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  1. Thank you ! This is very informative and comforting . interesting my normal visits to Doc my 0-2 Sat is generally 94 to 96 for years now . thanks , Tony
  2. 1/7/22 Thank you for your well wishes ! I would like to respond to them ! An update as of 1/6/22 Doc said my lungs sound much clearer. As you know I was taken by Ambulance to hospital after passing out due to intense cough and diagnosed with severely infected double pneumonia. They started me on three types of Antibiotics IV four nights and oxygen immediately was in for five days. Sent me home on 12/19/21 on 4 liters of oxygen , I am now down to 2 liters On 12/14/21, going in to hospital He administered covid test , it came back Negative ! So far all my tests have been negative but many of my symthoms mimic covid less the fever. 12/19/21 and 1/4/22 was given covid tests all negative. I have been cleared to start walking in the yard and monitor my oxygen. I am thinking next week I'll go down to one liter and see how my walks do. Only set back now is I have broken out in red rash and bad itching, Doc gave me Kenalog shot and said, give it two days , its very uncomfortable. Not shingles, He thinks its a allergic reaction to meds Thank you all for the support and my point here is to say; take care of your selves, if you get a cough and your breathing feels affected get to a doctor quick, these maladies these days are moving at speed of light or we are just getting older. Praying that I will be up to par to chair the Calif. Antique Farm Equipment show come April 21, 22,23/22 Tony
  3. Thank You ! I have reached the point that I have my hands full with maintenance. I have to believe that the baler project was my last big project. Just waiting on the flatbed truck being done. Coincidently my energy and money are both fading with ever birthday ! lol Good To hear from you, Tony
  4. 1/5/22 Good news , They tell me all systems under hood is complete except for propane, parts are caught in holiday freight backlog. Now its a matter of powder coating, top plate and bottom of bed black then painting bed frame, Head acke frame and tank, lift, Red. Tank hold down mount will go for chroming. After that then the wood around bed. Not sure if exhaust system is made yet. It will be simple Duels coming out behind rear tires Tony
  5. Happy Belated Birthday ! Tony
  6. Thank You ! Wishing you and family Happy New year ! Tony
  7. Spent a week there in 2018 getting heart ,etc checked out . What an amazing machine Mayo is ! No stone left unturned ! Tony
  8. Thank You for all your well wishes ! I feel my lungs getting stronger but I am still very weak ,and on 4 liters oxygen. When I passed out from coughing amd went down , I hurt my back and its still killing me , Hospital took xray deemed nothing broken and I been on pain pills since , but it does not seem to be lessening in pain intensity. planning on followup on back after new year. Guys if a cough starts up, get it checked quick , within four days went from light to heavy cough and double pneumonia , everything I have mimics the new variant Omicron and its known for moving fast on seniors. Wish everyone here a happy , healthy New Year ! Tony
  9. Happy Birthday My friend Alan ! and Old Iron29 Tony
  10. 12/22/21 more progress shows Rick setting top of bed drilling aligning with stainless screws . most of jewelry on in cab waiting on Uphostery , next will be powder coat under bed black and Diamond deck plate black then to painter for paint bed frame red . so many odds and ends to do few more pics Tony
  11. 12/21/21 pictures for sore eyes ! After being in hospital five days for Double pneumonia with such a bad cough that I passed out and now home sucking 4liters of oxygen 24/7 the shop sends these updates stake pockets chromed they are working on bed to get ot prep and scheduled at painters . front window seal is on back order along with few other parts I am loving it can’t wait to see it done , I think it’s going to exceed my expectation . when everything looked ugly in Hospital I looked at this project pictures and had feelings of encouragement tony
  12. I bought several sets over time in years back and its been 500-750.00 Tony
  13. Merry Christmas Rick ! Awesome picture of H Tony
  14. You did one heck of a job , Restoring that tractor . Congratulations Tony
  15. Out in California lot of cash sales are from 1031 exchanges, Many farmers retiring selling their farms in exchanged for rental properties Tony
  16. Glad you chimed in , Yah its 4;30 am out here but awake after bathroom run , Old guy ritual , lol lol Tony
  17. Baler is a 1963 vintage three wire #71 Made by IH in its Stockton ,Ca. plant. billed as for the commercial operator, Tony
  18. Here is my SMTA girl one of my pets restored it three times to get it like I wanted Dad had one like it when he started breaking our ground along with a 1952 MM UTN lp . she got commissioned to pulling my new finished baler project last July and August . tony
  19. Happy Birthday to a fine group of Red Power Gentlemen ! Hope it was great and wishes for many more Tony
  20. When all is done we'll see what touches it needs. At this point I am thinking the I.H. on caps will need to be either pin striped or painted in. Tony
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