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  1. I believe they are solid ones. I will have to double check. Thought about trying to market pallet fulls to people for walk ways or edging. Appreciate all of the ideas! Otherwise i can use some to line the bottoms of some field ditch crossings as well.
  2. I agree! I enjoy reading the posts and seeing how things are done around this great country. Thank you all for the knowledge and entertainment!
  3. I have a question for you all. My dad farms in northeast Wisconsin. 10 years ago or so he purchased two silos worth of concrete staves when the neighbors silos were taken down. We always had intentions of putting at least one up and it never happened. He's getting closer to retirement age and could use the space for stacking round bales. Is there a market for them at all? I know the local propane businesses buy them occasionally for setting propane tanks on rural properties. Just looking to help my dad move them and hopefully get a few dollars for them. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you
  4. Thank you all for the input and compliments. Grandpa bought the tractor near new don't know the exact year or hours and he is not around to ask anymore. It was painted when i went to tech school in 2002. Still sees at least 100 hours per year on the blower, baler and manure spreader.
  5. Thank you for all the replies! There are quite a few custom guys around be we aren't big enough to get anyone to show up. The number of small farms around that we would have the potential of doing any custom work for gets less and less every year. Dad is down to 5-10 years left of milking cows. Just trying to help him get through it. I will keep my eyes open for 3960,3970 as well as the heads will match what we have. Will also try to get an up close look at the 900 next weekend. It's just over an hour away.
  6. I agree. Would really love to go to self propelled as I have repaired them and operated them most of my adult life. For our 80 cow dairy that's out of the budget and a bit over kill. Will have to stick at least $1500 in the deere to get it ready for next year. Just exploring some options until we are married to it for a few more years. The 900 I found has almost new knives and shearbar as well as a whole new blower assembly and housing. Also just had a new cross auger and assembly installed. Hoping next weekend to take a closer look at it next weekend. also plenty of dairys in Wisconsin selling out so there will probably be a few coming up on auctions soon as weill. Dad has 10 years or so of farming left. Just trying to find something that will work well and save us some time in the field without breaking the bank.
  7. We are currently running a John Deere 3950. It is in need of new knives and shearbar. I find it to be lacking on the capacity side when doing wheat straw behind the combine with an 18' header on it and in heavy first crop hay. I found a new holland 900 locally for what I think is a reasonable price with a wide pickup head coming with it. Can I expect more capacity out of the machine than what we are currently running? Also just curious if any of you had first hand experience? We typically fill a 20x70 full of haylage every year and top it off once or twice. We also chop around 80 acres of straw a year. Typically run in to some pretty short weather windows to do things. Trying to find something that will work for us and be within a somewhat limited budget. Thank you for any advice you can share.
  8. I have an injection pump leak on my dad's 1100. I know there are some very knowledgable pump people on here so I thought would ask. Fuel is dripping out of the large round knob on the left side of the pump. It appears to be slowly dripping out of the small round hole in the center. Was curious if that is something easily repaired or replaced without sending the pump in? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The first picture was kind of a fun one. The gentleman that lives across the road from the shop where I work on the tractors just picked up the ski whiz and thought it would make a neat picture. He let me take the sled for a litte ride. Was a neat experience.
  9. We have a Hobart Iron Man 230 at the farm. Works very well for all of our needs and was very reasonably purchased online from Northern Tool when they were running a sale. Delivered right to the shop. Hobart is an offshoot of Miller. Many of the consumables for the welder use the Miller part numbers. The local Fleet Farm also carries Hobart. So if you need any consumables over the weekend they are easy to get your hands on. We have a Miller 252 at work and it is also a very versatile and easy to use welder. Don't think you could go wrong with either one.
  10. Hoping someone can help me with this. we purchased this plow a few years ago and we've broken 3 of the cast arms that hold the moldboard assembly to the plow. we have some fields with shallow bedrock that the plow catches occasionally. it is typically the front assembly that breaks off. it never trips. dad typically runs the plow and he doesn't say much about it. plow is fairly worn out but only sees 30-50 acres a year so trying to keep it going. i noticed when it was on the stand last year with the front bottom broken off the second one was off the ground yet. i started pushing on it with my foot and it looked like the pivot point in the center of the linkage wanted to push down instead of up. if i would lift the linkage slightly the assembly would trip back nice and easy. i see there are some shims under the assembly where it mounts to the frame. there is also a fair amount of play in the pins. just curious if there is an adjustment or something to get it to function properly again with out breaking major components. I searched earlier posts and saw some adjustments on toggle trips but that was a newer case ih plow and the link arms were more vertical than straight accross. Just getting things ready for fall tillage and would like to try and fix the root cause instead of having to keep throwing parts at it. I have been following this site for years and am amazed at the wealth of knowledge on here. thank you in advance for any help that you can give me!
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