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  1. Thank You , I think my wife would consider your offer ! lol lol
  2. Our prayers continue for you and your Wife ! Tony
  3. Thank You Danny ! You Have honored your Dads legacy, Great pictures and tribute. So much of Him lives through you today . Tony
  4. Will be handy ! looking forward to finished project tony
  5. Look forward to following progress ! I am sure you will have her every bit as good as your others , even though they are workers they could all be show girls also Tony
  6. What a great ending bringing those two Cats together in their home town . the greater story is your history on that machine and your Dads history . great memories and pictures , just wish I would of been there to celebrated it with you . tony
  7. Herb will have power steering but it’s adapted from another later model IH as is the front axle out of a seventies IH which takes a disk brake set up . Rear end is from GM and accepts disk brakes also. RedKid had a torsion front end from factory , not much could do with installing v8 , disk brakes and power steering . To make it all work we had a Art Morrison clip made . on Herb had solid front axle and factory V8 so adapting another front axle worked for this application . tony
  8. 10/1/21 Some great progress ! On Herb. Chassis is powder coated . engine very close to being dropped in . Remember if you see different carb parts etc. it’s going to be on LP gas tony
  9. Continuing Prayers for you and your wife. Tony
  10. Condolences for your loss . Tony
  11. Welcome to forum ! That is one nice 560 , Look forward to your progress with it . Tony
  12. How lucky are you ? My son tries to not roll his eyes . lol, lol Tony
  13. 9/29/21 boo boo on RedKid , it’s back at paint shop ! Rob says not bad . We’ll see . BTW it’s the lower marks , the higher larger big square is shop light reflection . lesson learned ,”do not try to drive into enclosed trailer without help guiding or using the winch !” tony
  14. 9/29/21 more progress on cab interior . Frame is off to powder coat Tony
  15. Nice to dream ! Twostepn , I am trying to learn the concept of RETIREMENT = FIXED INCOME ! lol lol lol . At least that's what my wife keeps reminding me of ! Something along the lines of outgoing dollars has to be less then incoming dollars.🤕 Tony
  16. Be Still my heart your making me want another tractor restoration project ! She is sure looking nice . Will be a beauty when done Keep us posted , love the pictures Tony
  17. Prayers and positive thoughts . Tony
  18. Took it back to Rob yesterday , (the painter.) His reaction was oh that not too bad , I can fix that ! Hope so ! now trying to figure out what to do about hauling them , because this old fart is not as limber as he thinks and it’s the sh@ts to get these into enclosed trailer and tie down . a thirty -forty year old no problem but a near 76 , head says, I can , body says ,”Ha, Ha , Fool !” tony
  19. 9/28/21 more progress on Herbie ! cab jewelry being installed and Frame going to powder coat ! tony
  20. Condolences to you and your family you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Also Birthday wishes to your wife , hope she is doing okay Tony
  21. Understand your thoughts , I think we throw ourselves into our collecting and or restoration passions and kind of loose ourselves in it . I find that every so often I need to back off a while and get a balance . Since finishing my baler project I was pretty tired of pushing it to finish , in doing so I was thinking this is it time to hang it up . well after resting couple of weeks then finding myself in hospital with some heart rhythm issues and convalescing few weeks now I find myself going through the shop finding all these little projects that I can’t wait to get too. I really think we ebb and flow , roll with it try to balance your life and I think your passion will return . Look out probably with a vengeance !! Lol tony
  22. Big balers are very popular out here ! I think your going to love it as long as you have a good way to handle bales . Best of Luck tony
  23. Prayers for your sister and your family . Tony
  24. Prayers for you and your family ! The Best to you , Tony
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