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  1. T04 was the stock if your looking that information.
  2. It was good seeing everyone, I don't mind sitting underneath the shade tree and listening to the IH stories from years ago with great friends and IH family. Good to see you in Ohio last week Eason . Matt
  3. Planting season is about over, would that drive the price down?
  4. Good thing you trust that guy, I heard you wouldn't leave the keys in for people to drive around.
  5. What is this little fella here? And where was it sitting?
  6. Do you have access to a list of names for this display?
  7. Be there tomorrow sometime in the morning....
  8. Great photo, great group of guys!! Looks like good weather and a place to be this weekend!!
  9. Good for lambs and goats and getting muscle tone... Tie them on.....turn it on. And watch
  10. Scroll down, you will find it .. https://auctions.machinerypete.com/auctions/catalog/id/120
  11. 1420 combine??? Or was that the 358?
  12. Hypothetically speaking here and I don't know why but I think I have heard one of the 7488s were repainted at one time......owner started on the paint process and goes to IH and they realize there is none because they either all went home with the employees or were trashed...... Print shops were not up and coming yet so owner takes the next best thing which was the 6X88 series decal and gets his own number made up or found something that fit. Now that may or may not be this tractor, I am not judging, maybe the guy above bought it new, maybe he's the 2nd, 3rd owner......the tractor is going to be pushing the 40 year mark soon
  13. Are you taking the 186?
  14. Did it sell at Mecum then or is it for sale again by the same people?
  15. My son gets headaches and we narrowed it down to lack of water. Especially happened alot while he was in school and he didn't have access to water....he now carries a water jug with him.
  16. I would say if it's a 3 wire harness.....then it's for your flashers and ground wire only. Another harness would be separate for the baler. .
  17. That plug more than likely has 3 wires going to it Right and left turn signals and or flashers and the ground. I don't think they were wired with constant hot or key switch hot. You will have to add it. If you have an owners manual it will tell you what each prong does
  18. Thanks everyone for your help.... I will stop looking for another 5400 then ....
  19. Did they make these drills to have the ability to hook 2 of them together? In someway or another like the 5100 drills and the piggyback hitch?
  20. I just lost mine on my 5488 while mowing cornstalks, hardly had any hours on it, on to the next one.
  21. If you can't find one let me know, I have a place I get alot of my 5488 parts from. Matt
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