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  1. Can anyone tell me the size of the tubing for the fuel line ? I've replaced the Petcocks on the tanks with OEM replacements, I've had them for years, they were in old Case-IH boxes. 454-D179. My tractor is a Industrial 2400 with D179 engine. Does anyone know the proper size of the fuel lines I need to buy, I have a bender. The line on there now is not OEM, I know OEM had unions to join. The fuel line tubing is one piece bent to the front, one piece bent to the return. The tubing is rusted inside and I need to fix it before the injector pump is damaged, feeding it clean filtered diesel from a tank above the pump results in no pump problems. What size line do I need to buy ? Do the ends need to be double flared ? Please let me know.
  2. The one I found in the pile is a 12si, it has the more open cooling at the back, it's not as compact as I'd like- can't have everything. I took it a place that can rebuild but they said they'd test it. I went to look at one on a CAT diesel and he had a wire from the pig tail on the two posts to the battery lug, the other pig tail wire went to the post on the starter marked IGN, and finally he had another wire at the battery lug going to the battery. Will that cause your battery to drain down ? Will a TD-340A turn the RPM's such that this alternator will excite and produce current ? Should I try to find a smaller pulley for it to make sure it turns faster ? Thank you for any all opinions.
  3. Thank you so much. I had a pile of alternators I pulled from motors(we still have about 25 old Mopars, 5-6 are restored, rest are parts and oddities). I had a GM V6 there and I remember pulling the alternator. I found it after you posted, but it maybe burnt up. I'm not sure- very few places around here will rebuild an alternator or even check them. I'll just have to find a place. But I did find a Delco-Remy. I do not know how to tell 10si from 12si. Wish I had found the 440 boat. The Navy docks down in Mobile had a lathe they wanted gone. I hauled it home- it is an American Pacemaker, while I was down there, there was a 440 Cigarette boat advertised at a civvy dock. I hem-hawed around and I had 12,000lb of lathe on my trailer, but I went anyway. Day late and a dollar short. It was a 426 Hemi with Keith Black heads. Thing was easy to strip because it had so many "stash" spots. People who bought it sawzalled it and left the remains and the pump and system for cooling it at the dock. The KB heads were aluminum and whoever built the engine knew that those particular heads needed to be opened up to add fittings for water cooling(ie they were a model that was hollow inside and had water jackets but no way to access it- so someone put it on a boring mill and added fittings), They sold it for $4k. I had $4k in my bank account at that time. Engine was sorta mounted inside like an OMC Stern drive boat.
  4. My TD-340A is a Drott Loader. I love the thing to death. The alternator was swapped out to some sort of GM alternator some time ago- the end result is that it rarely became "excited" enough to produce charging. It has burned up. The shop that used to rebuild alternators said it is toast. I don't know where to find another 1 wire- alternator shop just said "Find a GM or a Mercruiser Boat". Heck if I know ? I always used to just like ordering them off Summit, but as pricey as they are, I would rather hit a junk yard. Any advice for what year and models to look for a 1 wire ? Also: when I got my TD-340A, the D-166 had a steam leak. I did a pressure test and it was the head or head gasket. Sadly, it was the head. I happened to find a rather large backhoe with a D-188 about to be crushed. They let me take the injector pump, the gear, front cover, exhaust manifold, the water intake, and D-188 head as it was going to China as scrap. Head magnafluxed perfect. I timed it in at 2*. I've been trying to sort out small details on it, and I looked at the engine specs in a manual. The D-188 had specific Roosamaster pump. It was also timed in at 3*. This engine has excellent compression, it can start with no glow plugs, no ether in summer. Can I advance timing to 3* ? How much extra power can I get out of this engine ? How much can I turn up the pump pressure in order to achieve more power ? Thanks very much.
  5. Was it that muscle tractor they did two iterations of ? like a 1586 or something ? Do you know how it was cammed or would a person need a parts book to see that ? Did they go for HP and then let gearing produce the raw pulling power of the tractor ? I'm assuming those didn't have PTO, they were for pulling multi-bottom plows.
  6. Navy and Military and Fire Services bought a lot of the Cabovers with the DV800 and the 900. I personally loved the DV800 and the 900. I know almost all I've seen are ex-military trucks. Greenville NC, Warner Robbins GA, Albany GA. There is an old man in Blairsville GA that has a DV800 and transmission. He always wanted me to changed out a CAT 941's track tensioner that was leaking- and mine you I am not a CAT person- I want to say 941 sounds right. 941B. I really wanted that engine, but best as I could figure the tensioner was hydraulic and it required removal for repacking. Bob just thought, replace seal, end of story. No need to remove I wanted the engine for my Loadstar. At that time I was really working my butt off to keep my DOT certs up and I typically didn't drive my LS1600 over 45mph. Staties took over DMV, and I got stopped a few times. They'd check tire pressure, put the weight pads under my tires, finally came up with- "At 45mph you are not going with flow of traffic". I was only on two lane and four lane roads- not interstates. I hauled Mulch and gravel with the machine, occasionally I hauled my machines. I found a 4bbl intake from a 392, put it on the 345. It would go up to 60mph. That 4bbl and wailing on the machine was a bad idea as the engine wore out. Our local NAPA closed and there went my only source for brake parts- we still have a NAPA but they know nothing of old equipment- they're just a corporate store. I drove a cabover like yours, Navy owned it and sold it to some folks who were in the business of trucking HAZMAT. That truck pulled really well, it seemed easy to work on, and I never heard the owners poormouth the engine. They always ranked the truck engines: 800----> 900 ------> DT360 ---->DT460 Same guy had a S-series someone had stuck an IDI 7.3 in- it was a horrible mishmash.
  7. People crushed them KY, TN, VA, GA, NC, SC, GA and ESPECIALLY Florida The orchard ones went first- no blade, no loader, on the loboy it went. I literally remember 2004, spec-house boom was going on, and I followed a guy with a 900ci International Loadstar with airbrakes into a junkyard- he had a loboy behind(like mine that got stolen- hidden wheels- ie the bed covered over them- DOT stopped that though with a word to Hudson) and he had two ag crawlers. One was a TD-6, one was a TD-5. They were red, and the sun burnt them more brown. I told him that if he weighed it and got a quote, I'd give him $250 over quote and $250 to drive it 18 miles home, I'd pull it off. GUY GOT STEAMING MAD- not the junkyard man- THE GUY JUNKING THE TRACTORS. "Our peach trees, and muscadines and our freedonia grapes died out years ago and when was you then ? You bleepity bleep bleep." He sold the dump truck, loboy, and both the crawlers and he GROSSED $2000. Then he signed the note of acceptance- the contract- and it was the property of the junkyard, except for one thing. Every machine had gear oil or hydraulic fluid or diesel (TD6 I swear was gas to diesel) and anti-freeze. AND TIRES. JY docked him for all that. He mighta got out of there with $1700. Guy was pushing 50, and he had to call his dad for a ride- he'd just sold a running dumptruck he drove in with. 70 year old man showed up, he explained to Scrappys that the truck, equipment, and, and lowboy were not his son's property and he had paperwork back in Robbinsville. NC law didn't require as much paperwork back then as scrap had yet to reach it's maximum. Scrappy's said it was between father and son. Scrappy's had a pretty good idea that with this transaction and me a witness h#ll would follow forth... So that night they took the two big Deere trackhoes and ripped it all to shreds. Unhooked a full container load, put the load of stuff from Robbinsville and they topped it off with stuff out of the full container, left out at 6am. Sheriff from two county's come in at 8am and the old man with his paperwork. Scrappys had destroyed the transaction receipts and the son had hidden the check. The owner of Scrappys- Jake- was crooked though, he figured the son would wait to cash the check until the heat died down. Jake cancelled the check and pocketed it all. For both locations, Scrappys had, they were near creeks and they were on bare soil. Every imaginable chemical went into the creeks and the ground. NC would do nothing. Soil and Water Conservation has made my life a nightmare with this logging project, checking my berms, looking for evidence of red clay in the creek- but SWC never said a word to Scrappys. 3rd richest man in the county is the mortician. Jake- who "owns" Scrappy's- married the mortician's youngest daughter- a girl so dumb that when she leaves the room, the collective iq rises. In the mean time, the mortician paid for Jake to become a "certified arborist". The timber companies found out he was skimming doing their buying and fired him. He went into tree service. That failed. Mortician bought him the junkyward. That's largely failed. People keep dying and they go to their "home town" mortician- so money keeps coming in. They sell caskets you could could buy a diesel ton truck for the same $$$$. Its like me an TD-6-62's. I cant handle taking trips to Ohio or Pennsylvania to get a parts machine. That's they only place they weren't crushed. I'm learning watching here. The knowledge base of real IH's is so very small and so many old timers are going- that there are many questions can't be answered. Many parts can't be had. I won't crush my TD-6-62. Breaks my heart the LH final drive and steering clutch pack is in the condition it's in, and I can't get parts. I guess I need to re-evaluate and see what the $20k I was going to spend on a used 4x4 tractor- and see what I can get a Komatsu D31 trackloader with.
  8. ERIC: Found a complete TD-18 with I believe your engine in it. Engine ran when parked, used in a chicken house since new. I can go through text mssgs and see if I've got his info. His is a cable lift machine. This was from a few months ago: these are cut/paste notepad notes I took and have adapted. Motor has good compression, it needs the gas tank dunked in acid, and then sealed with something like ZeroRust inside and out. That or a marine paint with the old HVOC content. Get a good respirator or a fresh air system, and apply the marine paint inside and out. Make sure you have removed petcock and masked the threads. Only use enough for coverage. Let sit in sun for 48 hours. Dedicated oven- bake low temp for 30-35 minutes (200 degrees or so). Find carb and petcock or rebuild. Run a dedicated tank of diesel and for gasoline. Valve to open/close for gasoline NOT STUCK. Maybe take and do a straight diesel start first with ether ? Traditional method 1st ?
  9. Bellhousing not play nice with the starter ? Clutch pack issues ? I did not think about a TD-15 that late being power shift or partial powershift- taking a machine that has a torque converter and using a modern engine can be a nightmare. I'm looking at an old Hough that had RD gasser installed in place of the diesel. I don't trust the Red Diamond(can't get it to run)- and I know it needs an engine swap. No one on forum has had any suggestions. It may just be me. Online forums are weird thing, some people just don't fit in.
  10. The 7.3 could do it. But you're looking at a re-cam to produce max torque as that TD-15 isn't going to see the Highway. Cam design maybe something you want to talk with somebody like the guys out of Bullet in Olive Branch MS, which is right near Memphis TN. The adapter process is going to be a "female dog" pardon my french. You need to consider where the starter is, and how you're going to build your adapter plate(recommend you make your template dead nuts accurate and go for an EDM shop to cut it out of aluminum). Plate thickness goes to spacing some other bits. Once you've looked at those factors you may want to take the 7.3 down and get as much compression as possible out of it, get your cam to produce peak power the way the 554 had. I've made 4wd where there was none. I stuck Detroit diesel powerplants in places they were never meant to go, took an air cooled Deutz genset engine and put it a Lanz-Deere that was over here, there is an Allis dozer made god knows where running around with a Deere street sweeper turbo diesel. Put a Ford 201 into a Long orchard crawler after he got tired of UTB engines overheating and lunching. If it wasn't originally there, just be prepared- **** can split wide open on you and it isn't fun. If you have more questions, let us know. I think I've wore out my welcome on the forum but maybe I can help answer some things.
  11. I honestly believe another year or two, IH would have made it. But the Memphis plant was such a pain in the side, and Case had been bought out by Tenneco and Tenneco was looking for anything that had potential, that they could make a buy relatively cheap, and then strip down and sell. They'd done it with DROTT assets, Davis assets, David Brown assets, and I honestly don't believe that Tenneco was good for the agricultural market. I do not believe that Case or IH were the same companies- in the sense of engineering philosophy and build quality- as a result of Tenneco management staying on in many key manufacturing and engineering positions.
  12. Thanks very much Tom H. I very much appreciate. There is about the be a heckuva rain storm, so I am going offline for, but will follow your heed.
  13. Can anyone tell me where to get a repair kit for this pump EP/VA31100H 1100 CR 62 aka Bosch EP/VA - VE ? I need a pump rebuild kit.
  14. By breaking open the injectors ? Yes. No fuel spritz But I have to solve a problem at the return line on the injector pump. Someone had screwed with that- the drunkard previous owner- and he had galled the threads. I fixed the threads by using a pilot and a three piece tap set, and the fuel banjo bolt fits fine, but I could not find the bottom crush washer I'd ordered. I had to use one that was approximate in size and there is a leak there. So there could be air in the system. I am assuming righty tighty lefty loosey- I have tried to open the twin petcocks on the fuel tank by turning them to the left. I have a D179 thin little blue manual somewhere, I will go to look for it. It is amazing how well it runs with shot a spritz of ether, and then runs out. Gobshite.
  15. I purchased a I 2400 D over a year ago. With just the faintest spray of ether(yes, I know, bad idea, rings and ring lands) it will start up and run until the ether runs out. The exterior sheetmetal has been painted red and with a white stripe but no decals. Underneath the sheetmetal- undercarriage, engine, trans, etc- all are yellow. I traced it back two owners and the previous owner was a piece of trash- oh this tractor runs great - it turned out it did not run at all. The owner before him had apparently bought it from the state of TN. He said that it did have a front end loader and backhoe on it, and there is evidence of this. The tractor shifts on the side with the gear shift on the left hand side mounted on the inner left fender as you sit on it. I don't have $600 for a diesel pump rebuild, and I need to figure out what pump this tractor uses- so I can buy a kit and give it a whirl- I have rebuilt a CAV before with no problems.. I also need to figure out what service manual to buy. This tractor was as stated, originally all yellow, it had an FEL and a backhoe, it has twin PTO shafts, one fine spline 1000rpm, one regular spline 540, tractor shifts from left inner fender as you sit on the tractor. The fuel tank is this huge wrap around job that is right behind the seat. The fuel pump is marked as a Bosch and it is on the left side of the engine as you are sitting on the tractor, I cannot find a lift pump or primer pump, but it looks like it had the old "ether tank" at one time but no more(the plastic bowl that held the ether is gone). The data plate says it was built in Doncaster England and it is marked that it is an I (that is I as in eye not an L) I 2400D. I think it is a D179, it is 3 cylinder. It has hydrostatic steering. I just need to know what info to provide to you guys so I can buy a pump rebuild kit to buy and what service manual. Everybody seems to know a 2400A and 2400B but not a 2400D and I am sure it says says Doncaster England, I 2400D on the data plate. Any help is appreciated.
  16. I have a 1970's 2400D tractor. Diesel. It sat for a long time, and I installed a new starter, all new fluids, and it will not start. The throttle also won't return to zero, if you push the throttle arm closed it will close, but the throttle arm stalk won't return the throttle arm back to "zero". The throttle stalk's linkage maybe need lubrication, but with the fact it will throttle up one would assume it would help the engine draw fuel to the injectors. Not so. Can anyone suggest how I might prime this pump ? I see where the pump receives fuel, I've thought about taking that banjo bolt out, pouring in some fuel, and then returning the banjo bolt and see if it would crank, and then allow for a bleed at the rear most injector.
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