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  1. Is it for an 86 or an 88 series. I am interested, Matt
  2. IHC5488

    MTO Birthday

    Happy Mark!! Thank you Everyone for the birthday wishes!!!! Just another ordinary day here in Ohio, sometimes it is warm, other days we have rain and snow.. My kids got me a little gift bag tonight along with a frozen DQ cake, very enjoyable evening.. also this Saturday will Mason's (my son) birthday, he will be turning (2) going on 8, so he very excited. Thank you everyone!! Matt
  3. I think I bought a few of them from you Matt
  4. IHC5488

    2166 specs

    Where can I find the specs at for the 2166 combine? Height, width, capacities of grain tank, etc.. TIA, Matt
  5. When did they stop using the IH stamped bolt?
  6. X2, Inquiring minds want to know. I have the worst luck at this. Matt
  7. They built my tractor seat for my 5488
  8. IHC5488

    54 axle leak

    I changed my seals on my 54 in 06 and have been good since..didn't touch the bearings.
  9. Your case IH dealer or any tractor dealer may have both plugs (male and female) ends. If not, call Eric at Porch Electric, he will have them. 1-815-368-3230 Matt
  10. What do you suppose the X stands for? That has to be an early one correct?
  11. Not the best spot for a plug, but I assume it was the easiest place to plug the 2 together when the over head crane set the cab onto the chassis and no rear wheels were on.
  12. The rear light harness gets the most abuse from weather, mud, dirt and then eventually rust under the fenders. Check your grounds and like the others said the plug under the main fuel tank. From that plug the next break in the wires should going towards the firewall will be at the switches or gauges in the cab.
  13. Excellent topic, very interesting to see all the different designs and dealers across the board! 👍
  14. Just had the steering pump out of a 986, also had a tilt wheel kit installed. I removed the steering wheel column and dash cover to help with putting everything back together. Hardest part is just standing on a ladder and reaching over the engine to take the pump off and on once fixed. Ours ended up being the upper seal near the roll pin and u joint.
  15. I have these, took me awhile to find the Gold 5488 edition. Other stuff I have is the 856 series trains from Athearn trains. I need to dig them out to get photos, but there was 3 of them, the 1st was painted normal black and red, the 2nd was black and red but included an all gold locomotive, the 3rd included the locomotive and cars all being painted gold, which I was told there was only 4 sets made. But here is some pictures to start with. the playset above is NIB and has the place mat with it. The poster I bought from Girad Auctions.
  16. That's make sense to me. While it's sitting there over night I can see it filling up with snow.
  17. What would be the difference if the wind blows the snow in front of a radiator on a 1486 or thru the top of screen on an 88? Just curious, wouldn't it all be the same effect?
  18. Ok. The 5088 cast centers thru me for a loop. I like the look of those on there. And the 10 bolt hubs
  19. Are those 4 inch axles on your 1456?
  20. Mt. Hope,. You talking my neck of the woods now.
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