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  1. Won't be able to bring anything, but would like to get there one day. Just been a screwed up spring this year with the weather. Have beans to put out yet, corn to sidedress, second cutting of hay will be ready the week of the Roundup and I don't know how close the wheat will be coming by then.
  2. Agreed. One fitting that description wouldn't last long in my area right now. 1066s & 1466s are hot items around here. Not sure which age group are mainly interested in them. Don't hear much about 1206s being sought after around here anymore
  3. Custom bailing. Wrapping. Manure pumping. Hoof trimmers. Have experienced getting stuck on the bailing couple times. Might have taken a year to get paid while you watch them have a new pole building put up. Replace some machinery. 😡. Dad sold the cow's in '97. Last time he had the hoof trimmer come a neighbor down the road hadn't paid for the previous year and the hoof trimmer told dad he's been calling recently and wants him to come again. Said the neighbors getting a little pushy about it. Some people are real pieces of work
  4. Don't hear anything about the Subway $5 footlongs anymore either. Town closest to me, McDonald's and Captain D's are the only 2 fast food joints that still allow indoor dining. Wendy's, Arby's, Taco Bell, and Subway haven't opened the dining rooms. Subway (here) seems to be going by the wayside. Just don't see much activity driving past anymore.
  5. I feel it was a good thing you fell asleep
  6. Know of 5 different ones around back in the day. 1 MFWD w cab. 1 open station MFWD. 2wd w cab and 1 open station 2wd 1 owner, that's still around that's been well taken care of. Never heard any complaints, just got lots of hours put on them and traded. Always liked the looks of them myself.
  7. 1066 a TA delete tractor? Most of the 66s I've seen with that style ROPS were former Southern Belles born without a TA. I noticed he liked the long throttle handle. Lol
  8. Had one exactly like that around here from '81-'03 if that tells you anything. It did lot of work.
  9. Dad tried out a Gehl Scavenger if it wasn't 1990 it was real close to it. And he tried out a New Holland 307 same time. He bought the 307. It was cheaper because it hadn't been sold. The scavenger was $11k i do remember that. We hauled mostly slop so the New Holland was ok. It didn't like pen pack at all. Lol! Anyway, driving milk truck back in the early 90s, there were a fair amount of farms with Gehl Scavengers. Box spreader's were still widely used at the time yet still. I don't think Knight V tank job's really took off till the 8018s and others came out around 1997 or so. The earlier Knights that style were kinda slow on pen pack until Knight redesigned the 8000 series
  10. Bill check with Knight. What he's got might be comparable to a Knight 350 or 410 but their no spring chickens anymore either.
  11. First generation style Magnums, i don't like to use the boxcar phrase, lol. Deere's of the same era and the Genesis tractors would be my guess the ones to explore. One thing I've noticed over the years, some people like to save money on transmission and rear end bearings. Throw the old ones away regardless how (good) they look. They've spun around for lots of hours. Putting new parts on old bearings isn't really a good cost savings IMO.
  12. 2003, Jet 53'x102" air ride, with dump valve, is what I have. Not saying it's the best or worst. Sits more than it's used, but nice to have.
  13. I just don't understand. It's like there's no price cap on anything right now. Two people, (top bidders), needed that higher houred 5488 to get the crops planted this spring to pay that? If so that was a poor investment.
  14. Had a 1560 from '99-'07, similar to what you have. Deere salesman told me every year just automatically replace those bolts on the center rockshaft cap. I did, and never had a problem with probably around 8000 acres on it when I got rid of it. Saw a neighbor who had the back gang laying in his yard once when I drove past repairing it because of those bolts breaking
  15. This was on top of the dash on some '86 I got over the years. Any locals want it she's free for the taking. Hasn't made its way to the scrap pile yet.
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