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  1. Our flue is cracked and the guy who we called about putting a liner in said the chimney is beyond repair. The chimney mortar on the outside down from the top 3 feet is also deteriorating too. So we're going to replace the chimney. We have a early 80s Hitzer coal/wood stove now. Would like to replace it with something a little more efficient. Replacement stove would have to have a blower on also. I've seen Englander stove's seem to get good reviews. Also U.S. Stove, but a article I read said they're made in China. Looking for help for a good decision. Thank you.
  2. Lol! Same here at home. Tore down a wooden corn crib and used the tin roof sheets and nailed to the outside siding. That cured that, then had to nail up some hard oak 2x6"s close together inside otherwise the idiots would chew from the inside. I think I would be in a mental institution if I hadn't quit feeding holsteins. They are just plain hard on stuff. But I see where you're coming from too. Get some manure and utilize the barn.
  3. I've fed cattle for others before, and worked out great. A contract is a must! I fed holsteins from 1994- 2001, then started on colored cattle. Just speaking for myself here, but there's no way in god's green earth I'd ever feed out holsteins ever again for a handful of reasons. If you don't have concrete block foundation or concrete foundation on your barn at least 6' high your going to be getting alot of eaten wood siding. Especially pine. Holsteins love pine. Good luck.
  4. In 2013 i started getting restless legs. My mom's dad had it and mom also does, so I inherited it I guess. Tried the over the counter restless legs pills with no avail, so the doctor put me on Mirapex. For it to work for me I have to take a 1mg tablet, and I take it right before I eat supper if I'm not going to be out and about anymore for the day. If I forget to take it before I eat, I'm screwed because it doesn't take affect nearly as quickly on a full stomach, and my legs will start twitching. If I'm sitting in the tractor, combine, whatever they don't bother me, even late in the evening. If I'm in the field I don't take a pill till around a hour before I'm going to quit, reason being the Mirapex does make me get sleepy. The longest I've been able to do without a pill was 32 hours and that was a year ago fall. Rain and wind was predicted and I was going to get as much corn off as humanly possible for me to get done. A hour before it started to rain my legs started to twitch now and then and it was really getting bad by the time the rain came. At least I have something to take for it because my grandpa didn't, and I can't imagine how upsetting and uncomfortable that had to be. I'll be 52 next month and I'm very appreciative I don't have to wear glasses yet, and have any other health issues yet, besides the leg issue and I can deal with that. Things could be alot worse.
  5. No LED lights on anything here but the 340 since it was born with them. So far I can see plenty good enough yet with the factory lights going way back to 856 era. I'm not going to spend the money to switch even the ones most used after dark over to LED. I sometimes feel it's a small fad for people who do it so they can say they have them. Just my opinion only.
  6. Finished Sunday morning around 6. Doing this now. Lol, well there's no picture, but there's a 7 shank 875 behind the 340. I'd make a poor photographer
  7. I wasn't going to comment on the 4200, but seeing other negative comments, i had a 22' one. Pulled it with the 8940 and that was about enough for the tractor. Used it one season about 4 years ago and traded it even up for the 15' 5400 drill with Yetter cart and grass seeder Farmer's Equipment had on the lot.
  8. See it's got the wide cab steps and the lower rearview mirror up at the windshield. Does it have the digital data center? If it does I'd believe what that tach says on hours as much as what comes out of a politicians mouth.
  9. I passed on one of those in 2009 when they were new. It was highly suggested, if you know what I mean. Never heard much good about them yet today, and a week ago Saturday i was at a auction and ran into a guy I know who runs a 5130 combine. Said he likes the combine pretty good, except the POS 3406 in front of it. He wanted to know what I had for a corn head. Geringhoff Northstar 630. Bought it new in 2009 and it just runs. Only reason I got rid of the 1063 is I wanted hydraulic deck plates. Don't think Case IH has made a corn head that amounts to anything since the 1000 series myself.
  10. I had a 7220. Just planted with it. 24 rows on the end you can make it back in when you turn but it's not very desirable. If you don't have a 12 row planter forget it. I had no love for that tractor and she went down the road. It was super clumsy for what I used it for, compared to the 8940. 7100-7200 series are not junk and should be passed over. Just didn't work for me. Whatever you do, skip the 88 series. Sure glad I did.
  11. Not a bad idea to chain both sections of the running gear together with a sinking wagon and not relying on the coupling pole to do it. Didn't happen here, but saw a Kill Bros 12 ton come unglued from under a loaded 375 box years ago
  12. Yep, don't ever put a 1086 on a cart with a 18" auger to dump wheat. She'll bring her to her knees and you'll create a mess too...
  13. First picture was last Saturday night. 2nd picture was last Sunday morning Raking up bean straw past Wednesday. Picking up bean stubble bales Thursday night and setting them on the "84 S-1900 in the background. 466 with a 10 spd Roadranger. Has a 20" flatbed. Stack them 3 high, and 3 wide. Will hold 21 bales.
  14. Since I've been around, 1968, we've had the following non IH tractors. 1966 MF 1100. Told it was a good tractor. Was traded in 1972 on a 1150. 1972 MF 1150 with factory cab. Not so good tractor. Traded in fall of 1976 for a 1086. MF Super 90 diesel. Told decent tractor but it's first lifespan was getting used up. Was needing some work for it's second lifespan. Traded in spring of 1975 on a Hydro 70. MF 50 diesel with Freeman loader. Good little tractor. Traded in 1977 for a New Holland L-775 skidloader. 1974 Allis 185. Good tractor. Grandpa's Super M was traded on it. 1974 Deere 6030 dad bought in 1985. Good tractor, cab wasn't very desirable. 1966 4020 diesel power shift. Good barnyard tractor. 1992 Deere 8760 decent tractor. Wasn't immune to problems just like every other make. 1979 Allis 7045. Doesn't get used enough to break down.
  15. I've owned 5 Ford's over the years and had pretty good luck with them and I didn't purchase any of them new. 1975 Elite, 351W. 1977 LTD, 351M-400, used it for a winter beater for 5 years. The idiot light for engine oil pressure started flickering on idle so it was time to go when I still could get something out of it. That was a major problem with that model engine. 1976 F-100 300 inline. 1988 F-150, 302 with a Mazda 5 speed behind it. Transmission was the weak point. Didn't know Ford owned a X amount of percentage of Mazda back then when the transmission failed. 1991 Bronco, 302 wasn't a Eddie Bauer edition. Was nice, just never grew on me. Sold it in 1995
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