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  1. Gas. That is the problem I’m trying to figure out what fits before I get there and have to drive an hour back to town to get a battery. The core I have didn’t come out of the truck.
  2. I know this is an odd question but I’m going to pickup the 83 S1700 and I need to know what group battery fits. I should have paid attention while I was there last but didn’t think about it. I have a battery to use for a core.
  3. 40FarmallM

    83 IH S1700

    Atleast we always called it an 83 and the badges at one time read 1700. I inherited my grandpas old grain truck today. I had been looking for one and I would up with this one. It’s been sitting a few years but I plan on putting it up in good shape enough to use to haul hay. It currently is just a flatbed. We had grain sides on it and it used to go on the platform dump. But none of those are in operation here anymore. I plan on getting it running to either haul it or drive it home. How much would it cost to put a hoist under this bed to make it dump? Is there anything special I should look for?
  4. Bought a Cub Cadet 123 Hydro at an auction today for $325, not sure if I spent to much or not but it was the cheapest mower sold today. It’s got a deck and what appears to be all the parts on it, new decals, and a blue ribbon service manual. The PTO linkage is unscrewed right behind the starter generator, I think this should be a quick fix is there a certain amount of free I should adjust it for? Also the hydro seems to freewheel down hill a lot. Without a way to slow it down without stopping, is this normal? I need to get new belts for the whole machine does anyone have suggestions on where to get these or pet numbers? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Where is this at? Looks very neat.
  6. What he said! I've been watching that 70's show a little, I've always enjoyed that. Me and Red Foreman can get along just fine. I've been told he's my "spirit animal" whatever the **** that means.
  7. Now just swing by my place and unload it here for safe keeping!!!! Just kidding, absolutely beautiful tractor!
  8. I'd recommend a 300 Massey or a 4400 John Deere (3300 if you can find one cheap enough). 4400 was a good machine at one time we were running two gas burners with 343 heads (3x30"). Most I see around "here" are $1,500 or so.
  9. I never heard this? I guess I'll watch until it does happen to come up then I probably will stop watching the show. I always enjoyed it years ago.
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