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  1. Hello, im not sure if yours is like my 500c but on top transmission of 500c it has 2 ports like 1/4 inch plugs. You can check the pressure to power shift there. I believe it is supposed to be close to 60 psi to lock up the disks.
  2. Hello, I did my steering clutches also. I would definitely recommend some hoist or come-along. My question is It wont turn so the clutches wont disengage is the problem. I thought this comes from long term setting and rusting together. Your machine looks very used so I wonder if it was a linkage problem. Too late now to check but good luck..
  3. I really enjoy reading about the fancy dinners 😂
  4. I read through and congratulations, but I would definitely drop that "Peanut butter" ASAP.
  5. That is cool! Early version of the light bar. That would be scary coming out of the woods in the dark.
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