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  1. I think more of them sat out back in the day than sat in.
  2. 666 Early 686 Hydro 70 Early Hydro 86
  3. Yeah like I said I was nuts but you have to remember that was close to 30 year's ago already and those tractors were worth a little more yet Major engine and drivetrain parts were still available for them yet, might have been high priced, but available new. Nowadays theyre pretty much obsolete. Yes it bolt's right on the rear frame and you hook up a set of hoses from one of the remotes for operating the 3pt. It should come with the drawbar support too, because the bareback support won't work with the 3pt. I just saw my old bareback support the other week laying out in the scrap pile. Anderson's said they didn't need it and wasn't going to give anything for it. Just hasn't made it's way to the scrapyard yet.
  4. I bought a 3pt for the 4586 I had I'm guessing around 1992? Got it from Anderson Tractor it had 4786 wrote on it. $2500.00. Dad laughed and said I was nuts and I probably was.
  5. You're going to get alot of mixed opinions on this lol! Everyone has different soil types and rock situations. I've wore out 2 had 2 Unverferth 225s over the years and now have a Case IH 110 crumbler. They both pick up rocks but the 110 not as bad and the round bar's are alot stronger than the flat bars. The Unverferth got my type of ground too fine in certain situations is why I don't have another one. Unverferth has the 1245 crumblers now and made alot heavier than a 225. I had leveling bar's on both 225s and they help alot, especially when you have a poor excuse of a harrow on the back of the field cultivator like I do . It's a 3 bar coil tine. Doesn't do a whole lot of anything. The 110 won't help level the ground just firms it and breaks up some clods. Some people cuss the leveling bar's on the Unverferths but I never had a problem with them pushing or dragging stuff. If you have a field cultivator you plan on keeping for at least 5 years I'd look at Remlinger mfg mounted harrow options and also what other companies may have. My tigermate 2 turned 21 year's old this year and I don't plan on keeping it much longer, so not interested in putting a better harrow on it. With anything behind a tool you have the long train and can't get in corners and you also have to store whatever you pull behind. Where as if it's mounted on the tool it's all contained in one unit.
  6. Well Wes, you remember the Wireman sale back in September south of Lima?' lf not you can Google old farm junk on YouTube and see what the stuff brought. I stopped by there I'm thinking 2013 when Ray was still alive and asked if he'd sell that 966. He went into a in-depth story about what all he used to do with it and how he hated the engine is ruined because of the muffler rusting off and never covered the manifold with something. He couldn't come up with a price, i made a offer of 2000.00. He said he would think about it. So it sat out in the weeds until the sale, and my desire to own it all went away since I talked to him regardless how cheap it sold for, and she brought 500-600.00 at the sale. He'd roll over in his grave if he knew how cheap all the stuff sold for that day.
  7. Guy started buying hay from me around a year ago. Always paid, sometimes payed ahead even. He lives 70 miles away and always kinda thought that was strange. Past November he asked me about the straw. Said he'd give me 200.00 a ton. Got what he wanted and gave me a 3000.00 check. Took the check to the bank and cashed it. Was looking at the bank account online one morning and saw 3000.00 taken out of the farm account balance, and a 8.00 fee because of NSF from his rubber check. I sent him a text saying hey you gave me a rubber check. He never replied. Iwent to my bank and they said I'll be getting a copy of his rubber check and it's as good as the original and I can take it to his bank (Huntington) and ask a teller if he's got the funds in his account for the check. She said they won't tell you how much he's got in his account, just if there's enough in it to cover it. Well his check came in our mail so I go to Lima to Huntington and the teller said if I were you I wouldn't try cashing it. I said is his account even open anymore? She said sir I can't tell you that. So I get to the truck in the parking lot and send him a text saying I'm turning this over to the auglaize co courthouse because I'm not going to eat this 3000! Thought it might wake him up. He never responded back. Few days later he sends me a picture of his bank account and said see the money is in there. So back to Lima I go, teller at his bank gets on the computer and looked at his account and I showed her the picture he sent me of his account and balance. Girl said the money isn't there anymore sir he made another payment with the money. Sent him another text you screwed up. You'll be hearing from the Ohio attorney general. He never responded back. 2 weeks later he sends me a apologetic text saying that the money is in the account. All I sent back was the law is handling it now. That was a Thursday. Friday he comes hands the wife a certified check for the amount he owes plus 200.00. and leaves. Wife told me so I took the thing to Huntington in Lima, teller made a couple phone calls to the Huntington branch who made his certified check out, it was legit, checked his balance and the money was there and I walked out of Huntington with my cash. I agree fully, get your hay, straw, paid for in cash before it goes out the driveway.
  8. Dad put a set of Snyder 200 gallon saddle tanks on the tongue of the Deere 1010, 28.5' field cultivator back in '85 and that was our incorporation until '95. Never had any frame, rockshaft, or wheel problems luckily. About every other year that stupid "special" main frame cylinder would need rebuilt and just not any cylinder would do.as a temp. If you had one you know what I'm talking about. We had Chemfarm spray kit and nozzles on the front bar of the frame all the way across. Thinking they were 20-30" apart. Had a Turbo 90 pto spray pump. I to this day don't miss that whole outfit including dad's 6030 that was in the front. Dad always planted and I mixed up that crap, especially that gawd awful smelling Sonalan and applied it.
  9. That's when you say boys your gonna have to widen this. I can't fit under here and I'm sure many others can't either. Lol! Probably land on deaf ears but you gave them a little piece of your mind.
  10. I know what you're thinking. Planted corn with the same 1486 from 1999-2018. I bought a set of Unverferth 9 bolt spacers think they were around 10" wide. I don't want no tires running on top of where a corn row is going to be. Magnum front tires are set on 30" too. Some neighbors used to run spacers on they're snap on duals years ago to keep the tires off the corn rows.
  11. He sure did a great job on that. Tractor looks very nice also! "Someday" i would like to find a super low hour nice original paint 1086. Not some transmission noise making high houred makeover. Not to use, park it in the shed. It's just one of those just because reasons from having been around around one new at a young age if that makes any sense.
  12. Ain't that the truth! Lol!
  13. Sound's like Holgate Implement. Holgate Ohio.
  14. V rakes don't have to be opened up all the way to work. You can make a windrow as heavy or light as you want just depending on how closed or open it is. There's also a ratchet in the back where you can adjust how tight or loose you want the windrow to be. If you ratchet it open enough you can lay 2 single windrows side by side with a foot gap between them. I'm not a V rake salesman, just saying.
  15. Do you kinda have a budget set forth your thinking? If you are going to be making 60-80 total acres at least 3: times a year you will have to have not new, but decent equipment. On a budget I suppose a decent if you can find one, New Holland 499, 4 basket tedder, 2 bar rakes hooked tandem and even that will be slow raking with a H. Round baler with net wrap. String tied bales don't sell unless you give them away. 570 or 575 baler. If going kick baler you have wagons to buy or a accumulator and grapple unless you're luckier than anyone else and have plenty of help to stack on the wagon and unload. A decent disc mower will cut your mowing time in half very easily if you can afford one. A used rake like I have can be had for around 5000. My HT 154 by far probably isn't the best rake, but it's alot better than a bar rake. A 8' side delivery with a H in 4th gear is self induced punishment. I don't think you will be happy with that arrangement
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