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  1. Alex uk


    The news over here in the UK is full of the same vaccine news, thought is was a UK news story only! They are talking of getting high risk people vaccined before the Christmas holidays.
  2. Jordi posted while I was writing!
  3. I wasn't really wanting to spoil the thread just yet, so I will tell you my answer, you can wait a while before you tell the answer. Ford 8100 . A bit of a odd build, the tractor is a 7700 rear end with a Ford 6 cylinder truck engine which is different to a engine in a 8600/9600 tractor. The tractors were built by County tractors at there factory in Fleet England, not on the main production line. The engine side rails give it away, and the exhaust stack at the very front of the hood, if you find a pic of the l/h side the exhaust manifold is a big downswept thing that then goes all th
  4. If you still have the original set up with the return spring on the pedal and the height stop bolt on the pedal thats all good, the way it should be. But with this set up you need to take all the play out of the the pins and clevis etc before you will start acting on the clutch. Have you taken the adjuster arm off altogther? The hook end of the rod gets very worn, the clevis end often not to bad, though the pedal does ware, it should have a little bush in there where the clevis pin goes. Also if it has the original clutch cross shaft they do sometimes break the weld on the control a
  5. What about fixing the water in oil first before you go any futher! This engine will have wet liners, the liner's and or the liner seals are shot. The engine requires a rebuild. If you do still have fuel issues there is a little filter in the inlet fitting on the CAV pump that can catch you out. Undo the larger union under the fuel pipe fitting, though don't let the little spring get lost.
  6. Alex uk


    Never tried to snip a picture and write into it. Sorry the writing looks like a 5 year old. But you can see the connections . Use Vapormatic part number VPF 3204 as a search for a new switch.
  7. Alex uk


    Hi , and welcome from another UK member. I don't get on the forum as much as some of the other guys, but been a member all of the 21st century so far! I have been, are still a good guy for answering any UK based tractor faults . Looks like a tidy little tractor, still got a tidy cab with all? the glass. Looks like an IH branded MIL loader with a home made bucket tilt ram. Your key switch should be no problem to find, google a 3 position 'Lucas key' switch. Go for a Durite or an OEM brand, some of cheap chinise are nothing but junk. I do always have one on hand here if really stuck.
  8. The only other application I can think off for a Nuess factory turbo D239 was in an European built 856xl tractor , made around '83 to the last of the 56 series/start of Maxxum. Set up looked nothing like in the 684 in the pics though. You will have to find the balancer unit otherwise its a non start project. I suspect that the liner seals/ liners will be leaking coolant. That's usally the reason a Nuess engine sits without the oil pan, unless it spun a bearing, but to be honest as long as it had oil in the bottom end will be okay.
  9. I see you quote the part from my time at JCB, I worked mostly in the Engine R&D test house with engine on test cell dyno's and other testing equipment , work meant day to day checks, oil service and 'spanner's' would maybe swapping a turbo or fuel injectors. Oh sorry its just come too me excuse my English spanners are the English name for wrenches as you guys call them. The nice shiny things sold at an expensive price by a guy in a big truck with Snap-on on the side. Alex.
  10. Oh man, I am 53 years old heading the wrong direction! As many will know I spent 25 + years on tractor spanner work, then went to work 10 years for JCB , a construction equipment manufacture here in England , first on the Fastrac tractors then into R&D engine testing. Due to the Covid downturn and the company making some big changes in job structure it has laid off 950 of 2000 staff, myself being one . All been a shock and sudden, lots of good guys have been sent down the road , guess when time comes for work they will fill our places with less costly collage grads. Never thought
  11. We have a recent thread on this very subject over on the IH side , click on the picture above and it will take you there? Save writing the same info out again. Alex.
  12. Have seen this a few times also on Doncaster tractors, check both pedal springs are fitted, but also take a closer look were the pedals pivot, one pedal pivots over the other and sometime the bush can work out causing one pedal to work incorrect, so possilbly pushing on the master cylinder even when up. There is enough pressure in the oil cooler lines which feed pipe 4 in Jim's picture above to hold the brake on enough to build heat as you say. Also check item 2 , the equalizer valve , these can give trouble, but first check the little pegs on the master cylinder pivots are letting t
  13. Is a while since I had the t-a out of a Doncaster tractor , but will add my bit of info? There are a few ways how to do a t-a delate , some more mechanically friendly than others! So there is some truth in removing the t-a pump gear or the stack pipe or the t-a spool in the hub, or the best way is to lock the t-a spool in low, so at least the rest of the lube system will be okay. The smallest seal in the front is the common to leak as if the t-a slip rings and hub are worn you get the high pressure oil from the pump blowing past the outer slip ring onto the seal when you have the t-a in
  14. I imported my Farmall 806 around 12 years ago through a contact in the UK back then. Never imported a car/truck, though do have a few helpful ideas maybe, First check the £-$ rate , not that good at the moment think is was something crazy like $1.80-£1.00 so had a good deal. You are better getting a shipping company to sort the NOVA paper work, import duty, though at that age I think it is free or just 5% tax,and the SVA test so you can register in the UK and get a V5c in your name. I have a UK magazine Classic American , published Mortons media who a few of the tractor mag
  15. Jim, I don't know of anyone local to me who had Covid , the reason for the company i worked for made construction equipment JCB, I know there not to well known in the US , but do have a small market share with a few backhoes, skidsteers and loadall teleloaders in the US. The company makes around 90,000 machines/year and sells worldwide. Its the drop in the world economy that has crippled the company for this year at least, first reaction to a downturn is lay of staff! Cat ,Cummins, Deere , all the big players react like that. Yes a few weeks to new job, be good to post a few pictures, the
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