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  1. After some digging I hopefully have found the sales catalog with the sale results . Tractors are from page 5 , just noticed a IH w4 made £7000, that must be a UK record as well. Never seen the wartime tractors make much more than £4-5000 tops. Seen there was a IH 634 County in the auction too. https://machinerysales.cheffins.co.uk/auctions/catalog/id/1134/Shrubbs-Farm-Collection-Major-auction-sale-of-over-90-classic-and-vintage-tractors-implements-and-spares-Essex?page=5
  2. Many thanks, Big night over here in England. There is a big Euro league soccer match going on tonight. They play in a semi final against Denmark, if they win it will be England's best match since winning the world cup in 1966.
  3. Collector had an auction of mostly Ford and Ford based tractors last weekend, once again the classic tractor market is on fire in England. We have seen a few '70's tractors reaching over £30,000 for a Massey 188's and Ford 7000's now . But this 1983 Ford County 1474 seems to have pushed it up a notch, yes its a rare tractor, but $270,000 rare??? https://www.fwi.co.uk/news/used-county-1474-sells-for-196000-in-spectacular-auction Alex.
  4. This is my 165, my son George is test driving the set of weights I have found for it. The tractor was new to my great uncle where I spent alot of my time. It was the first tractor I drove all on my own be around 9 years old then and spent many hours running it since then. Farm was sold but kept the tractor. It's a mid age 165 with the later perkins 212 engine, multi power and power steering, but still has the dry disk brakes. That tractor to me is priceless, to many memories of my grandfather and great uncles that last with me forever. Need to rebuild the engine sometime,never been touched. Did the multi power and clutch a few years back. Most of paint is original, though rough in places.
  5. Looks like a ford 6840 or 7740 to me. Make a handy loader tractor.
  6. German d206 and 239 engine blocks are different. Easy to see difference without looking at s/n stamp. There is a visible difference in block height between the cam cover plate and the head. Same on a german 310 and 358. Take note next time around one. I think its possible you could convert a 239 with a 248 crank if you felt the need or had the $ to play around. Thought all the balance parts are the same apart from 268. Though will not commit without studying the parts book. Alex
  7. No nothing about this set up, just looking through the dealers web page at the 2 Magnums they have for sale and seen this listed. Guy doesn't list much info who/when it was done. We had the old Ford based Doe tandem tractors over here in England, but never seen a modern take on it. Guess it maybe easier to build than an old tractor with mechanical control, in this case just double up on the wiring harness to the throttle and transmission control and you are away! Neat how they have used the cab roof of the front tractor to act as a cover for the electrics . I have copied the one picture, the rest are in the link. https://www.oakfields-ag.com/product/the-latest-ford-conversion Alex.
  8. Oh the parts book link didn't work as expected. This is a screen shot.
  9. From the parts book picture off Messicks site if any help. https://www.messicks.com/cas/142778 , go onto drivetrain/ pto. Guess you are talking about the square section rubber piston seals? or the steel piston slip rings that go on the shaft? Once its all back together check the operating spool is working correct, look at the top of the MCV, the large housing with the filter on, to the top right you will see a shifter fork and maybe the remains of a rubber bellows. Maybe get someone to operate the lever while you watch (engine off) dirt and crap gets around the fork and in the bellows, this will not let the spool work correct in the main valve and can cause low pressure issues, so the PTO can slip. I can copy a page from the service manual maybe if I get time. Alex.
  10. Wow Canadian shop rates are high ! Guess its main dealer like anywhere. $4500 Can for labour is around £2500 in English £. If there wasn't the covid travel bans I'd take a vacation and come over and do the job for you. Does no one have the experiance or time to work on these older IH tractors anymore? Most dealer tractor techs I know myself included always have a few weekend projects on the go at beer money rates, this is just the sort of job I would do as long as the customer doesn't need it next day. As Jim says in above post, split the tractor at the clutch housing , drain oil remove PTO and move lower shaft to the rear, drop out the T-A gears , then pull out the T-A housing forward into the clutch housing. No need to remove the rear axles or rear transmission split, or to touch any of the rear hitch. You would have to still do the same process if you wanted to fit an eliminator kit. Still require a few gaskets and seals also. I guess no one in Canada offers the delate kit like the one in my link? Suprised Tractorparts don't ship overseas. If you were really stuck I could get it for you then ship it for you. Then send payment to me via pay-pal or something. Did something simular in the past for a guy in Ontario. Where are you at? Sounds like you have to think it over.
  11. Have to agree with all the replys. It will be the sprag clutch unit, but as you take it all apart like above it you will find the shaft, hub, plates etc all worn. Although don't want to offend J-Mech like in the 484 thread. (I maybe didn't come across in writing as my brain was thinking!) A few times I have taken out the sprag and was jammed solid with fine grime out of the trans. Clean it out and check how bad the rollers are flat, then put it back in! Back in the day at the old IH dealers esp. in slack winter time on s/h sales tractors we did this trick a few times. Some of the parts are the same as later tractors and easy to get hold of still live at CNH, though some are harder to find as said. I have always tried to rebuild a t-a tractor, if you lock it up down to 8 fwd gears you will always miss the t-a when you really want to pull it back and get you going. These guys are over here in England, but do ship overseas. They do carry a lot of parts if hard to find in the US.https://www.intatracuk.com/t-a-overhaul-kit-early-type/. Though can't just see the early input shaft there. This is another English IH parts co. These guys offer the t-a delete kit, as well as the regular t-a parts. Again think they ship to the US. https://www.tractorparts.co.uk/674-drive-train-and-brakes/GEA-TA-international-tractor-tatorque-amplifier-conversion-gear We also have a Mcormick tractor dealer near us and they can get parts for the UK Doncaster parts okay using the older IH p/n. Its your call how many $ you want to put into the tractor.
  12. Yep, just cold engine running or diesel slobber as these guys call it. The mess could be cold engine oil as well from the hardened out valve seals. Looking at the close up picture of the fuel pump notice 2 things, 1st the tractor has been painted at one time, as paint over the warning plate. No issue. 2nd the paint is still on the max speed setting screw on the pump. I think what that tractor needs is an oil change and give it some hard work, then go from there. Its how much $ you want to put into what is not a major issue for a tractor you only use for chore work. Alex.
  13. Heck, that's a great review. I really like the 784 with the 'Year a round' and the home sawn lumber and planking. Me and my son have cut up to many good trees for firewood, some could have been cut for lumber I am sure. Looks like mice? have carried grain into the 574 engine, or is it just moisture bubbling on the alloy pistons? We brought an old combine engine one time, got it back would only turn 1/2 turn then lock up, pulled the head and full of grain in 2 cylinders! Though that was stored on the ground with no air cleaner still fitted. great pics. Alex.
  14. Quick question. Is there any difference in basic parts (other than bore and stroke), between the D239 and D268.

    Seem to be having a major problem locating con rods. Supposedly the oem rod according to Case/IH (and there's part of the problem, right there) is 3055030R24 which is a right hand notch, but info here states 1.81" as the bearing width which is less than the 32mm, mine measure in at. Any suggestions? Engine is out of a nice 844S mfwd, hence the reason to rebuild.

  15. Did you replace the large taper bearings? Sure you got them home all the way, there's no way to set a preload, the hub bolts up tight and thats it. I wouldn't be worried about bolting up the the inner hub, then using a copper hammer or a hammer with a bit of hard wood trying to knock the wheel hub 20 to set the bearings. Can you still turn the hub once at this stage? before you put the 'top hat' part with the planetry gears in? Found this picture from the parts book .
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