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  1. Condolences . A great tribute . Tony
  2. Looks like perfection to me ! Great work ! Best wishes for the season ! Tony
  3. Happy Birthday All ! Hope your day and years ahead are Blessed. Tony
  4. Prayers from Carol and I . Keep us updated. Tony
  5. He needs to mentor me ! He is something , he could tell you all about the workings of a td6 at age 12 . tony
  6. 5/28/21 A young man that Mel and I met at Santa Margarita Ranch tractor show near Paso Robles , Ca. when he was 7 ,completed a O4 orchard this year at age 16 ,competing in the Delo tractor project for high school students . He logged 700 hours in one year on this old girl . Engine had spun all the rod bearings he fabricated some of tin work and , some of sheet metal missing , painted it himself in back yard . Josh on a TD 14 teaching his girl friend how to drive crawlers . Pictures today at a private getogether and dig in the Central Coast of Cali . Mel and I with Josh , we are very proud of him . He is a forum member here but between the 04 , girlfriend and school he does not post much . congratulations Josh tony
  7. Its laughable but your right ! In my life and business I used mostly additions, subtractions, divisions, Calibrations of spray rigs made me use my brain. Used these from grammar school and for life. BUT ! Playing in shop with these restorations , I have had to hone my reading directions skills ,? , Fractions big time, Algebra, and Geometry ! ? And these started being important from 60 to now , working in shop on restorations .? Not to mention the Guys that did the RedKid , I watched them with dial meters, calipers, and math that I forgot that existed ! My wife says all this is good for my brain , However, she says that ;"I must of forgotten my subtractions because of all the money being subtracted from the checking account ,since I started doing the more sophisticated math" ! ? Tony
  8. I keep several bait stations in shop and around perimeter, seems to be holding the line. we refresh them monthly. Tony
  9. Prayers sent that all goes well . Tony
  10. 5/26/21 So called finishing touches that look so simple but is taxing this old brain with Geometry half circles, etc . Had no template to go by just my memory of it in the 60 ‘ s . All my donors were missing this pulley break but ours had one and it was very helpful and safety factor . Parts book only has a muddled picture . I slotted inside bracket but the outer bracket will need to be slotted also and account for a 3/16’s break pad to be riveted on stop . The measurements have to coordinate with the appropriate belt and pulley travel . tony
  11. Love those 54 SC's with wide front and fast hitch ! Nice restoration , congratulations Tony
  12. Happy Birthday Day ! Hope all had a great Day ! And wishes for many more ! tony
  13. Last Saturday a neighboring Swedish motive country town held their St Lucia Parade Celebrating their Swedish background. I was asked along with our local edge& ta Branch 8 group to participate ! I was able to give a big thank you to the community for the honor they bestowed on the RedKid last month at their 26 th annual car show and help promote our edge & TA. the turn out of people lining the old town Main Street was amazing ! NOT TO MENTION THE SWEDISH PANCAKES AND LUGANBURY JAM tony
  14. Sorry for your loss. prayers for you and your family Tony
  15. Sold my 2500 2009 Duramax with 189+++ . Bought new in Nov 2009 sold Nov 2020 . Sold for 18000.00 cash as is where is . Was asking 20,000.00 had dent in tail gate , needed new air cleaner box. Was ready for complete service. Always serviced by GM , pull 30 ft Gooseneck mostly to tractor shows . Was my daily driver, only serious problem was when detail shop some years back shorted and fried wire harness . insurance and GM took care of it . ended up buying a new 2020 3500 Duramax GMC reason I ordered new one Dec. of 2019 took delivery Jan 20, 2020 was I thought I was going to tow tractors to South Dakota Red Power in June-of 20 but when changed to August that killed it for us Cali guys because of harvest . otherwise I would still be driving my 09, not that I don’t love my GMC , I do , now with the shortage of pick ups on lots I am glad I bought it . tony
  16. Good to see DWV jump in here , In my early days here he had a wealth of letter series information to share. Helped me a lot. I grew up on letter and hundred series but did not know many of the specifics other then sit on them for hours upon hours . Quite the machine in the day. Around ten years old (1955) would help my Dad changing the M from planting and cultivating mode to under the High crop cotton picker and back in late winter. Tony
  17. Yes , I did ! Ran the numbers through my dealer and several source but hit a wall !
  18. Thank you BJ Kline ! 5/19/21 Happy Days ! Started just over two years ago ! Received it May 1 , started tear down May 19 , 2019 today out of six banged up needles we finally ended up with three good ones ! Dialed them in all morning then had to remove them to dial in the carrier arm , or cradle as book calls it , by 3pm had plunger timed to needles had to move chains few notches , easier said then done but she is cycling ,all seems to be going smooth . The tinny rattle you may hear is we need to set up needle brakes under machine and dial them into 1 1/2 inch deflection at top of needle stroke . few pictures here from needles back from machine shop this morning and the tools he made to straighten these particular needle. note that green needle how bent it is and it’s been straighten some . It was meeny minny Mo ! Lol. John and I are besides our selves , next get together we will finish up on adjustments and hopefully load wire Tony
  19. 5/12/21 My BIL and I took the day ( 8 hour round trip ) and visited with shop , spent four hours with them going over truck bed ,paint , etc. looks like they are ready to move into final fabrication then painting and frame powder coating mode soon Think it’s going to be little different tony
  20. 5/13/21 Sorry guys John and I had scheduling difficulties , hoping to have everything back from machine shop for next week and rap her up and ready for wire ! looking forward to closing the checkbook on this project ! Lol lol lol lol tony
  21. Troy , it is an engineering marvel ! No computers in those days ! It worked and still does ! yes we will be doing touch up painting when we get her baling . If you want to see my old 55w baling . Go to utube and enter Stenchfield ranch ,Paso Robles ,.Ca. 55wbaling oats , I bought it there after It baled 200 bales of oats , did not miss one . tony
  22. TroyDairy, They had over two hundred cars , Better then expected turn out . had a great time visiting with that I have farmed with my hole life and they are retired now also and to me they were so young last time we associated it’s hard to believe our ages ! she and sister finally got their home all cleaned out ready for real estate. Mom beat the pneumonia and she’s getting demanding ! Lol Carol is spending lot of time going to rest home and taking mom to doctors . It’s tuff to be recently widowed at age 95 . She a Tuff old Texan ! tony
  23. Twostepin, yep ASAP ! lol I and my BIL are going there on Wed 5/12/21 want to meet with them discuss bed and paint , etc . my BIL Stan is in trucking business and is more familiar with these kind of flat bed restorations , so hopefully we can get much dialed in . I will be giving them the , “ I am 75 and running out of time speech ,” hoping they can speed up ! Quite Frankly at best it would be a year from now the earliest . they have most of mechanical mocked up , then at mercy of painter, Uphostery , and all of details this August will be two years , seems like 5 , so reasonably it will be three years. those guys on Tv , I believe , have everything staged, no way you can do a quality resto mod and body work in two weeks. plus now we are fighting shortages of everything , quality workers , iron is sky high , shortages everywhere you look , the economy got so screwed up and now everything is back logged and back ordered lucky most of the mechanics on mine have been done , most of parts ordered before covid and they limped through covid and they are a a IH shop . tony
  24. 5/5/21 After much ado , three needles are on and pretty well adjusted , there is always one steer in the herd that wants to go the other way , first needle on heavy side decided not to cooperate we spent few hours trying to take the slight curve out of it . Next I’ll use a die grinder on new floor to give it a little more clearance . This darn baler only gives us an inch of clearance in all the slots they go through. we got them aligned and are meeting the book requirement of 5/8 “ off flush with twister frame, and A 1/32 deflection along side of twister frame had to cut 1/2 inch off new rubber bumpers that catch the needle cradle to attain the 5/8” and trying to attain 3/32 large roller over wire shroud . With all these measurements book wants needles in home position of min 1/2 “ clearing tips under bale chamber. be nice with a set of NOS needles but these old girls 1/8 off at base translate to lot of off at 50” out lol Next I will adjust needle brakes to a book deflection at top stroke of 1 1/2” to 2” . We ran plunger with needles in tying position just to see if the made all there slots, other then that one squeaking they are fine. Next week hope to time plunger and twister so we can trip tying mechanism . I am starting to contact someone with a drone to film this thing baling , However, I am thinking calif third cutting alfalfa which will be end of June or first of July . Oops we may be gone to RPRU so it may be 4th cutting tony
  25. 5/5/21 Guys look at this to start our morning off Machine shop made me a set of Dremels to clean wire grooves deep on back side of needle. will let you know end of day what we got tony
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