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  1. https://cngco.com/wiring_diagrams.html
  2. 8 tracks were available in the 86 series, started fading out in the 88 series due to the cassette tape player. 🤣🤣
  3. Not that it matters, but I think the small bend in the top is supposed to be there. Reason being, I think it acts as a stop, when you start to loosen the handle and it doesn't come around and do bodily harm before you can out another hand on it. Sorta takes the shape of the beam in the plow.
  4. Left side of harness as from sitting in the seat
  5. Harness from an 88 series tractor, but I would assume very close to the 86 as well. Brown is power from the spade. Yellow is ground. Black is left speaker Green is right speaker. The radios are marked on the back where the harness plugs in. There is also an inline fuse. A 3 prong plug which has all 4 colors in it as well I think for CB option.
  6. Have plans to go, Close to home, Need to get on my painter about getting stuff done so I have something to show up with. Matt
  7. What at you guys using for LED lights on your combines? I am more interested in the changing: 2 in the rear, 2 on the side of the grain tank, 1 in the grain tank and the 1 on the end of the unloading auger. Is dust a factor of visibility? Does the light reflect back into your eyes or do they cut thru the dust and visibility is good? Thanks, Matt
  8. There's no check valve in the front housing. You lose some oil but I don't believe it's 10 gallon.....
  9. Don't take bolt #18 all the way out, just enough to close the check valve. You should have only lost about a gallon of oil once you remove the cover. That valve is actually 10 and 11
  10. It's there....looks like a shadow but it is the black rubber gasket....the clamp wouldn't be tight if it was missing
  11. How much does he want for it? Maybe well worth the split job if cost is low on buying
  12. Nice find and a keeper!! How many hours?
  13. Those special nuts are on top the radio box that bolts the small angle strips of metal to the ROPS frame, on the top side...I always took the roof panel off to get to them. I didn't have the socket to match those nuts. Always used a set of of slip joint pliers and got them loose, never put them back on either.....I believe they were put on for theft??? Matt
  14. The threaded square washer was one **** of an idea!!!! Not to change the subject
  15. What's wrong with the 2208?
  16. Do you have a parts book or a better description? If you have a parts book type it into Google, sometimes things just pop up for you.
  17. Gear clash.....they all do it. The Magnums do it as well.
  18. 4786 with a 16 bottom automatic reset plow. 7488 with a 30 ft. 596 disk 5488 MFD, (already owned) with a 900 12 row corn planter. Matt
  19. I think that guarantee is in all the owner manuals as well
  20. Still have it, my brother and I use still between the both of us. Had to put a little money into it again this year but still going strong. Matt
  21. Good to know. My reason for the grease gun was so I could stop standing on my head while trying to pump grease when working on the combine. Seems easier to just pull a trigger. Thank you everyone for their input and replies. I have DeWalt tools, I like their products and have had good luck with them. I prefer the Milwaukee impact over the DeWalt because of the torque ratings so I figured I would start a small Milwaukee collection.
  22. Anyone use the battery operated grease guns? What kind? Reliable? Go with brand from the same batteries and tools previously in tool box? Milwaukee, DeWalt, Lincoln?? Thanks for your help. Matt
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