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  1. PM me. I wouldn't be interested in the loader, spare engine or rear wheel weights.
  2. You talking the last 2 marks on the decal by the speed control lever? That's not that uncommon. As long as you have a good neutral in the middle between forward and reverse. If it will do around 8 mph in low range engine wide open and close to 18 mph engine wide open in high range it's working normal. 18.4x34s on it may be a mph slower than those I gave.
  3. As always, something certain people would be interested in is far away. Cost me over 1000.00 to get it to Ohio whether I'd get it myself or have it delivered. I don't have commercial plates or a 5th wheel trailer. I got everything from a engine through sheet metal and fenders and pto handle to convert it to a fender tractor. I'm sure you'll find someone who is interested. That spare engine isn't worth putting in. It's a time bomb waiting to happen.
  4. I agree. China is watching what Trump is doing for the farmer's and jmo I don't see coming to a trade agreement till Trump's out of office. Trump needs his cellphone and electronic devices taken away and givin a vintage rotary phone to use ONLY! His stupid tweeting is ridiculous. I support his idea of the tariff plan but it wasn't done with other countries involved. China is too big to take on alone.
  5. Just got a email from Successful Farming says 15-20 billion in aid through CCC direct payment aimed mostly for hog and soybean producers. So, if you don't raise any of those products your sol. At least they're not thinking about the MLP or whatever it was called last year, otherwise we'd have more soybeans than we already have. People would watch the current rally in beans and figure a dollar some per bushel tacked on it from the government, and plant beans galor. That's if you can get in the field to plant...
  6. 856 Custom


    I don't know if that tractor would be cheap enough if it was free. It just screams money pit to me. And 4 grand the best he would do? Lol! Amazing! Started off the key he'd probably ask 5000.
  7. 856 Custom


    Yep, you should have listened to Todd or Jon since you deal with Urbana lol! It left last month. I'm afraid you get that 1586, your gonna despise the 86 series.
  8. 856 Custom


    Wes, i was told it brought around 2600.00 at Kenton if that helps with the bargaining.
  9. 856 Custom


    Wes, if you're talking about the one in Sidney proceed with caution. That was up at Kenton on the consignment sale earlier this spring. She's rough. Has 8000 hours. Factory ta delete. Guy I know went to the sale and said it sounded good but when they shut it off to auction it, it puked antifreeze all over the blacktop. Make sure it's not full of bars leak in the radiator.
  10. Yep, and probably had a POS 351M/400 engine. I don't know how many of those we pulled out of LTDs, and F-series, etc, when I was at the Vocational school and put bearings in them thanks to Ford's screw up on crank oil gallies.
  11. 3rd from the left. The brunette. Looks like she's taken over by what she sees and going to disrobe!
  12. 2 set's for sale near me right now on the local C/L. Probably some close to you in a shed that are collecting dust if you just knew where. I had a set for the 1644 and 2388. They had the extensions on too. Got 1200 00 in 2004 for the 1644 set, got 800.00 in 2013 for the set that was in the 2388. They're getting reasonable now since many quit doing wheat.
  13. If you have juice going to the switch to the terminal that feeds the switch with current, the switch is bad. If you don't, run a hot test wire from a hot terminal somewhere. Fuse box area or the battery even. Leave all the wires connected on the switch and touch your hot wire with the terminal on the switch that is supposed to feed the switch with current and see if you have any lights. If you still don't have lights, unplug the terminals from the switch that feed the lights current that aren't working and put your hot wire to them and see what happens. If they work then, throw the fuse panel away and put a new one in. They're a B to change, but better than hacking wires and making a mess with circuit breakers. I've had a light problem on the anteater and a couple 86s and the new fuse panel fixed it even though I couldn't visually see anything wrong with it. Just trying to help you figure out what's wrong before you go out and buy a new switch and install and find out it's not the problem.
  14. I bet that gal could tell alot of stories.. Its got a few of the type of Armstrong's i had on the 4586. Mine looked about like those in tread depth when I sold it. I really liked having 24.5s all the way around for less compaction per square inch.
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