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  1. It is going to take some creativity but I think it can be done. I have a whole ladder here off a 21 or 23 waiting to go on our 1666. It's not near the top of the list yet though. Hoober used to have advertised about putting the ladder itself on a 16xx but it still pivoted like original and not swing front.
  2. Artsway still builds front unload wagons. They'd be very similar to a Miller Pro. But I'm not sure how small they offer. They might only go down to 18ft. Front unload units will probably never go out of style in this area but wagons have quickly become uncommon.
  3. I'm excited to see them when they come out! I would think they will be sought after after a little time passes. That said I did not order a second one.
  4. Don't stick a prybar under the radiator to pry it up. The tip of the bar can go right through the bottom. Those lines aren't fun.
  5. My local circle really doesn't use the new name much. We just call it what the store used to be. Go to Weavers for chopper parts, Binkleys for baler parts etc. That or call it MM Binkey Weaver Hurst but that's too long to fit on a business card. Im definitely not a fan of the changes with the dealerships here the last couple years. Definitely some strange decisions made but that's at the corporate level more then the dealers I think. Some loosing contracts etc etc. Hoober can't sell Agco parts but can get the same part in a CIH box for twice the price etc, Binkley can't sell CIH parts etc.
  6. Ok. Probably going to Agriteer, they'd be the Fendt dealer here. Im headed there this morning to pick up a couple baler parts.
  7. To a dealer or farmer? Interesting. Thats right in my area.
  8. I tried a couple of the H3 led bulbs and agree they aren't as bright. The whole LED replacements like Larsen lights or Tiger lights are much brighter then the replacement bulbs. But LED or not it should be able to keep the lights on. I think each breaker is an individual unit
  9. I have a 7220 that does this too. I replaced the lights with LEDs (for the light output, not lesser draw) and they quit tripping out. It's a Euro tractor and I removed the flashers in the fenders and added 2 more LEDs and then it started tripping again. I just unplugged the extra lights and went on to get done. This thread reminds me I should look at that this winter.
  10. I've cut tobacco with her family a couple times and we chop for them. They would be 4 or 5 miles from the farm I grew up on. Some of my friends that I worked with coaching the Ag Mech team a couple years ago were out to receive their American Degrees this year
  11. Thanks for the pictures. I looked back and it seems that I didn't take near enough of them while I was out there or that they were lost on an old phone. Definitely an experience and accomplishment for her to remember. I smiled at the picture of them looking up towards Jess's banner. It's still pretty neat to see someone you know on a stage like that. I'm not sure I would want to be a National Officer and I couldn't be in the chorus but I'm glad that there are members that are gifted with that passion and skill.
  12. Somehow it got repainted and the decals installed wrong in 977 hours. Impressive.... Little to no way they're correct.
  13. The group from where I went to school left yesterday morning. I think they got to Indy tonight. The two trips I got to make to convention in school and then to get my American Degree were some of my favorites. The National Officer the went to my school is ending her year of service this week too. We got to make our own schedule when we went out, we toured Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in WV, Churchill Downs, Indy Speedway, Fair Oaks Farm, I'm sure I'm missing a couple places. My trips in school were to Louisville which was a different path then to Indy. Good times. Keep the pictures coming Tim.
  14. Not wagons or of vintage memory, Fieldline, Martin, Ag Tech are local commercial lines. We ran Deere 115 and 125 chuck wagons, then Gehl 920 and 940s. Jumped to 980s, got a pair of 970s as extra wagons. Added a Meyer in there at some point. I remember running the 980s and occasionally a JD. It wasn't long after I started helping that we got a couple more Meyer wagons. They were a definite upgrade.
  15. Our 806 wore clamshells from new. It's a later 67 model. It possibly could have been ordered fender delete then clamshells ordered extra I guess. It never wore flat tops though.
  16. Looks about identical to ours. 6 hole wedge locks after clamps broke many years ago and 856 grill, ours always was a narrow front though and wears a year around cab.
  17. On one I used the 312 air cleaner on the other I used the German air cleaner but cut the feet off of it and made a plate to mount it to the water pump like the 312 and make the hood door line up. I had to remove the downpipe where the rubber boot fits on the housing. I forget if I put a slitted piece of rubber there or left it open. It was lightly against the radiator hose as I remember and I sleeved it with another hose. This was on my 360 in an 826, so slightly different then yours but similar.
  18. On mine from what I can tell in pictures I left the hear shield off. It never gave me any problems but I didn't put a ton of hours on it before I sold it. 1/4" should be doable I would think by egging the holes out. Probably the ones on the tank ears itself? There might be enough meat around them. If you move the cradle it will move your hood holes too. If that 312 guy has the hood around it will fit right on and you won't have to move your exhaust hole. The 310 hood won't be the right spot. I'm not sure how far off it is, I had access to one so I switched it. Yes the 400 series are taller and longer.
  19. Ed Leaman has advertised on his website a manifold for the 312/360 and in the description of the part says they are also building them for the 310/358s. Might be worth a call to him too.
  20. Passing on double yellow is just the norm "here," as long as you have a line of sight. Just the way it is with Amish buggies and steel wheel tractors being a part of everyday life. Pass lane width farm equipment where ever it is safe to do so it seems too. Overwidth equipment seems to bring out the stupid though. Didn't have too many close calls this fall. Only a couple that thought both of us could pass on narrow bridges and stop or back up. Some that wanted to pass when I turned but could see them in my mirror and blocked them. I like the middle of the road when I'm making a left turn as long as no one is coming. If there is oncoming traffic they won't usually try to pass. I don't get how they can't see something that is 12 feet wide and 13 feet tall and lit up like a Christmas tree. Road travel doesn't bother me much. I kind of like it.
  21. I would have liked to see the Roll a matic in red. I have one here to sometime put together and see about putting under an IH. I'm not sure if it will work but the price was right. I don't mind the Fast Hitch and I wouldn't likely buy an antique tractor without one, but I don't have a lot of complaints with the 3pt. Having the level link screws loose makes a big difference. A second pair of hands makes it pretty painless usually. FH finds its downfall in that it has a large arc of travel. 3pt lifts a lot leveler. It would have probably underwent a large redesign to handle high hp.
  22. I'd have to do some searching but I was thinking that the Ag and Truck 360 blocks might be different. Maybe they were the same and it was the other parts that are different. Ag and truck cranks are different I remember and I was thinking the rods and or pistons too. I forget if it was Ed Leaman here or someone on pulloff forum but I think with the right combo of parts from each you could bolt together one that is like 410 cu in. I think that was an ag 360 crank in a truck block. An Ag 360 and 312 I am sure the blocks are the same. I'm hoping we get to see pictures when you get this project completed.
  23. This looks like it's the silage thread so I'll add a couple. Still close to a week of cutting yet I think but the rain over the weekend has us in the shop for a day or two and our local fair is this week that most of the help is also on the board of along with customers that have kids involved showing. I'm not ready for it to be over yet. Easily my favorite time of year.
  24. It seems creeper is a lot more common in those and like the Maxxum and small frame MX tractors. If big enough one of those might be handier on a small square baler.
  25. I'm not sure I've seen a Euro without. I never figured out why the tractors spec'd for over there seemed to have the most options. Mostly creeper, 4 remote, rear wiper, and sun visor. Had one early 2wd 7110 in the shop a couple years ago that had a creeper. That was one of the only 2wd creeper ones I have seen in person.
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