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  1. Thank you Gentlemen for your kind words !

    it was a long hall , I am very happy but tired 

    and ready to enjoy it and take a break from restorations . 
    I’ll be posting the interior when finished and when I get it home . 
    if my health holds , we are planning on going to RPRU in Ohio later in June so planning on bringing it home when we get back around first of July .


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  2. 5/25/22

    I visited ,"Herb the flat bed", today and drove it for first time and hearing it run was great!
    very pleased !

           It’s at upholstery shop in picture , he told me, "done by end of next week with Upholstery", then back to IH parts America for final adjustments and painter for touch up and final polishing . 
    planning on it home by first of July 


    couple pics 





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  3. 1 hour ago, stronger800 said:

    I had forgotten about the pan on there. Haven’t seen the tractor in 25+ Years.  Had I remembered it a week ago…..actually I still wouldn’t have tried to buy it, as it could be a selling point for the machine and it’s being sold for the guys wife after his passing (years ago).    What’s a pan line that worth? 500? 1000?  Probably somewhere in between, to a guy that’s really wants one 

    Last I saw recently  was 7500.00 asking , Dont know if he got it or not.

    The last one I actually saw sell was 6500.00 about five years ago


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  4. On 4/19/2022 at 5:06 AM, Sledgehammer said:

    But......I never get tired of looking at the “bean cutter” 806. Just love the look of the single front and iconic bar grille.  

    You know I catch myself looking at her everytime I go in shed and I love to drive it and it is and sounds snappy .

    I feel as as you ! 
    try to ignore that pre 39 guy in the seat , however , he did a great job in parade !


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  5. 5/6/22

    it came alive today , 40 gallons of propane in tank they hit starter and it took off, they said .

    We had a problem with brass tank in radiator was to thin after polishing . leaking so I told them put new tank and paint black , I’ll take care of brass here at home .

    they sent three short video’s , I asked BJ Kline to post them for me .

    If all goes well it’s going to Uphostery next week . After it’s come home finally !


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  6. On 5/5/2022 at 4:39 AM, FarmallFan said:

    @Tonyinca might be able to get you a photo or two. 


    On 4/26/2022 at 6:57 AM, Cybeast said:

    Restoring my 1468 and getting the exhaust shields chromed  but missing right lower muffler shield bracket. looking for someone who has one who would take measurements(as it has a lot of angles) and take a picture for me.

    Not quite sure what you need but I tried to cover all in pictures. If you need more info let us know ill do all I can to help.










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  7. 4/29/22 

    Finally starting to recuperate from a fabulous four days .

    was surprised by Ryan Peters , Johnathan Langdon of Iowa . Jim Hartman and wife Pat from Texas !

    Also what can I say my friend Danny and Kathy Anderson , AKA Dirt Boyz ,from Mn brought their 886 out to pull with us and it put on a good show !

    thank you Danny for the tremendous amount of coordination he did for me in loading and unloading and He and Ryan and Johnathon helped me shuffle tractors for parade .

    a shout out to my BIL with the blue trucks and Donnie Luis with green truck that got me there and back with help of Danny’s and my Goosenecks ! I had 13 tractors , two hay mowers , one FH blade , and baler there ! Whew ! 

    Our Cal Tex cotton girl 806 lp  has a bad case of Covid ! Lol lol stayed home in sick bay .

    I’ll post a few pic s of behind the scenes loading and lining up for parade . I have several videos but I’ll ask for help posting those later . 
    the baler was a learning process even with out riggers , had to use Goldie for stability and wide front .

    sorry all my pictures are working pictures and not of actual show , I was so busy back and forth that I forgot to smell the roses but I’am sure other have them on my Fb page I need to down load 





























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  8. 12 minutes ago, just Dave said:

    I'm not knocking anything you did Tony, I just want people to know Machinists are people and people make mistakes so if you have something cut it never hurts to measure. Even the man cutting can be be sure he is doing it right when he is not. I always taught to our interns new hires,;you must do something to check that what you think you have done actually happened.

    I know what your saying , that is why I had them install pistons and complete engine because it’s always pilot error.  lol 

    my thing is these young guys just don’t understand older stuff and it’s getting very difficult to find competent people to work on old school .

    thank you for your input much appreciated 

    this is not end of world just frustrating trying to find the culprit ! 


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  9. 2 hours ago, just Dave said:

    If you haven't measured you are talking gibberish. Any one can measure you don't have to be a Machinist. A high end Machine shop has a quality control department. You will pay much more for that. Most shops do not have QC. Every machine loving Son of a Wrench out there should have a few basic precision measuring tools.....and USE them.

    I learned this in the 70s from a guy that would be 150 by now.... I now check my lapping with solvent and compressed air in the port.

    they complete installed it all there so I am sure they did their own measuring . Makes no difference if we are talking jibberish or not ,their work did not accomplish a good engine .

    you better believe when we tear  it back down everything will be miked to document what went wrong .

    the point about solvent on valves is that , that head went back three times to same M Shop because of miss and they told me that there was nothing more they could do , I take it to the old man little shop and he says here is your problem . We put head on after he lapping and miss is gone. Engine sounds like bucket of bolts .

    point is I paid 6000.00 for this rebuild at a long Time reputable Machine shop and now I am throwing away the block and buying an old engine and starting over .

     Not even so much about the engine as all the restoration paint etc will have to be redone .

    Btw I have fourteen tractors restored that did not encounter this problem . All engines gone through machine shops .


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  10. 4/18/22

    806 LP engine not good ! Here we go again 

    if you read back this engine has been through machine shop twice , head three times , hunting down slight valve miss and slight engine knock . Original machine shop rebuilt it first time all was standard we got her going on Dyno and it seized took he apart and it appears to be a reliance quality problem . Machine shop redoes engine but has to bore .30 to clean mess and .20 on crank . Back together and still same miss and slight knock . Put 10 hrs on engine starts a hounding noise like a broken valve spring . Shut her down , Sat for seven months because of my illness all winter . 

    now getting stronger we finally pull her down all springs valves rockers where they need to be , we pull head take to an old Time Machine shop 80 year old tech looks at head says it looks like new turns her over poors solvent on valves seats they all leak come to find out they were never lapped.

    we pull pistons they look good but more light scoring of bearings coating more then one would think 
    Clean all , Mike crank and bearings put together . We cured the valve miss but the engine sounds like a bucket of bolts rattling around. The experts are telling me piston slap due to bad boring . 
    can’t yell at original machine shop ,owner died ! 
    I am going to find a good 301 block and start over a use 80 year old Mike to machine and put together and find other pistons rather the reliance. 




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  11. 22 minutes ago, 560Dennis said:

    May I suggest you or wife (+sorry forgot her name ) both do a voice over to tell us The Who ,what ,when ,why about this historical event, your own words to preserve it forever. 
    Just a suggestion!

    Thank You Dennis . 

      I have been approached by I.H. Historical  to speak about my restorations .

       I'll be meeting the man at RPRU in Ohio if all goes well . God Willing.

          April 22-23-24/22 it will be one of the features at Calif Antique Farm Equipment Show . I am pretty excited about that.

          Again Thank You . 560Dennis.


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  12. 2 hours ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

    Absolutely beautiful work. Hats off to the guys doing the work and most importantly to the guy that is paying them. It’s great to see something like this not only preserved, but restored. As many IH light line trucks as there once was you sure don’t see many around any more, let alone beautifully restored ones. What a fitting tribute to the almost forgotten career of the independent farm repair/welder/blacksmith. 

    Thank you Sir !

    my sentiments were what you described ; the forgotten farm repair / welder / blacksmith and also IH trucks are pretty rough and forgotten by now and I am trying to bring as much respect back to an IH truck as there is for Chev, Ford , Dodge at shows etc . 
    I have noticed an uptick in IH pickup interest as of lately , however ,most are rock climbers and left patina .

    I am old school and choose to go another way trying to make a nice show room oldie . 
    this truck should out live me now , so hope it will continue to make IH light line trucks proud many years into the future 

    thanks again , 


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