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  1. 12-15k in my area with the ta out. 20k+ if the ta worked. Nice 10 for sure. Especially don't believe what those data centers say even if they are working. They were a joke. As you did, look at all wear areas. Can guess pretty close how much it's been used.
  2. Hytran gets used here, and I change it as recommended. Cheap insurance in the long run.
  3. Their not either one of those around me. Know different young guys looking for one. Hard to find and expect to pay close to 10k for a decent one
  4. Those N's have taken a dive in the last 10 years around here. Demand dried up Just like you, going Kubota, Massey, compacts. Can't say I blame them. 1000.00-2000. Run to the bank with 1500.
  5. Used piece of machinery you've been eyeballing for a while. Finally get serious about it and talk to salesman. He gives you the best price he says he can do. Price is very tempting but you think he's just a little bit high yet in your mind, so you tell him I'll think about it. After all, it's sat for a month on the lot, nobody is going to buy it right away. Next morning you wake up and decide I better get that because it's in really good shape, probably never find another one this good unless I go new. So you call the salesman up shortly after they open and say I think I'll take that (blank) w
  6. Happy New year to everyone. I told Mom this morning it's been 47 years ago this morning I came down the steps and you were standing by the stove making breakfast and smilingly said, Happy 1974! I remember that plainly today as when it happened.
  7. I think I'd pass on that. Kewanee was bought out by Bush Hog, then Allied bought Bush Hog and formed Allied - Bush Hog last I knew. Looks like a light weight outfit along with small springs on the shank's. I'd bet that sucker jumps up and down through the field. Something decent on the cheap side would be a Case IH 6500
  8. I had a J&M 525 wagon for sale. Excellent condition. Brakes, tarp, lights. Was asking 7500.00. Now we're in a area wagons are still used a fair amount during harvest. Not so much going to a terminal, that's done by truck, and wagons hold there value very well around here IF they amount to something. So if my price seems high, it's really not in this area. Anyway, some wheeler dealer sent me a text saying if 6000.00 a get the wagon I'll be there. I sent no thanks. Half hour later he sends another text saying if 6500.00 a buy it, I'll come take a look at it. I didn't respond. I've seen his n
  9. Sold 29 of the 100# IH stamped yesterday. Took a couple weeks to do it, but the right person saw them advertised. 5, had the small handle with L slot. 12, we're the early large handle with L slot, 12, we're the later large handle like the 86s had with L slot. Guy came from northeast Ohio and took them all. $100.00 each. They were in the way and taking up space, and I don't use the older tractors for field work anymore, so let em go. I kept 12 back and have 10 of the early 70-75# I'm keeping. Next thing is get rid of the split weights taking up space. Lol!
  10. I'll pass. Like said, cheap tractor for a 💩 pump. I've got a couple friends who are as green as they come. But when it's something with the 404 engine in it, they want no part of it. Cold blooded and thirsty
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