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  1. Thanks for all the input on sources, I forgot to follow up with everyone. I re-read what I wrote and realized that I forgot to tell you that it was going in a 706. I was hesitant about ordering one because I wasn't sure what was going to show up when the box arrived; either expensive china junk or a USA made unit. When I was at the Farm Show I stopped by the Bates booth and talked with Brian who told me there were 3 pumps offered by everyone: A china one, a Turkish one - that was what CNH sold, and a USA made one. Well, that choice was easy, I buy American over any others any time
  2. I need a larger pump so I can run the loader better, so I am putting in a 17 gpm pump. Where is the best place to buy them? I know I can pay the big money and buy it from mother Fiat, but with them being a global company, they could be buying aftermarket made pumps and repackaging them; or they are making them in-house Anyone had good luck with aftermarket pumps?
  3. I have a few picked out that I am going to go look at. I would prefer not to buy something that is on the verge of a major mechanical implosion. What are the specific New Holland things I should be watching for? I have heard that the plungers are on rollers that ride in tracks and those could be problematic. I get the common wear or neglect issues, but are there things to look at that I should take notice of to avoid buying a wore out POS?
  4. Looks like an aftermarket HEMI block. What is the max bore dia on that? Could be made pretty big with the right crank. Would be fun in any B or E body, but scary fun if you made a AA-Dart or any streetable A body.
  5. I'm going on Friday and might go on Saturday, but I'm driving home, not that far of a commute for me. I've been to the one in Grand Rapids and one in NE corner of IN ( I think ) They were OK, you can only expect so much for being inside of a hotel conference room. Some nice tractors to look at and vendors selling parts/literature. I missed out on the lectures, but I have heard good things about them. If you're in SW MI, it's worth the drive for you to check out.
  6. A lot of people like the 311. What capacity would that be compared to? IH 45/46/47/420, or larger? How much of bigger capacity is a 575 than a 311? A noticeable difference? Does the 575 make a 16" or 14" bale?
  7. I actually looked really hard at this and have watched several youtube videos on them. As nice as it would be to make small squares out of rounds at leisure, my fear is that it would beat the leaves off the alfalfa during the leveling and unrolling. I have run this idea past a few people and they had the same concern; grass hay, I'm sure wouldn't be a problem.
  8. I'm noticing a theme here with IH knotters 🤔🙄.......... I know I've had my share of fun with them.
  9. Since the corn and bean market prices are soft, I am thinking of expanding my small square bale market. I do a sizable amount of 4x5 rounds now, but I turn away a lot of horse and small farm people because they don't have a way to handle them. I picked up a #46 with a #10 thrower that hasn't had much use, but I haven't used it much either. My fear is that I cannot get it reliable enough without it costing me a bunch of money; it gets expensive to pay people to stand around to watch you work on equipment and have ready hay setting in the field. They look like the exact same knotters that ar
  10. "Clatter" is a vary vague term, and when hydro's go bad, they don't clatter, they whine or squawk. How many hours are on this? We have wore out several of them over the decades, so I am pretty familiar with the normal sounds they should make. Here are a few simple things you can do before you have to break out gauges to start checking pressures: Check the hy-trans level Change the round pop-can sized filter on the brake pedal side of the transmission. Change the main hydraulic filter in the belly and look for flakes or debris. Check to see if the red hyd pressur
  11. I definitely think the hood on the 466 swap looks MUCH better than the gas engine swap. To make it look normal you need to lengthen the gas tank end of the hood, otherwise it looks goofy.
  12. I really like this!! I have always wondered why IH didn't do this from the factory or why wasn't the 656 badged a 606? I have a 504 I rescued from the scrapper and don't know the condition of the engine, my dad thinks I should make one of these and not worry about rebuilding the C-153. I wasn't sure how much was going to be involved, but now I know!
  13. This was a donor engine from a really low houred 715; it was sad they cut it up 😔. And it was this tractor/engine that I put the distributor out of the gas engine in for a short time to run the tach because I didn't understand the casting that held it twisted out of the block to make room for the diesel tach drive. The distributor or tach drive is also the upper bushing for the oil pump, so in the combines they put the base of the distributor in the block to do the job and filled the hole with a soft plug. I didn't realize that this tractor was famous and caught so many peoples attentio
  14. They are out there setting in the weeds, some times you just have to keep looking. I haven't ever come across anything rare that anyone wanted to sell. Some where in south western corner of MI is a cluster of 14 & 1568 tractors setting off the side of an M-road; can see them a clear as day. I posted a thread about them, with pictures, several years back and someone on here chimed in that he new the guy who owned them. AND, sure enough they weren't for sale because they made of 14K gold and he was going to restore them 😒 I kind of wonder if they are still setting there. Where are
  15. Yup, it is; I've dubbed it the Fence Row Special. It burns about 3-4 gph round baling or cutting hay with a 12' MacDon at 7 mph, so I really can't complain. But, it would be nice to have it not smoke. This is what I found for a turbo: XT-190 turbo Another with a better price Allis 301 turbo and USA made. I'm always nervous ordering online, BUT the turbo shops are ordering it from some where too. I doubt that anyone in my area is casting and machining turbo parts, so maybe these aren't so bad. That looks pretty universal and with the bolt on exhaust flanges I can pretty much
  16. I didn't realize how much longer a 310 706/756 is than a 706 with a 282 is. I know they are longer, but you have a lot more room between the air filter and fuel tank than I do on mine.
  17. No, but I saw someone on here doing this and thought it was a good idea. If they aren't real rusty I will do it by hand, but this tank I cleaned was thick nasty rust so I thought I would give it a try.
  18. I haven't had much luck with used turbos 😟 I found if they are sitting some place, they are probably there for a reason. Like I said, I've looked for a few years now and haven't seen any. I find about one a year to fit an 806/856, but no 706 with a 282. So a T04 9096 is the number I am looking for? At this point I will probably end up at a turbo shop and buying new. Everything else is new on this tractor, might as well have a new turbo too.
  19. I guess I didn't realize there were variations on the T04, I thought the T04 WAS the size and different size turbos would have a different name. I don't have a set up that will work, that's why I am looking. The factory manifold and IH T-604 won't work because it was made for a 560 with a 282 turning 1800 rpm, not a 301 turning 2600; was told it would overspeed and destroy the turbo.
  20. Not to mention the difference in engine design alone. Direct injection, higher injection pressure, bigger ports, and valves.
  21. Would a T-04 be to big for a 301? That is what is on my 806 as part of the M&W kit, so I wasn't sure if there was enough volume out of a 301 to utilize a turbo that big. Because that's what we're using.
  22. I have put a new head with new hardened seats on with a Victor headgasket, and ARP studs, so it's been prepped for the turbo. We use this for hay and need a squirt more power from time to time. I have a new pump that has been set to 30% over stock, so now I need to clean up the smoke. I have been talked out of using my T-604 and factory manifold for my 706 with the D-301 for fear of destroying a piece of IH history - which I would agree with. I have been looking for over 2 years for an M&W turbo to fit the 282/301 but have not had any luck locating one; SO, I guess I am going to have t
  23. I just got done doing a 656 tank for a guy and it was really nasty inside. I put two gallons of acid and 3 lbs of 1/4 nuts from TSC, ratchet strapped it to the wheel on the A and left it rattle around for a few hours. It was super clean when I rinsed it out. There is some gas tank sealer that I put in there and coated the inside to keep it from rusting and to seal any other loose debris from floating around.
  24. The engine might be OK, but I would have the pump gone through by a reputable shop, probably use the guys on here first. I have had three of them go bad on me in the last year and a half, so I just send them in for repair, which ends up being a rebuild. Even if you get it running there is no guarantee that the pump isn't needing repair to begin with.
  25. I guess you will see that happen when it is an artist's rendering of the real thing. Harvest rolling right along here so I guess I will post an IH 93 combine ad from the 1964 buyer's guide. It's funny how they show a 91 with 93 badging. The rear axle and tiller handles give it away. I guess it's proof that the advertising dept didn't always know what they looking at, just assigned to produce an add.
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