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  1. April 16 , 2024  Engine is back from machine shop and put together very meticulous being it’s the third time ! Lol 

    Busy with Calif Antique show this week and weekend and waiting on my mechanic to heal , from a brain bleed , he seems to be doing well Doc said soon he can start , we’ll do heavy lifting and he can be our knowledge ! 
    few pictures of my hope for a smooth running engine .





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  2. 9 minutes ago, twostepn2001 said:

    Glad to hear from you Tony!! And glad you think maybe you finally found Cal-Tex Girl's problems and on the way to getting her all fixed up!!

    We are back at it ! That girl is going to purr some day , if it takes pulling engine 10 times !

    really I hope not .

    this time everything was Mic come out and going back in . 
    I think what other machine shop did was hone  holes lot bigger after first seized causing the piston slap .


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  3. Hey guys been a while ! Had some health issues I had to overcome , feeling pretty normal now so tackling the 806 LP that I restored 2015-2016 finished up March of 2017 I posted the whole restoration here on this page as we went along .

    well what happen was after restoration and machine shop work motor seized on Dyno !

    took motor off back to machine shop they took care of all . Put motor back ,it missed and sounded like bucket of bolts were going to come through the block .we tried everything but nothing helped ! Meantime original machine shop owner died . Then I almost died ! Lol lol 

    with help of my Nieghbor Eddie , his son Chris , Steve Saylor and Danny Anderson we pulled engine third time .

    its at a machine shop that also does race engines so they have all the precision eq .

    found that holes were miss bored piston slap was the result , our long time miss was from not lapping valves and guides were not right .

    today I checked on it here are few pics I took we went with American made pistons and coated them for better performance and quietness .

    ill keep you posted on all as we proceed 









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  4. 1 hour ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Give it till summer!  You will be ready by then!

    I am getting stir crazy , I am starting to dream  of another restoration .

    i am hoping by march to have my health problems solved or close to it and start on my # 12 pto hay rake . Then on my #312 FH roll over plow and my 642 IH 4 bottom roll over . They been waiting long enough ! IMHO and my buddies John and Eddie are getting bored they need to help me . ( out of the three of us , we make one decent worker)

    after all I have two IH mowers and two IH balers but no RAKE how do I expect to be in hay business. My cardiologist and urologist and Carol have been WARNED !lol 


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  5. Hello Fellas ,

    thank you for your concern and prayers , they have been answered so far .

    Had arterial Fluter , meaning my heart was racing 150 BPM at rest and would not come down was on our way to HCOP show . Ambulance picked me up in OKC to hospital took all evening and nite to get heart rate to 60-70 resting three different meds . Doing good next day and boom 11 pm had heart attack no blockage no damage but definitely heart attack as per blood enzymes . 
    then started passing blood so four day in catheter . Long story short 10 days in hospital .

    my cardiologist at home read report set me up for heart ablation which I had 10/9/23 but my UTI ‘s keep recurring been living on antibiotic's since July . Docs wanted heart fixed first then have to wait 8 weeks before Cystoscopy which puts me into Dec . Heart doc want heart healed before going into bladder . 
    Bladder infections are keeping me weak and no energy and sometimes evening fever .

    otherwise I am doing okay really getting restless for shop work and shows , I canceled all shows and parades from August to Jan .

    hoping to be well for Calif antique show in April and maybe few car shows .

    thank you Guys , hope to be more active on RPF when I get my stamina back and have something besides medical to share 

    BTW Guys do not ignore UTI’s they will take you down OKC hospital believes my heart attack was from body stress from severe UTI .Ambulance picking my up at the Mustang RV park in OKC .




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  6. Hi Guys 

      most of you know we were heading out to HCOP 

    we left Friday 18th all going well , on Sunday woke up with a high heart resting rate , thinking it was just AFib we left NM  for OKC getting into OKC I knew this was not just AFib , parked RV while Carol called ambulance !
    long story short they got rate down thought all good on Monday .  Monday nite 11pm I had a heart attack then came down with severe UTI .

    they discharged me yesterday after nine days and today we turned MH back west for home .

    carol and Danny Andersons wife Kathy are doing a heck of a job driving while I lay on bed most of day ! Slouch ! 
    I feel good but get winded and fatigue quick 

    thank you to so many of you that have sent well wishes ! 
    my red tractor friends are amazing !

    thank you 




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  7. The 856 is used to disk between Vinyard and furrow out for watering . 

    the 1206 and 1566 are used to prepare winter forage ground for Silege corn and vise versa 

    they rake hay , pull balers , with a fifth wheel they pull sets of doubles for Almond harvest , in field loading leaving trailers ready for trucks to take to Huller .

    Eddie loves using them as chore tractors the 1566 pumped water for a few years 


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