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  1. Update... I was wrong! Talked to the guys at Herr’s machine. They told me to take linkage off and push on the piston. Well it moves by fingers so it’s froze in the linkage I guess. My question is I can move the linkage some and it will take the slack up in the pins but no more. I broke the roll pin in the gear shifter so I pulled it off and put a line up punch in and pushed with all I have and it won’t move. I feel like it’s froze inside that housing? Not sure where to go from there? Sprayed all the pins and around the shaft with PB hoping someone can give some ideas..
  2. I just wanted to thank the guys that helped me on my last post. I ended up talking to an old IH mechanic and he gave me a helpful hint along with what you guys told me. He said to pull the electric deal off the bottom of the carb and saw off the last 1/4” and that made it run good. I’m still fighting the hydro range selection. I’ve traced the linkage and the only thing not moving was the the piston going into the housing on the top of the transmission. Boy was the floorboard a pain to take off. I’ve wiggled the lever a bunch and the only thing that’s not moving is that piston. The pin in it wiggles just a touch but not the piston. A lot of junk around it I’ve scraped away but still no luck. Any more ideas?
  3. I had intentions of buying it but they want in my opinion to much for it. Plus I can hook on to wagons doubles and 2 1500 gallons with the IH and not slip a wheel. The little JD we usually have to pull out because it ends up buried. Where should I look for the linkage going j to the transmission? Is it on the right side with the the lever.
  4. Working on a 656 gas Hydro for my work. We use it to pull Anhydrous Ammonia wagons around. One of the guys that went to school to be a mechanic screwed the carb up so bad it wouldn’t start. So they bought a newer JD utility. I’ve kinda been assigned to going around and fixing everything... Tractors been at a fertilizer plant for 30+ years. The cancer isn’t all that bad surprisingly. But I think it has a slight miss and the hydro is stuck in low. When going up a slight hill with 2 1500 gallon wagons it slows the motor down pretty good. But it will at least pull threw it now. When I first started messing with it you had to have WOT and barely moving and it would smoke like an IH diesel. I’ve leaned the carb up considerably. Now when at idle and thrown WOT it’s just a small puff of black. Maybe that is wrong? I have a video I can try to attach of it. I checked spark all the plugs are firing and appear to be in the right order. When I pulled the plugs they were all dry and in good shape and are god knows how old but have good spark. The hydro is stuck in low range and we’d somewhat like it to work. (It is at least serviceable now so they won’t let us spend to much on it) the lever has about an inch of free play but then it’s solid as a rock either direction. I’ve tried shifting it with it off/on clutch down/up all kinds. Manager said it used to work fine and then he didn’t use it for a while and noticed it was stuck in low. Is it possible the linkage is froze up or more serious? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.
  5. Gas. That is the problem I’m trying to figure out what fits before I get there and have to drive an hour back to town to get a battery. The core I have didn’t come out of the truck.
  6. I know this is an odd question but I’m going to pickup the 83 S1700 and I need to know what group battery fits. I should have paid attention while I was there last but didn’t think about it. I have a battery to use for a core.
  7. 40FarmallM

    83 IH S1700

    Atleast we always called it an 83 and the badges at one time read 1700. I inherited my grandpas old grain truck today. I had been looking for one and I would up with this one. It’s been sitting a few years but I plan on putting it up in good shape enough to use to haul hay. It currently is just a flatbed. We had grain sides on it and it used to go on the platform dump. But none of those are in operation here anymore. I plan on getting it running to either haul it or drive it home. How much would it cost to put a hoist under this bed to make it dump? Is there anything special I should look for?
  8. Where is this at? Looks very neat.
  9. Now just swing by my place and unload it here for safe keeping!!!! Just kidding, absolutely beautiful tractor!
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