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  1. Bought these last summer was told the one on rubber ran 2 years ago. The one on steel is stuck. So for now the plan get the one on rubber running again and put the steel wheels on it. I know nothing about these tractors any one have any pointers on how to operate and what to look for while getting it running
  2. cride383


    I will be there Wednesday and Thursday. Then sticking around Friday for the auction
  3. not sure if I would say my favorite non IH tractor but the only non IH tractor left on our farm. I was always partial to the case 1070 we used to have dad didn't share the same feelings as me towards it and it left a farm back in 96
  4. Congrats on the girls. I thought about you this weekend as I past through your area on my way to Harrisburg
  5. I was there in November as well. It was the highlight of the Florida vacation. Well worth the visit for anybody that gets to Florida
  6. Not to hijack this but seem to be having same issues with my 1066 right now. Pull out on to road with a load behind it shift into 4H let out clutch feel just like it is slipping after a second it takes off normal. TA was replaced last winter with a ag parts HD unit less then 100 hours on it. TA and clutch work fine else wise
  7. I had my RD pump off my 806 rebuilt a couple months. It wasn't cheap but the pump shop was able get everything needed. Very fun tractor to drive
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