doze off mid conversation talking to my Wife , trust me she is not a boring Lady . I would wake up during the night as if I couldnt breathe or someone was choking me and having panic attacks . Since being on CPAP I am able to get a solid 8 hours of restful sleep a night It certainly is a life changer for me . My Wife also has sleep apnea and is on CPAP too , we call each other Mr and Mrs Darth Vader . So glad you are getting things checked out your heart , brain , kidneys and all other organs depend on it . Good Luck to you with your sleep study !!
  7. Lady Governor was on TV on a Breaking News Special Report with in the last hour . 5 cases now in South Dakota and 1 death .
  8. 1928 Victory 6 Dodge Brothers that my Grandfather bought new . Dont know if it was considered a muscle car or not back in the day but it has a flat head 6 cylinder engine and does a whopping 60 mph 😀
  9. JD is also in the Aftermarket parts too , I believe they own controlling majority interest in A & I if I remember correctly , that would also boost thier sales .
  10. Agree totally Sandhiller . I have been guilty myself of cutting corners in the shop and have thought afterwards that was STUPID and than the " what ifs " start coming to mind . Under deadline pressures for things , mind preocupied with lifes everyday stressors , basically in hurry leads ro tragedies . I was there as EMS when our Lady Governor's Father lost his life in a grain bin accident . She was fairly young at the time . Being from a small rural community every knows every one , it was a sad day for sure .
  11. I had a 1975 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2 door hard top with a 350 Olds engine , factory swivel bucket seats , console shift 350 automatic trans with most all of the factory options . I didnt consider it a muscle car but it didnt do to bad performance wise . Speedometer went to 120 mph and it would do at least that but took awhile to get there . My Dad had a 1964 Olds 4 door hard top Dynamic 88 with a Ultra High Compression ( stated that on a decal on air cleaner cover ) 394 with 4 barrel carb . It was a big car but it would certainly get right with program when the pedal was mashed to the floor . Always had to use Ethyl high octane gas in it , any less grade of pump gas it would ping like a popcorn popper if pedal was mashed .
  12. Tragic story that hapoened just couple days ago . A young 27 year old farmer gone to young leaving a Wife ans small children behind . https://www.keloland.com/news/local-news/27-year-old-killed-in-grain-bin-accident-in-rural-elkton/
  13. Prayers going your way from my family to yours
  14. Had tbis sang at my Moms Funeral on this day in 1998 and again at my Dads funeral in April of 2008
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