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  1. Alex uk

    Ron Berlage--Pilot Knob Restoration/Parts

    He was one of the first guys in the USA I brought parts from for first my M then my H. I first had Red power magazine back in 1998 after one of my trips to the USA and before I ever had internet I seen his ads in there. Gave him an overseas call and he sent me his little folded red booklet , think I sent a US Dollar money via air mail order for the first order. Sounds alot of work to get parts in modern times with internet and credit cards! Mind you I have spoken to Ken a few times and ordered parts over the time when his was at C&G. Still good to have a real voice on a phone and the personel touch that sitting clicking on a web site. Great guy missed.
  2. Alex uk

    Happy Birthday,Alex UK,NOSIH,The Dukester

    Yes the years just keep 'a rollin on. I ve been chopping logs for winter today , the weather has been very dry and hot here in last few weeks, hay harvest all done, its so dry we have been up in some woods on some banksides pulling fallen timber out you could never dream of getting . I have enough wood for the hardest of winters now. Thanks guys.
  3. Alex uk

    Let my Farmall M go after 23 years

    Thanks for the replys , its not a tidy as it looks when you get close . Its only ever been brush painted and the fenders, tank and some of the other parts are rusted and flaking. Though I rebuilt the engine years ago with 4 inch kit it runs great. Guess you guys don't see a M with the old style wide front, kerosene manifold with heat shield , rad shutters and the 2 tanks that often either. It has it true wartime saving cast iron gear knob and a tin plate front badge as well. The boy in the trailer is my 11 year old son . He can just drive the M but has a good to get the clutch all the way down . He can run the cub cadet and my Massey ok. He has run the 10-20 as well , just have to remind him about the clutch being under your right foot!! You can't keep them all you would like sometimes . Alex and George.
  4. Hi . After much thinking it over for the last year I made up my mind to let my 1944 M go. I brought the tractor back in'95 and have spent alot of time with it doing work, the plan was to fit the new and good original parts over the time I have obtained then a new paint job at sometime. It runs great ,just wants a tidy up. But as sure as you guys know time runs away , with family, farming and work I haven't given the tractor the time it deserves . It hasn't run for 4 years until a few weeks ago and never comes out of its shed. With 3 other tractors 10-20,Cub cadet and Massey 165 along with a 1953 Land rover to work on the poor old M sat at the back of the queue. So I put it up for sale along with a pile of good parts in the deal. Sad to let it go , but there is a happy ending! I had a call from a guy 12 miles from me wanting to buy it , he told me he had seen me on the tractor over the years and new about it. He came over and took a look and a drive, I still hand crank it and it started great as normal. I think the deal was done before that anyway. The guy is the great nephew of the founder of the IH dealer I started work for when I was 16 and worked there for 9 years through the IH to CIH time. He went on to tell me some more history of the dealer that at one time they were contractors using old IH like mine and then later IH tractors before starting a dealership. He wanted an older IH tractor to remember the families history by I guess . My M was an original war time 'Lease-lend ' tractor sent over by the US Goverment to help in the war effort, so has plenty to say for itself. So its off to a good home, indeed I drove to his place around 12 miles from me on Wednesday evening for a last run out. It run great all the way there . I have given the forum name to him if he needs any more info , though I told him I am more than happy to go over and help him. His name is Edward so if he comes on the forum be sure to welcome him as I know you would. I want to spend time with my Land rover and Massey 165 which are both family hand me downs and cannot leave . I still have my 10-20 and cub cadet to keep my IH blood running. Oh and the farms Hydro 84. This was taken a few weeks ago when we got it out for the first time in 4 years for a local show Thanks Alex.
  5. Alex uk

    Cat Sealant on Manifolds

    I have used some Loctite brand sealer , don'y have the box at hand . Its a copper impregnated silicon . It is an official AGCO part to be used on Sisu engines in the larger Masseys and Valtra tractors. I had it when I had the head off a Sisu engine in a Massey, they dont use gaskets and this was listed in the parts book to be used there. Worked fine . Do AGCO have an on line look up?
  6. Alex uk

    Inter 454 Drive Problem

    Hard to tell the scale of the size of the spring . But I have been taking a look over your thread. You did make alot of work for yourselves by splitting the tractor ! I do know alot about these tractors , sometimes hard to discribe the faults on a forum, but you either had a shifter problem , as already said . A common (ish) fault , you oftern cannot tell from the outside unless you know what you are looking at . But the spring looks like it may be the T-A pump relief valve spring , did it come out of a 7/8 cap at the bottom of a plate towards the from the of the trans? Again not a unknown fault , you can get an upgraded spring and nut fitting . I'd fit a new spring and check the T-A pressure , theres a 9/16 plug on the underside plate 220-240 psi would be good. Though the tractor should really drive in 'low' T-A with no pressure, unless the low side pack is also shot , brocken bellville spring often the fault there. seems you not done yet.
  7. Alex uk

    574 vs 674

    This could just be down to how the tractor spec when built on the line, you could get different transmission options and diff options if you wanted when new. A lot had a default ratio oftern 574 run AR 674 run DT . The letter codes are the gearbox /diff ratios . If you look either on the bell housing above the starter or to the right of the PTO shaft at the rear you will see a little stamped tag. This will have some numbers and letters on .The last 3 letters are the gear ratio and the PTO gearing . if you look in the parts manual , not sure in the ops manual it tells you the codes. These speed option run on all the Doncaster skid units right up the the 4230's and maybe later . It will have a ration to suit the tyre size against the torque of the tractor usally. Yes not a great deal of difference between the 2 tractors , the 674 does have a heavier duty front axle , the spindles are heavier and different front hubs and wheel bearing . Alex.
  8. Hi Guys. Found a 15 year old Scale models ride on farmall H on E bay over here in the UK . Don't see many of these US made ride on 's over here. So thought its worth a buy . My son has just about outgrown to play wit it, but would be a nice IH piece to have in my collection. Its around 100 miles from me , and was wanting to know how easy does the steering wheel and the rear wheels come off? It looks from the picture the steering wheel has a bolt through the steer shaft, though not sure on the wheels? Hopefully then I will be able to get it into the rear of my'16 Ford Mondeo (Ford Fusion in US) to collect. Its a bit of a run with my old trailer to fetch that. Oh I will be wanting a new decal set for it if I get it , as the paint as peeled of in some places, looks to me as its stood outside. Thank you. Alex.
  9. Thanks for the replys. I do some more searching after I posted the thread yesterday and I also found it listed on Amazon! But buyer will not ship overseas. I may have found a good used one close to me in England , little bit wary on fitting a used one , guess it could last 6 months or 6 years . The old 2850 I am working on has done some work , over 21,000 hours to date . rebuilt engine at 14,000 and rebuilt trans at 17,000. Though never fitted in shifter tubes, the lower hollow output shaft needle bearings failed that time. Do have a few pics if anyone as look . I have also had a go at welding the old one, it was a clean shear , I set it up in the lathe and gave it a few light tacks to get it center , then vee out the joint and mig welded it. The weld took good . Talked to the guys who tractor it is and if we cannot get a part in next week or so we may risk the welded part. If it was to fail again we will have let the tractor stand until get a new part. I do him very good rates on labour , as I use his shop sometimes and have my firewood timber from him also. 4-5 hours can have the cab off and the shifter out. I have sent some more info to the used part guy and hope I can get his part. These pictures are from 4 years ago when I had the tractor apart, if you look close at the first picture you can see the broken needle roller bearings, the large gear cluster above it runs over the main pinion shaft, the shifter tube now broke is the long gold coloured part close to the filter box , it is the hollow shaft with the high range shaft running through the center . Oh the joys of Deere. I'll take my camara up when I put it back together this time. Alex.
  10. Yes I know we are talking green here , but I have a an issue with a tractor I have for repair and Deere has let me down for the first ever time. I have always had good luck with John Deere parts even for older tractors all my working time, my local dealer has always been great. But I have a European Deere 2850 SG2 fwa tractor apart for gear selector shaft repair and my dealer has let me down , he is telling me Deere are cutting back on stock holding parts, guess its all down to money? The 2850 is the same tractor has a US market 2755/2955 , 4 cylinder turbo with 16x8 power syncron transmission. With Sound Gard cab and side mounted gear shift. I am looking the hollow shifter shaft for the Low-reverse shifter p/n AL55218 . Also the bush fitted to it L62818, seal L36621 Items 8,9,and 10 on the on line parts book. My dealer tells me its on a European wide back order well into next year! The tractor is needed before then. I have run the part through the US Deere parts system and it is the same part fitted to 2355,2455,2755, and 2955 tractors. May fit alot more models also. Anyone get on well with there JD Dealer who could run the number and stock of the part ? You guys over in the USA have helped me before finding a few odd parts. Thank you. Alex.
  11. Alex uk

    Hydro 84

    Very nice. I done a lot on Hydro 74/84's Seen a fwa before. Always seemed odd IH did not offer the option in the UK where the tractor was built ? The Z-F axle is worry free next to the Kimco. Get it in some deep mud pulling it must use every last HP the tractor has!
  12. Alex uk

    '44 Farmall H

    There was thread a while back about the correct gauge , did you start it? Be good to see how it looks, I am looking for the correct style gauges for my '44 Lease -lend M over here in England .with the round style IHC. As said just play steady while the adaptor , heat may help , heat around the plug not the plug itself.
  13. Alex uk

    CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    To add to the park brake update , the 74 and 84 tractors never had the best park brake. When they modified the transmission in 1987 with the center drive fwa the changed the park brake for the better , though the lever is still a real stretch to use.Made some updates to the T-A and fwa hydraulic control too , the T-A is sharper which is good/bad guess which you like? The worst detail about that year upgrades were the front bonnet and side covers, went from metal to plastic/fiberglass , the side panels can fall off and the hood front can soon get damaged.
  14. Alex uk

    preparing to paint the W-4

    Just looking through the daily threads. I am no expert painter , but have done a good few tractor over the time. All I will say it good to use red oxide as a base layer , but I'd give in a coat of either light gray or the buff/yellow primer you see before you put on the IH red. 2 reasons, it makes seeing how the reds going on better , and the red will look brighter and sharper when finished . Sure more guys will chime in , just my 2 cents.
  15. Alex uk

    pto ? 784 series

    The PTO on the '84 tractors does stop once you move the lever pretty soon. I know how the Ford works , they have the band around the PTO hub , and yes the Ford will be a sharp with lightweight loading. The IH will soon stop dead also , works on a different idea by having the piston return springs clamp the base back tight and a lug on (No 28) this hits another lug on the rear casing , there is a little more give this way. But what you can do , I do sometimes when having something without a overun , is to just hold the lever off the stop a little , this leaves a little pressure in the piston letting you control it better, just the same as starting off the IH is very good to control , you can just feather in the lever, thats what the little step is for on the side console . The Ford lever is more on/off with a detent. Most hay machines have an overun on them that I have seen though. Seen the pic I had in my bucket yesterday so thought I'd add it just for your interest. Alex.