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  1. cride383

    560 update

    I'm with u for sure. I bought this tractor for $900 with the intentions of using it to move wagons around the farm and maybe pull a hay rake on occasion. I would guess 40 hours of operation a year would be a stretch. If it was one of the main tractors I wouldn't be asking any of these questions it would be getting the works .
  2. cride383

    560 update

    Exactly what I was looking for thank you
  3. cride383

    560 update

    Correct hoping for a inframe just need to know the stock crank specs so I can check mine and know what bearings to order with the sleeve kit. And thanks I will be sure to replace the oil pump while I'm in there.
  4. cride383

    560 update

    I have posted on here a few times since picking up this 560 super cheap at an auction in the fall. When I got it home had so many hydraulic leaks couldn't really hear anything over the whine of the hydraulic pump. Now that the hydraulic leaks are stopped could hear a knock in the bottom of the engine. I dropped the oil pan to find pieces of a piston laying in the bottom after disassembly turned out to be number five. So my question for today is does anyone know the specs for the crank I'd like to get a kit ordered and my manual is not here yet
  5. I was there pretty straight looking tractors I thought too. Definitely no steals to be had on them. I did buy the sprayer and some small miscellaneous stuff
  6. cride383

    560 steering

    Thanks again for the responses I just finished fall tillage tonight hopefully can get back on that project next day or two
  7. cride383

    560 steering

    That plate with two Allen head bolts is at the other end of where the leak is
  8. cride383

    560 steering

    First off let me say thank you for the responses secondly from the best I can tell the leak is coming from a little round cover in front of the four Allen head bolts two of the bolts are visible in this picture 2 are on the other side
  9. cride383

    560 steering

    I posted a couple pictures of this tractor I picked up at a auction a couple weeks ago one of the issues it has is its leaking fluid from the power steering pump I have removed the left hand frame rail and u bolted the pump. Does it just pull out or is there a trick?
  10. Little update after getting it home looking it over a little more closely. Seems to run pretty smooth does stall from time to time. A full tune-up and a carb rebuild would go a long way I believe. Ta seems to work. Brakes work well however seem to be a little sticky releasing biggest problem I have found so far is it is leaking hydraulic fluid out of the steering pump. And what seat is supposed to be on this tractor. 7806 is serial # if that helps
  11. I know suitcase weights are always a popular item but $150 a piece for 70 pounders at $130 a piece for a hundred pounders seems a little steep
  12. For sure on the 460 and 560. I gave $975 for the 560. I believe the 460 went $800 or $850. What the mta went for blew my mind.
  13. And oh yes correct on the wrench sets wow. I was able to get a set of IH 1/2" metric sockets. Really wanted the sae set but to rich for my blood
  14. I was there I ended up buying the 560 and a bunch of miscellaneous new in box parts. Parts are mainly for decoration purposes. Going to pick the 560 up tomorrow didn't really look it over to well just like the price it was going for.
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