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  1. I was watching the cotton picker, But knew it was older restoration and at minimum needed a set of tires upon arrival here . The killer was the 10400.00 hauling quote to Cali. So, I cooled my heels and kept my hands in my pocket. Tony
  2. Was a ware house fire in town of Fresno tony
  3. Hi Guys , Paster at one of our churches in tiny community of Easton Calif . Decided anything Easton Sunday and chili cook off would be good . This is second annual . pictures of four in front of truck & tractor is Carol & I and Paster Matt Brown and his wife Tammi . several nieghbor’s and I decided to take some items I took Farmall H , Farmall 1468, Herbie being it lived it’s life two blocks from the church and my Nieghbor Brad Weis took his 9900 JD cotton picker and his Jd 9460 four wheel drive . We did a ten Mile mini tractor ride to the church set everything up on Saturday for Sunday and gave kids hay rides with H pulling did mini tractor drive home Sunday afternoon was fun . Pretty lady Lyndsey loewen driving H first time on tractor here are few pictures BTW local next door high school is Washington Union Purple Panthers thus the W and purple. tony
  4. Look Great Danny ! Everything you do is number one ,IMHO ! Looking forward to seeing it soon ! Tony
  5. Hi Guys , Been laying low this summer no projects going (yet) However , was asked to participate in the Kerman , ca . harvest festival parade . the parade Marshall was 92 year old jean Hardie known as the John Deere queen and cotton queen so only fitting they pulled her in parade with my 30 foot green cotton trailer pulled by a new John tractor I entered the SC and 28 FH mower , SMTA and 71 baler , La Case lp being it was from a long time Kerman family, Carol drove Herbie my latest IH truck also . my son on SC , Grandson of original owner of case driving , me on SMTA, Carol in Herbie, the older lady in center of my cousins is Jean Hardie being celebrated in her farm community , the fellow on the Fergie 40 is my friend and Kerman farmer Joe Porto on his Late fathers tractor . few pictures the estimate 2000- 2500 people lined the street in this small Calif Central Valley farm community wish pictures were better settings but all my picture takers were driving something so we took from the seats. Tony
  6. Yes Alan, the top one is what i was familiar with. However, mine is like your Dad's in only four rows . Never thought I would see one in four rows much less fast hitch ! Thanks for the information. Between the rake FH and hoe FH I had to get them, The four row is so much easier to transport to shows and most of us 50's 60's guys started with four row 38"s Thanks ,Tony
  7. Basically I am , the rake is just a little TLC along with hoe ! Lol Carol says that counts as restorations in her mind also ! Lol she is probably right , along with you BJ ! they looked so small and easy and the devil made me do it ! Spending five days looking , smelling and touching Red lead me to the near occasion of Sin . Blaming Ohio ! Ha ha tony
  8. My poor wife is groaning and hanging on to the checkbook as I envision all that I want to do to them ! Tony
  9. Yep! remember them being pretty fancy in later years . Thanks for input Tony
  10. yes , my plan is to take less tractors to show but to include IH equipment of my early time period behind each I take . So my vision is SC with hay mower , then the 806 bean cutter , then the 300u with hay rake , then SMTA with baler . That rake worked behind the mower and the bean cutter when I was in high school and after and the baler baled the hay and the bean straw after harvester . Would like them all in line in a parade and all IH . I think the hoe will look good behind the 560 it was period correct tony
  11. We were all 38 inch rows . Some 40’s on west side but 38 was normal . most guys out here used till n pack to crust break but on some land left us vulernable to wind . I could not afford to have a dedicated hoe just for rain events so I used a till n pak that I already had . The wealthy farmers had the IH hoes . what’s that tell you I had to wait till sold the farm and retired and 76 to afford a four row cotton rotary hoe !! tony
  12. 7/22/22 Sometime back chit chatting with Randy Van Whye of Pine Island MN., I mentioned that I had been looking for a #12 IH fast hitch pto basket rake like I had raked beans and hay with in th 60-70’s , Looking for a number of years. lo and behold he not only found me a rake but also a IH fast hitch rotary hoe like we used to crust break seedling cotton after a rain . today they arrived delivered by Valley transport of Mn . few pictures of arrival tony
  13. Happy Belated Birthday Guys ! Hope you had a great day! Tony
  14. 7/16/22 Guys do you know if a two post rops canopy on a 766 is the same used on a 1456 ? are axle and fender demensions the same ? thanks for your input Hoping to put a 766 two post canopy on a 1456 Tony
  15. 7/15/22 They found their places ! it drives quiet and tight like New one. I am very pleased thank you all that followed this project and offered Suggestions ,opinions and advice . we can say both are products of Red Power forum input and influence ! thanks guys and gals tony
  16. 7/14/22 she is home done ! 30 months lot of patience and ups and downs , not to mention the checks $$$ Now I have my two IH’s one is restored to compete with Ford , Chevy , at car shows and honor my Dad and the first vehicle that I drove to school . this one is restored to honor a man that helped me early in life and as a utility IH to show with ATHIS and tractor shows. pictures of arrival ! the man in picture is my Nieghbor and life long friend Eddie He knows the very first chapter of this truck before I started following it . He remembers when it arrived in 1966 on propane and a pickup bed on it . I came in after Herb had removed the bed and started the flat bed in 1967 the rear lic frame was the original we had it rechromed but it’s the Allied original frame . Beside tractors they sold many IH trucks . tony
  17. 7/9/22 HERBIE IS DONE ! I went up Thursday and drove it and signed off on it . they are going to deliver it next week . in meantime the boys from the I H parts America shop took it to A CARS AND COFFEE event in Grass Valley near there shop. they sent me a picture . Sorry I was so nervous Thursday that I forgot to take pics Rest assured when it arrives there will be pictures ! tony BTW only thing left is the logo on the propane tank of the old blacksmith shop .
  18. Thank you ! Sorry for your frustrations but sometimes we get bogged down but we will figure it out. What is the old saying ?... the only ones that never fail or have problems are the ones that do nothing! lol Best to you, Tony
  19. Todd , I have one just like it , bought it in 2014 used on the Almond ranch pretty much like a P.U. or tractor. I still have it and use it everyday on my retirement ranch of 20 acres almonds . They are indestructible , we change oil and air filter and its never let us done and never been to shop. changed battery twice and we have ruined few rear tires running over rough stuff and that it. Dont be afraid of it. Tony
  20. Happy Birthday Guys ! Mr Plow was good meeting you at photo session RPRU tony
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