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  1. finally got one back!

    We used to farm with a 1456 wheatland and sold it at an auction in 1994. This was the only 56 series 2wd we were missing and got it yesterday. We got the hood but not the lower white side panels. Hopefully the guy still has them. I needs injection pump work but it runs good!
  2. 856 cab headliner

    Does anyone have a supplier for the headliner panel with all the little holes in it for the white ice cream box cabs?
  3. TA Spring on 1086

    These aren't very good pictures but it's the best I could get off one of our salvage machines. Darin
  4. 1086 mcv pump issues

    Had the same issue on our 886. Put in a new hy-cap mcv pump and relief valve, new hy-tran and filter, and supercharge elimination line and the pump primes within a second or two of starting it now and before it took a good half minute or more. Darin
  5. 886 mcv pump

    Thanks! I put the new Hy-Cap mcv pump kit in, new oil, and the supercharge elimination line, and it works great. Within a second or two of starting it up, the pump is working.
  6. 886 mcv pump

    When we start our 886, it takes a good half minute or more for the mcv pump to start pumping. I bought a new pump and relief valve but it is not installed yet. Is there anything else that might be causing it to do this?
  7. 666 hydro gas

    Just got a 666 gas hydro this morning, nice tractor but has a seized engine. gonna fix it up. I know up here this is the only one that I have ever seen. Were there many gas hydro's built?
  8. What paint code does everyone use for a 47 cub? If I read correctly, it should he IH #50 red. The body shop here uses RM but we couldn't find a code for it. I want to use a good paint that won't fade out fight away.