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  1. Off course it never goes perfect does it? I had a problem with the trans being cold and the steering and hydraulics not working too well in the cold. I don't run it in the winter on a normal basis though, so come summer it should be fine. It does run a hot water line down to the trans to warm it up but I never felt it get warm. Might need top be topped off with anti freeze. Never ran the tractor for more than 10 minutes at a time anyways. It starts a lot better than it ever did, but these engines even if you just shut them off 5 minutes ago really like their glow plugs.
  2. Well bleeding the filters was easy and I didn't spill more than a few drops of diesel fuel. Naturally I had the tractor plugged in for about 3-4 hours. 3 block heaters work extra good! With all the injector lines loose I turned the motor over for about 30 seconds at a time with the throttle wide open. After about 6 times I was starting to wonder if that was working at all. 6th time was the charm as it showed a little fuel at one injector. 1 more time and they were all wet. Lightly snugged them all up and ran the glow plugs for a minute and a half. Fired up after about 5 seconds of turning over. VICTORY!!!! Cracked all the injectors and they all responded and the idle cleaned right up. We can now turn expensive fuel into smoke and noise again. The under-hood smoke isn't from leaks or oil being burned off. The manifold is badly cracked and creates its own special effects.
  3. Picked up the rebuilt pump on Thursday and decided to skip going to the gym. Brought the engine oil inside to let it warm up so it would pour. Then I decided to put the drain plug back in and then................... well I assembled everything. Had my cheater glasses on and was using a flashlight to finish assembling it but it was buttoned up. And I still haven't added the oil. The old pump is now ready for me to try my hand at rebuilding! Its Saturday and now I am going to add the oil and diesel and fire this thing off. You just know it wont be that simple will it? Strangely enough I had the diesel fuel and the oil already! Made a huge mess trying to pour the fuel and spilled all over the place but I got about ten gallons in there. Then it was time to add the oil, AND I couldn't find any funnels. Off to Princess auto for every type of funnel they make as well as a pouring jug. More to follow!!!!
  4. Here is the pump in the tractor lined up and ready for the new one that's taking its place. This pump will be rebuilt and resealed by me for the next use.
  5. Well I had the spare pump sent off for a rebuild and will install it this weekend hopefully. I had really wanted to rebuild it myself as I have all the manuals and specs to do so. BUT I wanted to have a running pump to compare and swap out to prove my work also. I timed the engine and lined up the pump and it currently sits in the engine waiting for its replacement. The pump on the engine now will become my pump to rebuild so I can learn and start to rebuild my own. From what I have gleaned from the manuals the rebuild for someone competent should take about 1-2 hours. I figure my first reseal should take about 4 with a helper reading instructions to me. It looks like the kind of thing that once you do it, will become very easy. This is the spare pump that I sent off to Western Turbo in Winnipeg for a rebuild. They quoted me 800-2000$ for the rebuild. I rebuffed with, "I only paid 2500$for the tractor, so we need to be at the small end of the scale. He phoned and I believe he quoted 1125$ which while more than I would like to pay was at the smaller end of the scale. Hopefully with a running and working pump to play with I can reduce my rebuilds to a few hundred dollars in the future.
  6. 7 1/2 gallons of diesel oil soup in the crankcase. Drained and sent to the burning barrel to clean all the unburned garbage down. Fresh oil and take it from the MX track to my house. Started and ran smoothly but almost no power. Pump rebuild should restore it to like new, I HOPE. I am guessing with the bad seals the pump isn't moving the fuel properly anyways. I do have another pump off of a spare 706 282 that I could rebuild and swap out quickly. If they are the same model would I be safe to just exchange one for another? What say the great IH minds?
  7. Went to the local IH dealer and asked about a seal kit for the Roosa master pump. 185$ and its not in stock and on backorder. Went to Western Turbo in Winnipeg and asked the same question. 72$ and it was in my hand in less than 30 seconds. Not a shot at the dealer at all. They recommended the place I went to and were a little shocked at their price themselves. Gonna get to this in a few weeks!
  8. So it is never just one thing, damn it! When the tractor had the new fuel filters installed it ran better for a short time. And then it didn't? After limping it back to the yard, it could barely pull itself. I let it sit for a week while I played with my dirt bikes. Decided that maybe the filter was badly plugged but I also had another idea. When out on the moto-x track I noticed a large black spot where the tractor had been sitting and a trail from there back to my buddies yard. This morning when I went over to look at it, a pull on the dipstick confirmed my other idea. No tractor is going to have much power when the Crank is rotating in a diesel and oil cocktail. It should have pretty clean internals now though! Now I need to acquire a pump seal kit and do another oil change. Where do you guys get your pump parts and do you have any advice before I dig in. I do have all the manuals for the pumps.
  9. UD-16 550 adams grader

    Naturally he reported it stolen after he cashed the cheque and/or spent all the money. That's the way an honest "crook" would do it!
  10. UD-16 550 adams grader

    Naturally he reported it stolen after he cashed the cheque and/or spent all the money. That's the way an honest "crook" would do it!
  11. Changed the fuel filters and I am not surprised that the tractor was down on power. The previous person who serviced the tractor had put 2 secondary filters in and not a primary and secondary. Also the diesel that came out of the canisters was almost black. The whole change only took about 20 minutes from running to running. Cleaned everything spotless and bolted it all back up with no leaks or problems.
  12. Whoops I did it again.

    I got a phone call out of the blue this week from a guy I approached 2 years ago. He has a H30 a H50 and a H60b that he is willing to part out now. The owner told the shop foreman that he was ready to get rid of them now. I asked him to at least allow me to harvest the parts I need before they send them to become something else. As a school teacher my summer break is about to start and I will have time for a few trips to get some parts. I hope this deal works out for me!
  13. Actually the 300 ford is a 4x4 bore and stroke. The ground can be easily moved if necessary but I ground all my race cars this way and don't have any problems. And I have several gallons of the safety orange paint. But it sticks better to a light coat of rust.
  14. Now all that is left is for me to do a fuel filter change and maybe an oil change. The previous owner said he had just done one.
  15. There was not a ton of room, not a ton at all.............................. The diagonal that holds up the steps was in the way and had to be removed to install the battery. Which obviously is why I made it this way for theft protection, YEA THATS THE TICKET, DOH! These last 2 pics show the 4 1/2 inch grade 8 bolts with grade 8 washers and nylocs to make sure everything stays where it belongs.