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  1. 2/10/22 Randy Van Wye & wife Terri from MN. and Carol and I visited old Herb . I am very pleased and they are telling me possibly end of March may be done Rick has started on the exhaust system. Tony
  2. I misspoke ! Plates are not being refurbished ! THEY ARE BEING REPLICATED NEW .2/5/22 tony
  3. 2/4/22 Above pics Herbie waiting on bed and tank ! at this point all parts needed have arrived for final assembly . if all goes well we may very well see it done by end of March . tony
  4. All worth it right there ! I can imagine the memories that barn will make God Bless you Todd , A great Father . Tony
  5. Yes they tell me they will look like new , so ill try it and see . I am more interested in the original frames being refurbished. Tony
  6. 2/2/22 little progress report . Side boards with first coat of Poly coat lic. Plates being sent out to refurbish along with original Allied Equipment frames tony
  7. On 1/25/22 I drive by my Nieghbor Eddie’s Alfalfa field and I see a swather rolling . He tells me , I need to clean it off for fertilizer app. So I am cutting for green chop . on 1/26/22 He is rolling one windrow in and later will roll the four into one for the chopper . He said this is the earliest he has clipped for green chop . we had good rains in Nov & Dec. and January has been very foggy and in last week we are seeing 65 degree days and hazy sun . BTW this is same field that we did nite baling with my #71 baler project last August . few pictures tony
  8. 1/26/22 Side boards ready for staining . bed is to painter tony
  9. Condolences for you and your friend and family . Prayers for you and your friend's loss . Tony
  10. 1/22/22 more progress ! Support Timbers for bed are painted along with support sheet for under Diamond plate. Darren has started on side boards , sanding and Routing .They are oak and will be stained . Bed itself will be going to painters on Tuesday , bottom has been powder coated , rest is primed. tony
  11. This wood is under bed to even out and support bed. Herb had it that way and there was no sign of wear or movement . They will be painted black as frame and really not be very noticeable unless you know they are there. The bed itself is Diamond plate. The only other wood will be the side boards , like he had before with a little more bling !lol. Yep waiting to see tank completed ! Tony
  12. I would hope but not counting on it . thank you . tony
  13. Good morning Guys 1/20/22 still on supplemental oxygen but getting stronger , more restless everyday . Doing a little walking everyday trying to build my stamina slowly. Update on Herbie ! work being done on wood bed support to frame , lot of sanding and prep work Propane Equipment has arrived ! Finally ! The windshield seal was ordered year ago just now came in, windshield being installed. Darren has also started on side boards . Upholstery leather has been ordered , should be in next week Tony
  14. Sorry for your loss . Tony
  15. Happy Birthday Sir ! Hope it was a good one ! Tony
  16. Thank you sir, I am moving pretty slow these days, pretty much one step forward half step back. lol Tony
  17. Sorry for your loss Wes. Prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family. Tony
  18. Yes the lift will be fully operational with boards on . we modified the lift to make it removable if hitching a gooseneck trailer. yes I hope they do a bang up job on tank so we can pin stripe , J. P. Jensen & Son Blacksmithing logo on it. I hope I can have anvil and all in the pin stripe tony
  19. 1/8/22 little more progress , they can work on wood finish while paint shop works on bed and tank I am so anxious to push this girl over the finish line ! Lol tony
  20. Thank you ! This is very informative and comforting . interesting my normal visits to Doc my 0-2 Sat is generally 94 to 96 for years now . thanks , Tony
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