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  1. Pretty sure that's a Jersey cow . They all have there personalities! She's looking like Keith forgot to give her a treat!😁
  2. Are you referring to a handheld band saw?
  3. For quick repairs you can always use those reusable thread on fittings , then change out the hose when you are done.
  4. Hoping for the best for you Bruce. Be sure and take care of yourself.
  5. Congratulations Linda......... and Bill! Hopefully you two can carry on for many years to come. Stay safe!
  6. Very impressive growth! I remember your posts of the investment in the whole system.
  7. rjpont


    A few years ago a friend of mine needed a new wheel bearing / hub assembly for his 2009 Dodge 1500 pickup. There were 2 choices at that time either Chrysler or Napa. The Napa on was some less money, still plenty at the time, so got that one. On the outside of the box was proudly displayed made in USA, on the assembly inside that very box, Made in China! You have to really look!
  8. How about an 856? There was one at J& H sales in Chesley a week ago.
  9. Sharp truck poor farmer/logger. I wish I had ordered my 16 inflame red instead of black but it is what it is now. Mine is a 2500 so has the coils. I have no complaints , the salesman I bought thru told me tho that the coils do cause a lot of rocking with a high wide load like a slide in camper as there are mounted quite a piece inward from where leaf springs are mounted.
  10. I'd love to find a 715 with the d301. I've got a 656 that needs a new heart!
  11. Donald Duck truck! I think they are cool looking.
  12. There is a chev 1 ton 4wd fire truck on m15 Albrect https://www.bidnow.us/auctions/164consignment auction ending today.
  13. Really? A permit to take pictures? By the way nice tractors and pictures. Thanks for posting them.
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