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  1. Thank You Dennis . I have been approached by I.H. Historical to speak about my restorations . I'll be meeting the man at RPRU in Ohio if all goes well . God Willing. April 22-23-24/22 it will be one of the features at Calif Antique Farm Equipment Show . I am pretty excited about that. Again Thank You . 560Dennis. Tony
  2. 4/7/22 more odds and ends ! Finally decided on a stainless mirrors . lic frame , I prefer the original Allied frame in back and this nice smooth one in front . yes or no on the emblem for mud flaps ???? tony
  3. Thank you Sir ! my sentiments were what you described ; the forgotten farm repair / welder / blacksmith and also IH trucks are pretty rough and forgotten by now and I am trying to bring as much respect back to an IH truck as there is for Chev, Ford , Dodge at shows etc . I have noticed an uptick in IH pickup interest as of lately , however ,most are rock climbers and left patina . I am old school and choose to go another way trying to make a nice show room oldie . this truck should out live me now , so hope it will continue to make IH light line trucks proud many years into the future thanks again , tony
  4. Prayers for the **** those people are induring Tony
  5. Yes it will. We revamped it for easy removal and instillation but kept original lift. Tony
  6. Thank You ! At this point she may just pretend to work ! lol i want to actually do some trailer pulling with her. ! I think she is going to be user friendly Tony
  7. 4/1/22 Oh happy days ! the propane tank mount arrived from chrome shop ! It’s wrapped in tissue . the exhaust system will be ready for pickup on Monday . Not much more to go ! Till we see if it runs and drives ! Lol tony
  8. 4/1/22 Finally remembered to get you the pictures ! The one above post pictures is how I received it and what it looked like #200 blade fast hitch behind my 300u BTW it was pretty rusty when I bought it so I repaired it and had it powder coated for me at time it was quicker and easier . tony
  9. Thanks , we all had those kind of hitches in the day , no one used ball hitches , top lip pivoted to make it easy to hook up single or double lip hitch ! I had 40 cotton trailers in the day and they were both kinds !lol not to mention all the fertilizer tenders we pulled around tony
  10. NEED TO GET THESE BACK ! The exhaust system back from powder coat. the propane mount back from chrome fuel to it and dial in . I HOPE THATS IT , I am sure there are more odds and ends tony
  11. 3/30/22 the lift is installed , rear lic plate and lite , and I believe I will go with this mirror . I will run the lift in level position . tony
  12. Yes you can ! I restored a 200 blade around 2014-15-16 and posted it on this forum , I am not adapt at finding old post on here maybe someone can help us out. My recommendation is if you have a old one around that you can still make out decals , take pictures try to get dimensions . Out hear I have a Store called" Fast signs" and they will make them to your specifications. When I come across the blades pictures I will forward to you. Tony
  13. Some more 3/23/22 work ! odds and ends routing Ac and heater lines under fender to leave engine bay clean propane equipment mounted on engine bay. Lift motor and switches installed trying on mud flaps for size tony
  14. For sure ! It’s a balancing act ! Lol Her birthday is coming up April 30 I am trying to show her that she is prettier then the red girls but she is starting to question that ! Lol tony
  15. 3/23/22 the Diamond plate bed plate Is on over the ply wood . inching closer Darn chrome shop holding up progress on tank mount ! Tony
  16. 3/22/22 Guys , I been wrestling with steering wheels ! wanted original rebuilt but the off set creates a problem with room for driver being we have a new column . this what we have come up with. My alternate choice. It was the center hub that sold me so far ! tony
  17. Thank you ! it’s been a long haul exciting most times then frustrating with hurry up and wait . Lol I learned a lot about me on these trucks , I HAVE A SICKNESS CALLED ; “Being we are this far let’s do” ! Lol it’s about like other bad habits , it drains the pocket book along with adding time to restoration which leads to straining the patients lol tony
  18. Yes sir ! Thank you ! I can’t wait to see tank and lift on it tony
  19. 3/21/22 oh be still my heart ! I love that tank ! just got word last of painting is done the parts are from the electric lift Herb made twostepin2001 here is the tank you and I were waiting for ! tony
  20. Thank you Bill , I agree , I decided on the square one but they say it will not work on base to door . so I am searching , hard to find this old school stuff we took for granted thanks for input tony
  21. Thank You Sir ! Very kind of you. At this point I am counting hours till done . Yet it seems forever ! Tony
  22. Oh Yes ! the two items that will keep Herbie , Herbie , is the propane tank and the lift ! They are being painted . the four identifiers imho is the head Rack , propane tank , lift , back of bed and his hitch style all combine into Herbs work . tony
  23. 3/15/22 creeping to the finish line ! more progress pictures! Metal bed top is at powder coating ( black) Steering wheel is fill in for now have not settled on one . still trying to find the proper mirrors tank still at painter , mounting still at chrome shop, exhaust system being Cermacoted. tony
  24. Good one ! Twostepn2001 ! I ask Carol why Las Vegas , Bay Area , LA , always look so much better and beautiful in small rear view mirror then they do in the big front view windshield ? she says my mind set , but I think it’s so much more then that !lol perhaps much better quality glass in small rear view mirror ! Lol tony
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