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  1. I don't understand here . Is this Jim's tractor ? Its not the same one as other post . I thought the other was serial 13xxx Goldie? You got me confused, Very nice pictures and tractor Tony
  2. Not sure where he is from but its been at our show several times. He has pictures of it as an abandoned Chysem Ryder(SP) Berry picker tractor ( I think)that was junked and he resurrected it and brought her back as a 544 Goldie. I am not sure if its authentic but my best recollection is that its NOT.I only looked it over once and its been a long time ago. Tony
  3. Hey guys keep us up to date on restoration ! Perhaps post it in the new restoration board that BJ started then it will stay pinned. Tony
  4. A good beginning to another 1st class resto I am sure Tony. Do you have any special plans for this one or restore it to exactly how it rolled off the line? I know how you like to implement chrome and stainless accents on your tractors. Will try to keep it as it rolled off line ,With exception if I find Brass or aluminum covered with paint I'll buff it for a little excitement also Items that look good new but tarnish or rust in short while will get special treatment. For instance propane copper lines go through trouble of making them out of brass HAVAC tubing only to have tarnish? So I buff & powder coat clear on them. Things like that. Tony
  5. Hey Jim, Looks like you have a good project going! Lot of work ahead of you but worth the effort. If you are coming to World Ag Expo this year ,There will be no Antique display as in the past. I plan to be there tues, Wed. maybe Thurs. We can chat about your 14 Goldie then. Thanks for pic's Long Farms Tony
  6. After Christmas & New Year vacation we were back at it today 1/6/16 . Tank off, brackets off , radiator off about ready to remove engine.
  7. Did you do the engine & tranny ? That's going to be a great addition next the Moline along with the red girls. Keep us posted. Tony
  8. These pictures were last December 2014 , was being stripped down and fitted with a donor I.H. 345 in place of its 6 cylinder. before proceeding further. Tony
  9. Took my City Grandson from out of town for His yearly visit to see the old binder being spruced up. They are in process of first block sanding . Two dry sanding's and two wet sanding's. We filled in stake pockets for a cleaner look and keeping the seams straight. replaced gas filler with a flush mount twist on cap. First is Zack, 2nd is Zack with Rob. owner of body shop doing the work. Third is fella doing the first block sanding. Zack has no concept of what we are doing being he was born in 2000 and lived in city his whole life . I am trying to teach him of old I.H. history & give him an appreciation for what goes into doing a old vehicle . I am sure when its done and sounding a little rumble it will get his adrenaline running. If the girls don't drain it all first.lol.lol. Tony
  10. I am not so sure the fittings from manifold to muffler are correct. However, placement is close to correct . I have always seen them with a heat shield clamped to muffler between muffler & tank also there is a heat shield missing above manifold. So ,if anyone knows where- a- bouts of replacements of these shields ,please let me know. Tony
  11. Thank You, Gentlemen ,for your kind sentiments! God Willing ,I will post here as we proceed. Bob & I work together usually once a week , I try doing most of foot work prior & after. If course with holidays etc. things tend to slow to a crawl. Tony
  12. If you find a 856 L.P. grab it! There are a few but very few ,I understand, I think it was the last of L.P.'s for I.H. Tony
  13. Jerry, It gets very trying some times! No matter what we do it just takes time. Seems like every part ,every repair is 7 days to three weeks. lol. Not to mention Machine shop & painter. Yeah I have to keep reviewing where everything is & Notes for everything.lol. Good thing I still have Farming to contend with ,takes me from focusing on being impatient. lol. It gets rough on me the last phase of finishing. Seems every little screw and washer has to be a special one and if I forgot to have something Machined or repair correctly then its a major set back ,especially if it involves repainting. Tony
  14. Thinking 17 months. That's what my 560 & M.M.U , L.A.Case, 400 took. Perhaps we have a little more experience but Bob and I are averaging 69 of age so might cancel experience out .lol. lol. lol. Actually I think this girl may be easier depending what we find in tranny, rear, & hydraulics. Tony
  15. Hi Fellas, Yesterday Bob & I started my 806 L.P. restoration! As you may remember I purchased this Old Cotton Girl fresh out of field from Anson Texas. RPF Member Twostepen2001 gave me the heads up on her and John A who recently passed away checked her out for me. His assessment was she is a WELL USED Honest old tractor not abused and he was right. I purchased it in spring of 2014 it was delivered June of 2014 and she has waited patiently while the SMTA ,S.C., Dyno, 300 U cut in line ahead of Her . But now its all her. BTW drained coolant pure clean Antifreeze, Rear end oil smells like Hytran with no visible metal or junk in drain bucket. Air cleaner had inner & outer Old but clean. Will drop hydraulic filter next hope no surprises. Only leak or wet spot on rear is from right torsion shaft. Engine oil did not have contamination ,will pull filter next.
  16. This is where we are at today. We installed a twist hide away gas cap. I purchased a 1967 345 had it rebuilt and had the four speed rebuilt. Body is a long process had to replace rocker panels & do rust work on dash bottom ends of windshield. Decided today to weld over the stake pockets . Two of them were made slightly off and all four had seam problems on corners . I think it'll look cleaner without them. I'll post as we move forward but its been very slow so far. Its ready for block sanding so that's going to take lot of work with very little change in appearance. Tony
  17. June of 14 I came across this 66 Binder 6 cylinder ,4speed ,torsion suspension front and no frills. Being the first vehicle I drove to school day after receiving my drivers lic. was my Dad's six ,4speed International p.u. I thought the price & condition of this one was to good to pass up. Few pictures of driving it around after buying it. In Oct of 14 decided to paint it Red to go with my I.H. tractors and after seeing the amount of work and commitment decided to go for a car show Binder and parking next to a Ford or Chevy we are going to have to make it compete. Year later we are this far
  18. Nice table! I have one much like it WITHOUT THE FINE ADJUSTMENTS with a very heavy top and wheels .Works very well table is heavy enough that with locks on the wheels it does not move. Have vices at both ends. I am no talent welder so had the local blacksmith make it for me. lol.
  19. Envious of talented metal work. I learned from the school of "cut twice" and "measure once" and my work shows it. lol. lol. Nice bumper & workmanship. Tony
  20. Troy, Don't understand sticks your talking about? Where are they coming from and how big? Perhaps from river water? Those little girls will grow up with their heads on straight. Learning how they can help out at this early age. Good pictures of a truly family farm, Hang in there troy , Farms like yours and many here on the forum built this nation. Tony
  21. Fat Dan, I see your from Wasilla! We came through there on the Alaska railroad two weeks ago ,I got pictures from the train ,would of loved to stop ,looks like a nice town. I asked the guide where is Sara Palin's house from here and he pointed up the hill to what appeared to be a newer subdivision and said up there not to far. I noticed the Alaskan's did not elaborate on Sara Palin much. I expected them in Wasilla to have a sign up or capitalize on it with souvenirs but saw nothing. Well , at least I think I can say I've been to YOUR'S and AKWELDERS towns . I believe his is Fairbanks and we spent night there . Flew out of Fairbanks in a 737 next morning to Dawson . Was awesome for me a former private pilot flying back country few times to see them put that 737 down on a dirt stip in the back country at Dawson Airport. You guys live in Gods country and being a old country boy I can only imagine the true grit it takes to work there year round. Tony
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