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  1. Got a Treager pellet smoker grill . Done some grilling with it now to try my hand at smoking meat . Dont think I will be buying this cut of meat to try it out though .
  2. I have a Mighty Mac that was made in the later 60s or early 70's . It has 1 T handle to control Fwd , Rev and turning by twisting the handle . The hydraulic levers for the arms and bucket were separate levers beside the seat . It also has the 2 cyl Onan engine and a 48 inch bucket . If I remember correctly thete is decal saying it was manufacured in Thief River Falls Minnesota .
  3. Been to few of these types of calls over the years of being in EMS and none of them had good outcomes . All been when the grain bin was being unloaded and the top was crusted when the person entered the grain bin for reaons unknown and broke through the crust with it falling down on top of them and than they were sucked into the cone of grain created by the unloading auger . Suffocstion would be a horrible way to die . One of the incidences years ago was our current Lady Governor's Father .
  4. I went to this in 2007 with my Dad and Son . It is a huge show and very enjoyable . I am thinking about going again this year again with my Son . Dad died the following April in 2008 , have fond memories attending this show with him and spending quality time with my Son also .
  5. Like looking at this thread while enjoying a cup of joe , makes great start of a day
  6. Yes , when the powershift lever is in reverse and the pto is turned on the lube oil gets cut off from the powershift . It will seize up the powershift trans planetaries , lots of $ to repair , if powershift lever is left in reverse with pto turned on . An example of this is when a person backs up to an auger and forgets to put the powershift in 1st gear , can easily happen . I allways thought it was a stupid set up . I worked for an IH dealer at the time of the merger and went to Racine Wi to service school to learn the Case tractors , I asked one of the instructors how about in the winter time with a snowblower and a long driveway ? He said that you would go forward again soon enough to give the tranny a shot of lube . The whine you hear in reverse is the the sun gears of the planetary gear set spinning at about 7 times engine rpm and without lube pressure . This is why there is a warning decal in the cab by the pto lever . Crazy design I think . Hope I explained it clear enough . Bob
  7. You are correct the 94 and 96 Series Case tractors are electronically controlled powershifts .
  8. You will like the 5488 , I have worked on the 50 Series tractors since they were new , they are an awesome tractor in my opinion . I wish IH would have come out with the 50 Series a few years before they did , maybe could have changed the future of the company , just my humble opinion .
  9. Clutches engaged in each powershift gear : 1st gear - C1 C2 2nd gear - C1 C3 3rd gear - C2 C3 Reverse - C2 C4 it would appear as though C1 is remaing engaged , when the clutch pedal is pushed down C4 should engage hence the surge noticed in normal operation when clutch pedal is depressed . If the C1 clutch pack remains engaged it allows 3 clutch packs to be engaged causing the trans to lock up and kill the engine . The powershift valve has an aluminum body with steel shift spools inside it , my experience is ot doesnt take much contamination to cause a shift spool to stick in its bore . maybe what ever is goung on with your pto has sent a small piece of contamination into your powershift valve . Bob
  10. What a majestic beast !!! Steam power facinates me .
  11. Glad I asked for suggestions I have gotten some excellent ones and am looking forward to this trip . Finding things to do doesnt appear like it is going to be a problem .
  12. I honestly never eben thought about the Civil War history there , that would be very interesting to see .
  13. I think this youngster has potential to go a long ways in life , wonderful song .
  14. Might have to find me some of them Goo Goo Clusters and give them a try .
  15. Is the Ryman theater where the Grand Old Opery got its roots ?That would be a good place to see too .
  16. Yep I believe you are right on the bull fighter . I think I have most every cassett and a few 8 track tapes that Moe and Joe ever made . Great beer drinking music bsck in the day .
  17. Went a Moe Bandy concert at a casino around here . After the concert was over I decided to play a few hands of Black Jack before we headed home . Next thing I know Moe Bandy sat down beside me and played a few hands we had a beer and conversed while we played . He was just a common ordinary guy as a person can find .
  18. Very helpful indeed . Just isnt the same asking Mr Google . I like hearing from people who have actually had the experiences
  19. That would be just cool , to have beer with someone like Mel Tillis . Must be a pretty common ordinary guy in person . I enjoy that old country music , KDLO 96.9 radio station plays the old country music here on Sunday mornings until noon .
  20. Lord knows I like to eat !
  21. Getting some awesome suggestions , thanks much guys
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