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  1. L.P. tank has been blasted, primed , New valves installed & Certified tested at my propane company. Ready for painter. PTO ready for exam. BTW 62 gallon tank Tony
  2. You getting the exam work done at airport schreening ?? Lol You got it!
  3. A little 806 progress. 2nd pic , 806 colonoscopy. No abnormalities found. Doing brakes , Seals & axle seals. Tony
  4. Good shop day today 3/16/16. Pulled the PTO housing off 806 worked on bushing torque tube, worked on brakes, replaced axles seals , washed inside of rear housing. Took a load of parts to blaster, tumbling bolts. Propane tank is recertified with all new Valves & pressure relief . Ready for painter. Speaking of painter David ! He was out today doing final touch up on 300 U. I'll get pictures of 806 progress later but here's a picture of David doing his magic. He has the patience of JOEB! Tony
  5. Ah, The sweet smell of money!! AH Yes! I smell the sweet money smell if wind is from N/W or if its from the S/W ! I have a net up to catch the dollar bills as they waffle by in the breeze. BTW Growing up my Dad always reminded me that that smell was paying our bills & putting food on the table and I should always regard it as smell of money. lol. Tony
  6. WOW! that's UNREAL, TO A Dry ,FLATLANDER FROM CENTRAL Ca. Gee , we get excited with a half inch of rain all in one storm .LOL. Tony
  7. Spent most of shop day installing Hydraulic Clutch assist on the 1456. today 3/10/16 Surprising it went very well and works very well . Makes a big difference on the left leg Guys! This assist came off a 1066 . Be aware if installing behind K & M steps you need to make a flex dump hose, to fit behind step mounts. As for 806 still tear down mode cleaning & ordering parts waiting on parts & trying to find certain L.P. parts. Blasting parts & Starting to paint.
  8. Hey Twostepin2001 ,Good to hear from you ! Hope you're getting stronger! Fronts will be 11L-15's & it will be on 38" centers. Tony
  9. Tedious seam work in bed. I'll check on it in another 3 weeks or so to see if its gone to paint. Don't like to check to often because I start getting impatient ! Tony
  10. When cab is off for paint ,Frame will go to powder coat, Can't wait to move forward to frame.lol
  11. Checked on pick-up progress today.3/4/16 Cab just needs another coat of sealer and its going to paint. I saw a sample of the paint and its pretty close to my Red tractors. Going to be Sherwin -Williams Geneses Automotive Poly -Urethane tinted to I.H. 2150. At this point I believe we are going single stage to get a deeper finish. Base- Clear Vrs. Single stage ,both have pros & cons. The bed needed a little more seam work so they are going over all the seams. Then bed will go to primer then sealer before paint. I have some pictures. I know they have all basically looked the same, like no progress, but believe me I see the work being done. Of course mine is not only one he is doing so there are times it sets. Tony
  12. Pinion gears & bearings show no distress. 806 is pretty shrunk down , still need to remove center section for T.A. replacement. I have parts scattered many places have to keep a journal. parts at engine machine shop, others at regular machine shop for bushings etc, couple pallets of parts at blaster, couple pallets of parts at painter to get started. Everything is dismantled blasted separately, looked over repaired, then sent to painter. Many of you have asked,on forum, how to clean old bolts, I purchased this bolt vibrator and we place a section of bolts at a time with solvent & their cleaner & beads and let them vibrate about 5 hours and they come out pretty nice. We used it on the last tractor we did ,saved lot of effort. Next week remove PTO , & torsion bar , Center section Engine still going through process at machine shop .Good news no cracks block or head. Need a better flywheel original been surfaced to many times it appears. Tony
  13. Productive shop day today!3/2/16 . Bob & I removed rear wheel weights ,wheels & rims , Removed top deck to expose differential. I think I am going to dodge the bullet here, all gears look fantastic, including brake bull pinions. First tractor I've done that I have not had to replace brake pinions. Little dirt on bottom of case otherwise clean . We'll wash with siphon gun and diesel. Replace seals. I do want to remove clutch pivot shaft to get new or rebuild to end clutch peddle side play . will be doing that on brake peddles also. Few update pictures Tony
  14. Here is a picture of the pre -cleaner still being used today. These were very popular in the seventies & 80's out here .They were on just about everything. This 806 is still seeing daily use . Its owned by my Friend John Martin . He decided to keep it up and leave it on as they put it on way back after his dad bought the 806 new. I was used to seeing them on the heavy use tractors of the time and to me it has a" mean business" look. Tony
  15. She's turning out to be a beauty ! I Like your front rims , What size front tires are those? Tony
  16. Old dealer decal on front on white panel under turbo decal. K & M steps
  17. Hey Troy! Like some one said on this forum some time back , "I HAVE TO TONYFY IT." Been doing few things that I think will enhance it hopefully. This is fun & easy because Danny did the hard part now I get the fun part. I'll post when I get more things done to it. 1= I had a PTO screw on shield made & Cermakoted. 2= I am having the parts painted for the HYD. Clutch assist that's going on her. 3= I found a original Cat 3 top link , Got the screw ends Cermikoted & waiting on powder coated center 4= Had to put my Allied Equipment Dealer decal on her. 5= Would like to Cermikote the Manifold gray but not in mood at this point to remove manifold 6= Added K&m steps 7= have a few items to get my way but it'll get done little by little. Don't want it all at once. As for your question of black cap & clamp , I think it makes it cleaner looking and since the exhaust makes the cap half black anyway. lol. Tony Found this old rusty Pin blasted it & cermikoted. Pto screw on shield & top link ends getting done
  18. 806 is shrinking ! Old tires removed today ,just shrunk a little more. Tony
  19. Works better without polish. lol. Tony
  20. I like you logic on painting & finding a suitable tractor. Keep up the good work. I my Farming career which spans 47 years I noticed early on that if I had clean nice looking well kept tractors with good seats my hired drivers would have greater respect for the tractor and take better care of it. Tractors did not have to be new or latest, Just not all dented, rusted, tore seats , missing lights, neglected. There is a big Psychological difference in employee & owner attitude. JMHO, Tony
  21. Not the 806 but had the muffler ,cap, clamp ceramicoated black on the 1456 installed it today. Tony
  22. Gears look brand new so far no signs of gear grinding either. Tractor does not look like its been repaired before but gears look like they were just installed.
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