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  1. 1466IHVA1466

    Red Power Round Up 2018

    Does anyone know if the top will open in order to put actual cotton inside it to add some realism. This is an unbelievable piece and glad I ordered one. Well thought out in order to produce one of these.
  2. 1466IHVA1466

    1086?? White wheels

    Looks good. I meant if they are single wheeled you can twist and pull. With duals, I use a hammer and punch as well.
  3. 1466IHVA1466

    1086?? White wheels

    I lay it on its side, then anchor my feet on the bottom wheel on the inside and just twist and pull up with your hands on the top side wheel. Sometimes you don't have to do that and they come off with just using both hands on a table. Good luck.
  4. 1466IHVA1466

    1086?? White wheels

    Twist and pull off the wheels. No need to cut. That is what I do and have been successful on all the new prestige tractors for any model.
  5. 1466IHVA1466

    1086?? White wheels

    This is what I would do and have....if you don't want to go to Dakotah Toys and have to paint, and you don't want plastic ones, buy the 1206 50th anniversary tractor and swap the rear outer wheels. You should be able to keep the inners since they are red and the axle should work. If not, make your own 3/16" axle and you can get that from Lowes or HD. If it doesn't line up with the caps, cut it shorter and jb weld it or super glue it and put back the outer axel cap covers. I put the outer 1206 white dual rims on a red cabbed 1066 and it made it look sharp.
  6. 1466IHVA1466

    66 series toys 1/16 scale

    yes, you can remove the cab but you will have to repaint the inside portion of the and white panel since they are black. They did make a 966 with duals but it was the prestige version while panel with red cab. About the same look as the 1066 above except the white panel version. It is a pretty nice model too. But I have about every version of the 66 series ever made and have never seen a 966 with duals from the early 70s. I have 3 NIB that has the red rim version that you can see red on both sides, red rim version with the newer plastic tire where red is on the outside only and then the white rim version that was sold at department stores etc... That is all I have ever seen from that era.
  7. 1466IHVA1466

    Wheels and tires, where to buy?

    Here is my 7488 that I changed the decals on a 7288 and added STS decals too.
  8. 1466IHVA1466

    Wheels and tires, where to buy?

    Just buy the new 7288 from the Wisconsin show and make it a 7488? That is what I did. But they made a 7488 from the old casting too. Don't want you to do work that has already been done for you and that can be done easier with existing models. But to each is own and have fun doing it. Anyways, I do have a friend that makes IH castings out of Zinc and the rubber too. He makes IH offset rims and they are sharp. His name is Chuck Steffens. He usually writes for the Toy Farmer too. I can put you in touch with him if interested. I had an extra 3588 precision and I changed up the wheels and put 68 series wheels all around to give it a beefier look and I added a black curved pipe.
  9. 1466IHVA1466


    I am a retired MGySgt (E-9), USMC; 1985 to 2006. Semper Fi.
  10. 1466IHVA1466

    Custom Built: IH 1456 w/M&W oil pan

    One of these I will eventually get lucky and land one of yours......I hear my Deere buddy in Ill snagged this one. Again, another fine model.
  11. 1466IHVA1466

    Farmall 756 Addition and Introduction

    Welcome to this awesome site. I have a NF gas 756 too and love the heck out of it
  12. 1566 - First off - it has custom painted JD 4840 front wheel combo on it that made it set up higher. So next I had one of Brian Long's belly fuel kits laying around so I ended up putting that together and mounting it underneath. Next I had some 20.8/R38 rubber and put them on custom made offset IH rims. I went on shapeways and bought a IH quick hitch and put it together and mounted it. Same thing with the AC unit, it was from shapeways, so I painted it up and mounted it too. You will also note, some added warning decals on the belly tank and quick hitch and tractor. Same thing with the 1568 as far as rear wheels, belly tank, decals, quick hitch and AC unit. This tractor was a 1468 precision. Also left the 6 bolt front wheels on it. Nothing crazy unique but something different and I don't think they turned out too bad for an amateur.
  13. 1466IHVA1466

    7288 due out in June

    Talked to Outback Toy Store today and they said they are shipping the ones they have out this week. I ordered 3 of them. One for display, one to keep in the box and one I am going to add 7488 decals to it in which I ordered from Bossen Imp today. I like it plastic or no plastic. Fills model voids in my collection. The new CaseIH combine is all plastic too but sure enjoy the heck out of messing with it on the floor as a 51 year old ha.
  14. 1466IHVA1466

    7288 due out in June

    BK, don't be worried about that first tractor it only leads to 10 more and then you are at 100 and then who knows after that, sky is the limit haha. It is very addicting for sure!!