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  1. I'm pleased to hear the diagnosis provides a good chance for you to heal. This should give you some time to spend with your family as you beat the disease.
  2. I think you'll find like Genie that gem has more hours on it than it appears! Pretty sure there's been some cosmetics involved. The loader has been reinforced or repaired where all 2250's break, there are no 2250 or International decals on the loader, an 1984 would have red panels by the rad and a red stripe above the 684 International on those decals. Sharp looking ,handy tractor just the same.
  3. Enjoy the show sledgehammer. I'm not going to be there this year. Sure enjoyed it in 2017!
  4. This weekend August 16 to 18 , the Ontario IH Collectors Club Show takes place hosted by the Bruce County Heritage Show, just south of Paisley Ontario, Canada. If your within driving distance be sure to check it out. The pictures are taken on the 15th the day prior to the opening as the early exhibitors were arriving.
  5. I just saw that on Facebook, I'm afraid there's a lot of stuff on day 1that will sell for scrap! Just too many of the same non runners in one auction. Cool collection just the same!👍
  6. Happy Birthday folks. I hope this weather soon straightens out for you John! Up here in the great wet north there's still planting going on and the haying is extremely delayed!
  7. rjpont


    Sorry your family are going thru this. There will be better times for you all ahead.
  8. Nice trailer Bill. Might we see it at Red Power?
  9. I'm sorry to read of George's passing . I two have been wondering about his lack of posting here ,but I'm not on here much lately. George was certainly very interested in the makings of anything IH, I met him at auctions a number of times and he would be sure to be checking out a piece of IH equipment and discussing it with anyone willing to engage him. With his passing we certainly loose a piece of IH history. Rest in piece George. My condolences to the Thornburn family.
  10. Look for a 706 wheatland with 34 " cast centers I believe they could be the correct enter to bolt to that hub. perhaps someone has a 706 wheatland tractor or parts book handy. I remember years ago there was a 686 in the Goderich, Ontario area with 34's with cast centers.
  11. Some year i might get there Bill!
  12. The poor fireman has quite a job! Thanks Art!
  13. That drawbar has seen some use!
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