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  1. 856 Custom

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    I'd take the Zephyr gladly before the AMC (fishbowl)
  2. 856 Custom

    Old tricks of the day

    Did that too on a 4 door '71 Impala. 400 2V.
  3. 1979, the hight of the disco era Lol! Hey Brian since you know your way over here I could've sold you a 1979, 1086 & 1486 back in December. Sold both. Only 86 series tractors I've got left is a 686 & 786. Not planning on getting rid of those. Did buy another Hydro 70 D this past weekend, so get rid of a couple, buy one. You know the cycle lol!
  4. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    Wouldn't doubt. I'm between Wapak and St John's onna side road.
  5. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    That would be terrible. There's a few around here. A guy raised some for Tofu beans or however you spell it, and got rejected from damage I heard he's got 50 acres of those yet. I was around Kenton last week and saw a couple fields of beans yet. Looked like a steam roller went across them too. Still a few isolated fields of corn standing.
  6. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    I'll pm you on that Wes. Might be late August, the beginning of September in the wheat stubble.
  7. 856 Custom

    DMI 527 vs 527B

    527 Look at the hydraulic cylinders for the wheels and see if the brackets for them have been patched at the frame. Also check out the arm of the shank where it attaches to the mounting bracket under the springs. If they're worn and the shanks shake I'd walk away. 527s are getting enough age on them good ones will be scarce as hens teeth. 527b Heavier rockshaft and did away with the bolt idea to a pin on the shank pivot mounts that will break and are a pain to replace after the 527 got "well seasoned". Also different leveling system. On DMI anything, b, or c, or 2 on the Tigermates is better than the predecessor. Updates for the better. Figure 200hp at the minimum with mfwd. Unless you have super sandy soil if you're going to use it for what it was designed to do. Heck I'd just take a road trip to MN and take a gander at what ptm has. Lol! Looks like a good one!
  8. 856 Custom

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    I can remember all but two of them very well. Some of you who graduated in the early 80s probably remember, Gabriel Hijackers. Side Pipes. Cherry Bombs. Firestone Wide Ovals Pioneer. Cragars.
  9. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    Lol! Boy that sure would be a heck of a lot cheaper if it would! I could sit out in the elements for that! See not everyone on the forum is in combative mode. Biggest percentage of us have a good sense of humor 👍
  10. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

  11. 856 Custom

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    Not really a spring tool used this day and age, but plowed the last 25 acres of stalks a week ago this morning before it got super cold the beginning of last week Saved it to haul poo on. Never put manure on cornstalks going to beans but did this year because of last fall. Pictures might brighten those who have a bunch of white stuff on the ground
  12. 856 Custom

    New to me 3588

    You betcha! Hy-capacity makes a good cab solenoid too if you need one. CNH electrical parts are a joke.
  13. 856 Custom

    Sign of the times?

    New equipment floor plans only last so long, then when they're up the dealership has to pay for the machine. Many times a farmer can get a better interest rate on the machine than the dealership gets from the manufacturer. I don't think that's fair as the dealerships are what keeps the manufacturer in business. I heard of 4 store dealership paying 120,000.00 a month interest fee's on inventory a couple years ago. That takes alot of sales to make up for that.
  14. 856 Custom

    New to me 3588

    Saw that advertised. Hope you have good luck with it.
  15. 856 Custom

    The million dollar answer, what I'd buy

    That will be a good sale and I'm glad it's 441 miles from me. Otherwise the Hydro 86 I might be interested in