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  1. Can anyone tell me the size of the tubing for the fuel line ? I've replaced the Petcocks on the tanks with OEM replacements, I've had them for years, they were in old Case-IH boxes. 454-D179. My tractor is a Industrial 2400 with D179 engine. Does anyone know the proper size of the fuel lines I need to buy, I have a bender. The line on there now is not OEM, I know OEM had unions to join. The fuel line tubing is one piece bent to the front, one piece bent to the return. The tubing is rusted inside and I need to fix it before the injector pump is damaged, feeding it clean filtered diesel from a tank above the pump results in no pump problems. What size line do I need to buy ? Do the ends need to be double flared ? Please let me know.
  2. My hero. I am proud for you, and proud you saved that fine tractor. My life's mission is to live with integrity and without envy, hate, or greed. Finding one in a salvage yard is almost enough to trigger envy, my friend. I am quite proud of you. The 14xx series is my favorite after the 10xx. If I could have gotten that for less than $2k, I would.
  3. I need the front wheel cylinders(or rebuild kits) as well as the soft lines for the front. My local NAPA is just a chain store and it no longer carries the old catalogs where I could look up truck parts. We do not have an independent store. I have to get it tagged, running, and inspected, and insured or I may have some issues. Thank you.
  4. I don't have any sympathy for a welfare pig, be it a corporate welfare pig or just somebody on the dole. I finished a PhD in Applied Economics, didn't do in college of Ag, had a fellowship through forestry, but I did all my classes over at the COB. I don't use it because teaching and keeping my head above water became wiping noses and asses of people who were in their 20's. And adults calling their parents about what a mean man I was and because of educational records protection actions, I couldn't talk to their parents without a signed written note on file with the University, dean, and my department head and myself. Only thing I had to say to their parents was: 35% of the students have a "A" grasp of the material. Your child falls at C- Average, or below average. They don't come to office hours for help, and trying to teach yourself principles from a book is foolhardy when you don't listen to the instructor who is your guide. That said: Keynes and Gailbraith gave rise to the academics that supported big government and the command and control crap. And Roosevelt ate it up. THE ONLY THING THAT BROUGHT US OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION WAS WW2. Starting during the end of the Bush Years an all through the Obama years we came close to a depression. The government screwed with the way inflation is calculated, weighting and essentially making a multiplier that when applied, it appears we have no inflation, inflation isn't real, we're dealing with Year 2000 prices still. Bullcrap. The government changed how discouraged workers were counted and that screwed us even worse, because after 2 years of looking for a job even if you're still looking, they drop you from the figure and unemployment is now only the people actively looking and have been unemployed in the last 2 years. Between the Federal Reserve and the BLS, our government doesn't give us straight answers. You have to look. It was the end of Clinton era policies finally kicking in, combined with the shock at the macro level of banks betting they are too big to fail(and their bet was sound), the housing spec market and it's micro effect on construction crews and people hedging on spec properties and spec homes, and then the resulting domino effect when GM and Chrysler took a bailout. Bailouts are welfare. The same thing that eventually happened, would have just happened sooner. A Fiat or AutoUnion A.G. would have bought Chrysler from receivership from a holding company. The IP's, engineering, and finished product inventory was worth what the Freedom Group put in. GM had enough ducks together that full on closure would have given them leverage to break the UAW and the AFL-CIO and the unions in trucking moving the product. A bailout only forstalls the inevitable. It's the same reason why if you're going to do welfare- just give people a smaller cash amount instead of a managed check and foodstamps. Why ? Because then we'll waste less money on the arbitrage. Those that are going to buy dope, cigarettes, booze, scratchoffs, and kill themselves and each other will be able to more quickly do so. Others who are faintly more responsible will have the unencumbered funds, we don't have to pay for a nanny, and if any welfare works that will- the motivated will use it to elevate themselves and get off welfare quicker. Empirically where cash has been distributed instead of vouchers, this is what happens. And the solution of "Let's do another bailout for X" just makes it worse and forstalls the problem because look at the national debt. We print money we have no backing for- except the good will of creditor nations, but the majority is owed to American citizens who'll never see a penny of it. Okay. I reckon I'll go back to being a dumb hillbilly who counts on his fingers and toes and also my navel, and no more econ lectures.
  5. A 6BT is torque curved complete different than the engine offerings in the 706 and 806. This will not be an easy swap. This will be worse to cool adequately in Texas with a shoehorned 6BT. You will need to have someone in China or who makes radiators make you a custom aluminum radiator to cool the thing. To drive the water pump for cooling in a tractor environment in the field, you'll probably end up having to go custom pulleys all around to turn the water pump fast enough, and to prevent over charge and burn up the coil on your alternator. Clutches will go first. Then so will the trans. Then so will the rear end. It will be gradual, but I'm talking 5 years. Different purpose tractor, different build standards, not intended for a DT366 or a 5.9 cummins. 3.9 cummins is going backwards. It's yourn and yourn to wreck but that's the facts.
  6. One of the larger farmers in our area- 800 acres and he leased more, he had a 4586. It never had any problems that were significant, but he hated the DVT800. I've always wanted a DV800 to go in my Loadstar. 345 with 392-4v intake doesn't cut it, with a DV800 it would be a much better truck. Down here ? Forget finding it. I worked on his 4586 and it had 12k hours on it. When he had 9000 hours on it, he had the DVT800 taken out for a DT466. That may have been the first shoe horn job I helped on. He hauled the DVT800 for scrap. Hate, hate, hated it. He junked the tractor in a fit over the hydraulics and he claimed the brakes. He later said he shot himself in the foot, as he replaced it with a huge New Holland. The New Holland was nothing but trouble from the minute it arrived on the place. He paid off the note on it, and sold it for $22k firesale to a guy in Indiana. Guy in Indiana got it home and similar bad luck continued.
  7. My Great Pyrenees have never lived to 15. Mama Cass lived to 13 Max III lived to 8 Max IV lived 6(shot by a piece of trash, dog was fenced in on our property) Our English Shepherds have lived to 12, 10, 12, one is now 14. Our animals are fenced to stay on our farm and they have radio collars that provide shocks. They get everything the vet tells us, and they are greatly loved. I'll keep my opinion on Farmer's Insurance to myself. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" is what I'm invoking on my part.
  8. This sounds batsh#t crazy but it is true. You know the old style small farm granulated fertilize spreaders ? They look like a "waffle ice cream cone" or a "dunce cap" with the pointy end down ? When I was a kid (30 years ago), and we did square bales, we had two of those, one was for putting out granule fertilize on the garden and the other was for spreading salt on bales. In our town there was an ice house going back to the 20's. Been in business I know since then went out in early 90's. Back in the late 70's early 80's they ordered canning and pickling salt brought in at the ice factory in huge loads, they also ordered the county's road salt for DOT to mix with sand and chat, they had rock salt that a local Biltmore Ice Cream franchise used to make Biltmore recipe ice cream, and they had non-iodized bulk NaCL. I do not know what dad and grandpa bought to powder ours with I can remember the really terrible Chevrolet truck my dad had made a mistake buying, he'd go get a load of salt, it was finely processed to where it was a powder. They had hydraulic PTO drive(I still have it- it's just a hydraulic motor with a pto shaft- you could restrict flow and speed with a control valve), they used that rather than the 540, and it was what they used to powder the sides as it would head up the conveyor to the barn. Load up the conveyor, powder one side, drive around to the other, powder it. You had to wear a full face breather and a bee suit, you lost some but it'd twist up and being back some- we did it on concrete where a shop vac could pickup the residue and we always kept that pad clean during hay season. The spreader run slow but it powdered the dickens out of the sides and top too. Pickup 30-60% residue, and go again. Humidity in south- here in the mountains- always meant when we did square bales we had to control it. But I also remember the downside of daddy's first M&W Round Baler. That thing would pack rolls so tight, and we didn't have a conditioner, just a rake and flipper, we had so many rolls smoke we had to move storage to our tobacco barn.That wasn't good either.
  9. The one I found in the pile is a 12si, it has the more open cooling at the back, it's not as compact as I'd like- can't have everything. I took it a place that can rebuild but they said they'd test it. I went to look at one on a CAT diesel and he had a wire from the pig tail on the two posts to the battery lug, the other pig tail wire went to the post on the starter marked IGN, and finally he had another wire at the battery lug going to the battery. Will that cause your battery to drain down ? Will a TD-340A turn the RPM's such that this alternator will excite and produce current ? Should I try to find a smaller pulley for it to make sure it turns faster ? Thank you for any all opinions.
  10. I think after the Pontiac GTX debacle and the memo's that were pretty curt sent between legal teams asking on behalf of Chrysler Corporation asking GM not to do that, and Chrysler hadn't kept up trade names on the muscle cars people in the auto industry basically got their ducks in a row and got their intellectual property rights assured. Ford may own Cummins, but they don't know what the heck they're doing with it. I don't think I'd want to sour a relationship with Navistar over the name. I think eventually Ford will divest Cummins- especially as diesel imports start to come in and the economy slows- I think adding a diesel engine package to your truck will gradually decrease.
  11. Thank you so much. I had a pile of alternators I pulled from motors(we still have about 25 old Mopars, 5-6 are restored, rest are parts and oddities). I had a GM V6 there and I remember pulling the alternator. I found it after you posted, but it maybe burnt up. I'm not sure- very few places around here will rebuild an alternator or even check them. I'll just have to find a place. But I did find a Delco-Remy. I do not know how to tell 10si from 12si. Wish I had found the 440 boat. The Navy docks down in Mobile had a lathe they wanted gone. I hauled it home- it is an American Pacemaker, while I was down there, there was a 440 Cigarette boat advertised at a civvy dock. I hem-hawed around and I had 12,000lb of lathe on my trailer, but I went anyway. Day late and a dollar short. It was a 426 Hemi with Keith Black heads. Thing was easy to strip because it had so many "stash" spots. People who bought it sawzalled it and left the remains and the pump and system for cooling it at the dock. The KB heads were aluminum and whoever built the engine knew that those particular heads needed to be opened up to add fittings for water cooling(ie they were a model that was hollow inside and had water jackets but no way to access it- so someone put it on a boring mill and added fittings), They sold it for $4k. I had $4k in my bank account at that time. Engine was sorta mounted inside like an OMC Stern drive boat.
  12. My TD-340A is a Drott Loader. I love the thing to death. The alternator was swapped out to some sort of GM alternator some time ago- the end result is that it rarely became "excited" enough to produce charging. It has burned up. The shop that used to rebuild alternators said it is toast. I don't know where to find another 1 wire- alternator shop just said "Find a GM or a Mercruiser Boat". Heck if I know ? I always used to just like ordering them off Summit, but as pricey as they are, I would rather hit a junk yard. Any advice for what year and models to look for a 1 wire ? Also: when I got my TD-340A, the D-166 had a steam leak. I did a pressure test and it was the head or head gasket. Sadly, it was the head. I happened to find a rather large backhoe with a D-188 about to be crushed. They let me take the injector pump, the gear, front cover, exhaust manifold, the water intake, and D-188 head as it was going to China as scrap. Head magnafluxed perfect. I timed it in at 2*. I've been trying to sort out small details on it, and I looked at the engine specs in a manual. The D-188 had specific Roosamaster pump. It was also timed in at 3*. This engine has excellent compression, it can start with no glow plugs, no ether in summer. Can I advance timing to 3* ? How much extra power can I get out of this engine ? How much can I turn up the pump pressure in order to achieve more power ? Thanks very much.
  13. Many a gun were made on Atlas/Craftsman lathes in home shops. I have a friend who is in his early 90's he has the 12" version and it is perfect for doing his bolt action carbines. I'm 37. I'd never shot 256 Win Mag before- he did the receiver, bolt, and barrel on that lathe. His .22 Wildcat cartridge(like big .22 except longer than a magnum and centerfire) were done on it. It's gentle. Hardinge owns Atlas and still makes some parts. Other than South Bend those are probably the most prevalent non-tool room lathes available. Nice find, great tool, I have a pamphlet in PDF- Absolute Beginners Guide to Threading. It is a wonderful resource. Also have some gunsmithing pdf's.
  14. Geardoc


    Needs to be a big magnet, skin him and run the magnet over, my experience is in redwolves and red-wolf hybrid. You want anything that can disable an RMS chip. A lot of the universities and USFS are going to using a collar implant that is gps. It can be disabled with strong magnet as well sir. Like at the junkyard magnet. Best thing to skin it, run magnet over the pelt and the neck, rear thighs, if you don't find something that sets off your magnet or has a draw- just save yourself the trouble and break out the sawzall and take him apart, dump the pieces in seperate places, don't leave bags, get rid of the sawzall blades. Don't ever use a power saw to dismember anything- it chips up the formerly living just like wet dull saw dust with even a sharp chain and you need a stout saw besides. You'll get blood and viscera all over your saw besides, ain't worth it. Best bet, shot, sawzall, silence. Our fathers used to do shoot, shovel, silence, but not no more. There is a device you can get used off Ebay- it plays their call. There is a call available for coyote that works for them and coy-dogs, and there is one that works with our red wolves we have out here- Forest Service released d@mned red wolves on us two decades ago. That was part of us getting out of the cattle business in '99. That and NAFTA where the Mexicans were bootlegging Argintinean beef into the USA as Mexican beef. But those wolves they let loose had a license to kill our cattle and USFS did nothing. Anyway, a good deal of people have bought those call devices used off Ebay, there are call files available on the Internet. The old ones aren't expandable like the newer models, that are digital.
  15. Some of it was going to be used by Bombardier when they bought Evinrude/Johnson- for the motor plant from Calhoun GA. I know they never moved in, so I'm not sure if it was torn down though or not. That was Bomb's intention when they bought OMC(E/J), but that all went to heck with a recession, they sold off a bunch off pieces of OMC, and then economy picked up til 2008 boom. Chrysler had some plant in Kenosha. Don't know what it was. I still have a complete parts cart 1968. 290-2v Javelin. I also have a 1971 hump-fender Javelin(black with roof spoiler) and 1973 hump-fender Javelin- they're probably both parts cars by now. Too far out in the country for the city folks to drive and I got to where I was taking more pictures than a professional photographer only to never hear from people again- not even to say "Thanks but too rough for me." I also can't count the times I was selling a parts car and someone wanted my permission to work on it on my property going back and forth between Advance Auto Parts and the farm and "I'll drive that home". And it would take 200hrs good mechanical work to get it safely driveable, even if the engine is good- forming hard brake lines, etc. Odd footnote: Although AMC's engines were completely unrelated to Chrysler, Chrysler adopted AMC's valvetrain. cam, and head oiling method- through the pushrods for the Magnum 318 and Magnum 360 (5.2/5.9 Magnum).
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