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  1. Good morning yesterday was second day of Grand Island RPRU what a great day with great people ! Banquet with Max was such a great fun event . few pictures ! The 100 years of Farmall’s in the events center was quite a presentation ! few pictures tony
  2. Good morning yesterday was second day of Grand Island RPRU what a great day with great people ! Banquet with Max was such a great fun event . few pictures ! The 100 years of Farmall’s in the events center was quite a presentation ! few pictures tony
  3. Thank you ! The feeling is the same with us ! Looking forward to tomorrow Tony
  4. Miss you guys Todd ! carol was asking about you this AM she was looking forward to seeing how much your son had grown . tony
  5. Thank you ! I feel the same I look forward to you coming out ! tony
  6. Great day at show spent most of time visiting and not enough looking at tractors but really it’s about the Red Power people ! They are the Best ! the two guys with me in picture are forum members I’ll let you figure one on my left , hint ! has something todo with spark plugs ! They one on right is QC Canada man both are from Canada ! The Farmall C with dry bean cutter is phenomenal would not think it could pull four row cutter , I had one on a 400 Farmall and it was all the 400 could handle till the 806 came out and we put hydraulic cutters on it then flew through field . I shredded many acres of cotton with a shredder like this 400 Farmall 4th gear wide open two rows at a time . Carol and I met forum member “Little feller” took a picture of this Red ih hauler with fuel truck on trailer because the paint job on it imho represented many many hours of block sanding flaw less body work the Blue 57 had a Cummins in it and was phenomenal workman’s ship in my opinion our Group picture at Pete 1468 booth was a success so many guys showed up and I met few more members I was privileged to have a few minutes with Max Armstrong , what a delightful man ! the 806 was early Gasser with a four row cultivator don’t see that combo very often just a little flavor of show through my eyes today tony Sharon Lindsey and Carol. Sharons husband is T-bone on our forum ! Lowell Lindsey .
  7. Our prayers continue for Gods blessings Tony
  8. I took a few pics of this fast hitch #314 rollover plow behind a 560 because I plowed many acres with same i have a 314 to restore and A 560 to hitch too .I just posted fyi in case someone is interested but mostly for my own learning because I have forgot a lot in 58 years ! Lol tony
  9. Guys , flights went well ! arrived Grand Island Nebraska about 3 pm Deplaneing I ran into Max Armstrong , our own BJ Kline and several others I did not know . went to grounds checked out a golf cart and drove around getting lay of the land . the facilities are huge most of equipment is in big sheds some with air conditioning of not all . took a few pic’s to start things off for next three days . tony
  10. Red power or bust ! about to board Fresno , ca . looking forward to lot of red ! and red lovers tony
  11. Tremendous load of history Danny ! Leaving 4:30 am for airport in morning ! see you there ! Tony
  12. That truck and trailer looks familiar ! See you soon Tony
  13. WOW Great looking and great workman ship Tony
  14. Carol and I will be fying in to Grand Island on the 14th ! Flying out the19th. Like other have said busy time of year but always is instead of Motor home travel we have to fly in order to save time to attend graduations and my Grandson's wedding. At my age i have to push to make it all because i can feel the window closing body stamina wise ! lol lol lol Dont have that many more years to push bucket list stuff out to ! lol lol Look forward to meeting all of that are going but like others my memory sometimes fail so please introduce yourselves Tony
  15. Hi Guys , Been a while since. I have checked in ! I hate that fact but life gets in the way. Carol and I are planning on attending RPRU will be flying in instead of Motor home because of time factor, Grandson getting married 24 June out of town and of course Grandma and Pa need to be there! Still loving my IH tractors did major repair on the Goldie and have motor off of 806 L.P. to send back to machine shop third time. Several car shows with the REDKID and HERBIE. Wondering who all is going looking forward to meeting you and wondering if we will still be meeting at Mike links for get together and picture. We are flying out next Wednesday14th returning 19th. Looking forward to having a great time Tony
  16. Prayers continue for Zack and his family ! tony
  17. Back prior to 2006 any SMTA running would bring 10,000.00 . I have watched prices on SMTA drop to current levels. Mine was a fence row tractor with shinny paint on it when i bought it but it was what I wanted had all the bells and whistles I was looking for. IE : LP, single front , hydraulic tree hydraulics I had to restore it three time to get it to my minds eye. It was wore out front to rear ! I love it and have spent a fortune on it but the pleasure it gives me to look at it ,I cannot put a price on . It’s basically a new tractor now . Have no idea how much it would take to buy it from me. I know no one would be crazy enough ! Btw my BIL driving top pic me on bottom pic tony
  18. Sorry to here this ! our prayers with him ! tony
  19. Thank You So Much for the Birthday wishes ! Had a good day taking it easy and adjusting to the tought of being 77 ! So far it does not feel different from 76 ! Again thank you All ! Tony
  20. Happy Birthday Bill ! Hope it’s a great day and wishes for many more ! tony
  21. Wow ! Glad she is okay , that could of gone really bad quick , Her guardian angle was with her . prayers for her and you , it’s not easy to get over a scare like that . that damn driver needs a little jail time to refresh his training ! tony
  22. Prayers for Your friend ,Ray Tony
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