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  1. rjpont

    fencing pictures

    I have the heated Milwaukee hoodie for work. mine is slightly larger than I should have . They are intended to be snug fitting and best worn as an inner layer. The battery life is not bad but it certainly makes a nice difference on a cold day. It allows me to wear a lighter layer under another coat and feel the extra warm. I would say when running that old loader you would feel the difference.
  2. rjpont

    fencing pictures

    That's gotta be cold !!!!🤕
  3. rjpont

    NEEDED! O-12 Clutch.

    Darryn or Sean , if Dales doesn't workout try Tim Anderson.
  4. rjpont

    Heritage Iron tractor Give Away

    Just how many new subscriptions will they need to pay for a restored d21?
  5. rjpont

    roof collapse

    That's an intriguing idea. You have to stay back though!
  6. rjpont

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Those are very interesting looking silos you have!
  7. rjpont

    Think it`s windy there?

    😵😵 Thankfully the tree missed you both
  8. rjpont

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Just out of curiosity will there be any tractor pulls in the area say Thursday or Friday night of the show?
  9. rjpont

    Custom made

    😎 What do you do for the bags ?
  10. rjpont

    Life in Alaska

    Atleast you won't sweat to much doing tires with snow on the ground. You'll cool down quick anyway!😉
  11. rjpont

    When the snow goes the rigs come out

    I see a few 88's hiding along the walls ! the shed is well organized.
  12. rjpont

    The cattle thread

    I do the same.
  13. rjpont

    Update on dad

    I'm Sorry about your Dad Mader . I hope they can find the best possible ways to care for him. Be sure to make the best of the time you have with him.
  14. rjpont

    Removing battery from Case 1816B

    Carl have you seen the IH 4125 on ebay? It's kind of tough and pricey but if you got it you just might have the only one in Ontario /Canada or atleast on Manitoulin!