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  1. Never thought I'd see someone I'm so close to on here. I'm over in Warrick County. silly question maybe but is that PG's (if it is you'll know what PG means) maroon service truck? He's an IH man I know. Looks like your starting to put together some nice IH iron aswell.
  2. Nice to see some old iron out getting a breath. On another note I saw a guy driving a '65 Ford two ton into the elevator a few weeks ago.. I enjoy two tons more than semi's.
  3. 1440 controls?

    I'm not an 1440 expert but I'm going to guess this machine probably has lever controls instead of just pure electric switches. Coming from a Gleaner you should be able to appreciate a 1440 pretty easily!
  4. Got spotted when went on convoy Cruise last weekend

    Great looking combination you've got there!
  5. New Firestone 18.4R38s

    That is one beautiful 1456! I got sold one Firestone's a few years ago. Run them on everything from the pickup to combine. Obviously only when they need replacing, don't have the money to go around buying tires just so they can all be Firestone's.
  6. IH915 Air in Drive System

    I would lean towards a valve being worn out with what your describing.
  7. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I have a request for you guys who never seize to amaze me in the pictures you have. I am pretty interested in 3 different IH tractors because their the 3 my grandpa marveled over when we were farming with a A and a 4020. He said that a neighbor had a 4366 IH that would "walk the dog all day" with 8 bottoms behind it. I've always wanted to see good pictures especially the cab of them and can't really find a good one. He said it had a 10 speed road ranger In it which seems to be true but kinda weird. He said there was also a 1468 in the neighborhood that was his favorite watching the big twin stacks March he said he spent several hours of seat time on one but can't seem to find pictures of it it had a cab and dualls and the last a 1066 Hydro with a narrow front end and a cab he said it looked stupid but I'd think that this tractor would look cool just seeing if you guys may have a picture of any of these 3 tractors.
  8. wheres the transtar talk at?

    My grandpa drove trucks for over 60 years, started in a R-190. Ended in a S1700 which he owns. The truck he swears by is the truck he drove for Gibbs Die-Casting. 400 BC Cummins 13 speed 4.56 rear ends. He said it would run 75 up hill down hill around a curve didn't matter. I remember riding with him in a Peterbilt with a Cat, he wasn't a fan he said it never shifted right, but what Caterpillar does at 2,000 RPM. He loved that old Gibbs cabover though they sold it out from under him and closed the trucking side though. He retired from Gibbs as a Foreman sat at home for 6 mo went back OTR for a few years retired again 2 months later we were taking the sides off of the ol S1700 IH so he could haul pallets. He gave that up 3 years ago, and drove for farmers during harvest, this was his first year not driving a truck, but during harvest he could tell you what farmer what color of truck what kind what kinda trailer and how many times he passed. It was sad to watch but he gets his S1700 when he can. I personally want a 4300 conventional with a flatop, 3406B and a 15 speed.
  9. Give and take word game

    Burbank Hill
  10. Give and take word game

    Brown cow