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  1. Fresno ,Ca. is as hot as I want ! WE usually run about 30-50 days above 100 during year evenings cool down nicely. Its a irrigated desert at least there is green and trees here. My Daughter lives in Henderson NV. I keep asking Her why she wants to live in the gate of **** with the devil as mayor. I don't care if you have a million dollar house and swimming pool , its still a **** hole ! Since we bought the motor home , if we did not have to go through NV, AZ, NM to go anywhere east it would be great . If I never had to see those states or go over the Grapevine into L.A / again in my lifetime it would still be too soon. Talk about having to take Anti depressants living in God forsaken brown desert with year round hot sun! IMHO, Having said that we are going through Nevada, NM , next week headed for Du Quoin, I must really like RPRU's I sometimes consider selling it all here and find a couple acres with large enough shop for my toys anywhere on central coast from Paso Robles to Arroyo Grande.CA. I love overcast , Fog, and few days of sun . lol. Tony
  2. Would like to pull with our CAL-Tex 806. I may pull #100 balance head mower off 560 and use it, if this darn 806 does not quit giving me fits! when I get back from RPRU, Need to pull valve cover, possibly head . that slight miss has developed into a clatter on top or near # 1& 2 cylinders. That head has been through machine shop twice since restoration began . Time for different head even though machine shop says there is nothing wrong with it. Wanting to totally finish baler ,so I can move on to other things that need attention . Tony
  3. 6/17/21 John and I did more minute adjusting on knotter , we are feeling pretty confident at this point that it will tie bales okay . painting white light side rim black , getting pulley brake pad fitted with break lining at friction shop . These will be done while I am gone to RPRU Hope to be back to baler in mid July tony PS; 6/18/21 Was able to finally get pulley brake finished , mocked up , tweaked up , painted, and brake pad riveted . that turn out to be a tuffy because of no templates , so had to rely on little geometry , cut here , measure there ! By gosh and buy golly!
  4. I don't trust the DRIVER of the MH 37 ft and 26ft enclosed trailer . plus don't trust trailer itself, I've had issues with it. If it gives me issues before Pleasanton , I am getting rid of it. B.J. , I am rolling it in my mind to work something out for OHIO RPRU. ( Just between you and I ) Tony
  5. I wish B.J. but no , Just Carol and I and Motor home. If all goes well RedKid has been interred in the GoodGuys West Coast Classic Car Show in Pleasanton, CA. To be held August 27-28-29 of 2021 . Blows my wanting to go to Rantoul of this year but this is my chance to play with the big boys while RedKid has the support to be there. Tony
  6. Oh for sure ! Lift is rated at 9000lbs lift , Redkid is 3500lbs. I am contemplating several options , like solid deck and store lessor used eq. like two small plows ,Dyno , hay mower on lift , park two smaller tractors under. that should free up four stalls and keep RedKid on ground level, next year get another and free up more ground level stalls. Ill be going to Red Power Round Up ,God willing, so hay baling should take place late July, that's the plan depends on cutting and irrigation schedule. Tony
  7. Let me know when your coming ! love to host you! Tony
  8. Sounds like Alabama ! A friend of ours can fix that pretty quickly . tony
  9. I hope so ! It seems he has been MIA Lately ! tony
  10. Just wondering if any of RPRU committee people visit here ? sure seems quite , usually there is some sort of count down , talk of forum members meetings , etc. Is anyone from here going ? we plan on leaving Monday 21st for our 2,021 miles trek by ground to DuQuione. looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones from our RP forum . our last RPRU show was Alabama , had plans of five of us from out here taking equipment to Huron but when they changed date because of covid , it threw us all off because it was harvest time out here on new dates . looking forward to seeing lot of Red tony
  11. 6/9/21 just a glimpse back over the last two years when at times it looked so arduous and now it looks so simple . Lol tony
  12. Two parts to this tying video , the cycling with the starter was to see if all were doing what suppose to , the second is running full speed doing the tying thank you BJ for posting ! we have few odds and ends to finish then to a hay field see if it will make square bales ! Lol lol tony
  13. 6/9/21. HALALULIA !!!!!! threaded our wire and cycled ! It actually tied ! I will post stills here and will send video to BJ Kline to post . we got us three knots ! Just need hay now! never thought I would get to this day . first time I threaded a #71 since 1974 and probably first time this baler tied three knots with out breaking something in 40 years . tony
  14. Thank you Sir ! Jury still out on this baler restoration , hopefully this Wed. I will thread wire and see if it ties !!!!!???? That’s the final exam. In my mind . the reason I have a good understanding of this baler is because I ran one like it from 1963 to 1974 , I was pretty young and it stayed with me .I was 17 when my Dad bought it new , I remember it in Allied equipment show room and my Dad let me do commercial work with it ( when not doing our hay )to make enough money to get married Feb of 1965 ! Lol . So it impacted my early life . I got engaged in 1964 my Graduation night from HS. My Dad’s words to me was how in h$ll you going to support a wife you have 500.00 to your name ? That when I asked him to loan it to me to do the commercial work , I had 5000.00 in bank when I got married . Made with a IH #100 balanced head mower , a IH #12 two point basket Rake and a IH #71 baler. Dad died in 1967 and I baled our hay with it until 1975 season when I traded it for a New Holland 290 super sweep three wire . thank you for the kind words , I try to bring them back to how I remember them from back then . tony
  15. It’s worked couple times but I am afraid I have used up all my Goodwill capital ! Lol its not just my dear wife that I need convince but my own body and my darn pocket book , they are all siding against me ! My own body probably being the worst to rebel , Brain thinks I am back in my 20’s and Bod says , No you don’t ! tony
  16. 6/6/21 as I mention in above post , had a contractor coming to install a 9000 lbs lift . Decided to go in shed two to make more room . my plan was to go with the RedKid on it but still kicking it around . it came with frame and casters to move it around empty , however, for sake of placement if I can put truck on there and roll it back ten feet it would be neatly tuck in corner optimizing room. Frame and casters are not quite heavy enough to roll with pickup on lift ,so , I will beef them up with a plate and heavier caster , before placing truck on it . RedKid only weighs 3400 lbs . Lift is rated at 4500 front and 4500 rear axle . here are few pictures of installers and lift . If this goes well I can fit #39 rollover plow , #8 little genius two bottom plow , and Dyno under it , and LA case without remove exhaust . Thinking of another next year for flat bed truck . I think I can free up at least four or five stalls with both and have everything under roof. And be able to have the #71 & 55w balers in same shed . Three reasons I will not build another shed !!!! Lol , 1st Divorce 2nd money , time and permits 3rd who in heck would buy a 20 ac with three shops on it When I am gone !!! ??? Lol tony
  17. Boy Ray54, How lucky that its easy on grapes ! You have some expensive grape vines in your area ! Or at least they try to market them as high value ! lol. Tony
  18. Yep , back in70’s Nieghbor flew it on 160 acres young alfalfa , out of label date. 160 acres of my cotton across street had just emerged you could follow the wind current over 5 miles south East. Along with inversion touch downs randomly . It’s a growth regulator and made cotton plants totally deformed , not dead though. needless to say few law suits filed . After that permits required with pre application intents filed with post application filings with time dates and rates of application . tony
  19. Good mowers ! Put many hours seat time with a #100 balance head covered many acres . tony
  20. That’s a beauty ! would love to have it at our CALIF Antique farm equipment show next April with our vintage flat beds , mine is only a 3/4 ton wish it was one ton . But obviously old Herb thought 3/4 was enough and he was right . tony
  21. 6/4/21 today I loaded three rolls of baling wire onto machine . boxes got damaged in transit so I applied Gorilla tape to hold them together . I lost two of new boxes as box gave out the tape holding wire in place broke . I have two more good boxes will need to get another to fill rack . But really three is all we need. depending on my day tomorrow , I may thread it to needles and give it a cycle . have a contractor coming at 8 am to do a set up of a four post lift in shop. Don’t know how that will go . Have two spots picked out , will let him be final say . wire is still American made ! tony
  22. Hotter then h&ll here 101 to 106 , suppose to cool off next week into 80’s 90’s for few days then back up . getting ready to leave the 21 st . By MH for Du Quoin for RPRU Hope we get some relief ! I am expecting humidity up the wa zoo at RPRU Hope the buildings have AC ! the last RPRU I attended did not have AC in vendor buildings if this RPRU is same it will probably be my last ! Hate to drive 2000 + miles and be miserable tony
  23. Yep , gets to be the ,"WHILE WE ARE HERE, THIS FAR, LETS DO THAT ALSO " syndrome ! They told me two days ago that cab was off to paint shop. Tony
  24. 6/2/21 Had to do some modification to make pully brake work properly. Drilled new holes down as close to pad holder as possible , The back bracket is slotted , Die grinder cut from existing holes to shorten upright. the back brace we had to counter sink and weld a 3/8 headless bolt for the little yellow brace to hold brake bracket steady . Today, pieces off to powder coating , then to friction shop for 3/16 brake pad. We adjusted the needle brakes under baler, they needed a little modify also and cycled, all appears in order, ready for wire next Wed. lets see if it will tie . Was hoping for wire today but it was 4:30 by time we were ready and it was 106 outside by now we were tired hot and three coolers in shop was having hard time keeping us cool, So called it a day. Tony Tony
  25. Condolences . A great tribute . Tony
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