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  1. Red Power, Heritage Iron, Antique Power, ACMOC magazine. Tony
  2. Prayers for your friend and Daughter Also for you MTO to help bring him comfort . I know Cancer has thrown many blows in your life , I pray that you find peace in your search for answers. God Bless you and your friend , Tony
  3. Early in year thought we would be there . However , things did not work out so have to set my sights on 2023 We will be awaiting pictures Tony
  4. I empathize with you. Seeing what is going on in all levels of our country makes one confused and angry. Focus on praying that your Son is shielded from all evil. Prayers from here. Tony
  5. Thank you , I fell in love when AKWelder posted a picture of it on RP coffee shop that he had come across , it was for sale in MN from the Estate of the fella that built it and operated it till he passed . He used it to feed his beef cattle and reversed the loader to gain more traction in snow winter feeding it’s pretty unique and fun to drive . Always draws people with lots of questions and positive comments . its going to get moved into toy shed here shortly to make more room in shop . I had it in shop doing little odds and ends to it during baler project dry spells , lol still have more things I want todo but it’s fine for now. It’s a work in progress when I need a fill in . Three things I want done is replace exterior engine gaskets the are seeping from age , paint steering pedestal , ( I built this pedestal because he had gauges and switches mounted on top of propane tank, a no no imho ) go through front steering bolster , I think it needs bushings , and contemplating changing out aftermarket front wheel and fork for the factory fork and 16 “ wheel and tire . I put new rims and tires last fall and change the wheels because of welding and cracks on old ones
  6. 8/20/21 John , Sal , and I worked Re arraigning tractors so 71 baler could claim her place as shed queen. she has showed us that she can bale and tie , so now relegated to tell stories of her history . I had to buy a lift in order to keep everything inside . today was our first arrangement , I am sure not the last . pictures of our arrangement today . 806 LP is in balers stall and next up to find out her noisy problem ! Red kid has found its spot , probably will need to cover it but for now want to enjoy it . next week we start Almond harvest and for sure it will need covering , harvest is very dusty . last pic my work Pu now fits in same stall with red kid and la case
  7. Prayers from Ca. Keeping your little Guy in our thoughts and prayers along with you and your family. Tony
  8. Yes , will have vintage air. Dash will be all red ,no dash pad , like Red kid, It will have more gauges, tach and clock, I think , Its been so long since we dealt with that. Upholstery near same, not sure of floor yet rug or not, I prefer a rug but we'll see see what they have available from their Scout builds. Being its a work truck motif will influence. Tony
  9. Look what available in Calif .Orchard sprayers ! It call Guss Autonomous sprayers . Driverless sprayers , one man in a pickup at end of field can operate four machines, if all dialed in up to six machines Go to; Guss.com and view the operation. They are built in Kingsburg ,Ca . a few miles S/E of me. Alleviates drivers, safety equipment, doctors certs etc. Still need the human loader but its all enclosed systems. Tony
  10. Yes , I hope I did not make a mistake but I thought it would be my trade mark to have the Bobbsie twins ! 1/2 ton pu and 3/4 flat bed . One a 345 gas the other 392 propane. I love IH red so here I am being boring and predictable ! Lol . although can’t forget IH baler yellow ! Lol
  11. Few more pics ! 8/18/21 the hub cap we are hoping to use with a custom made wheels. tony
  12. 8/17/21 First glimpse of paint on Herbie. Needs to be color sanded and buffed. Thinking that in two weeks should have cab done as far as paint. Tony
  13. That’s one race we have not run yet ! Lol all in all the Freeman would out bale the IH . well the way I been lately , very well May get lost ! Lol tony
  14. 8/9/21 wanted one more shot at baler shake down Eddie had another field ready to go this evening . He raked it this AM and we were waiting for first sign of softness which happened around 8:30 pm . she , our #71 , did beautiful , no missed ties , feeding just perfect , I think she is dialed in . some California sunset and alfalfa field photos! our wife’s came out to help us wait for dew , should of brought chairs and beer , darn it , oh well live and learn . the two John Deere’s and Freeman balers are Eddie’s and they will be doing the real work on this field tonight . Note ; the windrows ,Eddie grows #1 Dairy and Horse Hay ! His hay bales make our balers look good ! Lol . Still in August he manages to keep the green looking bale , usually the dews have the windrows bleached . its 10:30 Pacific time now , Dont want to wake anybody up , like I did Sledgehammer one time , tomorrow I will sent BJ some videos to post . thanks Guys , I think the old #71 will go on show girl status now . However , if I find a nice field that wants wire instead of twine I would be tempted to baled it ! Lol tony
  15. Herb updates ! I am wanting them also ,lol. I have had couple conversations with them recently. They tell me the cab and other sheet metal is at the painters and they thought they were two weeks off of actual paint, They assure me that all components are repaired and ready for final installation when painters are done. I have learned that between my restorations , the red truck restoration, and Herb restoration; DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH ! Days turn to weeks , weeks to months , months to years . End of August will be two years that I took it to them , in my mind I am thinking another year. Hope its sooner . I worry about fires up in their area of Grass Valley, That Plumas County fire raging now is as close to Grass Valley as I can be comfortable with . Tony
  16. The short time the bale wagon takes to clear field we can have irrigation water back in. shooting for two irrigations in the 28 day cutting schedule, 103% degree average for month does not leave much time in cutting schedule. Tony
  17. Self propelled New Holland bale wagon. The reason we were laying them on side. Tony
  18. Sure you do ! Once you start it builds in you . Allow yourself enough time and have a space to devote to it so parts do not get scattered . Tony
  19. There still is a decent demand for three ties . He wishes he had more fields , He has three or four and stacks are gone shortly after road side Tony
  20. Hay was 13% moisture and I was running 400 lbs hydraulic pressure bales were 105-110 beautiful green color . tony
  21. Little Drone action provided by long time friend Tom Steffen. Sorry I can only load still shots on here. She had just missed inside tie so all six of us trying to figure it out . lol Tony
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