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  1. Is there a bearing the supports the injector pump drive gear? The 361/407 has the aluminum spacer with bearings in it, but the parts manual for the 282 doesn't show anything at all. Is the bushing in the pump what carries and centers the pump drive gear?
  2. I just went though this with my 706, so I know what you are dealing with. The snake oil additives will help for a while, but unfortunately you are just prolonging the inevitable. It got me through hay season, but by fall it became worse and REALLY annoying to have it quit every time you throttled back. I figured if it can stick at idle, it can stick at full fuel and run away, so I just choked up the $1000 and had mine rebuilt.
  3. I just put a rebuilt injector pump on my 706 two days ago and plowed about 15 acres with it today for a new hay seeding. As I idled down on the headlands I could hear a rattle/knocking noise coming from the pump area. Along with the sporadic noise was an erratic surging idle, so I thought “this new pump is coming apart inside”. I almost made it home when it finally quit running; complete with a loud bang, flames out the exhaust, and white smoke, we coasted to the side of the road. Once home I did some more investigation by removing the timing plate and could see the pump wasn’t turning wit
  4. So I did some digging and finally found my parts book for the loader. These valves don't have the small piston with the little O-ring on them - which is good, because they are $30 each. So all I really need is to replace the O-rings and that will seal it up and keep it from leaking? What do the detent balls do? Is that for the float position? One valve on this has the long tube off the back and the other does not, so I would assume that is what it is for.
  5. I am rebuilding some remote valves and maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be......... These are doing the same as so many others, leaking out the cap in the end plug, so when I told my dealer I wanted the rebuild kits to do 4 remotes they gave me a bunch of O-rings and 4 tiny pins. Is that all there is to keeping them from leaking out the back is one O-ring? I guess I expected it to be more complex than that. I took the two end plugs off, but didn't find anything that looked like it could be serviced, so I put them back in. I looked at the online parts diag
  6. I have a 6R-900 with a 1000 pto pump that I thought about planting with a 656 hydro. I know they made a 540 pump for these planters, but apparently they aren't very common because I can't readily find one. I've seen pictures and they were a big behemoth looking thing hanging off the back of the tractor - is that really the best IH could come up with?? ?? If the planter only requires only 8gpm, how come I couldn't run it off the tractor hydraulics? My only concern would be running through the remote valve would be one would have priority, so lifting the planter on the head land would ei
  7. My pivot ball for the hitch on my MacDon has wore through the top holder. I can't find any kind of repair pieces to weld on top to hold the ball in place, all I can find are replacement weld on units like you would find at TSC. Any ideas? I don't know how much it really pivots side-to-side, I thought about doing away with the ball, welding a plate with a 1" whole over the larger ball hole and putting a draw pin through if I can't find a replacement.
  8. I have heard rumblings about this from multiple people because of the soggy spring we are having. I am leery because it sounds like a to-good-to-be-true kind of deal; you get paid to not do nothing. I feel like there is some kind of catch that I am missing, because there is no free lunch. If you take the prevent plant are you going to be punished for years to come with extra high premiums or take a major hit on your yield average? I feel like this is getting a "0" on a final exam in school, despite how well you have done in the past, you're final grade is going to take a severe beati
  9. I recently bought a 504 diesel and the guy had a 340 diesel parts tractor that he made part of the deal. I really didn't think anything about it until someone told me that they are pretty rare and made less than 100 340 Diesels, is that true? I never really paid attention to those because we don't have any of that series in the collection, I never thought many 340's were made, period, but tractor data says they made over 12,000 of them. The engine is stuck, it's missing some sheet metal pieces, missing the radiator, and needs a total restoration, BUT it didn't end up in shredder, so wh
  10. They are always so far away......
  11. We looked at buying a 4568 a few years ago, had 42XX hours on it. It needed some love, but the price was right. I am red to the core and never pass up an opportunity to buy one, but passed just because of the DV800. I have never read a post ever had anything positive to say about them, which is sad. And it's not one specific thing either, it's the whole engine; bearings, valve train, gaskets, O-rings, all of it. The stories seem end with some catastrophic failure or ridiculously expensive rebuild. If you and dad love the tractor, demote it light duty and baby it along. We looked fo
  12. I definitely think the hood on the 466 swap looks MUCH better than the gas engine swap. To make it look normal you need to lengthen the gas tank end of the hood, otherwise it looks goofy.
  13. I really like this!! I have always wondered why IH didn't do this from the factory or why wasn't the 656 badged a 606? I have a 504 I rescued from the scrapper and don't know the condition of the engine, my dad thinks I should make one of these and not worry about rebuilding the C-153. I wasn't sure how much was going to be involved, but now I know!
  14. I guess you will see that happen when it is an artist's rendering of the real thing. Harvest rolling right along here so I guess I will post an IH 93 combine ad from the 1964 buyer's guide. It's funny how they show a 91 with 93 badging. The rear axle and tiller handles give it away. I guess it's proof that the advertising dept didn't always know what they looking at, just assigned to produce an add.
  15. And when I was a kid thats the only kind of steering I knew. Thats why power steering seemed like a real luxury. Now here is my favourite kind of snow removal machine. At least I think I'd like it, never having operated one. A 1937 SnoGo mounted on a D50 IH truck. It's cool to see an add for one of these. My grandfather had one of these when I was growing up and used it on the runway. Did International trucks make their own 4wd chassis? His was a 46 Ford cab and flathead V8, but it was on a Marmon-Herrington 4wd chassis. MH supplied both front and rear axle drives. It would REALLY blow snow!
  16. How far are you from Gordon Behrenwald's farm?

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