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  1. Not sure why it doesn't work. Cummins used this style gasket when the 8900 series were built. The gaskets would leak behind the injection pump or at the back right corner at fairly low hours. Cummins changed the gasket to a "graphite" material. With that change the head gasket leakage went away. Recently CNH introduced the AM gasket with the permatex sealer on it. I wouldn't put one in when there is a better option. I would also replace the head bolts when changing the gasket.
  2. Lever gets tight or tractor stalls "tight"?
  3. When the tractor shuts off do the hours display in the ICU?
  4. Check the brake bulbs in the fenders. I think you find your tractors short. If not, look at the trailer light plug.
  5. Get the head gasket from Cummins don't use the CNH gasket with the part # that ends with "AM".
  6. I agree you can here the cranking change speed if the hyd pump is on high psi. By capping te signal you elminated the signal circiut the pump could still be on high psi. You should be able to hear the engine change cranking speed.
  7. Is the hyd pump staying on high psi? Engine will not start if it is.
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