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  1. Are they single walled or dual walled pipes. My 756 chrome pipe turned blue within 30 mins of having it on there then tarnished to a deep copper/brown. The problem was that is was a singe wall pipe. The heat destroyed the look. Secondly, My Farmall M has a dual walled pipe and has never turned color and looks just as good as it did from the first day I got it.
  2. Bingo!! That is it. Thank you so much.
  3. Outback Toy Store out of PA has them individually priced or as a set. https://www.outbacktoystore.com/
  4. I bought a chrome straight pipe for my 756 and M years ago and can't remember who I bought them from. They may have been out of Mo or a state around there. The name just isn't coming to me. I have a buddy who wants to put one on his 1066. If you can throw some company names out there it may ring a bell. Thank you!
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