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  1. I watched it happen...it was something to see! Stuff sold decent today.
  2. Custom tanks mounted to the bell housing and the others mounted/had supports that bolted to the head. That was the giveaway on this tractor.
  3. I just pulled a nice one of those loaders off my 400. It needs to find a new home.
  4. There was an "I" stamped 1206 with the Internationl side panels around here that had PTO and correct 3 pt along with the adjustable wheatland/set back front axle. It was an interesting duck. 18.4x38s and had flat top fenders and the right side did not have the grab hole. I believe I had read a post from Brian Long about being able to order it with all those options but I cant remember. It ended up getting narrow coverage round fenders.
  5. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather have the last one than the first. First ones are neat and its interesting to see the small details that changed (gauges, etc) soon after production began. Studying the pictures in the operator's manual there is many little oddities. I know where the 2nd 1466 is at now and it was new not too far from me. Give me the last one before the first one, although most days I like the white stripe look a hair more than the black stripe. The black stripe is growing on me though.
  6. Not batwing related but on the ROPS discussion I have this picture to add. The driver (cant say "operator"...) was totally unharmed. Went around the corner too fast and went over. Snapped some front axle pieces, the cast nose, radiator and fan and some small things. Broke the side window I think but tractor looked surprisingly good when we got it back upright. Oh yea...he had owned it less than 10 minutes. He opted to have it hauled to him once it was fixed. I'm nearly positive I remember seeing the ROPS sticker on these cabs.
  7. Fill the bin with sand etc and it wouldn't blow over Wouldnt want to roll away though.
  8. It isnt red but I like chopping enough to run most anything I'm given! Trucks are red here though. If the weather cooperates gonna hit it pretty hard this week.
  9. Ed has been getting a manifold built to mount a turbo on the 312 and 360s, I dont believe he has a "kit" per say for the rest of it but might be able to give some ideas what would fit. That manifold has the exhaust and intake sides switched from "normal" on like a 1066 but on an 886 with no fuel tank under the hood that isnt much of an issue. Thinking more that might help you on the 86s at least to get the exhaust further away from the cab instead of a 66 type set up since Ed's puts the exhaust out the front. I'm not sure if the cummins setup would let you turn it real easily or no
  10. Do some searching for the post about a guy adding one to his 766, or there was a very well done thread about a dt360 swap into a 706 I think. Just to find the number of the Cummins manifold to fit the 360. Or get Ed Leamans set up and build from there. Unless his 886 has the 358 in it...then gonna be more of a do it yourself deal, there are lots out there, maybe find one in Europe, but hard to find here and not known to be cheap. From the pic I think it's the 360 but cant see much of motor. Plenty of room under an 86 hood to make whatever you want fit!
  11. Yes springs need to be reworked to make your pressures right from Ag Parts. They are not the same diameter as original either at least on one of them that affects how strong they are. Usually I reuse one and put a new one in but shorten it but my notes arent here and I dont remember.
  12. I think I would look hard to find a solid 856 and a front mount cultivator if I could. Nothing wrong with a 756 and would hazard a guess that it would burn less fuel. Same size hood as a 686 but much more tractor to handle the cultivator. I would agree with J Mech on the preference for the smaller hood over the 66 series. I've never ran a rear mount cultivator but from running a front mount I dont see why I would want to for the view of seeing what you're doing.
  13. Yep that's it, Restoration Tractor Sales.
  14. I helped a guy put in a Maxiforce kit and I was not impressed. Inconsistent piston pin fit, a cracked sleeve, I forget what else. That said, he got another piston/sleeve assembly and the engine went together and runs well. I do know a source for OEM quality kits from FP/ Federal Mogul, pretty sure it is from the guy bitty is referring to in Lancaster. They have been very good from what I understand.
  15. All of the plastic ones I've seen from the aftermarket were the wrong color and easily differentiated from the originals. That said, our 1086 has a new plastic one.
  16. A grease gun hose with the right small adapter works really well too.
  17. If it has spring applied brakes and you can turn the shaft by hand with the tractor off then you dont have any brakes left. Then it would turn all the time.
  18. Been told the used cast aluminum ones from the parts yard around here were worth around $400 bucks. I like the metal one a lot better than the plastic, and definitely better than the new plastic ones. But I'm not sure I like it 400 bucks much. Knock on wood I havent lost any either. Just what I hear, I've never needed one.
  19. Runs real good, TA was out and no 3 point was what I remember about it. Good and straight with good rubber. I sure hope it doesnt end up in pieces but people do what they want to do.
  20. Ed's are the same as factory design but are not certified. Same design, everything bolts the same between the two (from what I remember). They are a very nice setup. We have an original IH roll bar here we had gotten several years ago but never put on. It does not have a canopy though.
  21. I can't say I have ever had to set valves on a Deere but I remember looking at their chart and thinking "wow this seems odd" compared to the 400 series pattern I referenced. I knew the 361/407s were backwards and the Germans were different but couldnt ring them off without thinking like the 400 series. This has been a very interesting thread. Amazing how many different ways there are to do essentially the same thing.
  22. Nope. If they would all be the same why are not all engines set 1-2-3-6-7-10 and then turn it and do 4-5-8-9-11-12?
  23. I have one of those friction throttles for a x00 here somewhere.... My notches were wore and fixed them. Still didnt suit me. Found the upper part of the steering assembly with one of the friction setups and bought it, put it on, didnt suit me. Thought for a bit and made my own set up. I'll have to see if I can find a picture, I sold the tractor to my uncle so it isnt here to go get one. I took a piece of probably 1" flat stock and cut a 1/4" slot down the middle making the strap the same length and to bolt on like the original. Then I made a bracket that bolted on the thrott
  24. The aftermarket undersize steering arms usually get tight enough to have to drive down the last little bit and take most all of the play out from what I've seen.
  25. Super A_sepa


    What fails on the 66 setup that the 86 is that much different?
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