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  1. Only a few run floaters on trucks in this area. Too expensive to wear out for road travel especially in winter hauling cured feed, help tends to tear stuff up with extra traction, flat spot them etc. But most of the trucks in this area are not meant to run in the fields as there just aren't enough fields that are practical to run them in. Gets old running a truck that takes 50 rows to turn around in a field that's only 48 rows wide. Gain 10 minutes on the road in a day and lose 20 min at the blower or worse yet a bagger and in the field, along with not being able to see well or be handy to open up and throw off the rythym of cycle times with the rest of the tractors. Longer hauls we will use them and if we need them to run two crews we'll use them but there is little very handy about them in the field. I've spent a fair amount of time in a silage truck but am usually ready to get back to a cart. But a tractor and cart isn't a cheap investment either.
  2. Yes the splash over with the dump cart caught my eye too. But compared to the amount of feed in the pile it is probably a drop in the bucket and is the price to pay to not run the trucks in the field. Trucks are definitely not the ideal field unit around here. Trailers like that are somewhere between worthless and useless around here. Hardly any fields big enough to turn them in and can't get around and very little trench work. Not sure what took the guy you had 200 yards to switch trucks...that sounds like someone didn't know what they were doing. The switch on the go trick can work well with 3 good operators and the right equipment. Can't have a short cart on the other side of a tall one, hard without a spout cam or everyone on their headsets or radios, but does add up to a fair amount of time depending on what you're filling. We're switching every 15 ton. (10 with the old carts we had) so that's several dozen a day vs half that many with trailers. Till the chopper stops and cleans out and the next one pulls under it does add up... Switching on the go behind the chopper opening fields or splitting fields is where it really makes sense to do. Steady stream of feed coming out and little mess swinging over vs stopping and getting the loaded guys window plastered and starting and plastering the empty guys.
  3. NH 40 is a good blower. But the number of good 40s left out there seems to be getting smaller. Most of the ones I've been around have their own unique rythym or rattle to them. Fieldine is sort of it on steroids and twice as heavy duty. Makes a 600 look pretty silly pretty easily. I really like it's auto water shutoff for chopping rye and haylage. Some places a 600 is nice to have a few couple extra inches of width behind the blower tractor depending on guys setups. The 1000 shaft opens up a lot more tractor options with higher hp. For good throughput on a custom scale a 66 or 86 doesn't cut it. Or if it does it will break sooner or later.
  4. I put a VE on my 544 this summer. Cable shut off, no cable to start. Bent the lines, adjusted inj line hold downs Wasn't a bad swap. Tractor runs great.
  5. They are the best I've been around. I'd love to try a big auger 1000rpm dion type but it would take a monster of a tractor to utilize it from what I've seen of a 1000 shaft 600 type blower use. The fieldline has been the most power efficient blower I've seen. Used one on a power unit, I'm unsure of the hp, but was down to sweeping my cart out in about 3 minutes, 15ish tons up the pipe. Extremely impressive. But it will sure jam a pipe full! 200hp makes it work well. 150 or 70 is just ok. More the better. Still better then a 600 with 150 or 60 I think. Feeds smoother, doesn't bridge easily.
  6. Plugged a few pipes around here on silos with the power distributor. Only constant we could come up with was they wouldn't keep up to the volume the Fieldline blowers would put up the pipe. A 600 style blower and ok tractor it seemed fine but a tight 600 and some hp was about enough and then the Fieldline and enough hp led to plugging it right at the power distributor and finding the weakest part of old brittle plastic pipes. Silo filling is my favorite time of year.
  7. Most all have moved away from steam power. Some dabble in it as a hobby but I don't know of any significant number being used as farm power. No crawler numbers to speak of either. Moving a little newer I have wondered how an 8400T or something would go over. Quadtrack would be too big I think/wouldn't fit what they do. Most all have moved on from belt power to pto which rules out the steam and most of the crawlers around here.
  8. Putting a cab on and off is a good way to catch and break one
  9. I know I've heard at least one of the older generation as quoted "they shouldn't be that close to you anyway" We hauled a lot of stuff overwinter is PA in the past. Pull tractor and duals and disc on and go. 38in row spaced planter tractor we did pull one dual off. Chain it down and go. Other drivers should be aware enough of their surroundings even though I know they aren't. Too many laws.
  10. I think we got enough measurements and drawings off the last base from Thomure that we had at the shop. Maybe the noise would be bothersome but I wouldn't mind trying it. The ones we've installed sounded good but I never had one in the field. Guess there is a chopping customer with one on his 8920 blower tractor but that's expected to be loud and I've never ran it in the field. I'm thinking the 72/89 pipes were 5.5in ID but I'm not certain. I haven't been able to find any that size online in the little bit of looking I've done. Keep hoping to find one someone bought and didn't install or an old stock one.
  11. I've been wondering the same thing for my 7220. I wouldn't mind having a chrome pipe on it but not sure where to get the adapter base and the pipe.
  12. Interesting, what tractor? Small world.
  13. 2008 Horseshoe Rd, back a long driveway, last farm on the left
  14. If you're near Dutch wonderland you're about 8 minutes from 40 or 50 classic (mostly) red tractors at Restoration Tractor Sales off of Horseshoe Rd.
  15. No it's not. Little further west. Think it has an 06 56 bolster under it. Functions the same and most won't notice it behind the weights but I don't think it's a 66. Nice tractor still. At least the turbo decals are on straight
  16. Made a 6' silage bag at an Amish guys place once, sure didn't take long to lay it out compared to the bigger bags. The bagger almost looked like one of those "salesman display" kind of toys but was a production unit. No idea if it was a high moisture bagger as well but I would guess might have been. That size bag definitely has its place.
  17. Hopefully some others have more. This is one I think I had saved from here before. Charlie and his 1066. The same one he pulled last year at the Buck's "legacy night" pull.
  18. Think I had understood that they were made from cast to make up for some of the weight lost to the v8 motor. Or at least was one reason I heard.
  19. The last one I split I used a hoist(forklift) and hooked chains under the framerail since it didn't have holes. Obviously the adapter plates are the right way to do it just this was another way to do it.
  20. I've been very happy with the ones that I've gotten from Brillman, has nice instructions if you're starting from scratch for where the wires go. The Porch ones I've put on did not have any instructions or labels that I remember and that made it a little tougher but the product was good. Did see Agri Services has magnum harnesses that nobody else had when I looked but I ended up not needing one that time. Hope Porch or Brillman steps into them too but I'm glad that an aftermarket source is. I have not just used part of a Brillman harness and plugged into an original but I thought they were same as original as well. Not sure who's isn't that Ken is referring to?
  21. Our NH bale wagon covered a lot of ground on hills, pull type model. Doesn't take a big tractor to pull it. Pick up and can tip the stack back in the barn and stack it or can single bale unload onto a conveyor to stack in a mow or into the van trailer. I can't quite picture loading a van trailer to much past half capacity with a skidloader and grapple before running into the roof with the boom. Maybe I'm wrong. Bale baron or bandit would be the cats meow but they would sure make the cat squeal when pricing one.
  22. None for the smaller engines at this point, just the 400 series. I put a Reliance kit in my 312, got a better gasket set then instead of the Reliance, it ran sweet. It was a Reliance kit I put in my 360 too that was good too. Used bearings from a better supplier as well I think. This was before we used any Absolute kits.
  23. It will fit on without any problems, although you will have to put spacers in between the frame rails and the loader brackets, 7/8" on each side if I remember right. If it's never wore an IH loader you will probably also have to drill the frame rails for the rear brackets holes. I like the 23/2450 leaders, they have held up pretty well here, though a 666 does look funny with a 2450 on it. I think they're the only loaders that look right on an IH tractor. Most all the aftermarket company's ones I've been around, seen, or removed, feel like a clumsy afterthought.
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