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  1. I look at the marketplace occasionally even though I don't belong to Facebook. I can still see majority of the stuff, and I know exactly what you're talking about when the ad is fully descriptive and directions for inquiring about it. Theirs either a bunch of stupid people in the world, or they don't follow directions. These types of idiots i assume are the first to call or drive to the dealership and ask questions INSTEAD of opening up the @#$& operators manual and figuring it out for themselves. I had something listed on Craigslist once and said will not respond to emails. What's a couple clown's do? Send me a email asking for my phone number. My phone number was in one of the pictures I had in the ad. I thought ya know what if you're that dense and can't see the picture with the phone number or follow my directions that I will not respond to emails, I'm not responding to you. And I didn't.
  2. You drilling a companion crop first and then running the seeder across probably? One of those brillion seeders sure would be nice to have. Hard to find used around here and new is just crazy expensive, like everything else.
  3. A Deere salesman told me seeding equipment has good offering's that can be added for doing no till. There's no reason to be buying expensive VT tools. And he sells VT tools.
  4. Had a local back in '13 have a ad on Craigslist saying. Farm ground 300.00 in the title. Then in the comments said family farm looking to expand and how good they'll treat the land and this and that bait tactics. I'm sure you will be seeing stuff like that again
  5. Been looking myself since December with no luck. Called the tire guy, Anderson Tractor, etc. All said guys run them till their shot. Tractor I'm needing them for won't do any ground working. Not going to buy a new set of especially radials for it. Do know where there's 4 matching Firestone S.A.T.s with around 50% tread, but their attached to a rough 4586 and the tractor has to go along with the tires. Don't believe that option will materialize here
  6. I had a 330. Top picture. Got replaced with a 345 too 3 years ago. Bottom picture. Don't use a disk regularly, but when I need too, this sucker does a good job and goes in the ground. Just got tired of wore out disks, and this one will last my farming career.
  7. Have owned 3 different ones over the years. Have a Polaroid of the first one at Mom's. The nice one pictured I bought off Everett's sale in '96 or '97. Should have kept my hand down at the auction. It just needed to go to the salvage yard. Red Power one left a few years ago to Zanesville Ohio. Don't plan on owning another again. 15s had hard lives for the most part.
  8. Another note I think alot of dealership's are really going to loose big money during this time because of lack of inventory. Some has to do with the pandemic. Some because of demand. Some because of being too conservative ordering whole goods. Dealership's never really saw this coming either. Now nobody is willing to do transfer's because of tight supplies. I've heard of salesman getting into it fighting over a piece of machinery to sell even. Lol! There's some multi store dealership's around that have practically no new inventory anymore and we're not 6 months into the year yet. The one has a too conservative individual who's in charge of ordering whole goods. Didn't order near enough for a average year, let alone this year. Don't really think he wants the job, just kinda got it gave to him. He's a good salesman and I think he would rather just sell equipment That's really going to effect their bottom line this year with lack of inventory.
  9. Just remember the aftermath from 2012. Should pretty much sum it up. Hopefully this time, that's kinda fresh in people's minds yet. When they we're preaching back then corn will never get below 5 dollars again, we all found out, O yes it will. And some learned a hard lesson. Everyone should always remember farming has more bad times than good. Be wise with your decisions during this time.
  10. Used to have them. Both 1973s at both bought off County Rd 10 in Logan county but different locations. Both were 4800 houred tractors i think were correct. One with no fenders was bought non running at a estate sale. Got sold non running to a guy around Marion. The one with fenders and duals on, came from a 90 year old gentleman. I probably should have kept it. A good detail person could've got that one to shine in its original paint. But I just can't keep everything. Traded it in on a disk in 2016.
  11. If the small disk has anyplace to set some weight on, stones, cast iron weights, whatever is handy, I'd try that before the big one. Think you'll get better results. Bigger disk is a half a load for a M to pull in transport position, let alone in the ground.
  12. Happy belated birthday Wes and wish you many more Also to everyone else who had one yesterday.
  13. Yes, a 1978 6V92 7 spd Spicer and had that idiotic air assist steering too!
  14. Our township had a 175 on a ditch mower probably 10 years. It was a '80 they bought it new. Never saw it stranded along the side of the road. Lol. That's the only one I've ever seen to this day in person. If a 175 is half as good as the 185s were, I'd buy it. That one has a nice grill yet and what looks like the original offset muffler yet.
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