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  1. 3/22/22 Guys , I been wrestling with steering wheels ! wanted original rebuilt but the off set creates a problem with room for driver being we have a new column . this what we have come up with. My alternate choice. It was the center hub that sold me so far ! tony
  2. Thank you ! it’s been a long haul exciting most times then frustrating with hurry up and wait . Lol I learned a lot about me on these trucks , I HAVE A SICKNESS CALLED ; “Being we are this far let’s do” ! Lol it’s about like other bad habits , it drains the pocket book along with adding time to restoration which leads to straining the patients lol tony
  3. Yes sir ! Thank you ! I can’t wait to see tank and lift on it tony
  4. 3/21/22 oh be still my heart ! I love that tank ! just got word last of painting is done the parts are from the electric lift Herb made twostepin2001 here is the tank you and I were waiting for ! tony
  5. Happy Birthday Guys ! Hope you have a great day ! Tony
  6. Thank you Bill , I agree , I decided on the square one but they say it will not work on base to door . so I am searching , hard to find this old school stuff we took for granted thanks for input tony
  7. Thank You Sir ! Very kind of you. At this point I am counting hours till done . Yet it seems forever ! Tony
  8. I have old off the blue book stuff through Hagarity for stated value. Keep reciepts ,pictures or record of purchase price, to prove your value In this case his picture of purchase and reciepy of payment at auction ,it establishes the value on that day. Tony
  9. Happy Birthday Bitty ! Hope it’s a great day ! tony
  10. In my perspective , I like seeing prices climb gradually , it gives our love of these old girls a value ,and encouragement to maintain them , at least it takes away the stigma of them being just junk . over the years I have restored or bought old IH models that impacted my life growing up and reminder of my Dad and nieghbor’s who were loyal IH farmers . I would love to continue collecting but my age and body are telling me it’s time to clean and drive them instead of dismantling and trying to get them back together . Lol . and a little thing call “Room” my sheds are pretty full . as I enjoy my old girls and insure them , shelter them , provide maintence it’s nice to know that perhaps when I am gone someone will appreciate their value and they will not go to the kill shelter . my big problem is I fall in love with them and have no idea what value it would take to part with one . Having said all this my heart still pounds for a 1466 Black stripe , who knows might still have one more in me . Lol tony
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Sandhiller ! Hope it was great ! tony
  12. Happy Birthday Dale and Twostepin Hope it was a great day and wishes for many ! tony
  13. Oh Yes ! the two items that will keep Herbie , Herbie , is the propane tank and the lift ! They are being painted . the four identifiers imho is the head Rack , propane tank , lift , back of bed and his hitch style all combine into Herbs work . tony
  14. 3/15/22 creeping to the finish line ! more progress pictures! Metal bed top is at powder coating ( black) Steering wheel is fill in for now have not settled on one . still trying to find the proper mirrors tank still at painter , mounting still at chrome shop, exhaust system being Cermacoted. tony
  15. Good one ! Twostepn2001 ! I ask Carol why Las Vegas , Bay Area , LA , always look so much better and beautiful in small rear view mirror then they do in the big front view windshield ? she says my mind set , but I think it’s so much more then that !lol perhaps much better quality glass in small rear view mirror ! Lol tony
  16. I agree BJ these mirrors would do the job well ! However,they are in rough shape and you cannot believe the damage to doors from years of hanging there. After all the welding and door repair hate to have something big again. Vibrating on repaired area everytime open or close the door. At this point I am leaning to the small square mirrors in pictures above. Thank you for your thoughts B.J. Tony
  17. Carol and I are planning to be there ,God willing . I have had three hospital visits since last Sept. for heart and pneumonia , last visit being a heart Ablation , so now I am praying to get my stamina back to make the trip . we have , Golf cart rented , and camping spot booked , motor home is serviced and now we are saving all our change for Diesel ! Lol Hopfully making it through my show chairman ship in April will be a good test for Ohio . I think Ohio is going to be a great show ! Perhaps because my 1rst RPRU was Mansfield Ohio in 2006 !! It’s was great imho tony
  18. 3/10/22 few more inches of progress new plates were made and we were able to save one original lic, plate holder that still was on there . more mirror type to look at . Have not made my mind up yet , My gut is moving toward the square one. Tony
  19. These are great pictures Danny ! had not seen them before , thank you tony
  20. Such a surprise that Max is going to feature it on “this week in agribusiness . “ RFD TV 7 am Saturday or 7:30 pm Sunday March 12-13 / 22 .
  21. On Max’s tractor shed a total surprise by Max ! my understanding He followed my restoration and when I posted the finished show poster, he decided to elaborate . I am surprised , humbled , and excited ! tony
  22. Fellas I received a notice that Max Armstrong is going to feature my baler this weekend on , “This Week In Agribusiness “ was told 7 am on Saturday or 7:30 pm RFD TV Sunday. I am Surprised , Humbled, and excited all into one . tony
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