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  1. 6/20/22 

    was a long great day okc to St.Luis, Mo .

    one fuel stop along the way seems diesel has increased 5 to 10 cents since leaving Amarillo.

    we were have problems finding RV parking to fit our mileage goals 

    we settled on the Casino Queen at the St Luis arch and along the BIG RIVER .

    today 6/21/22 goal is St Luis to Springfield Ohio . A little Illinois , across Indiana , then Springfield !!!

    few pic of our view from St Luis RV park 






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  2. 6/19/22

    took a day off today Carol did a little antiquing and few things she wanted to see

    then we headed to OKC stockyards had no idea that they are still operating big time for as many cattle trucks I saw in their back yards . 
    btw pic with car door open , being Sunday I figured one there then I see this old boy with six or eight feeder Angus come driving I had to jump out and take a pic , Carol just shook her head ! Lol 

    Had early dinner at Cattleman's cafe , at 4 pm there were lines forming for seating 

    had a prime cut Rib Eye , wow, had to bring some home and no dessert . Took few pics of stockyards and buildings of interest all located across from Resturant . 
    now running tight on time want to be at fairgrounds  by early afternoon Wed to be set up for opening on Thursday and watch guys unload , always great to watch 

    few pics 



















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  3. 14 hours ago, Delta Dirt said:


    I always thought those oil wells would make skiprow Cotton much more appealing.  Two rows of oil wells and one row of cotton!!!:D




    We tried once 1/2 mile from my ranch they drilled for oil but dry hole ! 
    so back to four and four rows 


  4. On 6/17/2022 at 8:43 PM, bitty said:

    Tony if you find any cheaper fuel you want to smuggle it back over to border to Cali on your trip home ☹️ . Glad to see you can make it anyway despite the extra costs of travel. Hopefully you can enjoy your vacation anyway. Pictures look great, I try to get the kids to snap quick shots when on the road when seeing something interesting. 

    Thanks ! I am spending the kids inheritance !

    Driving this bus does not leave much time to look around , although I alway seem to vocus on old red tractors 


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  5. 6/17/22 

    Guys sorry for sucky pictures , my wife saw them and asked me why on earth do you think you friends want to see THAT !

    I said well ,”going 75 through NM desert there is not much to take pictures of ! “Thanks for responses at least you did not hang me ! Lol 

    today AMARILLO to Oklahoma City was great , freeways are great traffic not bad scenery cannot get any better for this old farmer.

    fuel still running 5:45 to 5:65 p gallon 

    going to be here three nights , maps say 8++ miles to Springfield Ohio ! Hope to leave here on Monday be there Wednesday .

    few pictures of today , probably no better then yesterday ! Lol 

    Notice Amarillo put me next to bathroom , ARE THEY TRYING TO Tell EE8013F2-C9EB-4DF5-A947-7BF0C8DE0C42.thumb.jpeg.ed1ae4c23850173877704c3a6ef911cb.jpegEE8013F2-C9EB-4DF5-A947-7BF0C8DE0C42.thumb.jpeg.ed1ae4c23850173877704c3a6ef911cb.jpegME SOMETHING ? The Rv parks are not as full as last year , even tough it’s Father’s Day weekend coming up 

    i get to sleep next to a running oil well tonight ! I need to figure how to share in the output ! 
    tony , btw those funny colored tractors on truck we’re headed to Calif central coast vegetable areas !






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  6. 2 hours ago, from H to 80 said:

    When you hit exit 242 in Missouri i am only a mile North, if you need anything. I don't have full hookups but i could set you up with a level spot, water and electric.

    Thank you ! Very kind of you ! 
    one never knows 


  7. 30 minutes ago, Delta Dirt said:

    How many miles do ya'll have on the big camper since new Tony??

    Glad to see all of the reports coming in from across the country.

    Keep us posted with pictures!!!!



    Delta , 

    bought Bought the old girl in May of 2017 with 3500 miles on it ,today has 25,719 .

    been a good girl so far but as an old farmer hurts knowing it’s a bad investment ,money wise , it’s that old need land mentality in farmers ! Lol lol 


  8. 11 hours ago, oldtanker said:

    Have a great trip Tony! My traveling is done until the doc give me a clean bill of health. Maybe early next month? 

    You gotta be proud of a kid like your grand daughter!



    Old tanker , yes very proud of granddaughter

    she is the gem of my eye .

    as to Doc , I hope you get clearance soon and when you do push for it . On 12/15-16/21 I really thought I was gone with pneumonia and after my heart , it’s been seven months and I am just know getting stamina back ! That is why we have taught Carol to drive , I get a rest and nap , keeps me going .

    I never thought in December of 21 we would be doing this again ! I give thanks every nite 

    praying for you clearance soon !

    I really just got doc approval in April cus I told them I had a show to put on in Tulare ! Lol


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  9. 1 hour ago, drglinski said:

    I'll be there.  Starting which day?  I'm coming down Wednesday. Looking forward to meeting a few forum members and some friends that have been virtual to me for some years in person. 

    Usually Thursday and Friday but if there on Wednesday let’s do it !

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  10. 6/16/22  Did not make my beloved ,”Amarillo by morning “ BUT DID BY EVENING !!

    all went well 6 1/2 hour uneventful drive ! Just like flying we love uneventful flights and drives ! My dear better half drove 21/2 hrs .

    I love Amarillo and every time we visit here , I tell Carol , Can’t leave here , let’s call moving vans , and few  low boys for the girls in shed !

    actually most of the panhandle would suit me but I am afraid I am to old to start farming cotton again ! Lol 

    2 picture leaving Gallup NM and one on arrival at Oasis rv park .

    tomorrow head to Oklahoma City .

    btw weather all along so far has been like home 87 to 104 very little humidity light breezes

    fyi we have traveled 1200 plus miles and it’s 1100 plus to sSpringfield Ohio .





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  11. 6/13/22 Carol and I left home for our first leg of trip to Ohio . We in Hendersen Nv visiting my daughter . 6/15/22 we are in Gallup NM .

    an observation of hiway traffic so far , I would guesstimate traffic at about 10% above pandemic days of shut down . 
    trucks are working hard many packs on roads and every fuel stop with parking is loaded with trucks , Also miles of trains loaded with double stacked 40 ft containers ! So industry is moving but cars , pickups , Rv’s really noticeable , we counted five class A’s DP ‘s and about same in fifth wheels From Fresno to Gallup NM . Last year when we went to RPRU in Da Quoin we had to reserve RV parks head of time they were packed so far no problem . Just fyi could all change when we get to Amarillo .

    few pics of so far .last pic was leaving home , then parked at daughters cul da Sac.

    My daughter Tammi ,  Carol , Brooke my Granddaughter ,my three loves of my life !  Brooke is really into volleyball and driving her 300U at cafes parades . 









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  12. Carol and I left Monday spent couple nights with my daughter today we in Gallup Nm 

    I am going to start a thread on this page of trip and pictures of show ! However , I suck at pictures according to my wife so we need to ask for help from Brady Boy and Sledgehammer 


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  13. 34 minutes ago, Delta Dirt said:





    Do any of ya'll have a harness hitch available????  Wrangler sez he will pull me if I can get him a harness set up.

    Nothing like a friend's friendship!!!!

    It is not that I am running to slow----the world is just spinning too damm fast!!!!!!:wacko:

    Good luck everybody-------keep on putting one foot in front of the other!!!   (getting to be harder and harder to do over here in Mississippi)



    Great picture of what an animal can mean to us !  

     Lets keep that one foot a head of the other like you said !  

     Makes me think of H.D. how he persisted and came to Sedalia RPRU on oxygen defying his Doc's cause he wanted to meet his Red Power friends and took a group picture with us.

      Lot of great inspiration and tough guys that I want to emulate when I get old ! lol.

         Thanks Guys , Tony

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  14. 1 hour ago, oldtanker said:

    Sorry to hear that. You just gotta fight back as best you can. Just turned 67. I was shocked when after my little medical emergency a couple of months ago when my doc told me "you are old and need to slow down". Then even more when my wife twisted that knife in my back and agreed with the doc. Heck to be honest just a few months ago I was looking at guys my age and thinking "old Far# needs to get out of the way". Now all of a sudden I realize I'm he!

    I hear what your saying loud and clear! Towards the end of my baler project June of 2021 , I could tell something was happening  to my stamina, breathing ,patients.

      I hurried to finish, thinking I was just getting older and after two years of hard work at project I was getting tired. 

     Well, got her done just before leaving for RPRU in Du Quine end of june into July did not feel right feeling horrable but had no reason though all I needed was a vacation , RPRU and trip went well had good time but fought, little stamina and lack of enthusiasm on everything because of being tired all the time.

       Week after home from RPRU was taken to ER with A Fib which I had never had,that I was aware of , Hospital four days , lot of meds added , thought I was okay but kept getting dizzy and having A fib events. December 14th pass out at home coughing ,back to ER Severe Double Pneumonia ,in covid ward for a week ,even though I tested negative for Covid , for two days in hospital I thought I was gone !  Sent home week later with all oxygen equipment , on oxygen 6 weeks at home , Starting to get moving, Cordiologist says A Fib is bad need Ablation back to heart hospital Feb 28 ,2022. 

    Made it, but my stamina goes from about 9am to 3pm with lot of little rests in-between  and then I need a nap or two ,if I am standing on cement i fade fast, but I keep plenty of chairs in Shop !  Here I am 76 and Doc is saying from what I went through It will take at least a year to recoup stamina !

       Going to try RPRU again this year going by MH will carry oxygen with us just in case , My wife enjoys driving as I do ,so we will divide the duties .

    Oldtanker, lets keep pushing because our window of opportunities is gradually closing , Covid shutdown took two years off our retirement activities and now we have to  push ,not too hard but like they say in the MH adds ROUGHING IT SMOOTHLY.

     Best to you ! remember, 67 and 76 is still young , I keep praying for quality till 86 Will see what God thinks .lol


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  15. We are planning on all three days.

      Will be leaving here early next week going to visit family along the way , the plan is there by Wednesday22nd.  God willing . 

     After these last few years of Covid and my own health issues, along with my friend's health issues, its time for us to take all the advantage of time the good Lord has aloud ! 

      Love seeing all my IH friends and meeting new ones !

    The old Bus is ready ,As long as no def problems or diesel shortage , Or obstacles along the way !

       MY Doc says go , my wife says go , my pocket book wont talk to me, its lost a lot of weight! , my mind says yes lets go have fun! , my body says slow down buddy take your time don't get to crazy  or I'll show you who's boss ! lol.

     So, Its Ohio or Bust !,


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  16. Eddie is home ! 

       His wife is trying to keep him resting instead of farming !lol.

         Thank you all for your prayers !  I was a little worried , Shop would never be the same without us taking a break and settling the worlds problems ! Not to mention when I get tired of working on projects ,HE COMES UP WITH MORE IDEAS  and gets me riled up.

       Good friends are not at every corner got to keep this old fart around !


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  17. On 5/26/2022 at 3:57 AM, Sledgehammer said:

    Wow! I bet you would have to pick up Herb’s jaw off the ground if he saw it. 😊 To take a “work truck” and make it functional artwork is something to be very proud of indeed. Bravo!

    I wonder ! 
    I can just see that  a big quiet smile with a pair of tongs and a bashing hammer next to the forage fire !
    Says with a grin “, Darn português ,how am I going to use it now ?” I knew I could never put a square peg in a round hole when you came in the door !”


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  18. 1 hour ago, Weapon said:

    Great looking restoration as only you can orchestrate. Love to see it In person. Might have to make a trip by when in Arizona next winter on way to northern Cali and Oregon. 


    Absolutely , I hope you can , let me know ahead of time so I can show you around ! 
    btw thank you !


  19. Thank you Guys !! 6/2/22

     I talked to Eddie today ,made it through surgery okay , still have a tube in him but his spirits seem good. 

     Probably be in hospital through weekend.  Seems he had adverse reaction to Rheumatoid  meds . creating lot of internal issues.

           Thank you again, He is shy about posting but is a diehard follower and IH guy and my life long neighbor just a little up the road to the North.

      those were his hay fields that we tried out the 71 baler on last summer



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  20. 6/1/22 

    I know that old Red tractor prayers work !

    I am asking for your prayers , please ,for my friend , Eddie, Nieghbor and partner in crime when it comes to classic IH ‘ and Oliver’s 

    He is being taken for surgery as I write this 9:03 pm pacific time for a serious blockage .


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