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  1. When you draw the pulley in and tighten it, some of them the outer edge of the inside of the pulley would be against the wider oil pump housing. If you still have the housing on the bench you might be able to lay them together or measure it. If you have it bolted together take a prybar and make sure you can still turn the motor at the flywheel, if the pulley is against you should be able to tell. I think you can tell at the front too that it won't go in quite flush but it's been a bit since I've seen one.
  2. On the 1 1/4 oil pump some front pulleys will not clear them from what I've found. Later ones would but earlier ones we were having issues with, some got machined I think and some were swapped around too. If you were ordering a new one maybe all the new ones have the clearance for the wider pump. Was something I thought I'd mention. Good luck with getting things back in shape! Can be a challenge after a projects sits awhile and you come back to it.
  3. I think the earlier ones had them and then did away with them on later 72s and 89s. Ours 96 did not have it and never did that I could see. I added one to mine but I think it had one before. The top screen that they added when they removed the side screens was in the same place as the hood ornament and it went away is what I've seen. The one I added I used a bit of silicone Adhesive. Maybe I'll regret it someday. Used one from a 66 to keep it IH. Guess I got picky. Also put one of the IH steering wheel center decals on to cover up the buzzard on mine as well.
  4. That's coming out great! I kinda want rid of them on my 7220. We had a 96 without them and sold that and I got a 94 that has them. I got used to not having them and now with them it looks different.
  5. Longer hood, longer framerails, and longer connections (throttle linkages, hoses, steering lines) Probably modify/shorten fuel tank. That's what's coming to me off the top of my head. A 360 is a lot easier fit but like you said you have access to a 400 series. It can be done though. Seen one where a guy just slid the front bolster ahead a set or two of holes and didn't lengthen frame rails. It worked.
  6. I'm not sure who is the fool, those of us that doubted the tractor (and I still question it) or the auctioneer who didn't do much to help the tractor. I never understood auctioneers who don't take good pictures. Its easy in this era to take good cellphone pictures and upload them to a website, even without online bidding. At least so that people can see what is actually there. They got good money for it but if it was actually right and well advertised I'm not sure it wouldn't have sold higher. But I am glad I don't own it for that price without seeing it.
  7. I certainly understand that it might be a solid tractor and that most all of the nitpicking is cosmetic and can be fixed, it just wasn't what I had pictured in my mind when I read "2900 hours 1086". You never called it anything special but I think a few of us had something special in mind when we read the description. To answer your question about the Red Power designation, it was basically a couple cosmetic changes, I don't believe anything was too major. Red side panels with the decal, red interior, red seat, extra aux rear lights mounted to the fenders. There have been threads on it be
  8. I just looked it up. It sure looks like a hard 2900 hours if that's somehow true. It's no cream puff. Red rims, no doors. May be a solid tractor but it's no mint condition time capsule.
  9. I love it. This one I never farmed with as a German motor. It ran fine but started a little hard and I wanted a turbo'd 360 in it so I pulled it out and sold it. It was a fairly simple swap for the most part except the turbo, and have been keeping my eyes open for an 826 or 1026 Hydro to do the same thing to, I know some won't like it but I enjoy the swaps and like the small hood well enough to not just get another 100 Hydro. I cant tell you off hand how fast it spins but that 2400 sounds right. I had a 756 I pulled the 310 out of and put a 312 in that I overhauled. That motor was a
  10. My 826 is only one on the serial plate. I overhauled and put a 360 out of an 886 in and added an IH manifold and turbo and 14" clutch. I painted it last summer.
  11. Gotcha. I can't say I have compared the valves. I was pretty sure those valves ended up at your place.
  12. I think I recall reading on agtalk how to file/machine the spool of remote 1, that was one issue with getting another #1 valve to add. I'm not sure if disabling the priority function would allow you to use that one to add or not.
  13. The one at Ed's sale appears to have the long shifter. Or it's much longer than the one on my neighbors and some others I've seen. I think the neighbors only was maybe 3 inches long after the first bend. I like the long shifters but I don't know what why or when Deere changed them.
  14. Nice clean tractor, tall shifter? Canopy, double stack weights...cool!
  15. My neighbors have one, it started life as a gas too but now has a diesel in it. I don't remember it as a gas but it is a handy tractor for sure. I enjoyed operating that one.
  16. I like red the best but I wouldn't be offended if the 4255 or 2520 was sitting in my shed. It has been hard to find a deal at a sale recently.
  17. Seen in the paper that Ed Leaman has a nice lineup of equipment coming up on auction. Several Deeres from a retirement but some nice red ones mixed in too...and a Coleman axle and belly tank. Should be interesting how stuff sells, sales have been lively recently. https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3522696.html A 5700 hour 7220 MFD sold around here yesterday for 58500 with the duals. It was a nice tractor.
  18. Ed's a busy man this month, has several interesting auctions coming up. One has a really nice and complete Coleman off a 1466 in it.
  19. 86 series cab mounting bosses were incorporated to the external casting. I don't think there was internal changes. There was changes that used a different gasket to the rear housing but I don't think that had anything to do with white/black stripe
  20. My Euro 7220 doesn't have a lower tank...would kind of like the capacity but sure never wish it was there when working on one.
  21. I was just talking about that with a guy today as well. I didn't get a chance to measure but it would be a sweet upgrade to an 86 to not have to scale the rear end to put fuel in it!
  22. The ones Riley are making are only 10 hole. They do look nice. I'm not sure if you put new and old beside each other if you could find any differences or not. No one is making a new 12 hole that I know of.....yet. Have heard of a deep 12 hole being considered for reproduction.
  23. None of the 23/2450 or 55 loaders did.
  24. It seems odd to us but maybe they had a good reason to do it over there. I have no idea what it could be. It would seem like it should be simple enough that it's a matter of moving a wire from here to there but I don't have a schematic to compare to. It does have a working beacon that is bright and should be enough to get people's attention. This tractor will probably spend a fair amount of time on the road and I may not be the one running it so I wanted it to be simple and functional.
  25. It has a switch on the side of the dash where the Shutdown Override switch is that controls the flashers. It has a turn signal switch in the same place as normal. But if you have your flashers on and want to signal a left turn you have to turn the flasher rocker switch off, flip the turn signal, make the turn, turn off the signal, and then flip the flasher switch back on. I would like it to work that when you turn the turn signal on that it flashes the one side and holds the other like normal to make it that the flasher switch has to be turned off and on. I do like that t
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