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  1. What is the shortest time between oil changes

    I change engine oil in all the tractors once a year. Rear end oil gets changed every three years with the antifreeze. Combine gets engine oil changed twice a year. All hydraulic fluids every three years. The 340 gets the most tractor hours a year, little less than 300. The 8940 gets 100. 8 of them around here that I can live without that take up space are lucky to get 3 hours each. Maybe I'm throwing money away changing engine oil on those that get barely any use, but they don't sit in a controlled climate. They set inside, but when it warms up in the spring when everything sweats they also sweat inside. Makes alot of moisture. It all boils down to personal preference. Just like how often you mow the grass.
  2. Evel Knievel museum Topeka Kansas awesome

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Evel museum. I remember dad watching his stunts on tv calling Evel dumb, but laughed when he said it and seemed very interested in what Evel was doing. My cousin had one of those Evel Knievel wind up motorcycles. Wind er up as fast as you could spin and stop and off she'd go wheelie and all. Lol
  3. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Back in the 90s when I drove milk truck a guy on the route bought a new white 2394 during the merger from a dealership that had always sold IH. It also had front wheel assist. Paid 30000.00 for it straight out. Said he got a deal. I'd forgotten about the fresh team for today's farmer slogan. Lol. Think I had a hat back then with that on.
  4. Nice picture Hydro. Always kinda liked the look of the white cab tractors. Don't think I'd wanna spend much seat time though in one anymore. Some 86 series cab door hater's ought to climb in and out of one of those white cabs for a day and see which one they prefer.
  5. White 9700

    I had the number wrong then Ed. Looking at the picture I thought that looks like what George used to have, but he had the smaller one with the 6 cylinder. He talked it up like it would have been the biggest tho! Lol!
  6. Small gravity wagon opinions!

    I bought a EZ Trail 3400 wagon with tarp and auger last fall for filling the drill. Got tired of filling it with the skid loader bucket even though the drill just gets used for wheat and oats. Just from the overall looks of the wagon it's a way cheaper design than a J&M. Dad used to say years ago when we had 350 Killbros and 250 J&Ms, the Killbros is a cheap made wagon. Today I think the Brent's are made the best, but you pay for them. Don't have any experience myself with Brent's, just J&M
  7. White 9700

    Neighbor had one he bought when it was probably 10 years old. He farmed around 250 acres. He was a old Minneapolis Moline guy. He had a Oliver 7600 he traded in on the White. He thought alot of the White, had air conditioning and diesel engine compared to the Oliver with just heat and a 318 Chrysler industrial. He didn't seem to have anymore problems with breakdowns with the White than any other make with some age. After owning it probably 10 years it had a (Thermal Event) as Deere call's it cutting beans. The ole 354 Perkin's had too much bean dust on it collecting with the oil leaks at the valve cover. He was a stubborn bachelor who always worked alone and getting up in age, otherwise I don't think that would've happened. He was always pretty sharp and would have cleaned up the engine compartment.
  8. It’s Mountain Heritage’s birthday!

    Hope you have a great day and many more birthdays!
  9. Happy birthday,856custom,acbjohn,The-CSMs-wife

    Happy belated to everyone and wishes for many more. Can't believe I'm a half a century old now. ☎👴
  10. Great wealth of knowledge

    No kidding? Well that's another good reason for me not to have a Facebook account. Sounds like small scale (oil threads) of different topics. Lol!
  11. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    We were in Apache junction Arizona last week and stopped by this one place the wifey wanted to check out. This 1986 GMC was sitting there so I took a quick picture. Not the best picture in the world, and not much of a GM man, but thought that's a cool looking old truck. I asked the guy how many miles it had and he said 160,000. I said you take that truck to Ohio you'd probably get some decent money for it. Then he said I've got something over here that I'd sell first and showed me a red 55 Old's. It was nice. He said he'd take 50,000.00 for the Old's today! Lol
  12. Machinery Jockeys

    I bought a white cab 1466 off Anderson tractor a good year ago. They had it advertised with rear end noise and it was priced accordingly. They found the big snap ring fell off the countershaft in the range and they put a hose clamp around the shaft so it was at least drivable for potential customers to ride and drive. And they were honest and told me that and probably other people too I decided after time I didn't want the project so advertised it on yesterday's tractors and Craigslist and said what it's deal was and going to need done It was making a rattle when I sold it and everyone who looked at it knew about the issue. Anyway, a Craigslist looker bought it. A month later it's listed on Craigslist for sale for around 5000.00 more than he paid me. Nothing was said about any noise just that it had a new clutch, that it didn't need a month earlier when he bought a from me. I could see clearly from the pictures he posted by the dirt around the bolts on the frame rails it never was split. So more than likely he got in there and retightend the hose clamp so it would be quiet again for a small time and sold it. DIRTY! George, probably not all of jockeys tractors are bad, some may come from a individual just selling because of no use for them, but I agree half of them are hiding something in the mechanical department. Dealerships just don't have the margin to work with on used equipment needing work. Normally around this area that kind of equipment gets offered by phone calls to jockeys first, then a list of handy individuals get called. If it needs new blades for example or anything else mechanical it's usually factored in when it's traded. At least in my area anymore.
  13. New to me 6588

    Nice! Enjoy it 👍
  14. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    The one 786 I've got did exactly what you describe. Found out that the one snap ring on the quill shaft somehow popped off the groove and let the shaft move enough that the hydraulic pressure blew out the teflon seal on the ta. Weird things happen. Not saying that is what the problem is with that 886.
  15. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    86 series probably one of the most abused tractors made. Many were made to be a size or two bigger during hard times of the 80s and service intervals neglected too. Good ones today are pretty scarce