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  1. You keep that frame of mind, you'll be fine. Machinery isn't going to make your land payments. It's what your land produces is what does. Lime first and then get your fertility levels good. Then think about tile if needed. Machinery should be last, but yet needs to be reliable.
  2. That's a shame. Hopefully your brother will heal up good and not have any pain in certain areas of his body from the accident for the rest of his life. 2588s good machine, have one myself, but like you say that one is done for. Their not like tractors that roll over and you can set them up and go again. That's got to be sprung. Either from laying itself over or when the wrecker set it back up.
  3. Yes Kuhn AF10. Got it August of 2020. J&M offer's red, blue and green wagons. I ordered them blue just because I think they look kinda decent. Only blue things I've got on the farm outside of the planters. Young man told me you look like a rainbow farmer. Lol! I said no I'd have to have something green before I can qualify for that
  4. Yes. Got done with the corn last Monday and finished the double crop bean's last Wednesday
  5. Yeah it's got a accumulator on. However I think it has served it's purpose since 2007 if this happened. I googled this problem after mine blew apart and accumulator or not I feel very lucky I didn't have this happen before. Sounds very common. Think I'm going to have a hose made and carry it along in case it ever happens again. Bypass the problem and keep on going until time allows because you know what happens when she blows. There you sit
  6. I'm not as photogenic as some on here but I take a few when I think about it. Some pictures from 5th cutting hay harvest and the crops. Everything ran good. Only problem I had was the reverser cylinder blew the end off on the 2588 cutting beans. Found out that you loose LOTS of hydraulic oil in a hurry. Thankfully the dealership had one and i put it on and back in business. I replaced the top elevator panels before harvest and that's a poor mans scaffolding I came up with. Lol! Worked good for me. And that's the way you plug holes in a Westfield when you don't have tape handy
  7. Yeah, just don't know what things will bring. Here in my area of Northwest Ohio (Nice) used equipment is bringing unbelievable prices on farm retirements. Example 5 year old 500 bushel wagons selling for 16k, what you could have bought a new one for 20 months ago?? 2 people wanted that tractor pretty bad to get it to that price.
  8. Rick I looked at 1086s on Tractor House there's more pictures of it there .
  9. It's a '77 going by the serial number. Yeah, I don't know, personally I'd have to look it over in person before I could say legit or fake. Dad and grandpa's was a '76 and we had that for 21 years so I remember what it was originally. This one here has the same front and rear tires as ours did, and they didn't amount to a hill a beans. Front's went first because it almost looked like they glued the ribs to the outside of the casing and they started to split straight across the ribs. Our rear tires made it to 2800 hours, which was 1988 at the time, but they should've been replaced 5 years earlier. Asphalt ate up those style tires like ant's eat sugar. Wondering what happened to the original floor mat? Ours was still like new after 21 years. Also see the sound barrier floor mat is in backwards. Both armrests tore off. ๐Ÿค”. Legit or not, be a cold day in July before I gave that for any 86 series. Drove them routinely for around 40 years. Get something with a powershift and be done with it.
  10. Those pictures bring back memories. Thanks for sharing. That was about my favorite job of the year filling silo as far back as I can remember. However, don't miss it anymore, especially when looking down at the ground. Lol! We had a set-up like that in the picture. That bottom green part in the picture bolted on the blower. That was old. Was on a Fox blower in the early 70s and went on the IH 56 when it was bought new in '79. Had a motor on it and plug it in and it rotated the pipe side to side and if you look closely, there's a arm on it. A chain hooked on the arm and ran all the way up to the distributor. If you look at the distributor picture you can see it's made for it to move in and out. While the pipe was rotating it went in and out with the movement of the arm on the outfit that's on the blower. We liked that set-up and used that for over 45 years. Got the silo fairy level while filling. When she started blowing silage out the hole in the roof where the distributor was you better be with the program and shut everything down otherwise you'd have a plugged pipe. Lol! Anyway, when it got full like that, figure 6 more loads will go in, then loosen up the drive for the outfit on the blower and someone got to crawl up the outside to the top of the silo and manually turn the pipe and operate the part of the distributor and adjust how close or far you wanted the silage to throw while filling. You could get the silage pretty close to level that way. Was little forking to do. We always raised the unloader right up to the tripod far as it would go. Then put a piece of black tape on the cable and make a mark on the silo and keep a eye on it by the blower tractor every load. Dad knew someone who's cable let go while filling and buried his unloader. Luckily it was only buried 6', but 6' too much!
  11. We had a 1020 20' with the SCH bar dad put on in 1991 when he bought the head new. I should remember what your asking how that went together but it's been gone since 2003. First thing dad did was took off permanently, the rock guard. Short beans and that guard don't work well together. Uncle bought a used 1440 cable machine and a 820 around 1994. That 820 with the factory bar, buzzed those beans off right at ground level perfectly. Dad's 1020 with the SCH couldn't do that. It left stubble. When I bought a 30" 1020 in 2004 i was going to put a SCH on it. Service manager at the dealership told me he didn't think I should do that. Said the 3" cuts pretty good, so I never put one on, and it did cut closer than the 20' ever did with the SCH. If a head already has a SCH on I'd run it, but I don't think I would switch a 1020 over to SCH. Just my opinion only.
  12. I kinda think too someone made those for New Holland but who I don't know. We had one under a J&M 250 box with 24" extension's dad made out of tongue and groove. Had the wagon from new around 1975, till 2002 or so with no problems.
  13. $8800 for all that was done on a 310 no less, is a very good deal. Sounds like you had it pretty much gone through. That pays in the end. I read now and then people doing, (Half-O-Hauls) to save money, on very important parts of the engines and I just ๐Ÿ™„
  14. Guy I know went in with his father in law's repair business many years ago. His wife has 2 sisters BTW. The business is located where his father in law lives. Father in law has a small farm I'm guessing 60 acres. Was there a couple years ago and he said his father in law recently told him how things are going to be distributed after his death. His wife's one sister will get X amount of bare land, the other sister the same, and he gets the house his father in-law lives in and around 4 buildings, plus a small dab of ground. Father in law thinks he's doing him a favor since he can inherit the building the repair work is done, plus a wood frame barn, old chicken coop, and a old grainery building. Guy said what do you think about this? I said sounds like you're getting the shaft and inheriting a bunch of deprecating building's, and a couple obsolete building's in today's world. He said yes, that's what I think too. He's never brought up this subject since and I mind my own business and have never brought it up to ask what he got worked out. Just none of my business doing that. The father in law thought he was really doing him a favor, but was actually going to give him a good screwing. Try to find out how things are set up beforehand. After the death of whoever owns whatever, is too late to make changes
  15. Last bin I rented 9 year's ago I think I paid 12ยข a bushel. Not sure, but I know it wasn't any lower than that. That was just air. Motor burnt up once on the sweep and I replaced that at my cost. I always put corn in it and air dryed. He would show me his electric bill when the fan was running and we came to a agreement between the difference of his prior month bill and the following months bill and I'd pay the difference. If you want to know exactly how much, you can have a meter set only for the bin, but that's ridiculous money for them to do that (here) anyway. Bins/ home storage are always open. Elevators aren't. Another thing to remember is all it takes is some windy October/November afternoon and takes the corn down. Very rare, but it does happen. I've used my reel twice since 1999. Be pretty upsetting thinking about the thousands of dollars lost from the wind damage because of the times you couldn't dump because of relying on someone else to dump you
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