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  1. Most dangerous machine I could think of is a mechanical wife.
  2. One more thing: just maybe my inexperience but you always think.. It should just come out.. then 40 minutes later.. you are still optimistic.
  3. Standing at stump looking at what use to be ground level..
  4. Had to take excavator to just dig another distance down to get enough to push it out. Came out real eazy then.
  5. Really stubborn stump.
  6. So I do this for fun and am not as experienced as others, but I do like pictures. Stumping is about the hardest thing on the machine you can do. The last one I did I used my small CAT 931 and even small stumps can be such a huge pain. I ended up when I finished I had 3 of 4 hydraulic cylinders leaking and I had invented new swear words. This is a stubborn stump I took out with the 150 but it took some time.
  7. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Wow... Amazing work.
  8. Hi. Rocko59 here

    That's awesome!! I have enjoyed reading your old posts and comments!
  9. I forgot to mention.. My setup worked with some machining to put the 4 holes in metal pcs bolted to the crank, but my loader stopped working after a short time so I cant speak to the longevity of the adapted parts.
  10. I would think first is that part number does not look right.. I think IH part numbers usually look like XXXXXXr91 so I think you have to many digits. Inside the thread Kevin posted there is a 677702R91. Ebay usually has this pump but I don't know anything about them so you need to make sure of all information. My pump was double pump and I found it at EPSstore.com D126580 it fit my bracket for alignment and I just adapted the case 580 pump setup to my machine.
  11. HAHA.. looks familiar!
  12. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Hello, I did my steering clutches also. I would definitely recommend some hoist or come-along. My question is It wont turn so the clutches wont disengage is the problem. I thought this comes from long term setting and rusting together. Your machine looks very used so I wonder if it was a linkage problem. Too late now to check but good luck..
  13. IH 500C crawler; transmission running hot

    I was gonna say from my understanding any hydraulic temps over 180 F are bad so I am surprised the gauge has those temps at all. So I would have almost guarantee the measurement was off. Google is my friend: Hydraulic fluid temperatures above 180°F (82°C) damage most seal compounds and accelerate degradation of the oil. While the operation of any hydraulic system at temperatures above 180°F should be avoided, fluid temperature is too high when viscosity falls below the optimum value for the hydraulic system's components.