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  1. Alex uk

    Randy Sohn

    That,s a great loss I always liked listening to his airplane stories. I even seen on the tv over here in England on a WW2 US bomber documentry. With regards. Alex.
  2. Done some more for you , found this on You Tube, go 53 seconds in and pause. it goes through how it all works and indeed tells you about my trick. Hope this a help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtT8FmpBw3w Bringing back some memories working on these engine, oh so simple.
  3. Hi, many years ago after the co I worked for lost the IH franchise we moved onto Deutz tractors. We sold a good amount of the now older DX models with the air cooled engines, like you say the engines were the tractors best part. Your engine will have the viscoius driven fan using the engine oil to lock it up as you say. We used to have trouble sometimes with also, most from the sender in the back exhaust port. As this part is $$$ we found a cheat. Look at the unit , at the bottom right is what looks like a 10mm head bolt with a copper washer under it. Take out the bolt and remove the copper washer then refit, it lets the needle valve drop down and so lets oil flow to the fan unit. Its a long time since I done that trick maybe 20 years but if I remember it works, rare the fan hub fails. On some of the Deutz tractors they also had the oil lines to fan go to another valve that worked from the hydraulic temp sender. As the hyd oil cooler was also in the engine fan air stream if you had a situation maybe using a hyd motor to power something but with little engine load you would have the engine cool,but the hyd oil hot, so this again kicked the engine fan in. The valve had a square 3 pin plug , if you undid the plug that again kicked the fan in. Not sure if I still have any Deutz manuals, I will take a look. Did find this on www. You can do some google on the cheat maybe. Your right also parts are not to bad, aftermarket parts are okay also, only advice I can give is to use new heads bolts, they do stretch if reused. Alex.
  4. Alex uk

    Corona virus

    Thought I 'd add my bit from over here in England. Still working for JCB , the shop floor guys got called in sent home on Wednesday, I am classed as staff member , we have been working until today, got the call to shut all test engines down and shut all PC's off etc. This more on the back of the order books have fell through the floor, so no machines to build as much as guys working together with the virus. Told to go home until further notice, will have full pay for one week but after that??? Although today the goverment had put aside a bunch of cash to support companies to pay and hold staff if possible. Its going to be a rocky ride, sounds great having 3-6 who knows weeks off work but on almost no income its going to a big change. Shame is not closer to summer , can find a few farmers tractors to fix to add some income. Most of the UK car makers have done the same this week also. Got lots of shed work to do, but also got all 3 kids back in isolation too, 2 are back from collage and boys off school. Have to get on with the out door schooling and learn some real life skills. Alex.
  5. I have a few from the UK. This is a dealer from the late '70's into the 80's not to far from me, not on one of my tractors though.
  6. Alex uk

    F-4 Magneto

    Not wanting to sound dumb, but are you sure the advance/retard is all working and the cover set on correct. Remember that when past the retarted mark it kills the spark. I had to do some playing around with the carbon tips as well, brought some from Brillmen, but didn't fit that well , pulled some out of some old caps I had. My 10-20 has the points in from?? Same points from before I brought it 10 years back, been sat 20+ before that, so bet could be old geniune.
  7. You are correct its a UK market tractor. It would have had a fully glazed insulated cab when new, must be later than 1977 too as its got the iso mount cab base, see how the block looking part next to the step is seperate to the mounting bracket that bolts to the bell housing, thats where the iso mount is. Yep, we 52 decal on 454, 62 on 474 and 475, 68 on 574 and 78 on 764 . just add a bit of bling to the side screens! Guys over here are doing repo decals if your tractor needs them. Looks to be plenty of life left in that tractor yet.
  8. Oh just looking back at the pictures again, the tractor has foot boards. The English TE20's never had foot plates out of the factory, though many were fitted later in life. Though I read years ago the T020 did have foot plates?
  9. I 'll put a bit of the limited information I know about TE20 tractors forward. As said earlier tractors had the alu. bonnets as we call them. They had alu. steering boxes right through production , also the oil pans I think. Years ago they were everwhere over in the UK. But one thing I did notice is I think it started life as a petrol/TVO model , thats gasoline/kerosine to you. I bet the the tag starts with TED , TEA are straight petrol, TEF diesel and theres many more models as you go on.Wonder if it was a import in its lifetime otherwise it would be a TO20? I do see it has a bumper bar which although common in the US are never seen in England. Be good to read the tag on the tractor. The give away is the intake grill on the dash and what will be a coolant temp gauge just by it. The petrol engine just had the air intake under the hood and no temp gauge. No idea why? If you could see the left side better at the fuel tap, you can just see the bowl, the TVO tractors had a real nice 2 way brass tap feeding from the main tank and starting tank under the hood. Most of the tractors got the manifolds and carbs swapped out for straight gas later in life. Thats all I know, there is plenty of guys who live and breath these tractors out there somewhere!. Alex.
  10. Looking at the last pictures by Mattieu it looks like he only has single acting valve , the 2 nd hose will be a return , for example if you had an implement with its own spool block , just feed through the valve and return back, though the best place for a free flow return on a 74-84 tractor is in through the large plug below the r/h side axle. I can tell its single acting valve by the length of the alu end cap, this is where the detent balls and grooves are. A geniune ID d-a valve has a longer end cap with up/ netural/ down/ float . The single acting just 3 detent. Saying that the Kontat valves used on the tractors are common OE parts and someone could have fitted it form anything in the past. Maybe you could measure the cap I guess without going to a tractor the single acting be 1-1/4" , the d-a spool 2" Maybe a help to you.
  11. Hi, I don't have a lot of time to spend on this now a days, but just having a quick look and picked up on this thread. Wow that 574 fwa is super rare, that's in the same rare league for 74 series tractors as 474 Hydros. The tractor will have been made in Doncaster back in the day. I have seen a few 674 fwa's over here in the UK, think a few went to Scandinavia also were they seem to have UK made tractors rather than European made IH tractors. The front axle and transfer case, drive shafts etc are all made by Kimco. Search Kimco on the forum and you will find some more posts about fwa tractors, though not all good! The Kimco co also made the small offset tractors for IH in the early '80's time, also made axles for later IH 74 and 84 series tractors. It was a partnership between IH and Komatsu. If you really wanted to convert your tractor using IH parts you will have to search the breaker yards for the earlier fwa 84 series tractors, the 584,684,784 etc all used Kimco parts for there fwa . Later tractors used Z-F axles and parts and are a lot better! You may find a tractor in the breakers you can get parts out off But its a BIG job, you will have to pull the main pinion shaft out of the gearbox to fit the above IH axles to fit the extra gear in front of the park brake hub to drop the power into the side mounted transfer case, this bolts to the r/h side of the trans where you can see a flat cover plate around 8" across. If you go on Messicks parts site and look up something 684 fwa front axle it will give you an idea of the layout. Guess you could put the later side drive Z-F axle on your tractor with alot of work, to fit anything later from a 95/4210 series will mean swapping the main gearbox as these are center drive , and fron t bolster , thats just to much work!!!! I'd look for another tractor Alex.
  12. I would have though coal dust be a bigger killer than combine dust? Or is most of the coal open cast? Though I do know its some of the fungi spores you can find in crops are bad for a guy.
  13. Well my question returned some posts! I spent the first 25 years of my working life working for ag dealers , though now work for JCB as a research tech, though my job isn't as good as it was . I have been moved around to engine development testing , good money , but shut inside a test house all day with not many windows and ALOT of computer work which I am not so happy at. All those years working both a dealers and on farm can never get out of your body. Though even regular ag mechanics now have to bee a PC wizz to plug into all the modern equipment. I am thinking of sticking out my job over the winter and until the Euro brexit deal is over. I can see some of the manufacturing companies coming unstuck over trade with Europe. Jaguar/Land rover and Toyota are already planning downturns and possible plat slowdown/closures if brexit deal falls bad. i then may look into a ag job over here if not overseas. I have worked for both small family firm and multi depot big time ag dealers , and I know time does move on , but my time at the smaller guys was the best time I had . Had to work hard and outside in all weathers when needed, but felt a member of the family and rewarded the same has the boss did his own 2 lads who worked for him. The big AGCO dealer I worked for a short while was nothing more that a front for his corrupt trucking firm , money, money, and time he could charge out was the big deal , customer and staff second. I'd be cautious of travelling half way around the world to work for RME. Without some positve reports. I know just were you guys are coming from with the lack of interest from the younger guys, we have same problem at work also, some done to lack of training or interest from the guys themselves. just watch a new guy use a hacksaw to cut a piece of steel! No idea in TPI on a blade or even hold it correct . But ask them how to upload a new phone app or set up some driver on a PC and there straight on it! My wife would take some talking to come over , but the rural lifestyle would be the appeal for me. Though have noticed the price of property is rising also. Could I get a house with some tractor shedding and a good size yard for maybe 400,000-450,000 CND. Maybe I will have to come on a trip over with the wife to convince here. Alex.
  14. Hi guys. These 2 company's HJV Equipment out of Alliston and Hensall Ontario as well as a few depots further east selling AGCO sprayers and Lexion, and Rocky Mountain Equipment full CNH line from more the central and western areas of Canada are working hard in England pushing for jobs. They are both advertsing all over the UK farm press and web sites looking for service guys , along with parts and general help type roles. Rocky Equip are even have a recruitment day later this month over here with staff from Canada over to go talk to. The roles are all back in Canada , they will pay flights and Visa as required , work for 2 years and option of permit , offer between 25-38 CND pay. Thats a good pay rate , againest the GBP , a good guy at the dealers will be earning around 15GBP here , so guess its on par or better. Guess its all down to cost of living though. Whats the deal? are ag service guys that short on the ground? Both outfits are young outfits , looking on the web it looks like Rocky equip have done lots of smaller dealer buy outs, is that always a good thing?? Anyone have any dealings with these dealers? I am getting to old for a job change at 51 , the cut off for working abroad like Canada or New Zealand is 55 years old. Though both girls have finished school, just have George who 11 at school to look after , not sure if the wife would want to move . have looked several times at New Zealand and Canada to work over the years . A few of the New Zealand ag dealers often put out for work in England , looks like Canada are wanting help too. I have worked in North Dakota when I was young and single, had a great time out there . But to come and live with a family and set up home in a strange town/area would be kind of scary. Alex.
  15. Not sure about the rest of Europe , but in England and the UK. IH never offered the 5088, only the 52 and 54 . The UK spec had different road lighting as well. One good check to do sometimes which I do at odd tractors that come up for auction in the UK that look like imports is to check the tyre brand and the place of manufacture , as a tractor that age will not be on its original tyres. I know its not always true as many tyres are now from far of lands . The tractor looks to have US style Firestones , don't see that style often in Europe. Alex.
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