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  1. That should read RICH MAN'S duramax ! He still has the 55 or 65 thousand in his pocket. Tony
  2. Great picture!, Troy, Amazing how farmsteads grow over the years when we are just busy doing our work, then take the time to look back. Tony
  3. Yes, Its's been so long but I recall people saying it had to do with his girls. Had couple of friends that worked at factory during summer vacation in high school. I have to remind myself to call the new ones Bale wagons ,I was brought up with calling them harrow beds. They are very popular here with hay growers & dairies both small squares& big squares. Tony
  4. Farmall57, The first self propelled bale wagons were called Harrow Beds manufactured approx 15 miles east of me in Fowler Ca. New holland bought them out in 70's I believe. Tony
  5. Had a Gleaner "C"Looked and set up just like picture . Set up to do Black eyed beans .We put a new aftermarket cab on it .Did not have A/C but a strong blower. Was a very dirty process as we would cut dry beans with knives and rake them to a windrow and let sit till very dry. Ran it from about mid 60's to 1979. Tony
  6. This also should be at beginning of posts. We went into differential and tranny found several bearings needed replaced and brake pinion gears needed replaced housing needed thorugh cleaning.
  7. Rolling out of shop on her own power ,after 15 years.
  8. More before pic's Owner told me that it had set in a field for 15yrs and I believe him .You can not believe the rust and amount of water in rear end and engine. steering wheel and seat were totaly burnt from the sun.
  9. This should be at top of above post. The purchase and loading of a dead 560 and the before pic. Bob my helper decided he wanted to drive it dead,after sitting for 15yrs. Tony
  10. GEEZ! What a thread, are we that bored already? Winter hasn't even set in yet.
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