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  1. A&I have them? I know in the 50 series, I think the tops differ from the bottom... Magnums are the same.
  2. He has a double post going, there's another one a few topics down....he should be good to go
  3. Who makes a good quality muffler for a 5088 and where to get one? Or go with the eliminator?
  4. Does this help you? I would take that shaft assembly completely out. Starting from the mounting bolts (#7) loosen bolts, this will allow the fan assm. to slide forward after you remove the bolts in #13 or #6..... This will let you remove #1, 3, 4, 5, and 13 all at the same time.. Just may be easier to work on it from a workbench... It does show a snap ring on the shaft, I believe it's between the fan blade hub and bearing,(CRS). The bracket you want is #13. If you have #6, it's probably ok....tractor is 35 plus years old and has made it this far
  5. I love my 5X88 tractors. They have both SAE and metric bolts......just need to know which part I am working on before I drag over the tools. Have gotten used to the intermixed bolts now though
  6. Great views Bill, thanks for the scenery
  7. You always have the good stuff David!
  8. Should be a ball and spring halfway down the lever. Does the lever seem sloppy or maybe the spring broke
  9. Sometime ago on here I thought there was a 2wd 5488 supporting 20.8-42s and 16.5-15s on it
  10. There is a dash ground on the back side of the dash near the top of the tilt wheel. I was thinking only thing grounded here was the dash lights, gauge cluster. Anyhow it's near the top of the dash panel
  11. On a 50 series the ground stud is above the left hand battery box on bottom side of floor, should be numerous grounds there
  12. Blow them leaves to the Pacific!!
  13. I am sure if there is one that is still in good shape, it's doing it's daily job as it should
  14. Looks like hard work Bill!! Try one of these, put a few classic IH tractor weights on the side, rotate the band and the exit pipe straight out the left and you got yourself one heck of a leaf blower. If the above model is too small, upgrade to the 600. Always thought it was a good idea, just never had enough leaves.
  15. We been using these guys for our work. In Ohio. https://schmidtmachine.com/
  16. Guy grip with plastic insert
  17. I am a lineman for the power company. Almost 20 years in
  18. Also, your dealer can do a store to store search with specific part numbers. Possibly one laying on a shelf somewhere.
  19. Use those everyday, from #6 solid copper to 795 aluminum. You have to understand that the aluminum grips will not work on copper and the copper grips will work on the aluminum wire but also may cut it in 2 pieces. There is also a special grip we have for guy wire since it is wound the opposite way from wire used for conductors. Copper grip with teeth.
  20. Nice costume, should have took the John Deere gator out of the garage first
  21. Maplehunter decals. Indiana
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