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  1. With a cast front axle I wouldn't be surprised to find that tractor would be a straight 8 spd without ta and probably on small rear tires causing it to be slow .
  2. I guess your daze worked in our favor. I'm just seeing this Sept 6 , Wouldn't be if you hadn't been in that so called daze. Thanks for posting , always enjoy your pictures and stories! 👍👍
  3. I'm sure somebody on here can help you hopefully they come along soon.
  4. Looks like everyone had a good time!?
  5. Steiner sells new carbs for the 3414. https://www.steinertractor.com/IHS377-Carburetor
  6. You can remove all the windows and doors on the year-a-round cab can't you? That beats a lot of other brands, for summer use. Still a great story!?
  7. Thats a neat little cabin!
  8. Neat front wheels and interesting to see it still has the heat shield for the distillate manifold.
  9. Get your drawbar height as close to the max for the rules,try to pull about the middle of the class if you can so you can spend sometime watching some of the other pullers in your class. That way you can get an idea on the speed you can attempt and also where to go and not to go on the track . There are a couple of guys here locally do very well with "stock" 656 diesels , weighted right and taking it steady down the track, they aren't in a race by any means but do come near or at the top of the class.
  10. You'll have the moped ready for Half Century of Progress then! ?????
  11. Glad your getting back to normal. I hope you can recover completely.
  12. Sorry for your loss. That is to young for sure!
  13. Happy Birthday Chris . I hope your getting some good planting weather, it's finally showed up here!
  14. Pretty cool bunch of tractors! What do you use the 3488 for ? It would seem you have it set up for higher clearance.
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