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  1. 4630 and 4430 are Quad range, I really like that. 4440 is 8 speed, been awhile since I've ran it, friend usually runs that one. 4450 has a 15 speed in it. Not my favorite for chopping. Almost too many gears. Somewhat prefer the 8 speed in that department but the 50 is the nicest of them all comfort wise.
  2. Chopping I would much rather be in a 30 series Deere than an 86. An 88 would be neat to spend a little more time on a cart in. The 4630 I've been around used to be a turtle on 18.4x38s but now is on 20.8x42s and it scoots along, well compared to other soundguards at least. But still always would prefer a Magnum.
  3. I'm interested to see what turns up here. My Super A does 15 mph but my Super C only does 11.9, according to my phone. I don't think my A serial number has any special letters.
  4. Maybe because its the only other brand I've spent much time on, but I always look forward to getting to run these during harvest. Maybe that's just because I'm happy to have a somewhat quiet cab that hopefully has ac and maybe even a radio. 4430, 4440, 4450, and a 4630, all have their good points and bad points. Then again, we have used some magnums on the carts and I'd much rather run that, but a little variety never hurt.
  5. I was looking for a tractor to do small jobs mostly involving raising tobacco. Something to spray pre-plant, pull the planter, move wagons in the field, etc. I was leaning towards a 666 to get the 312 as i didn't want a gasser and didnt want a 282. Then I found a 756 that was getting antifreeze in the oil, and had the idea to put a 312 in it. This was the tractor before I started, it was in pretty good shape but it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I don't think the German is a bad engine, it's just not my first choice. So I started tearing it apart and got the engine out and
  6. We have an 806 with a narrow front, bought new, but it's not very original anymore. Love it anyhow. It pulled an 800 8 row all over then retired from planting when we went to 30" rows. Now it mostly just plows snow, and wears a Year a Round cab. The more recent photo is from this summer when we had the cab off to do some work on it and I painted the sheet metal at that time and had to snap a few pictures. I love big frame narrow fronts!
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