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  1. Yes need fender platform or could make extension plates to bolt to your can platform. That might make things handier if you ever have to work under it. Just an idea, I dont think I've seen it done.
  2. Swap the whole top cover, dont bother trying to swap linkages over. At least that has been the preferred method here. Then swap hydraulic valves etc if neccessary.
  3. Even with a tach drive you will need a ratio adapter to make it read correctly. We got them made and it will use the original cable and read accurately. We have set up several at work after doing these conversions and it is really nice having all the original gauges still function as they did. If you need an adapter give the shop a call next week and talk to Jesse. (717) 682-6263 http://ih1066.com/
  4. Talk to Jesse about the tilt eliminators. http://ih1066.com/ (717) 682-6263
  5. There is a tilt eliminator being manufactured now locally that fits inside the plastic cover and looks exactly like a tilt wheel from the outside. It positions the wheel the same as a straight wheel without having to change anything internally in the column. It will never wear out and can be installed in less than an hour, 15 or 20 minutes if the wheel comes off easily. The tilt knob screws back in and everything looks factory it just will not tilt.
  6. Yes, we put one in a 656 that was to have a balancer in it and when running it you couldn't stand it and it would actually snap hood bolts off it was so rough. Then pulled pan and someone had already gotten the balancer off the motor. Once we found one to put back on, all was good and it made a nice tractor! Here 4bts out of like a 5220 tractor have been around 4500 I think and most we find are over 3500. There was a man looking for another one to put in his Super M but he hadnt found any yet I dont think last I knew.
  7. The 4bt you would want to put in there is not very cheap nor very common, at least around here, beings you need one with a balance in it.
  8. '88 series steps on that one, nice upgrade.
  9. I know I'm not the one you asked and this is off topic but I wondered what you were looking to know about tobacco? I grow a couple acres of tobacco and there is a lot grown around me.
  10. Being common or uncommon set aside, there are far far easier tractors to start with to put a Cummins in and have it turn out nice than an 806, especially an LP.
  11. You got it. Probably find them on yesterday's tractors classifieds next week if they aren't already there.
  12. Yep. Had a 1466 with a short shaft. Found out that the FP240 chopper would not latch on. We just switched to another tractor then and double checked the latch anytime we hooked a 1000 shaft to the 1466
  13. 826 number 13738 Not the one you're looking for but another one to the list. It now has a DT360 in it and is finally sitting in the shed at home. Hopefully will get to put a thread together with more pics from the install. It makes quite a tractor out of it, especially with the turbo.
  14. I would love to find one of those in decent shape. I have a 600 Deere that I spray my tobacco with now but it isnt the same as having red paint.
  15. 666, early 686, 666 hydro, early 86 hydro used the 312 Later 686 and hydro 86 went to the 310
  16. Have had my eyes out for a diesel hydro since I got a gas gear drive at the beginning of the year. It would end up a narrow front but that's easy to swap. Does seem like a chunk of change but then again has 4 new tires and some weights and decent paint, that adds up fast too. Hard to imagine those hours being right, did it feel like they were? ETA: just looked back through the pictures...something doesnt look right on the tach. Being a 544 shouldn't it have a 5 speed tach instead of the 4 w/high and low? Hmm
  17. I love red tractors but it would be hard to give up a SG when chopping alongside pulling a silage cart to run a 1066... That's one place I dont mind the quad range either, chop in 1 or 2 then have 3 and 4 to get around quick at the ends. Have ran a 5288 along side the quads and the STS isnt quite as nice. It's good but more shifting in my opinion. The 8 speed is good for a cart too, not having to shift so many gears to get up to speed in the field. Again, not a precision speed/rpm operation like baling or pulling the chopper. The 15 speed has given more trouble in the 4450 tha
  18. Too much chrome for me. Long bar short bars and 1000 shaft only. If I was going to pay the almost 45k they are asking I would want one set up a little different. But a very pretty tractor!!
  19. Was reading some about the tobacco special tractors IH marketed down south and was wondering if those decals are available anywhere? Either the tobacco special or bright lightnin ones? I raise some tobacco and even though I dont have any of the models that were designated as such I think they are neat. What was "special" about these models? Thanks
  20. We get about 600 lath on a tier of a 32x60 shed I think, 5 tiers to the square log then one above it and the row in the peak. 600 in a 60 footer, I figured 300 in a 30 foot long shed 32 feet wide. 300x5 tiers is well over the 1200 lath per acre. In my head I think you could hang an acre in a 20x32 shed but as said, isnt practical to build one that size. Alternatively a greenhouse could be built to hang the tobacco and would be cheaper than a shed. A lot of guys around here have went that route but most of them have a traditional shed to strip and sort it in then.
  21. Yep! You dont have to pitch it up and you dont have sweat dripping down on you
  22. PA 41 tobacco for me here, no tilling it. I think a 1 acre shed would be around 30x32 or so, maybe not even quite that big. I grew up with a great big bank barn set up to hang tobacco in. No mechanization much to speak of in our tobacco production here. I love tall old sheds but labor to help hang them isnt always easy to find, let alone help to cut it.
  23. There's more than one Englishman like that too... All depends on the person. Steel wheels here keep getting better and better. By no means are they rubber tires, but they are better than whats pictured. Unfortunately a lot of good tractors have met their demise on steel. I guess horses don't need oil and some seem to forget that tractors do.
  24. Looks to me that the only 06 items are behind the speed trans. I'd venture to guess they coupled it together there and kept everything 66 series on front. I don't think it has the narrow bellhousing of the 06/56. Interesting project but there would have been a cleaner way to do it.
  25. Correct. I didnt mean to imply that's how each were manufactured, I can see how that could be confused though. I was just saying how each of the neighbors tractors were equipped.
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