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  1. rjpont

    life in our corner

    Enjoy your time away . Looks like fun.
  2. rjpont

    Dodge pickup cab

    Bill you have the same problem as me , although with all the time you have since your recent retirement you could possibly get to the project. I have a 96 club cab that needs a cab. I think we both should just sell them and have acem or bigequip find us decent rust free trucks.
  3. rjpont

    Canadian Antique Tractor

    Get in touch with Hillman on here. He atleast was the owner of that site.
  4. rjpont

    Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    No , some still drive old vehicles , but the dairy business has been pretty good in Canada as the system does guarantee cost of production for the good managers. It's interesting to note that even with the terrible price the United States dairy farmer receives there was a recent tweet on twitter () on the store prices for dairy products in Florida and Canada, they are basically the same. Certainly too much being made by the middleman.
  5. rjpont

    cows are gone again

    😁 Take it easy this time Bill. I know you said you thought you were ready this time.
  6. rjpont

    National Farm Machinery Show pics

    Thanks for posting ! Some year I will get there!
  7. rjpont


    Nice work . I bet that stone was cold!
  8. rjpont

    The Passing of a Forum Member

    Sorry for your loss. I'm glad you were able to find Mikes login info and let us know. My thoughts are with you and your family .
  9. rjpont

    Cool old Kenny

    Cool truck . Looks like its been a Canadian by the GVW in KGs.
  10. rjpont

    Hydrolic filter ihc 234 aka Mitsubishi compact

    https://www.stevenstractor.com/parts/hydraulic-strainer-12516.html http://www.southern-global.com/hydraulic-strainer176 This is 2 results I clicked on with a google search.
  11. rjpont


    884 has 268 cubic inch German diesel.
  12. rjpont

    life in our corner

    Troy really sorry to read of your struggles this past while . I hope you are seeing things turn around now.
  13. rjpont

    Shop with a living quarters

    Why not look at nice Mobile Home ? You can hopefully sell it when you decide to build a house.
  14. rjpont

    Pullers for Christmas

    Is he looking to adopt more Grandkids? Really nice work.