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  1. sgtpresto

    Farmall 404 service Bulletings

    Hello all, I am looking for IH service bulletins for Farmall 404 tractors. I have a number of gss manuals and other ih paperwork to trade, but would prefer if someone had some scans. Anybody?
  2. sgtpresto

    Farmall f-12 muffler

    Hello All, A few years ago an f-12 was being sold in Pennsylvania on ebay that had an oem nos muffler. See attached graphic. It looks like the parts manual drawing. Has anyone ever considered having these made and selling them for f-12s and f-14s? I would think that the market would be big enough to pay for it considering how many of these tractors are out there. I know I would buy one. I have the contact of the seller of this tractor if one were interested in having these designed and made.