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  1. rjpont

    My year in pictures...

    Thanks for posting. Its I always interesting to see how people on here make there life.
  2. rjpont

    Happy birthday, Keith Fink

    Happy Birthday, enjoy the chocolate milk from your brown cows!😆😆.😉😉 I know I used to milk Jerseys tòo!
  3. rjpont

    International 3414 backhoe

    There is a flow diverter valve beside the seat that switches flow from steering the backhoe to steering the wheels. If the backhoe will swing the steering will not have pressure.
  4. rjpont

    HJV Equip and Rocky Mountain Equip in Canada

    It's the same problem in Western Ontario too. One of the 2 main redi-mix concrete companies is looking for mixer truck drivers and is offering $27 /hr. Alex I expect with those 2 companies that are looking for mechanics, there would be a lot of long days with quite a bit of travel an in field service. I believe the HJV shop at Hensall is not huge, not sure on the Alliston location.
  5. rjpont


    Thanks 😎. Happy Birthday to everyone else.
  6. rjpont

    Happy Birthday NYBillO

    🎂Happy Birthday Billy and all the others too! I guess since its Friday you'll be off to Karaoke Bill. Have a good one.
  7. rjpont

    Two neat ole puller pics from the 1970s

    The poor stressed axles on that 666! Cool pictures!
  8. rjpont

    Fire Department Stone Boat Pull

    Sounds like you had a good day! I'm looking forward to the pictures!😉
  9. rjpont

    Few Random Delayed Pictures of CAFES ,Tulare CA.

    Great pictures Tony! I'd gladly see more if you have them!
  10. rjpont

    Plowing In ohio

    I don't plow a lot of ground but I think they are alright. I haven't broke the shares on stones atleast. They are a fair bit cheaper than Kverneland.
  11. rjpont


    There was a burnt 884 with the sekera cab at Fawcett tractor in St Mary's Ontario Canada a few years ago. There aren't a huge number of those cans in North America as they were not sold new here as far as I understand they were imported used from the British Isles. I have one and have seen a handful of others in Ontario.
  12. rjpont

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Nice work! Where do you get pre bent tubing?
  13. rjpont

    Plowing In ohio

    Krich lots of kverneland plows in Ontario Canada. Most dealers carry aftermarket wear parts for them here. You maybe able to get 18's here or maybe get 20's and cut them.
  14. rjpont

    Half Century of Progress question.....

    A friend of mine and I went in 2017 . We hauled his golf cart in the bed of my pickup from Ontario, Canada. We were glad we had it. We covered a lot of ground on the site we would not have walked. Make sure to book your hotel early. We ended up staying about 50 miles away, it wasn't a bad drive but there are closer rooms if you book early. I would suggest you book the cart ahead of time so you are sure to have one and don't have to put in time waiting or being disappointed and having to walk. It is one huge show! You certainly want to see it all. Oh and Bill I think Larry's cart might keep up to yours another time!