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  1. Thank you ! Sorry for your frustrations but sometimes we get bogged down but we will figure it out. What is the old saying ?... the only ones that never fail or have problems are the ones that do nothing! lol Best to you, Tony
  2. Todd , I have one just like it , bought it in 2014 used on the Almond ranch pretty much like a P.U. or tractor. I still have it and use it everyday on my retirement ranch of 20 acres almonds . They are indestructible , we change oil and air filter and its never let us done and never been to shop. changed battery twice and we have ruined few rear tires running over rough stuff and that it. Dont be afraid of it. Tony
  3. Happy Birthday Guys ! Mr Plow was good meeting you at photo session RPRU tony
  4. 7/3/22 the Eagle landed at 3:50 pm 4798.5 miles round trip to Red power Roundup by way of SilverLake Indiana. one of the greatest trips we have had , weather very stable and temps all very close all the way through . Only rain was 1/4 inch at RV park in Gallup NM . Highways we’re all good flowing till road work on 70 in Indiana . So glad we decided to go ! Great trip, great show , great people , forever memories ! Saved all my fuel tags so now comes the tough part of figuring out fuel gallons and cost . Lol , I’ll take my time getting to that task! Lol thank you Tony
  5. Thank you Danny ! yes I saw the 1566 , it’s like show room original ! Got to tour lot of Silver Lake region , lot of good looking corn and soybeans hope all well with you and Kathy , we miss you ! tony
  6. 6/30/22 been little preoccupied since leaving show . what a great show it was and wonderful people to visit with . I would do this trip again in a heart beat as long as my fuel credit card does not max out ! Lol we are on third leg of six leg , trip home . on first leg we visited our RPF member T-bone better known as Lowell Lindzy and Sharon got to see lot of Indiana’s farming and must say very impressed. He gave us the grand tour and tremendous hospitality ! Thank you much! today on the 40 into Amarillo how can you pass up THE BIG TEXAN at 4 pm and starving so it was a Filet for each of us and now we are resting up for fourth leg Amarillo to Gallup NM . God willing be home Sunday 7/3/22 few pictures PS : so many pics of MH near corn drier is because , I never thought I would be plugged in to a corn elevator / drier in the Mid west ! May never see it a gain . Also visited this maintained one room school house on this fellas land and he happened to be moweing Alfalfa with a White ! How collectable is that ? Nice . tony
  7. Good question ! Most everything ! Lol First order of business is getting my 806 LP engine back in order tony
  8. Same here ! So great meeting members ! tony
  9. 6/25/22 I want to give a big shout out to Arron Wade our own Powershiekfarmall “ for a great tribute to our passed member “ Cooter” who passed away saving his family in their house fire. We had a moment of silence after our group picture on Friday for the Droacha Dairy family and all red power forum members we have lost this year tony
  10. I believe it was the promotion for the 86 series line . tony
  11. 6/25/22 the party is over ! show over at 3.41 pm after National meeting . was a great show Kevin and Ellen Paul did a great job along with there committee .they are the couple several pictures down . The upside picture I have no idea what happened it Carol and I with our own Sledgehammer family ! took few more pictures today attended chapter auction and National Board meeting bought a couple Ohio RPRU banners at auction for my toy shed . the band was very good played a concert Friday evening . tony
  12. 6/24/22 Day two of show ! Great venders , visiting , RPF group picture, attended Lee Klancher seminar , IH ten top tractors ., pictures with Binder Books and IH parts America . We all started visiting in isle we clogged it to the next vender , Sorry . nice dinner with Mn friends Randy Van Wye and his lovely wife Terry . attended a very nice concert on grounds finished day with a glass of wine with our friends and camping nieghbor’s Jerry Smoker and lovely wife Kelli , Dale and lovely wife Lisa Markle ! so tired can’t see straight but I wanted to take it all in . tony
  13. I have seen that handle on forum long time finally got to meet you . thank you Tony
  14. Great meeting you and please call me Tony yes love the group pictures for meeting our guys . Hope to run into you again in next two days tony
  15. Was great meeting you and yes the show is great ! tony
  16. 6/23/22 parade favorites among others ! Sorry first two are me checking my house for several weeks and the second is me admiring Jerry Smokers truck ! We are being nieghbor’s for several days tony
  17. 6/23/22 Our RPF premier photo taker Brady Boy needed a break so the crappy photo taker , me , took advantage of the situation . Here’s to you Bill ! tony
  18. 6/23/22 RPF photo at Mike Links Great group ! also photos of Bull session after ! and pics of a little shout out for Triple R Tractors for hosting us tony
  19. We all miss you Danny ! however ! You here in spirit ! tony
  20. 6/22/22 some more pre show favorites sorry the blue board belongs to the last truck pic . tony
  21. 6/22/22 Hi Guys RPRUP pre show day ! tremendous day loads and loads of beauties coming in . IMHO there is already a good showing of equipment here but they will be coming in till morning . I am no Brady Boy for pictures but I thought I would give you all a preview of what’s here and these were my days’s favorites! tony
  22. 6/21/22. WE MADE IT ! 2352.9 miles from home . got in at 4:30 Ohio time which is 1:30 Cali time Todays drive from St Louis Mo to Springfield Ohio was beautiful seeing the corn , soybeans , and green country side . everything so clean , green , no graffitee , no litter , very little homeless. I was so excited to be here and set up camp that I forgot to take pictures , promise tomorrow will be lot of pre show pics ! I think it’s going to be a great show from the amount of equipment and RV’s here already the organization appears to be phenomenal . just have few pics of drive tony
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