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  1. Evening of 10/13/21 rear axle and springs installed Tony
  2. I sure will ! While at it ,even though backwards I get on from 350 Farmall L.P. reverse loader.
  3. 10/13/21 little more progress ! Slow but sure ! tony
  4. Back in early 50’s when my Dad decided to start breaking some of his native pastures to farm , He bought a Farmall M and a MM UTN as his workhorses. The M was equipped with propane at dealer and MM was factory LP . He used MM for tillage and the M for planting , cultivating , cotton picker conversion . the LA Case was my Grandfather in law’s and my late father in Laws tony
  5. 10/9/21 Return of Pioneer Days Parade held Main Street of Paso Robles , Ca . Central Coast area of Ca . After bowing out to Covid last year. Beautiful fall day for a parade ! I took two of my older girls , the 52 MM UTN LP and the 1945 LA Case LP , John Domingo's my baler helper drove the LA and I drove the MM Loved picking out our own “Ray54” from the crowed as we rode by and heard his cheering ! Parade route was longer and appeared to be many more spectators then pre covid. I was able to capture few pictures and I will try posting them all accept videos which is a whole different endeavor . Most of pictures are before or after parade once parade started not much chance for pictures on my part. Rather then trying to narrating pictures, I'll answer any question of pictures. tony
  6. Great looking restoration ! I would say heck yeah trailer restorations count , after all without them we cannot haul our IH treasures around ! Welcome to the forum, Tony
  7. Still in our Prayers ! Tony
  8. Welcome to the forum Lee ! Hope you recover 100% from Covid. WE enjoy new members and of course Pictures. Tony
  9. Absolutely ! plan is bed frame, head rack , tank , stake pockets red . Winch red. the bed plated will be powder coat black under bed black . the one by 12 wood around bed will be over laid with thin stainless steel inside and out . my plan is to have our local pin stripper do the blacksmith logo on tank Tony
  10. 10/6/21 End of day progress pictures ! tranny and engine mounted Tony
  11. My first choice is Brillman Co. 2nd choice is Porch electric I choose to call them direct to order because sometimes there are add on that are not included . call Brillman and ask for John , very knowledgeable and helpful Tony
  12. Thank You , I think my wife would consider your offer ! lol lol
  13. Our prayers continue for you and your Wife ! Tony
  14. Thank You Danny ! You Have honored your Dads legacy, Great pictures and tribute. So much of Him lives through you today . Tony
  15. Will be handy ! looking forward to finished project tony
  16. Look forward to following progress ! I am sure you will have her every bit as good as your others , even though they are workers they could all be show girls also Tony
  17. What a great ending bringing those two Cats together in their home town . the greater story is your history on that machine and your Dads history . great memories and pictures , just wish I would of been there to celebrated it with you . tony
  18. Herb will have power steering but it’s adapted from another later model IH as is the front axle out of a seventies IH which takes a disk brake set up . Rear end is from GM and accepts disk brakes also. RedKid had a torsion front end from factory , not much could do with installing v8 , disk brakes and power steering . To make it all work we had a Art Morrison clip made . on Herb had solid front axle and factory V8 so adapting another front axle worked for this application . tony
  19. 10/1/21 Some great progress ! On Herb. Chassis is powder coated . engine very close to being dropped in . Remember if you see different carb parts etc. it’s going to be on LP gas tony
  20. Continuing Prayers for you and your wife. Tony
  21. Condolences for your loss . Tony
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