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  1. You drilling a companion crop first and then running the seeder across probably? One of those brillion seeders sure would be nice to have. Hard to find used around here and new is just crazy expensive, like everything else.
  2. Looks good to me. You know a set of those dual hub's like you got there, have a 700.00 price tag at the nearest salvage yard. Ridiculous. JMO
  3. Try a Case IH dealership? You can't buy Earth Metal branded anywhere else. Don't know about that plow, but before the knottheads at CNH decided to screw up the parts catalog, plow parts used to be under 7500 plow. Don't do much plowing here anymore, but if I run across a plow at a auction with good steel I buy it for 5-600.00 keep the good steel, rest gets cut up in 3' sections. These are usually 5-6 bottom 700 series plows with toggle trip.
  4. Lol! That's a name I've not heard for a good 20 year's. Used to be a drive through feed store at the countrymark co-op back then that sold that stuff. Grandpa used it in his '87 Dodge 250 and '86 Fifth Avenue. I know, I know, some people probably think it just a Chrysler product. Wouldn't waste good oil on them. Lol
  5. I've had the 8940 since it had 903 hours. Has 3700 on now and I've had that apart probably a half dozen times, probably more than needs to, the very first time it had some flakes, but nothing to talk about since.
  6. Yeah, I think the guy who owned that Farmall didn't have a license either. It was sitting at a Amish auction around Mt Victory back in '15. He must have noticed me looking at it 20 feet away and came out of the crowd. He seemed pretty protective of it, until I mentioned the good job on installing the cab, then he loosened up. After that he started following me around. Lol! Back in the early 90s there was a bachelor around New Knoxville who would drive around his neighborhood with a narrow front 10 or 20 series Deere and pick up beer cans what seemed like everyday. He didn't have a license either. I had some milk stop's around there and if you would wave at him, he'd take his one hand and cover his face. Lol! He seemed a little different.
  7. Well said. Someone had the same idea here
  8. Both sold fair enough. Maybe there was a reason? Both worth putting $$ in for hydro rebuilds if they needed them. They brought what a 1086/1486 would've brought in my area with bad ta's in the same overall appearance. Like I said before, glad they were in Minnesota.
  9. Lol! Hey now Bj I might have something here. Cole a mechanic at the Lakeview store took out of a 1586. Guy wanted a air seat put in. Cole and me swapped some parts and I wound up with this seat here. May have been farted on a few times by previous owner, I'm not sure. Lol! If you don't like the old cushions i may know where a new set from Hy Capacity is too. My days screwing around with 86 series are long gone, and I'll never use them. If interested, you probably know what to do. ?
  10. Your always thinkin bitty, lol! That's very true. See if they were down here I'd use the "excuse" of well it's got air conditioning to bale or mow with instead of sitting out in the sun on the Hydro 100. Problem with that is the Hydro 100 would rarely get used anymore then.
  11. 186 be nice to have but not practical. Plenty Hydros that sit around (here) looking for a job 80% of the time already. Glad their in Minnesota. Lol!
  12. Looked at a 5488 FWD at Schumacher Maag Co in Ottawa Ohio fall of 1990. Had 3000 hours. They were asking 32,000. Passed that up and a Steiger 325, and bought a 4586. We all make mistakes in life. Lol!
  13. There was a jockey from Pennsylvania buying 86s in our sector in the early 90s. Don't know if he was Mennonite or not but he bought a neighbor's 1086 I'm thinking 1993. Neighbor was at a farm sale and this jockey was bidding on a 1086 and didn't get it bought, so the neighbor approached him right after it sold and told him he had one for sale and this jockey ended up buying it
  14. Might be different if it had FWA, but anything bigger than the 5288-1586 you just can't get the power to the ground with 2wd. Remember dad's 6030. Ran out of traction way before the engine noticed any load.
  15. Yes it does. Dual hydraulics and even the factory pto shield. Fuel gauge is factory and works, haven't ran it long enough to see if the temp side does. Tach works, 6600hrs. Need a gasser do you? Have $4300.00 in it if you have a decent set of fenders I.......
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