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  1. Such a surprise that Max is going to feature it on “this week in agribusiness . “ RFD TV 7 am Saturday or 7:30 pm Sunday March 12-13 / 22 .
  2. On Max’s tractor shed a total surprise by Max ! my understanding He followed my restoration and when I posted the finished show poster, he decided to elaborate . I am surprised , humbled , and excited ! tony
  3. Fellas I received a notice that Max Armstrong is going to feature my baler this weekend on , “This Week In Agribusiness “ was told 7 am on Saturday or 7:30 pm RFD TV Sunday. I am Surprised , Humbled, and excited all into one . tony
  4. Excited that after a two year covid shut down our Cafes show is a go for April 22-23-24/22. I will be the Chairman . Like to invite any of you that would like to come out to get a hold of me and I’ll try to facilitate you stay . poster indicates show 23-24 however that is the full fledge show but Friday is a show day also for our exhibitors to renew acquaintances final set up and have hamburger dinner and late afternoon pull what ya brung tractor pulls . Saturday and Sunday antique show parades and full force swap o Rama . Among other venues . Saturday evening nice steak dinner . tony
  5. Prayers for a good outcome . Tony
  6. Sorry to hear this, Hope you'll continue to improve and they find a good answer. I agree about ambulance rides, have had two recently , Not quite the level of comfort that I thought they would be ! ( I had never been in one till this fall) However, certainly worth their money as they got me there in time to be able to perhaps ride in another one sometime in the very distant future hopefully. lol. Prayers Rick, Tony
  7. Yes and its going higher! As ray54 mention above , there are two factors at play in my opinion . First; the continued water shortage in CA.not encouraging hay production. Second ; Competion of competing crops for available open land. Meaning so much hay ground has gone into permanent crops because of more stable ROI whether it be from water, land cost, labor availability . However, few guys are talking cotton and Hay, after abandoning them years ago, because of their current high value, but equipment is also a limiting factor if one has been away from it for some years Tony
  8. Three twine green well cured dairy hay, 2022 crop out of Navada and Arizona milk hay tested, 400.00 ton and up last week in Calif. BTW three twine milk hay bale weight 110 to 125 lbs. Tony
  9. So sorry for your loss ! I never met him but I know his boys and have done quite a bit of business with them. Always good transactions. May he RIP . His family will be on my prayer list along with you his friend. Tony
  10. So sadden to hear this ! I felt very confident that he would pull through. However, the Lord's will be done and Jeremy is home . Carol and I will continue praying for His family as they will need so much strenght from the Holy Spirit going forward. Tony
  11. Prayers for Jeremy and the family . HE and your family has been added to our prayer list Tony
  12. Twostepin2001, I think the tank is next out of paint shop ! tony
  13. Fel-pro has been junk in my applications . You need the copper coated gasket usually from my IH dealer. Tony
  14. 3/2/22 a big day , had my heart ablation procedure on 2/28/22 Doc says all went well and I came home to this long awaited progress. Bed is painted and ready for install tony
  15. 2/24/22 Little more progress! they are telling me bed should be back from painter next week. lot of wiring and little but important stuff going on . Like wipers , light dimer switch, connecting vintage air to switches, battery cables made as battery will be in one of the bed under boxes , making mounting brackets for engine propane equipment .etc , etc. Side boards are finished , exhaust needs bed to see where they look best coming out . Few pic tony
  16. Thank You Sir ! Very kind of you ! if your ever in Central Valley Calif , look me up and we will spend some time together Tony
  17. You echoed my thoughts exactly ! we are looking for a small set chromed to see how they would look and function . I also see what everyone says about the west coast mirror . I’ll kick it around like I did the wood boards and finally come up with something . thank you for everyone’s input . I like to think of this as a red power forum helped build . Tony
  18. 2/10/22 Winter visit with my Girl Been recovering from Double pneumonia , Doc says , I need short walks so walked out to visit my girls and my friend Randy Van Wye shot this picture. As you can tell from the happy smile very medicinal to be among old I.H. iron. lol. Tony
  19. I am leaning to the smaller neater mirrors , The less bolt holes in doors the better ,imho, I would want them chromed . it will not be doing a lot of trailer hauling . what do you guys think ? Opinions appreciated. tony
  20. 2/10/22 Randy Van Wye & wife Terri from MN. and Carol and I visited old Herb . I am very pleased and they are telling me possibly end of March may be done Rick has started on the exhaust system. Tony
  21. I misspoke ! Plates are not being refurbished ! THEY ARE BEING REPLICATED NEW .2/5/22 tony
  22. 2/4/22 Above pics Herbie waiting on bed and tank ! at this point all parts needed have arrived for final assembly . if all goes well we may very well see it done by end of March . tony
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