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  1. What would you recommend ?

    Have a friend that is looking to buy a new trailer. Probably a 25 or 30 foot with a 5 foot beaver tail to haul mostly hay and some equipment and will mostly be hiway or decent road miles. 30 + 5 is most likely the preferred size. I know there are many options now compared to a few years ago. Super singles is now even an option versus dual tandems and hydraulic tail tilt versus beaver and ramps are even an affordable option I have heard. Just wondering brand and options you all would be leaning towards, and with a budget. No lottery winners by anyone I know, as that would change everything. Thanks for input.
  2. M like I have not seen

    Maybe. Light bar and gauge holders look factory made to me, but not sure by who maybe. ?
  3. M like I have not seen

    Not sure what's going on. i sent some pics to the last email address I had for BJ. Hopefully he sees this and can post them. I can't send anyone a pm for some reason...
  4. M like I have not seen

    I don't know why it won't let you. I will see if I can change or delete something. Sorry.
  5. M like I have not seen

    I can't seem to post any of the pics. BJ or someone that wants to send me their email or text number I will try and send them to you if you want to try and post. Thanks.
  6. 2018 RPRU

    Bama bound.