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  1. In '76, the coolant filter kit was still a option. I remember dad saying the guys in the shop told him and Grandpa to have them put one on the 1086 they got the fall of '76,: because of all the low hour cavitation problems with the 66 series they've encountered. 2 different guy's in the area bought '76 986s, and both of them dumped the coolant in the oil at 1200 hours because of no coolant filter. Probably i assume never changed the antifreeze since new either so that didn't help. Dad and Grandpa bought Unverferth hub's from the local tire store for the 1086. The duals themselves were on the 1150 they traded in for the 1086. They kept them. They were of a pea green color, similar to GMs famous pea green paint of the early 70s. I assume those were Unverferth rims too.
  2. Nice lookin old 15.Doesnt need to be a working tractor at that price. Much more user-friendly "boxcar" Magnums out there for that money
  3. Agree 100%. Some of the 50 times people"think" their better qualified than the people with year's of experience under their belt. But you'll have that.
  4. Lots of hours spent riding on left fenders here prior to 1978. Lost a couple hat's being blown off by semi's going the opposite direction on a 2 lane state route. I'd pull the ole hat down tight right before we turned on it, because I was told to keep your left hand in the grab hole and the other on the rear lip all the time otherwise I couldn't ride anymore. That's one rule I didn't break, because I enjoyed riding too much. I would have got booted from riding would have been the worst punishment imaginable in my mind. Lol!
  5. Wondering who bought the 1086? As cheap as it went in it's physical condition, would make a good parts tractor. Straight hood panels, good looking cab Good condition cab's are in high demand and bring over 3000.00. Near new rear Firestones with good rims around 2000. Throw in the front weights and bracket and the dual pto another 1000.00, and there's alot of parts to go yet. Hopefully that doesn't happen to it, but it's highly possible. These tractors are old and good original parts is getting harder to find.
  6. I took the 786 to my Case IH dealer in March and the salesman put it on consignment for me. Told him what I wanted and whatever he made on top of that he earned. That's only fair, since he handled phone calls of inquiries and he even took a video of a tech driving it and sent it to a guy in Maine who was interested in it. Ended up selling in Michigan and the salesman at the dealership had the ability to submit a credit application to Ag direct for the potential buyer where as I wouldn't have been able to do that for a potential buyer. Then I put the 856 on the tractorhouse free ad. It did sell for what I was asking. Also tractorhouse isn't scam free either. Got a text message from a Norfolk VA number about the 856. Got a text from Chicago the check is on the way but his secretary made a silly mistake and included the shipping cost in with the selling price. So when I get the check they wanted me to send them 6000+ dollars overpayment back. Lol! Sold the tractor for 17500, the check they sent me was for 23000 something. They kept sending texts our records show that you have received our check why haven't you cashed it yet? Idiots! I thought I would have less grief going the consignment at the dealership and tractorhouse way than placing ad's and i did. Far as selling stuff myself I despise that nowadays
  7. Same way around this area. Anything pre 1206 isn't really sought after. Most of the younger people (low 20s) are after a large frame 66 series on up. Also seems the 50xx series are sought with the younger folks. I have a Allis 185 and even though lots of people slam the 100 series they're good tractors. Had a 185 on the farm from the fall of 1974 until it burnt up in my uncle's pole building fire in February of 1999. 1 water pump, had the injection pump rebuilt, and some radiator work is all. Had over 5000 hours, and still never popped out of gear Rick. Lol!
  8. Why didn't you like the XT 3 Rick?
  9. Suicide jacks. Have 2 of them. Got to use them with a brain. Dad bought the first one many moons ago from the IH dealer. Uncle lost his right front wheel when the bearings went on his 1086 plowing probably around 1987. Asked dad if he could borrow the suicide jack. He brought it back he told dad it worked pretty good, jacked up the right side of the axle and got it fixed. Dad said I bet the worst part was taking the front weights off and putting them back on. Uncle said no, I never took them off. Dad said O. It had 12 100# weights on the front of it. 😲
  10. Nice pictures for sure! I agree nowadays the youngsters haver made. Lol! I don't miss those days gone by small bale unloading. Forking out pens. Or shoveling ear corn out of cribs and whacking mice or rats with the scoop shovel as dad and Grandpa instructed, doing it.
  11. Good deal Brian. There's is a few fair people out there. That was good for the tractor to get exercised too. Young fella who bought the 1486 I had for 20+ year's got a job disking for a guy this spring, because he had a tractor down. Used the guys disk behind it and the guy supplied the fuel. He told me what the guy paid him per acre for his time and the tractor and I thought it was very fair. Some people appreciate others kindness, and show they're appreciation in the end making things right. Then there's others who take advantage of people's kindness who think you have what I need why can't you share it with me. FWIW, in 1997 i bought 4 of those 20.8 Firestones mounted on the tractor price was exactly $3000.00. In 2014 i got 2 tires for that price. Price of grain hasnt doubled since 1997.
  12. Salvage tractor. If you got it free you'd never come out on it. You can see how much love it's had if they ran it since last fall with burnt hydraulic oil and their sidedressing corn with it now.
  13. Nascar and country music went as far south as they could go long ago. They both fell in the Gulf.
  14. Tedder tear's everything apart and scatters it out. Fluffer does just that, fluffs the windrow, but the bottom of the windrow still never sees the light of day, so drying is going to be slower than something ran with a tedder. Been using a Tedder here since 1987 when dad bought the first one. It was a Duetz Fahr 4 basket. Never caused us a bit of problems in the 22 year's it was here and that wasn't a well respected top of the line Tedder. Only people who use fluffers around here are the Amish with a couple horse's in front of it.
  15. I've always thought that front end, grille and headlights area, looked like the tractor is half pissed off all the time, saying don't you mess with me! Lol!
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