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  1. Took it back to Rob yesterday , (the painter.) His reaction was oh that not too bad , I can fix that ! Hope so ! now trying to figure out what to do about hauling them , because this old fart is not as limber as he thinks and it’s the sh@ts to get these into enclosed trailer and tie down . a thirty -forty year old no problem but a near 76 , head says, I can , body says ,”Ha, Ha , Fool !” tony
  2. 9/28/21 more progress on Herbie ! cab jewelry being installed and Frame going to powder coat ! tony
  3. Condolences to you and your family you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Also Birthday wishes to your wife , hope she is doing okay Tony
  4. Understand your thoughts , I think we throw ourselves into our collecting and or restoration passions and kind of loose ourselves in it . I find that every so often I need to back off a while and get a balance . Since finishing my baler project I was pretty tired of pushing it to finish , in doing so I was thinking this is it time to hang it up . well after resting couple of weeks then finding myself in hospital with some heart rhythm issues and convalescing few weeks now I find myself going through the shop finding all these little projects that I can’t wait to get too. I really think we ebb and flow , roll with it try to balance your life and I think your passion will return . Look out probably with a vengeance !! Lol tony
  5. Big balers are very popular out here ! I think your going to love it as long as you have a good way to handle bales . Best of Luck tony
  6. Prayers for your sister and your family . Tony
  7. Prayers for you and your family ! The Best to you , Tony
  8. 9/23/21 Few more parts from painters now a least we have a dash board to work with , hood latches chromed , miscl. Front size tires came in , waiting on rims Tony
  9. I believe its a cobbled up M ,trying to mimic an M off of Picker. Or stated another way someone's version of a Cotton M, IMHO. Tony
  10. Mto , I agree with your comments above , i joined this forum 7/4/07 even though my profile says 2013 that came from Computor crash and Re registering , point I want to make I too have made so many friends in this group and it’s like a family . It’s a place one can go to and get understanding because we pretty much have the same personal values . my frustration comes from wanting to save the group and trying to figure out how . we have been told several times to back off on certain topics , I noticed that BJ let’s it go awhile before being poofed in past . Now they are sending us a real message . what are we going to do as a group ? Do we want it all or are we willing to give some to gain some. There has to be a way to satisfy the hosts and keep us whole . Seems to me many commenters are like the person in the Will that is warned if they fight the will they will receive 1 dollar and no inheritance. I have seen that happen twice once it involved 160 acres yet he fought and got a dollar . I don’t want us to be that guy ! let’s try to put our heads together with workable solutions and suggestions that we could take to BJ and to hosts and perhaps not loose it all. Show them that coffee shop is important enough to save . we need our IH friends and I H prayers and IH encouragements every day especially these days . MTO thank you for your comments tony
  11. Hey Guys , Keep it the way it was ! No one wants to think outside the box and throw out possible solutions, try to save coffee shop ? I am not going to argue about throwing out few suggestions to the problem , don't see any other suggestions being floated all I see is the same childish whining that has ruined coffee shop. In life everything has a shelf life perhaps Coffee shop has reached its; use by date. Keep pining for the way it was and badgering the hosts who provide it free, (I am sure they do not need these headaches) and your going to whine up with SH*T and learning to suck eggs on another forum. Start working on solutions to keep coffee shop going. Tony
  12. Mike , what you described is what coffee shop is about learning about other areas , other farming methods , way other people with same interest as us live and do things . what I am referring to is the posts that entice people into arguing about stuff they can do nothing about on this forum , but keep people in a negative state of mind . the news reporters do a good enough job of that. thank you Mike , tony
  13. IMHO, the coffee shop is to discuss items pertinent to IH equipment, IH shows, Pulling, Parades , Encourage and embrace new collectors and restorers , Ag , Construction, and Businesses that relate to IH and collecting and restoring, comment on current affairs and an opportunity to encourage our fellow members with positive thoughts when they are hurting . However, not to RUMINATE in world and political affairs because your not going to resolve it behind a key board. No one is listening they are waiting to just shouting at each other keeping everyone in a tizzy ready to pound on the key board. I know the urge ! We all know the world appears to be upside down these days but marinating in the stew isn't going to do anybody any good. Best way is get to your City Council, School Board ,etc. meetings and vote to make a difference. Believe you me, that I respect all the people you mention above , but this is not the place to hold town hall meetings. Respectively , Tony
  14. Just a thought , Since RPF is to support RPM , Why not with subscription to magazine charge an additional fee to access the forum. The old adage you get what you pay for , may be at play here. Over the years we have lost so many substantial form members and in recent years Coffee shop is turning into a B.S. platform for anything. IN Last couple years I have participated much less in Coffee shop because its the same guys churning the same old crap. I scroll though and for most part feel its not worth replying and its sad, I love this forum and have made so many lasting friends on here over the years , Majority don't post here anymore , still have few that I Cherish Their friendships on here but we have lost lot of IH wisdom and dedication over the last few years I enjoy the General and the restorations board they were still pretty solid but will probably get diluted now with crap The pay to play idea would separate the true fans from the B.S'ers . Or the men from the boys. IMHO. Sorry for the harshness Guys but step back from the trees to see the forest. Tony
  15. 9/10/21 I was sent these latest updates on old Herbie . Finally some things being final installed . pray it keeps going in this direction . latest pictures Tony
  16. Absolutely Give me a couple days heads up . So I have plenty time with you. Tony
  17. I am not sure . I will ask next time up there. yes , Fires , Floods , Tornados , earthquake pretty devestating . tony
  18. Cab and chassis back from painter! They used the chassis to roll cab to and from painter. Now to start on chassis going to powder coat. I keep praying the Caldor fire in Northern Ca. does not decide to go west . truck is being done in Grass Valley about hundred miles west of big fires . Fires are moving North /East towards lake Tahoe tony
  19. What I was told it had something to do with a paraffin base. I did not care to learn why at the time . I have just shun it since the 70's Tony
  20. IMHO & Experience, If you want a gummed up stinky engine, use this Pennzoil crap ! Tony
  21. THANK YOU BRADY BOY AND SLEDGEHAMMER FOR FANTASTIC PICTURES 1 Be still my heart ! A RESTORED BLACK STRIPE 1466 PICTURE ON TOP OF PAGE ! Did it have a for sale sign any where around it ? Don't know where I would put it but one like that is missing from my collection. LOL ! Don't tell Carol, Tony
  22. BILL You have a h*ll of a pilot there ! You Guys have fun ! Miss you! Tony
  23. My Friend T-Bone , Nothing but CLASS ! Tony
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