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  1. Thank you BJ Kline ! 5/19/21 Happy Days ! Started just over two years ago ! Received it May 1 , started tear down May 19 , 2019 today out of six banged up needles we finally ended up with three good ones ! Dialed them in all morning then had to remove them to dial in the carrier arm , or cradle as book calls it , by 3pm had plunger timed to needles had to move chains few notches , easier said then done but she is cycling ,all seems to be going smooth . The tinny rattle you may hear is we need to set up needle brakes under machine and dial them into 1 1/2 inch deflection at top of needle stroke . few pictures here from needles back from machine shop this morning and the tools he made to straighten these particular needle. note that green needle how bent it is and it’s been straighten some . It was meeny minny Mo ! Lol. John and I are besides our selves , next get together we will finish up on adjustments and hopefully load wire Tony
  2. 5/12/21 My BIL and I took the day ( 8 hour round trip ) and visited with shop , spent four hours with them going over truck bed ,paint , etc. looks like they are ready to move into final fabrication then painting and frame powder coating mode soon Think it’s going to be little different tony
  3. 5/13/21 Sorry guys John and I had scheduling difficulties , hoping to have everything back from machine shop for next week and rap her up and ready for wire ! looking forward to closing the checkbook on this project ! Lol lol lol lol tony
  4. Troy , it is an engineering marvel ! No computers in those days ! It worked and still does ! yes we will be doing touch up painting when we get her baling . If you want to see my old 55w baling . Go to utube and enter Stenchfield ranch ,Paso Robles ,.Ca. 55wbaling oats , I bought it there after It baled 200 bales of oats , did not miss one . tony
  5. TroyDairy, They had over two hundred cars , Better then expected turn out . had a great time visiting with that I have farmed with my hole life and they are retired now also and to me they were so young last time we associated it’s hard to believe our ages ! she and sister finally got their home all cleaned out ready for real estate. Mom beat the pneumonia and she’s getting demanding ! Lol Carol is spending lot of time going to rest home and taking mom to doctors . It’s tuff to be recently widowed at age 95 . She a Tuff old Texan ! tony
  6. Twostepin, yep ASAP ! lol I and my BIL are going there on Wed 5/12/21 want to meet with them discuss bed and paint , etc . my BIL Stan is in trucking business and is more familiar with these kind of flat bed restorations , so hopefully we can get much dialed in . I will be giving them the , “ I am 75 and running out of time speech ,” hoping they can speed up ! Quite Frankly at best it would be a year from now the earliest . they have most of mechanical mocked up , then at mercy of painter, Uphostery , and all of details this August will be two years , seems like 5 , so reasonably it will be three years. those guys on Tv , I believe , have everything staged, no way you can do a quality resto mod and body work in two weeks. plus now we are fighting shortages of everything , quality workers , iron is sky high , shortages everywhere you look , the economy got so screwed up and now everything is back logged and back ordered lucky most of the mechanics on mine have been done , most of parts ordered before covid and they limped through covid and they are a a IH shop . tony
  7. 5/5/21 After much ado , three needles are on and pretty well adjusted , there is always one steer in the herd that wants to go the other way , first needle on heavy side decided not to cooperate we spent few hours trying to take the slight curve out of it . Next I’ll use a die grinder on new floor to give it a little more clearance . This darn baler only gives us an inch of clearance in all the slots they go through. we got them aligned and are meeting the book requirement of 5/8 “ off flush with twister frame, and A 1/32 deflection along side of twister frame had to cut 1/2 inch off new rubber bumpers that catch the needle cradle to attain the 5/8” and trying to attain 3/32 large roller over wire shroud . With all these measurements book wants needles in home position of min 1/2 “ clearing tips under bale chamber. be nice with a set of NOS needles but these old girls 1/8 off at base translate to lot of off at 50” out lol Next I will adjust needle brakes to a book deflection at top stroke of 1 1/2” to 2” . We ran plunger with needles in tying position just to see if the made all there slots, other then that one squeaking they are fine. Next week hope to time plunger and twister so we can trip tying mechanism . I am starting to contact someone with a drone to film this thing baling , However, I am thinking calif third cutting alfalfa which will be end of June or first of July . Oops we may be gone to RPRU so it may be 4th cutting tony
  8. 5/5/21 Guys look at this to start our morning off Machine shop made me a set of Dremels to clean wire grooves deep on back side of needle. will let you know end of day what we got tony
  9. 4/24/21 was asked to show RedKid and tractors at the first annual Caruthers Fair/ Lions club car and tractor show . I parked truck with tractors , not with the car line up. had lot of fun, met up with lot of people of my Neighboring second home town that had not seen since way before the Covid thing. This pickup has open up a hole new world to me and Our IH tractor preservation efforts . only one problem ; my body gets fatigued fast swinging chains and binders ! Guys don’t wait too long in life to start enjoying your toys . I retired at 71 and now 75 should of done it a little sooner. But I loved farming and was trying to make as much as I could to finance these toys ! Lol . Jim Percy guy in picture is 79 those are his 56. Ford ,57 Chevy , and 49 Ford , says it getting to be work ! Lol tony
  10. 5/2/21 they are installing the B&W hitch into bed , making firm bracing into bed for support Going through lift Motor making sure all is in working order and ready for paint I plan to go there on 5/12/21 to discuss paint and build in person Tony
  11. 5/4/21 my 8 Boxes of baler wire finally arrived ! Six boxes for the #71 and two boxes for the 55W. was getting little nervous was scheduled for delivery 4/28 , XPO logistics kept bumping my delivery . Hoping we have a set of needles that will line up properly tomorrow ! tony
  12. Yep , know what happens first hand ! brought her home from dealer forgot to check lugs . lost two complete wheels on freeway lucky no one else involved . made it home on spare and it lost nuts limping home . Unloaded the RedKid and dealer picked it on low boy . was my lucky day ! factory and dealer stood good for it. Was it’s first load and trip tony .
  13. 12/20 plow day me plowing with my friend's original 806 His father bought it new and it’s still worker . it handled that four bottom rather well tony
  14. My Two 806,s , the L.P. had just been restored, the first pic of bean cutter was when I had just acquired it, It had been sitting in a open shed since 2012. The bottom pic is after engine rebuild,( had a dancing sleeve) new tires, Wiring ,Radiator, All new hyd. hoses, etc. and everything repaired ,Basically restored without the paint. horizontal knives are off. That 806 with four row bean cutter has cut over 17000 acres of blackeye beans in its life time, Its last year cutting was in 2012 it cut 650 acres. I don't want to paint it because the paint wear patterns show where beans passed thru Tony
  15. My 400 and SMTA had same problem , Pilot Knob put them back yo new spec's much easier to clutch not to mention cleans tractor up as oppose to welded stuff hanging on side. Tony
  16. Fellas, My 806 L.P. Misses off and on at all RPM's of idling , Under pull seems to run fine. Running down the road, high speed intermitted missing. Miss seems more like a flutter then a dead miss. Tractor is all rebuilt and restored. Originally set up with electronic ignition , tried every type plug , now back to points and AB6 NKG plugs. I get little wet moisture on exhaust pipe , does not look or smell like anti freeze , no signs of water in oil . Had regulator rebuilt by knowledgeable L.P. firm of M.M. L.P. equipment have set carb and Reg. settings according to op. manual. I am at wits end ! Need expert advice . Thank you ! Tony
  17. Love the equipment ! You and Bill could host one heck of a RPRU with all vintage well preserved working I.H. Congratulations Tony
  18. Looks Great , You got it looking productive in short time . Tony
  19. You have two beauties in that picture , one dressed in Red and other dressed in white ! where are you ? Lol love the picture , look forward to seeing you and both your beauties ! tony
  20. When I joined here July of 2007 , “Jere ,”was the first to respond to my post . I will always remember him and Gun Slinger ! Jere and OTB are on face book and appear to be doing well . They comment a lot on the IH group there . OTB always took pictures of Indiana plow days with Max Favorite ( old Max ) Smoker 1, Wilson Gatewood , Marty Thieme , Bob Zarse. All great guys I have had the privilege of meeting and associating with at RPRU’s . every one I have have met through here I would love to have as my next door nieghbor’s . Not to mention Danny Anderson and his wife Kathy who has become like a nephew to me ! tony
  21. 4/28/21 Sorry fellas no progress this week ! everything lately seems so backed up and taking longer! I ordered my baling wire 8 rolls , six for this machine two for the 55W , they have moved delivery date on me twice , now they say 4/30/22 . The welding / machine shop is slammed and short of help so still being patient for needles and pulley brake and this week the fella that my helper John sold his commercial hay business too is short help so 77 year old John is sitting in a new hay swather all week smiling while cutting winter forage for the silage choppers . like building a house it’s the finishing touches that take the time. Here is the plan , been assured needles come back ready for next week , wire should be here, we will install needles and time them , then make a date with John’s friend who was field tech rep for Freeman balers ,will come and help dial in wire on twisters , even though Freeman twisters are different the concept is the same . we get her tying in shop with empty chamber then it’s to the field for the big hold your breath ! Lol tony
  22. I Owe you Sledgehammer and our B.J Kline a great dinner in appreciation of the many times you have posted videos for me ! Probably have two more to post of when we get the needles in and tying and another when I take it to neighbor Eddies to actually bale hay. I am hoping to have a drone take video of going down windrow. BTW hope your Wife and that young man of yours, come to dinner also !!! Tony
  23. Hoping to see you and your lovely wife in De Quoin, Stay healthy ! That new Dodge and RV need to make a trip to Central Calif. Want to introduce you to all the Rednecks I hang with , Couple of them are older then we are and still playing with tractors. Tony
  24. I miss H D ! As weak as he was and on oxigen, He came to the Sedalia RPRU , to meet with RP forum members . When my daughter had her accident , He would PM me once a week to get a report. Wish I would of got to know him much sooner in life. RIP H D Tony
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