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  1. For sure , Bullwinkle , I consider myself done with projects and everyday I see another that I like to do ! tony
  2. Tank has been certified and is off to sand blaster, after then to painter then back for new valves etc. The mounting frame; probably clean welds then chrome. Tony
  3. 10/30/21 Not a lot of Red here but never less we had a tractor drive Central Cal ! they traveled 21 miles to a fantastic BBQ provided by Scoto Bros of Merced . after lunch they traveled back to starting point making 42 mile Drive. 32 tractors made it to lunch . They traveled through Residential , industrial , by the old Castle Air Force base and out through vineyards and orchards all lined and speckled with old oak trees . lunch rendezvous was at a old sprawling beautiful Parreira Dairy farm under the oaks along the Merced River and because of a nice rain here last week the setting could not be nicer. I did not take a tractor this year , I had the pickup and a big tool box just in case . my pictures are little limited but I wanted to share a great tractor day with you guys and assure you that next year there will be more Red ! Lol the restored IH , Chevy , Studebaker trucks belonged to Mr Parreira the dairy and landowner and the old equipment was a retirement yard on the farm . the pic of the old Oliver Baler and tractor is to show one of our members , Eddie , what he missed ! Lol He likes IH but loves Oliver ! Imagine that ! BTW what do you think of that BBQ pit ? tony
  4. Hi Josh, Great looking project ! There is a friend of mine in Iowa that knows these old girls , Goes by handle here of OLD F-30. Perhaps he will be by soon to comment or PM him Whatever you do keep posting you progress so we can follow you. BTW show the fellas here the latest tractor you restored and explain the school program you did it through. Tony
  5. Sun Shade brackets , perhaps modified as they appear longer then usual. Tony
  6. Rears on mine are 14.9x28 . Factory were 12.4 's , Being I had to buy new rims ,I went for the wider one's. Your right on the underslung exhaust . The frame weights are harder to find but they are available ,They show up every so often on e bay or market pages Tony
  7. I believe you have a jewel there ! she does not look abused , being your doing engine work , you could install a TA if so desired . I have a gasser 300U only because that’s what my Dad had but if I would of picked one it would of been LP these are fun tractors to operate and lot of power . Good luck with it ! tony
  8. Praying for your Mother and your family. Tony
  9. 10/19/21 Road trip to Grass Valley ! met with all involved with this project . I am very pleased with how it’s looking. we discussed items to be done. Met with the upholstery Man. IH parts America is great to work with . few update pics I took today. was lucky to meet the glass man delivering all the new glass pieces. fella with mustache is Rick , He has been doing this project pretty much single handed, other then paint and the like . I took these today . Tony
  10. Great legacy ! That 1466 still looks new ! I wouldn't let it leave either but I had to ask. My shed thinks it needs a nice 1466 blackstripe . lol Tony
  11. Happy Birthday Fellas ! Hope it was a great day ! Tony
  12. Beautiful pictures ,Equipment like new, speaks well for your farm. Would you consider letting the 1466 black stripe come live out west ? Tony
  13. My Nieghbor Eddie Back in February 2021 getting the 856 and Freeman baler ready for the season . I remember this girl when bought new ,was worked hard on a cotton and hay farm , owner used every inch of her then retired her as he switched to grapes and did not need it. It sat behind a shed in ill health for years , original owner dies , Eddie saves her from the scrapper and or the air board ! Buys it from Estate. Gave her a good amount of TLC and she is now an everyday worker and chore tractor. He also knew her from new and saw what she went through and I think she has a permanent home . He does not pamper them but she gets what she needs. tony
  14. Yes Honey ! That's what Carol tells me also ! Your right and I have so much to be positive for , However, as I feel my energy wane it feels as though the window is creeping . lol. Probably because I am approaching 76 in Dec. lol , Joining the Back side of 70's Tony
  15. Thank you Sir ! I sure will , I am starting to see the finish line in the nearer distance ! I keep telling the shop Guys , my window is closing ! I need time to drive it and enjoy it ! Guess that’s what happens when one waits too long to retire while trying to make extra dollars to spend on these toys ! Lol lol
  16. Thank you Sir ! I sure will , I am starting to see the finish line in the nearer distance ! I keep telling the shop Guys , my window is closing ! I need time to drive it and enjoy it ! Guess that’s what happens when one waits too long to retire while trying to make extra dollars to spend on these toys ! Lol lol
  17. 10/14/21 More progress , hydro boost arrived and rear axle is mounted and shocks are on Tony
  18. Straight axle off late model IHC with disk brakes in front and custom made wheels all around . Took forever to find the right matching combination from the beginning. Tony
  19. Evening of 10/13/21 rear axle and springs installed Tony
  20. I sure will ! While at it ,even though backwards I get on from 350 Farmall L.P. reverse loader.
  21. Back in early 50’s when my Dad decided to start breaking some of his native pastures to farm , He bought a Farmall M and a MM UTN as his workhorses. The M was equipped with propane at dealer and MM was factory LP . He used MM for tillage and the M for planting , cultivating , cotton picker conversion . the LA Case was my Grandfather in law’s and my late father in Laws tony
  22. 10/9/21 Return of Pioneer Days Parade held Main Street of Paso Robles , Ca . Central Coast area of Ca . After bowing out to Covid last year. Beautiful fall day for a parade ! I took two of my older girls , the 52 MM UTN LP and the 1945 LA Case LP , John Domingo's my baler helper drove the LA and I drove the MM Loved picking out our own “Ray54” from the crowed as we rode by and heard his cheering ! Parade route was longer and appeared to be many more spectators then pre covid. I was able to capture few pictures and I will try posting them all accept videos which is a whole different endeavor . Most of pictures are before or after parade once parade started not much chance for pictures on my part. Rather then trying to narrating pictures, I'll answer any question of pictures. tony
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